Is Trump Wrong About A Border Wall? One Stunning Chart Has The Answer

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Several European countries have erected fences to keep migrants out, and, according to the numbers, every case appears to have a large impact.

Hungary was a popular pathway for refugees on their way to Germany during the fall. When the daily illegal border crossings were at 7,000 per day, Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to erect a fence along the border to Serbia and Croatia.

The result speaks for itself:

Illegal border crossings in Hungary in October, 2015. (Hungarian Police/The Daily Caller News Foundation)
When the fence went up Oct. 17, the influx went down to 870 from 6,353 only a day earlier. Illegal border crossing were steadily below 40 per day throughout the rest of the month. The number picked up slightly in February, after migrants destroyed part of the fence, but it remains in the low hundreds.
Another successful example is Macedonia — the first step on the Balkan route, which separates Greece from the rest of the EU. Macedonia had more than 60,000 migrants enter the country in January. The migrant influx was cut significantly, leaving tens of thousands stranded in Greece. The desperation among refugees led to clashes with Macedonian military in late February.

Germany’s rising anti-immigration party, Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), proposed a fence along its border in March.

AfD leader Joerg Meuthen mentioned several examples where fences work, particularly in Spain, where it forces North African migrants to take a long detour to get to Europe.

“They have to go around the Mediterranean” to find a way in, Meuthen said at a rally, according to news agency AFP. “Yes, fences have an impact.”

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Of course, as we previously noted that it wasn't just the fence that kept them out of Hungary... it was the tear gas, water cannons, and baton beatings AT the fence.

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souljaboy's picture

Good fences make good neighbors.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

If the US has not significantly stopped illegal border crossings from Mexico by now, it's because they don't want to.


So now the question becomes just as obvious. Why don't they wish to stop the border crossings?

FredFlintstone's picture

Multiple reasons? To keep us from becoming an aging society like Japan and also to weaken the strength and resolve of middle white america? The first reason keeps the hope of the ponzi continuing and the second is necessary maintain control and power? My best guesses. 

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Ever wonder why the people drawing and defending the line in eastern Europe are the ones who have a history with Ottoman rule?

J S Bach's picture

Man, I never would have thought that putting up a wall would keep people out.  I thought walls were for inviting people to jump over, man.  C'mon... this chart can't be right, man.  Trump's a bigot, dude... wall's are evil.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Illegal workers = cheap labor.  And that's been the reason all along. 

chicaboomboom's picture
chicaboomboom (not verified) sixsigma cygnusatratus Mar 28, 2016 7:22 PM

There are NO WALLS IN EUROPE. That APARTHEID-inspired wall is one of the reasons Trump has no chance against Hillary >> >>

knukles's picture

You have to build a 10' fence to know Goldman owns the 11' ladder company
                              - Nasty Pelousy

Slomotrainwreck's picture

 They come here for one reason -Free Shit.

Took Red Pill's picture

the big difference between the US & Mexican border and European borders is the sheer size. US border is about 2000 miles across. Very difficult to secure

Supernova Born's picture

An open US border is designed to enrich the oligarchs on both sides of the line.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

The length of fence and barbwire that was put up during the 19th century and early 20th century around midwestern farms and western ranches dwarfs 2000 miles by an order of magnitude at least.

From a logistical standpoint, there's really no excuse, unless we admit 'murica is more of a banana republic than a superpower these days.

NidStyles's picture

The Tribe Inc. doesn't like us uppity crackers, because we rock the boat and threaten their job security because they are corrupt pieces of shit that we have no issues with shooting on sight.


Which is why they are bringing in the little brown folks, to breed us out and to well, you get the idea.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

a thought must be given to the animal populations who cannot migrate to their feeding grounds, waterholes and mating venues resulting from these fences. All coz we cant get our western dicks out of the sands of the arabian penninsula.

nufio's picture

if they really wanted to keep the illegal labour out, they would just have to prosecute a few employers of the illegal labour. but obviusly only the poor mexicans get deported, never the employers themselves.

conscious being's picture

Enemies are inside the gate.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



it's because they don't want to.


Thank you US Chamber of Congress.


It's time for you guys to go to hell.

