"Europe Is Burning" Nigel Farage Slams Merkel's Migration Maelstrom

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From ISIS marches in Germany to refugees "doing normal manly things" to women in Sweden, UKIP leader Nigel Farage confronts Angela Merkel and her peers in the European parliament over their dreadfully misguided immigration policies.

"Europe is burning," he exclaims, adding that - just like the central-bankers of the world - their solution is insanely simple-minded: "Europe isn't working, so we must have more Europe." The only hope lies, he adds, in the British referendum showing the rest of Europe it is possible to take back control of its own borders.


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I agree with Nigel.  Invoke The Nuland Doctrine
Tell the EU to go fuck 'emselves

Lady Jessica's picture

Doesn't the Nuland Doctine also include a cookie?

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Nigel Farage would be of great service here in the USA.  I trust him more than Trump.

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ZH is starting to turn into something worse than a British tabloid. That video is no less repugnant in its racial and religious bias and hatred than the vile pro big brother, pro banker, pro big corporation propaganda that MSM showers us with every day.

I'm a Christian ffs, but I'm appalled by the obscene and extreme bias found in this trash video ZH posted. Book ending that trash with Farage to give it legitimacy works only on those who are brain dead.

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Right, these clips are all just actors and what's being done is just the European people's imagination. 

Muslims are actually the most peaceful people on earth. 

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When my father migrated to the USA it was the “New World” and he wanted to become an American, learn English and vote and make a new life. He wanted to assimilate as did his peers from all over the world. 
Today it is important that migrants do not assimilate so that the divide and conquer strategy of the Left can prevail and fundamentally transform America, Europe and the world through its own version of Fascism. 

A few minutes of video showing problems caused by corrupt politicians is an extremely important part of something called journalism.  If you don’t like what you are witnessing, then either cowboy up or change the channel. MSNBC has lots of PC horseshit for you to feed on.

 Let us pray that ZH and Farage will not ever be silenced.

Corruption: It’s what’s for breakfast.

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Borders may not matter much in 20 years to the hordes that rove the countryside on elephant backs pursuing the sustainable business model known as the Hannibal doctrine.

Elephants are renewable.


East Indian's picture

Only Indian elephants are useful for riding and raiding; though they are also renewable, Indians hardly ever venture out of their subcontinent. The raiders you have in mind prefer other animals - camels, horses,...

HowdyDoody's picture

Shame he didn't vote against policies rather than just turning up and walking out.


Clockwork Orange's picture

B2B, like your open mindedness.  You are just the man to move there.  Make sure to take your daughters with you.

Tejano's picture


Hmmm? I thought he just omitted the sarc. Silly me.

Carl Spackler's picture

I thought he was imitating MDB !

Silly me

backwaterdogs's picture

+1, b2b will fit in well in a multi cultural europe.  Dont worry, you'll be free to express your christianity under sharia law...it'll will only hurt for a few seconds.

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@Back to Basics: I upvoted you if for nothing else, your avatar.

(btw, I agree with your take.  I watched the Farage part, but then the other stuff was just garbage and propaganda. I've always liked Farage's anti-EU stance though)

In the end, great avatar.

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+1, though most UKIP videos currently going around are this way, I fear, so it's not "trashy" of ZH to show this, imo

nevertheless: Set Britain Free Bye, Bye, England

BarkingCat's picture

I hope all of Eastern Europe also goes bye bye and let's Germany, France and Belgium stew in its stupidity.

If I was in charge of any government that borders Germany the borders would be back up and re-enforced by the military. 

Only native Europeans would be allowed to enter without a visa, regardless what passport they hold.



fiatmadness's picture

It's more likely to be germany leaving the rest of Europe, now they have milked the cheap Euro exports for a national fortune. If they had stuck with the Deutche Mark, it would have been a catastrophy for them to remain competative.

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The borders are OPEN due to secret control of all Western governments by jews.  Jews also control information, making it hard to find truth.  They want Whites enslaved, or completely erased.

"We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." (You Gentiles [Maurice Samuel], p. 155).

ebear's picture

"ZH is starting to turn into something worse than a British tabloid."

I'd wear that as a badge of honor since it's the tabloids ( including their US cousins like National Inquirer) who run the stories no one else will.

Where's your lawsuit, bitchez?

French Bloke's picture

And this is why we love Nigel you sad libtard!

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Intentionally, willful ignorance.  Its a horrible thing to witness.  

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Get back to basics back to basics. You are brain dead!

RabbitChow's picture

Somewhat surprising to see someone coming in from outside a culture (like Sweden) and saying that "all y'all are gonna haveta change".  I've been to europe enough and been around europeans enough that each Swede, Norwegian, German, Austrian, Pole, whatever, is damned proud of their country and is really no big supoorter of any kind of immigration.  The EU tore down some of those barriers to movement, but the old right-to-work laws are still in place and for good reason.  The immigrants currently have nothing to do except bother the government for money, because they will never be matriculated to native euro status, and therefore cannot get a job unless they have their own business.  Open a shop, drive a taxi.  that's about it.

