All Hell Breaks Loose After Trump Says Women Should Be "Punished" For Illegal Abortions

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Just yesterday, we discussed Donald Trump’s “women problems.”

Although one might fairly question the methodology behind the polls and whether the questions were designed to elicit a certain type of response, it is worth noting that in three separate surveys (NBC, WSJ, and CNN), Trump’s favorability rating with female voters was 27% or less.

Even if one assumes that the polls were inherently biased, there’s probably some truth to the contention that the things Trump has said about women in the past haven’t done anything to help him when it comes to garnering a large percentage of the female vote and may indeed come back to haunt him in a national contest with Hillary Clinton.

Well on Wednesday, in an MSNBC town hall event, Trump was cornered by host Chris Matthews who asked the GOP frontrunner about his position on illegal abortion.

Below, you can find the highlights as compiled by Bloomberg.

  • Host Chris Matthews presses Trump on anti-abortion position, repeatedly asking him, “Should abortion be punished? This is not something you can dodge”
    • “Look, people in certain parts of the Republican Party, conservative Republicans, would say, ‘Yes, it should,’” Trump answers
    • “How about you?” Matthews asks
    • “I would say it’s a very serious problem and it’s a problem we have to decide on. Are you going to send them to jail?” Trump says
    • “I’m asking you,” Matthews says
    • “I am pro-life,” Trump says
    • “How do you actually ban abortion?” Matthews asks
    • “Well, you go back to a position like they had where they would perhaps go to illegal places but we have to ban it,” Trump says
  • Matthews then presses Trump on if he believes there should be punishment for abortion if it were illegal
    • “There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump says
    • “For the woman?” Matthews says; “Yeah,” Trump says, nodding
    • Trump says punishment would “have to be determined”
    • “They’ve set the law and frankly the judges, you’re going to have a very big election coming up for that reason because you have judges where it’s a real tipping point and with the loss of Scalia, who was a very strong conservative, this presidential election is going to be very important,” Trump says
    • “When you say what’s the law, nobody knows what the law is going to be. It depends on who gets elected,” Trump says

Obviously, this was "gotcha" journalism on Matthews' part (once he established that he was referring to illegal abortions he knew he could pin Trump between having to either say women should be punished or that women could break the law with impunity), and as we saw last year with the whole Kurds/Quds Hugh Hewitt debacle, Trump is susceptible to badgering. The other problem here is that it isn't clear that Trump truly believes some of the things he's forced to say as a Republican candidate, which leads to exchanges like that recounted above. "Don't overthink it: Trump doesn't understand the pro-life position because he's not pro-life," a Cruz aid tweeted. Here's Politico with a bit of context:

Trump’s policy idea is a departure from most state abortion restrictions, which don’t impose penalties on the women who get abortions. Typically, any penalties are imposed on the physician who does the procedure.


The anti-abortion movement in recent decades has shied away from the perception that it is “punishing” women for getting abortions. Instead, it has focused on penalties for the physicians who provide them, such as imposing medical or legal restrictions on their practice. In some rare situations, women have faced charges associated with abortions they have attempted on their own.

Having realized this had become a PR fiasco, Trump promptly walked back his comments.

This is a statement released just moments ago, in which the billionaire revises his initial comments, calling the women "victims", and stating it is doctors who should be held legally responsible for performing the illegal act:

If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed - like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.

But by the time the Trump campaign released that statement it was far too late. The media, women's rights groups, pro-abortion groups, as well as all of Trump's political opponents smelled blood. 

"The last person women need to police their health care decisions is someone who sees them not as people, but as ‘fat pigs,’ ‘bimbos’ and ‘disgusting animals,’" Marcy Stech, a spokeswoman for Emily's List, a pro-abortion-rights group said.

Here's the reaction from March for Life:

And from Bernie Sanders:

And here's the Cruz campaign calling Trump a "charlatan":

Expect this soundbite to play on a loop should Trump end up squaring off against Clinton this fall. Speaking of whom:

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Full Nelson's picture
Full Nelson (not verified) Mar 30, 2016 5:04 PM

This is the kind of petty ideology you have to deal with when you let women vote.

ersatz007's picture

i think that's what you should say to your mom

roadhazard's picture

A Trump voter speaks. Y'all should be so proud.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Quick get me a couple of spin Doctors on Line  2

 Nah  Hopefully he just says, Damn it you Know what i meant...

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Surely Trump knows that in the USSA abortion is a Sacrament (not to mention, a Multi-Billion$ Industry)

And with Hillary being The Patron Saint of Pickled Foetuses & Baby Body-Parts (I'm surpised that Chelsea has all of her limbs intact) she's gonna be barnstorming with Beelzeebub, on the attack - leaving the stench of sulphur in her wake for all "heretics, apostates & non-believers" to choke on...

