Yesterday's Dystopian Fiction Is Today's New World Order

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Submitted by 'Jeremiah Johnson', retired Green Beret, via,

Many of the things that are happening this very moment have direct parallels in literature of the past.  Whether it is an account such as the “Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn or a work of “fiction” such as “1984” by George Orwell is irrelevant.  Elements of the history or the storyline (regarding the former and the latter works) are now becoming thoroughly inculcated into the fabric of modern reality.

All of the measures taken by the Soviet Union to crush and control its population are beginning to manifest themselves today in the United States.  The courts are “stacked” to reflect the decision of the regime and not to rule by law.  The Military Industrial Complex contracts are still being shuffled, along with government policies that just happen to substantiate those business interests with kickbacks for all.  Laws serve political and corporate interests, and the lawmakers themselves do not represent any of their constituents: they are self-serving thieves, selling out their country and its populace for money and power.

The police departments have (for all intents and purposes) been “federalized,” with budgets and marching orders becoming increasingly dependent upon federal and not local or state policies.  Sheriffs who follow their appointed roles as duly-elected law enforcement officials upholding Constitutional guidelines are being “phased out” of existence.  The changed demographics of “forced” insertions of illegal aliens and “refugees” into populations are rapidly negating the remainder of the two-party system to ensure that the Democratic party takes control ad infinitum.

Orwell envisioned it.  His work is labeled a work of fiction, although all of the measures Oceania pursued are either currently in place in the United States or they’re being developed.  There is mass surveillance, increasing by the day.  The “internet of things,” as coined by former General David Petraeus, is almost primed to allow “telescreens” to watch our every movement, and a camera on every corner to back them up.  Orwell hated totalitarianism, having been exposed to it in his short but accomplished lifetime, and he knew man’s propensity was to move toward the enslavement of his fellow man.

The development of new weapons by DARPA and the MIC are not toward a foreign enemy so much as the purpose of using them against the citizenry.  Drones, robots, nanotechnology, and every other “gizmo” able to be employed are all being drawn from behind the black curtain to unleash upon the citizens.  Also, the world’s situation is directly paralleling “1984” as three great spheres of influence…Europe, Asia, and North America…are being created by the powers that be.  Global governance in “thirds” is probably the NWO end state, as outlined by Orwell for a very significant reason: control with as much ethnic and cultural homogeneity as possible.

It stands to reason that an Oriental (“Eastasia,” in “1984”) empire/totalitarian state would control the Oriental nations, rather than split it up between populations that are not as closely related linguistically and culturally.  We are seeing those shifts of influence into the divisions outlined by Orwell now, as the nations jockey for position and power.  Just as in “1984,” where it stated that even two of the super-states in alignment and concerted efforts could not together topple the third, perhaps the same is with our world.

The shift is toward totalitarianism, and the populations have been (and are being) conditioned to accept, if not embrace, collectivist thought and socialism.  A good example was a film called “the Mutant Chronicles,” in which there were four great super-states that were organized not as nations but as corporations, that made war with one another over resources.  We see the blending of government and corporation today in virtually every facet of life, with the illusion of elections and the illusion of choice upheld to keep the population around the dullard state of consciousness.

What will save us from this?  Will we be able to save ourselves from it?  The more and more one watches freedoms disappearing by the day, the more one must wonder if there is a way to stem the tide.  Orwell and Solzhenitsyn…visionary and historian…gave us blueprints to follow…checklists with which to use as frameworks of reference for what is befalling us daily.  Someday it may be that the brief period of freedom enjoyed by the American people may be categorized as a “work of fiction” in a future that may not even allow anyone to read it.

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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Oceana is still at war with Asiana, but government is increase chocolate ration 5g per day to 20g per week!

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Casanova (not verified) Shizzmoney Mar 29, 2016 11:13 PM

How they turned us into Pavlov Dogs >>

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In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm, because it left no residue behind, just as a grain of corn will pass undigested through the body of a bird.