Ghordius's picture

"The EU tore down some of those barriers to movement..."

of citizens of EU countries only. A small detail, is it? Sorry, but it is really two different clubs we are talking here. The Schengen Area isn't the EU, and the UK never joined it, for example

Show me even one immigrant from the ME or Muslim or all that stuff that inflames here that did not immigrate as a result of a national act or non-act

including Poland, that let millions of Ukrainians enter. or Hungary, that closed first some borders

BarkingCat's picture

Poland letting Ukrainians in is not even remotely similar to Germany letting Africans in.

Ukraine is a neighboring country and both are inhabited by Slavs.

Ukrainians are also well educated.

This would be like Scotts moving to Ireland.


Ghordius's picture

that's not my point. my point was that "the EU" is not responsible for immigration. it tried to be, but it is still a national affair

problem is, the troglodyte crowd here does probably not understand the wording "national affair"

Ghordius's picture

Did Nigel laugh a bit at himself and the scene, there? lol

maltafathead's picture

"No supporter of any kind of movement (of the illegal Muslim entry into Europe that has been happening increasingly over the last 20 years)"?

Do you know anything about Sweden? The Swedes have been kowtowing to every kind of illegal entrant and every opportunist from Morocco to Somalia to Pakistan to Afhanistan to wherever in the Middle East for years. They have been willing participants in the Swedish political ruling classes' social engineering, importing wave after wave of third worlders and Muslim opportunists and being screwed down to the ground by taxes that take more than half of the income of the productive to pay for it all.

It's the Scandinavian disease - yes, keep farking us over, let us pay for you to privilege these ungrateful, self-entitled destroyers of western societies. We WANT to pay most of our income on tax. We are Swedes, you see, the moral socialist high-grounders of the world. Denmark has also had the same false superiority complex. Danes also get screwed out the wazoo by governments that double and triple dip into their wallets. Like the Swedes they are proud of being screwed over.

However, unlike the Swedes the Danes started to react against being used up by the 'asylum seeking' locusts a few years back and enacted harder laws against foreigners. Their rightful claiming of the locusts' assets to set against any free money given was a huge step in the right direction. Unlike the Swedes who will go the way of the dodo and willingly surrendered their autonomy to successive governments who privileged and still privilege invading Muslims, Somalis and all the rest of the crew over their own people.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

"Genius: Doing more of the same thing, and expecting a different result"

- Albert Einstein (I could be wrong)

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Perhaps you meant "Stupidity:..."?

Confusing them is an all too common problem.

I'm sure you can't argue with Einstein's further observation that the difference between human genius and human stupidity is that human genius has its limits.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Sarcasm, some like it more than others.  I know, I know, its the interwebz and sarcasm doesn't travel, but I like it because AI bots don't like it.

Sanctuary2's picture

Dont you mean REVOKE the Nuland Doctrine?

silverer's picture

Unless every EU citizen picks up their AR and gets started immediately to correct it, it will all burn to the ground.

DetectiveStern's picture

They took away the guns in most countries a long time ago for this exact reason. We even had school shooting carried out by some very dodgy characters (known paedophiles with connections to the elite in the case of Dunblane) just like how your gun control is being implimented.

beaglebog's picture



It's pointless having firearms, when there are no men to wield them.


US has the exact same problem.


Nobody TOOK AWAY the guns. They were willingly handed over.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

How come they never try any of that shit here in Alabama? 

JohninMK's picture

The US got a moat.

Its called the Atlantic on one side and the Pacific on the other.

E.F. Mutton's picture

She was only following orders.

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) Mar 29, 2016 12:53 PM

1. Stop immigration, it's nation-wide suicide and subsidizing through welfare state ghettos with not assimilating immigration.

2. stop bombing middle east. Simple but hard to comprehend that UK + FRANCE + US wanted just oil and gold from Libya - check new emails from Hillary Clinton.

3. Can we please have a normal debate without name-calling. Without political correctness and ban on free speech (whenever anyone criticizes islam he is islamophobe, xenophobe etc... it's ridiculous).


Oh an this analysis still stands: http://independenttrader.org/immigrants-flooding-europe.html

DetectiveStern's picture

You are so going on to a government list for that outburst of common sense. I whole heartily agree with the above.

maltafathead's picture

i voted you up and agree with you except for one thing - this is not really 'Immigration'. You have unconsciously fallen into the propaganda trap set for you by the powers that be and the pre-eminent media manipulation.

Immigrants actually pay to enter countries (in some cases much money), they usually have to meet certain standards and conditions, they often have skills that fit those the country they want to enter and live categorises as necessary and wanted. Not all of them are genuinely needed of course - you just have to see some of the dross in countries like Australia and the USA that have on the face of it fairly strict immigration policies to know that the reality is sometimes different from the public pronouncements.

However, the differentiation stands. The invaders and ingrates that have entered Europe for too long are not seeking visas and presenting documentation such as evidence of credentials, savings and criminal record checks. They are illegal entrants who are often using 'asylum' for opportunistic entry precisely because they would be rejected if they attempted the hard yards that come with application for genuine entry that necessitates some contribution to the new country.

They are illegals, not migrants.

Crtrvlt's picture

borders and sovereignty 

Squid Viscous's picture

who loves open borders?

"those nice folks next door"

-  David Irving

Captain Chlamydia's picture


Do not keep them at arms length, keep them at 50.000 miles length

css1971's picture

Circumference of the earth is only 25000 miles.



balanced's picture

To be fair, his erroneously stated distance of "50.000" indicates only 50 miles.