Japanese Industrial Production Crashes Most Since 2011 Tsunami

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While we are sure this will not deter Japanese officialdom from declaring that QQE and NIRP is working and that the deflation-mindset is being beaten, the fact is that when February's 6.2% collapse in Japanese industrial production is compared to the devastatingly poor plunge aftwer March 2011's quake, tsusnami, and nuclear 'event', something has gone disastrously wrong in Japan.

Across every sub-sector, it was a total disaster...


Find the silver-lining in that - we dare you!

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Long Term, including their hubris in killing protected whales, and countless other inflictions on the rest of us - like no solution to clean up the radioactive mess polluting our coastlines and the world, couldn't happen to a any smaller or larger group of deserving scum.

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One of the biggest "wasters" of wood via chop sticks as well.  (Somebody who I think didn't like Japs told me that.  Don't the Chinese eat with chop sticks, too?)

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Cascading unemployment will be a new expereince in Japan.  Good thing is, it will come at a moment in their history when the working age population has declined.



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God when I hear militant greens talk I want to harpoon a whale myself and cook it over a log fire made from trees I just cut down.  And while I have that fire burming I think why waste it? Can't put some greens on a spit and cook them up too?

I like Japan.  Civilized nation where you can walk down the streets at midnight even in the biggest of cities and not be attacked by feral monkeys.

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militant vegans amuse me - they haven't worked out that herbivores taste the best, and so in any TEOTWAWKI event they are going to be the first on the menu.

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There is no social justice in Japan?

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Stawks to infinity

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Should be good for 2-3% on the nikkei

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bullish for FB common.

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BULLISH - so much so that I just splashed in my shorts.

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Maybe we should ship Chicago over to Japan and we'd get a two-fer. 

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Then they could all get a package deal to fill in the empty cities in China
I could see it now.  Black gangs fighting the Triad and Yakuza.  A "three" for all. 

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So what ZH left out is that *expectations* for the number were -6.0%!  How could expectations have been that low going into the number, you ask? Apparently Toyota suspended all car production during the month after a plant explosion--production was down 20% for the month.  But let's cue up the panicky headlines anyway!

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Exproshun?  Hory fluk!  What exproshun?  We nont need no exproshuns!

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Hard to comprehend, why these guys, whose doctrine has failed in 26 consequent years time, just keep on pushing harder and harder to a wrong direction. Astronomers search for intelligent life in the Universe and just recently I fully realized the burning need.


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  Why is usd/jpy being sold ;-)  This is a classic example of [margin management]

  The weak shorts are getting flushed down the shitter...  It's end of month> pre shitty< earnings front running.

 This shit is so predictable. If the 2-5 year Treasury note auctions were so shitty, the Japs. and every other shape shifting douche, should be looking for yield. [long $usd on the carry]

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Japan Unemployment Rate Rises In February
28 March 2016, (RTT News)

Japanese Retail Sales Plunge Most Since 2010
28 March 2016, (Zero Hedge)

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Why would a tsunami slow industrial production? Didn't Krugman say things like tidal waves, Godzilla, and space aliens are good for the economy? Windows to replace, thousands of humans to replace, etc.

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Ahhh did Fukushima blow up again?

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Japan needs a healthy global economy to feed off and pretend all is well in the land of Yen.

World is out of healthy global economies with all the manipulation going on your toast.

WTF we going to do the day when you hit 300%, 400%, 500% ... of debt to GDP and at what point do we say enough.

At some point this is on the cards, today, tomorrow, but it will happen and the rest of the Keynesian economic nations will be following behind you.

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Incremental debt is easy to ignore.

Accrued debt is not a concern to those that have an 'absolute lack of anxiety.'



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The press in Japan is also being actively suppressed.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter3.28.16.1.pdf  Japan's Joint US Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement is part of the coalition which is replacing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes before they crash. This is the press release that the Joint Japan US Committee cleared, along with the National Taxpayers Unions in the US and Japan's Taxpayers Union: http://presswire.com/pr/hudes/hudes_250714.html