Bag Of Meat's picture

How did zerohedge get gradually inhabited by fascist brainless trumpies?? It seems nowadays all you post is xenophobic, fearmongering, racist trash. So disappointed.. 
Oh and all of you survivalist "patriots",you should build a hole in the ground, get in there and stay until you die, that's all you're good for. You have missed the point of your existence, it's sad really. Your whole life is about gathering your own stuff in some hidden place and "protecting it" ,like you take anything with you after death. You live miserable lifes, in order to "protect" something that will be yours for roughly 50 years of existence. And then you're sand in the air again. Exactly the same sand that this mexican that you hate will become after you shoot him.
You're all disgusting 

Peribanu's picture

I agree, it's getting very depressing. I used to turn to Zero Hedge for an alternative perspective on economic cheerleading, and for highly intelligent, researched articles. The level of journalism has really plummetted here, and it's a real shame. This kind of brainless Trump-cheerleading is infecting almost everything posted on ZH nowadays. And the predictable, racist and xenophobic responses from commentators are very sad, given that most of them are themselves descendents of immigrants to the glorious US of A. Whatever happened to these words:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


TuPhat's picture

I don't put much stock in anything written by the French.

Grimaldus's picture

Not shooting anyone, just deporting criminal illegal invaders. Don't let the wall hit you on the ass on your way out.
Adios amigo!


shovelhead's picture

There, there, now.

We called your mommy and she's coming to get you and take you home.

ml8ml8's picture

Companies that sell intangible products like to promote themselves using tangible symbols.  For example, companies who sell insurance, like Prudential "The Rock" or Traveler's "The Umbrella."  Well guess what?  "The Wall" is a tangible marketing symbol being used to sell you an intangible idea: fear of foreigners.  

Once he sells you his idea and gets your vote, Con Artist Trump has about as much intention of buildling a wall (and about as much capacity to do so) as Obama did of closing Gitmo.  


Surviver22's picture
Surviver22 (not verified) ml8ml8 Mar 29, 2016 7:14 AM

Breaking: Why Trump Won't Win! FBI Exposes Massive Election Conspiracy.

Allen_H's picture

More of a superflower these days, oh....I read that wrong.

Took Red Pill's picture

The border between Hungary and Serbia is about 100 miles long. Big difference! The Great Wall of China was built  around 221 B.C., and took some 400 years to build and 400,000 people died during the wall's construction

monk27's picture

You can always use mines...

MANvsMACHINE's picture

You have to build it to see what's behind it.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Go long on 40 passenger inflatable rafts with big outboards.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Drive the tanks from Fort Hood south all the way to the border between Panama and Colombia.  Offer 1000 acre parcels for free to any US shitizen currently on any form of .gov welfare - if they promise not to come back for at least 10 years.  Offer 5,000 acre parcel to any functional American willing to live down there amongst the indigenous spearchuckers.  Problem solved. 

delacroix's picture

there's a reason the pan american highway, doesn't go through the darien gap.

Urban Redneck's picture

You need some experience building big shit.

People (with no experience or who source Wikipedia) talk about the US interstate system being about 48,000 miles. People who actually build roads measure them in LANE MILES, and there are over 220,000 lane miles in the US interstate system.

Fences are measured in LINEAR FEET, but 5280 linear feet of fence (either Berlin Wall-esque concrete, or 10ft steel with gold finials and a medallion of Trump's mug every 10ft) is still FAR CHEAPER and FASTER to construct than 1 LANE MILE interstate highway.

If the US-Mexico borders is about 2,000 miles IT CAN BE BUILT IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR.

(assuming no changes to Federal eminent domain laws, and the Gooberment give the master contract to an appropriate firm with experience building at that scale)

Ghordius's picture

+1, UR. That experience is readily available. I source wikipedia for that:

I recently flew over that border, and yes, there are very interesting photos of it... from space. floodlights. 150'000 of them, on 50'000 poles

total lenght: 1'800 miles / 2'900 km

there are some good things about walls, btw. in Europe, we had for long time the famous Iron Curtain

now we have instead the beginnings of the, a long distance cycling route that will, if/when finished, run for the whole lenght of the 4'750 miles / 7'650 km of the former Iron Curtain border, part of the initiative

wikipedia is not the problem. it's a reasonably good source... if you already know enough on the subject, best from personal experience, so that you can sort out the most egregious bullshit

Urban Redneck's picture

The key condition being that you ACTUALLY DO KNOW enough about the subject.