George Orwell, 1984

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@Boris:  Russian wake up from a date with Maria Vodka three weeks ago and posts new old video.

Here.  This one of your Black Sea buddy is more funny.  And up to date. 

Tayyip Erdowank.  Enjoy.


Pickleton's picture

"legally bound to provide a return on investment"


I didn't get past this lil gem.  Legally required to huh?



Offthebeach's picture

You need to come to The Ministry ... deep update to your personal Citizen Safety Agency file.

Bring a toothbrush and any required medications.
See that pets and infants have caregivers.

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Hypocritical article – George Orwell was a socialist. A democratic socialist. He knew of the totalitarian aspects of communism and fascism – he fought them both in the Spanish civil war (as part of the International brigade – anarchists and socialists). But he was still (until his death) a socialist.

A state designed by and for the ownership class is not a socialist state but a fascist state (= a capitalist state = a state created for and by the private ownership class).

“For some years past I have managed to make the capitalist class pay me several pounds a week for writing books against capitalism. But I do not delude myself that this state of affairs is going to last forever ... the only régime which, in the long run, will dare to permit freedom of speech is a Socialist régime. If Fascism triumphs I am finished as a writer – that is to say, finished in my only effective capacity. That of itself would be a sufficient reason for joining a Socialist party.”

-         George Orwell


OldPhart's picture

No, return to education facility #666.  Only double plus good is double, a plus double good is better than double plus good  A plus good, is less than a double plus good, and a good is less than a plus good.  Thankfully, Big Brother eradicated all the bad and it's implications and permutations.  So today we live in a good, or better rated, society.  Nevertheless, you require seven years of reeducation.  Kindly make your way to the train that will take you to the Eurasian Front.  Regulators will be monitoring your progress on this task for the next 36 hours.

DO try to be early!

any_mouse's picture

The author wants us to think he knows things. He knows "1984".

But who uses "Orientals" in this day and age, except older Americans, out of touch with current world affairs.


OldPhart's picture

I'm an older american, and I can assure you Im paying the fuck attention.  The next twenty years will be proof on the pudding if I'll ever see social security, my 401k savings or if my gold/silver become true value.

I'm well aware that the Obama administration, via McInsane, trained, funded, armed, rearmed, air dropped arms and air dropped additonal arms in the hope they'd be found to ISIS.

I'm aware that Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland instigated the Crimea/(senior moment....ah) Ukraine war to install puppets to the us.

That Obama played war with ISIS, allowing them to run amok and kill thousands, if not millions.

That Stevens was running arms through Libya to the infant ISIS and others were pissed over it, and Hillary was overseeing such a mission, along with Obama?

There's more, but older Americans are NOT the ones out of touch with current world affairs.

trulz4lulz's picture

Death comes to liars and honest men all the same. Honest men see a future and a liar only sees his grave.

new game's picture

peeples are truely afraid. the creep of terror is doing exactly as intended and the false security has provided is like a warm blanket and kiss on the forhead to the masses. all i see is the enemy within, (mike savage). the insanity is the enemy doesn't even understand that they are the enemy, just programed progressives, doing a job. for me i have disconnected as much as possible from the city. whenever i'm thrust into the city, all i see is a basstion of fruitcakes. the whole thing of survelence is simple-avoid. i forsee the day when it all changes in a flash, then we will all have to make decisions. fight or submit. and the real question will be is the new world one worth living in or fight for the past.

the world is going to be a whole lot sparser when the this comes to blows.

Miles Ahead's picture

@Any_mouse:  Huh? You really believe what you just wrote?  Well, I'm curious, and also out of touch with current world affairs.  Pray tell, what term would you recommend to replace that unfortunate choice of words from an author trying to blow smoke up our collective asses by repeatedly invoking the novel "1984"?

This should be good....