Leaside Gold's picture

And he almost had it. You had to know that he was going to shoot himself in the mouth at some point. Too bad as I would have liked to see him get in.

Barnaby's picture

Ah the good old days of the coathanger or errant stairs fall are fast upon us again.

inosent's picture

yeah, same ol same ol. "they forced me to kill my baby. I just had to kill it. There were no other options." That is the rationale, right? And weren't you the guy talking about how terrible is was for DT to have been divorced and remarried? What is worse, committing murder, or divorcing and remarrying? Or, in your case, if being thrice married, why then advocate for baby killing?

The American culture of death is just another thing that has to go. There are countless ppl who are desperate to adopt a 1st world baby with good quality DNA. The last thing we should be doing as a society is killing babies like this - not matter the DNA - but especially of good stock.

And for the loss to society for the loss, indeed, there ought to be a punishment. It only sounds 'crazy' and 'horrific' to the modern ear, because the modern ear has been listening to the devil whisper into it for decades. But that does not make it th best voice.

inosent's picture

Let's see, if it is against the law to murder an unborn child, and you have the doctor do the killing for you, the mother in that scenario is part of the conspiracy to commit murder, and as they allow it, are as guilty as the one holding the knife. This is a serious crime and should be punished. The world has fallen so far into darkness they cry outrage over someone who has the audacity to suggest a person who commits a murder should be punished.


Go Trump 2016!

ersatz007's picture

do people who work for the MIC deserve to be punished?

gezley's picture

If they deliberately set out to procure the death of defenceless human beings then yes, they should be punished. Whether or not that punishment should or even could be meted out by a human institution is a different matter.

sheikurbootie's picture

If you haven't been there, shut the fuck up.  It "ruins" a women's life when she has an abortion.  It's a traumatizing event that she never forgets nor forgives.  Ask a women who's had an abortion and see how she's effected 5-10 years later.  It effects them for life.

taopraxis's picture
taopraxis (not verified) sheikurbootie Mar 30, 2016 5:13 PM

Affect, not effect...otherwise, it depends on the woman. You cannot generalize.

balz's picture

It sure ruins the baby's life when her mother kills him.

gezley's picture

Poor dears.

If they're stupid enough to procure the deliberate death of their own infant they deserve all the guilt they get. And some of them are stupid enough to think it's not even a human being. That will show you the level of intelligence we're dealing with here.

Dre4dwolf's picture

I am sure a murderer in jail also feels pretty miserable while he/she sits in jail " for life ".

Victor von Doom's picture

Well fancy that. Murder does seem to have a way of weighing on the conscience after all.

LaugherNYC's picture

So, Illegal Immigrants break the law, and Dems want no penalty for ILLEGAL immigration, instead, rewards,benefits, path to citizenship, take more money from taxpayers to support it. They will multiply and all vote Democrat.

If abortions are Illegal, does someone breaking the law have to be punished? Maybe a traffic ticket (don't park your womb here miss, it's a street cleaning day.)  This debate has become so submoronic Maybe Ted Cruz will invite me to move to his ancestral home in Canada??

Republicans' brilliant counter plan? Make abortions illegal, convince women it's immoral, and then you will have more babies who will grow up (alive) because abortions were outlawed by Republicans, and they will vote Republican!!

I think I know which group will grow faster. Can Republicans throw conservative babies over that giant wall from Mexico into the USA so they can vote Republican in 2034??  Is that a plan?

Donald, when did you get so stupid? Just Say No.


Hillary lies about the big things, that really matter. Cruz lies about everything. Trump doesn't even know what the question was. Bernie is an air-clawing putz who still thinks there's a blacklist in Hollywood (he heard about the whole brouhaha at the Ocars, he just misunderstood.)  God help us!

jomama's picture

Donald, when did you get so stupid?

Just ask his following.

Dre4dwolf's picture

See this will be used against him in every way possible, the logical non-emo person will say

" Sure if abortion was an illegal act, or if an abortion was conducted illegally, the parties involved should face legal consequences (punishment) ".



This is " gotcha " journalism as the article put it, o/c and I am sure Trump realizes this, which makes me question why he would intentionally play into it, he must have a plan to make an issue about it this week or next once the fall-out settles.

You could make the argument that if:

-An abortion is done illegally

-An abortion is done too close to delivery

-An abortion is done at home / ad-hoc style

that the parties involved SHOULD face legal ramifications.

But thats not what the Left Media is gona say, they are gona say that Trump is a woman hating masochist who wants to deny women their " right to an abortion " (if such a thing exists) , and that he wants to put women in prison camps.

Because the left cant win an argument based on logic, they have to appeal to irrational emotion by using hyperbole and " gotcha journalism ".