I went to Wikipedia for looking for a simple statistic (that they didn't provide) and came across three glaring problems in FIRST PARAGRAPH of an article.  This isn't even controversial or political material (although the motivations for the methodologies the Chinese used in 2011 to claim that their "expressway system" was larger than the US's "interstate system" were political).  A single lane driveway leading to someone's house simply isn't comparable to a similar length of multilane intestate over dynamic ground, either structurally/logistically or financially).    

And the manifestions of the masses of laymen exhibiting Dunning-Kruger effect while trying to reach consensus isn't confined to the hard the sciences, the social sciences are just as bad.  

Off the top my head - there's the Battle of Austerlitz.  Wikipedia is fine when you can't recall the date, but you're shit out luck if you want to know what Napoleon actually said to Marshall Soult while they were waiting for the fog to clear (they don't even provide the wildly popular English translation, much less the original French, which requires actual books).  God forbid you're trying to do anything meanful like understand why so many people died needlessly in the US War Between the States or the Great War because of decades of promoting Staff Officers who only excelled at studying and cannonizing the strategy and tactics of the Napoleonic Wars.

Building a wall is easy, there shouldn't even be a discussion.  Securing the border is slightly more difficult, but technology has made it far easier and less expensive than it used to be.  But you can't have a serious discussion, when people are misinformed or delusional about the basics.  

de3de8's picture

Trump's mug every ten feet... Funny

cheech_wizard's picture


The length of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was 5,500.3 miles

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Large sections are desert or in the middle of fucking nowhere and don't get the traffic that areas near urban border towns get. Besides, 2k miles of fence is not much compared to what obama spends just on vacation in a year. Fences = posthole digger ready jobs. Make caught illegals work building fence for a month then kick their asses over the South side of the fence. Or maybe just enforce the current laws, when you catch one put them on a plane to Honduras. They will tire of walking that far after a few trips.

U4 eee aaa's picture

There are also a lot of soldiers cooling their heels in foreign lands. They could be brought home to help patrol the borders. They could actually feel like patriots again.

I'm not sure that the PTB want those soldiers at home though.

spiral galaxy's picture

There's also some 93.7 million not in the labor force heating up their TV sets, warming the chairs in McDonalds and flexing their EBT cards.   So let's see, if we press those into service who are 'not in labor force' (93.7 million), or considered 'unemployed' (7.8 million), or 'want a job' (5.9 million) -- as per the BLS -- and position them across the 2000 mile border (or some 10.6 million feet of border), you'd get (approximately):

  • 9 people per border foot for "not in labor force"
  • 1 person per border foot for "unemployed"
  • 1 person for every 2 feet of border for 'looking for work'

Presto!  A secure border!! .........and at a cost of 'only' $180 billion at $15/hr!!  Have Trump send the bill to El Presidente "Enrique Pena Nieto"! 



Max Cynical's picture

"US border is about 2000 miles across. Very difficult to secure"

We went to the moon...I think we can secure the border.

conscious being's picture

You have to take idiocracy into account. The last thing we have accomplished, the last technological inovation we've created is ObamaCare. Yikes!

Farqued Up's picture

Longer than 2000 if the fence is extended northward up the Californicator line to Oregon then to the Pacific.

Seeing Red's picture

Totally worth it if California could then succede and keep its tax revenue within the state.  Great idea!

hansg's picture

Germany has 3621km of borders. The US may be big, but it's border with Mexico is absolutely tiny in comparison to the internal borders in Europe...

Anyway, a few decades ago you guys put people on the moon. Now you cannot even build a fence?

Ghordius's picture

+1 correct, the total of the national borders of Europe, internal and external, reaches a staggering amont of miles or kms

which is one of the reasons why the EU is the driver of getting rid of many of them, particularly the internal ones

to the point that the treaty about having common external borders is a separate one, the "Schengen Treaty", to which for example the UK is not a signatory

so all in all one thing can be said only: comparisons of European and American borders are futile. You can't compare

otherwise you would have to look at our "moat", in the South. yes, the whole frigging Mediterranean Sea

1033eruth's picture

China built the great wall of China CENTURIES AGO, over a great deal of difficult terrain.  But we can't build a wall today with heavy equipment?

Took Red Pill - Took a lot more than Red Pills.  He took the socialist statist pill whereby he thinks if he repeats a lie often enough, he can brainwash others.  There is no telling the amount of drugs that "Took Red Pill" experimented with and the damage that was caused thereby.