BarkingCat's picture

it is amazing that the little precious snowflake managed the courage to leave his safe space and gather enough strength to write those few words.


Here a fucking irony for the little flapping ass faggot.

Orwell warned about changes to the language and this little sperm gurgler is complaining that someone dares not to use the new, and acceptable to him , terminology.

adanata's picture



OldPhart...   yep, I'm ancient and my experience suggests it is mostly the youngsters who are in the dark and out of touch. My grown children have full time jobs and children of their own... they hit the deck running in the am and have no time to do the kind of research I do and they don't want to hear about it either. They will have to react as SHTF because they do not comprehend political/economic reality. I think one of the missing ingredients is the perspective of age. I can remember gas at 17 cents per gallon, a movie or pack of cigarettes for a quarter, a terrific three bedroom colonial house for $15,000, a fancy new car for $1000 or less and almost complete freedom of movement; other than the Fed collection agency; the IRS, no one felt the "government" breathing down their necks trying to regulate the rate at which they were breathing and you could still sometimes find justice in a court of law. I figure this is why the Barons of Basel want the older generation to pack it in... wouldn't want the kiddies to see the whole picture....

Bendromeda Strain's picture

But who uses "Orientals" in this day and age, except older Americans, out of touch with current world affairs.

Obama's pal, Edward Said, did quite well off the term Orientalism. But to a snot nose like you, I guess that is ancient history. I marvel at the foolishness on display these days.

indygo55's picture

He's (she's) been here like 9 weeks. Another recent troll who has been brainwashed to believe their work is important to divert our attention; create doubt. These people are seen who/what they are immediately here. 

Miles Ahead's picture

You're right.  It is 9 weeks.  And she just turned 19 and 3 months to go until finishing her freshman year in Community College.  So now she's an intellectual.  And we older Americans are out of touch with world affairs.

Man, the comic relief in this comment section is priceless at times.  Unfortunately this is not what was intended but barring any sort of retroactive selection criteria - it's what we're destined to see more and more. 

Deflation.  Hardware, bandwidth, and education levels. Bad combination.

adanata's picture



indygo55... go for the troll on merit. The length of time someone has/has not been commenting on zh is not relevant. Seriously.

Pickleton's picture

If I say Asians, how do you know if I'm referring to Orientals of Russians?  Back here in reality, I'm not obligated to abide by your PC fascism, and guess what sparky, I don't.

gobsmack's picture

Don't you have a Trump rally to disrupt?  Fuck off you PC piece of shit.

Duc888's picture



What's yours is mine.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  Gimme all your stuff part II.  Fuck yea, gotta lubb Government.

ebworthen's picture

Farenheit 451, burn the books!

Television walls!  Cameras everywhere!

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Why do you think they named it Kindle?

PTR's picture

After reading Huxley's Brave New World and listening to analysis of affairs, we're more Huxley than Orwell.  Don't see that?  Exactly.

OldPhart's picture

It's a blend.

We have Huxley's population and Orwell's government.

Best of both world's isn't it?!!

Insurrexion's picture




It's a Huxley and Orwellian Martini with a new olive.

The villain protagonists: U.S. and U.K and their vassal states (NATO, OZ, Kiwi, Canada, Philippines, Japan). The U.S./U.K. Fourth Reich suppresses Trump rallies (with paid thugs), killed the Scottish referendum, pushes the constant terror sirens, the cultural Marxist (Orwellian) education, media, and government guides the Anglo/American consuming sheep to Huxley's world.

In this story, the resource rich ME & N. Africa are being depopulated for their resources and for Israel's Zionist control. The ME and N African refugees are clashing with the European people as planned in the creeping police state/Martial law. Brussels, and Paris now; London and Berlin next.

In this story, the major S. American socialists countries are being broken apart to weaken them for the resource grab and eventual depopulation.

In this story, the BRICS top the list in corruption and have 42.5% (3.1 Billion of the 7.3 billion) of global population. Add Iran, Indonesia, and Pakistan to get to 50%.

They are the final depopulation targets.

In this story, the rest of the world is weak and irrelevant and could easily be depopulated in the next war.

As Orwell, and Huxley are dead, and their premises are in play,

the olive is the next story (as it plays out in front of us).

It is clearly the resource grab and depopulation end game.

It gets very, very bloody from here.

So, in this story, after four to five billion people are gone, the radiation dissipates, the polluted oceans, air, the forests, lakes and land recover, the old fuck Kissingers, Soros', the Clintons, the Brzezinskis, The Rothchilds, the Kings and Queens, the pedophile Catholics, the various devil worshipers, and Supreme State servants will all butt fuck each other into a perfectly logical extinction.

HopefulCynical's picture

The oligarchy must be exterminated.

Frankie Carbone's picture

What stuns me is that The Patriot Act should have been a call to insurrection in 2001, and 15 years later maybe 25% of the population even has a whiff of a clue that the system is completely broken. 

IndyPat's picture

"Stunned" it's the operative term. The 9/11 spell worked on me...momentarily.
One method of extremely effective hypnosis is to induce a very forceful shock. Leaves most people highly suggestible. Look it up. Very, very effective and can be employed in a mass setting with sufficient "shock".

You have to think back to your own state at the time...immediately after that "event". I know it fucked with me. Not just the horror. Moreso the undercurrent that it just didn't add up and I couldn't put my finger on it.

I think more people in their heart of hearts feel it was an evil scam. They just really, really fear a cobal that could do that. They do not want to face it.
I think more are coming around to what .gov is capable of, though.
Those folks need to be channeled into some sort of constructive direction.

However. We here are exellent at identifiying the problem. Really short on solutions.

OldPhart's picture

Same here, it pulled me from dead to mostly dead.

It took the Ice Bucket of 2008 to really wake me up.

conscious being's picture

Collapse is the only solution. I guess if one wanted to be useful, one could work on influencing the rise from collapse. Critical thinking will make a big come back.

new game's picture

as jj kale sang, we got to run the route...

cocaine, lol...

indygo55's picture

People are generally pretty docile and stupid. I quit trying to awake peoplelong ago. But I must say every once in a while I run into someone who is TOTALLY awake and they are equally amazed to meet me.


HopefulCynical's picture

Same here on all counts. Now, I just try to keep the few awakened folks I know up to speed.

"Prepping" doesn't just mean having a bug-out plan. It means being educated and informed, knowing who the enemy is, and having some idea of what action(s) to take, to keep them from emerging victorious from the collapse.

skinwalker's picture

I was in 10th grade when 911 happened. For some years afterwards I was a flag waving, gov't can do no wrong, slow motion bald eagle super 'patriot'. The kind of person that makes me sick now. 


It wasn't until '09 that I began to wake up. 


Now that my basic preps are secure, my main goals are getting in shape and learning how to fight. Every pushup I do now increases my chances of survival. I've been taking loads of self defense courses, not only to learn how to fight, but also so I can train my immediate circle when things go south. 

Frankie Carbone's picture

I think almost all of us were docile and stupid at one time. IDK about you, but when I refer to someone as "stupid", I am generally referring to them as being in a state of stupidity vs being organically stupid. The odds of the later, by definition are 0.5. The odds of the former are 0.9, so the likelihood of being in state of stupidity is higher.

Of course, one could apply Bayes theorem and apply the conditional probability "Probability of someone being organically stupid, given that they are in a state of stupidity". LOL.

Give me a minute and I'll crunch that.  

Arnold's picture

Critical thinking will have no quick return.

If I may mention  the Mongols and the dark ages as general reference, all humans will be concerned with will be growing stuff or destroying stuff.


Critical thinking is a luxury of ease, not survival.


I can think of two arguments against that blunt statement, but I'll stand pat and raise.