Just the way it is and has been for a long time now, and this is the sorta thing the RIGHT hates the LEFT for..... because the LEFT make it impossible to have a sensible coherent conversation/discussion/dialogue about anything, they just flip the table, start raging and call you racist and storm out of the room without even attempting to come to a reasonable understanding of the situation, and they always do that.


Just the way I see it....


Trump is right, if abortions are illegal........ and you do something illegal........there has to be ramifications (that's what makes it illegal in the first place).

A law that is not enforced........might as well not exist in the first place.

I don't get why this is going to become a huge issue, and people will probably riot and protest over the statement.... and no doubt some feminist will make an attempt on his life etc.... because that's what the left is........ a group of raging entitled emo's with no self-respect or capability for reason.... and this is why the democratic party loves these people, because they are so easily angered, enraged, and controlled/manipulated and used to push the oligarchs NWO agenda.



In the grand scheme of things, this is not even a presidential issue.

Such a determination should be left to the state.

If Florida wants to legalize abortions its FLORIDAS RIGHT.

The Federal Government has no authority under the constitution to deem the act of abortion legal or illegal. (correct me if I am wrong), the only thing I could think of that might apply is The Declaration of Independence 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness 

Which is kinda like " natural law " and the basis of the constitution, but how it could be used as legal justification for preserving life on a national level is a bit beyond my understanding of the document, but I can see how it could be used to construct a legal pro-life argument.

If you know better, correct me.

I think the entire argument / controversy about abortion is only being used to control the minds of the voting base to direct them towards the NWO'S choice candidate (to ease the transition of power from one figurehead to the next) and to mask/cast a fog of war over real issues that matter like.... the economy and the global collapse that is looming just around the bend.

There needs to be a Supreme Court hearing to determine if the Federal Government even has the authority to issue regulation around the act of abortion, before we can even start to discuss if abortion can be illegal/legal on a Federal Inter-State level.

Thats the entire point of a state, if you want to live in a state where abortion is legal................ move there/ do your dirty work in those satanic hell holes lol


My stance: Pro-Life -But I dont really give a shit what you do, all that matters is making money.

If you are an abortion queen, I dont want to know, keep that shit to yourself, and dont try and get govt to steal from me to fund the mass murder going on in your vagina.

Buster Cherry's picture

I bet Chris Matthews would be too cowardly to put his micrphone in the face of an aborted fetus and ask his/her opinion....

silverer's picture

I've got a great punishment: make them pay for their own abortions.

balz's picture

That's not enough. Would you punish a murderer by asking him to buy his own knive or gun?

GoldSilverBitcoinBug's picture

I was deadly against Trump now I start to love him !!! Good Trump, feminist are more than 100 times dangerous than an ISIS terrorist !!! I believe that you are really independant now, if you can speak against the holy sex in our current matriarchy and gynocracies then you are the real deal.

Next time do that with the chosenite and I will consider you as the real deal !!!

WTFUD's picture

I was there and saw Don just freaking out , pulling babies from incubators and babbling on that stockings are much more hygienic than tights . . . .

Don better start talking with Putin on fighting back against demonisation because soon they'll be media sorts sniffing at his ass to determine what he had for lunch.

LoveTruth's picture

Why women who kill their babies should go off the hook?


RogerMud's picture

yup..that's a land mine, and he just stepped in it. hope he livesto tell 'bout it.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Luckily, I just bought a new jar of Orville Redenbacher's.

Looks like I picked the wrong week...


Chad_the_short_seller's picture
Chad_the_short_seller (not verified) Mar 30, 2016 5:24 PM

Oh god, I'm about sick of this shit. Just give the election to HIllary already and watch this country and all its disgusting prostitutes crumble. America is already too far gone for a Trump. JFK could have made huge changes and gotten us onto the right track, and he tried to but got whacked by the joooohies. Unfortunately, now it's just too late. I'm throwing in the towel. We're a nigger loving, jewfucked country and it's only gonna get worse. Time to just hide out in the mountains while it's still all white. 

PresidentCamacho's picture

Amen, We need a hero, someone like luther.


Victor von Doom's picture

...or leave. Pull the plug on the tax farm altogether. When the US goes, the whole shitshow goes. Personally I think every Red Blooded American should do his duty and emigrate.

DontWorry's picture

As if abortion is the biggest problem people face in this country.  What a fringe issue - a distraction. 

Its all about dominating the news cycle, and overwhelming the stories you dont want. Who owns MSNBC - NBC Universal.  Who owns them?  Comcast.  Who owns them? Brian L. Roberts.  Whats his deal?

Being both an All-American squash player and of Jewish descent, he participated in the Maccabiah Games in Israel, earning a gold medal with the U.S. squash team in 2005 and silver medals in 1981, 1985, 1997 and 2009.  On October 21, 2012, Roberts was honored by Maccabi USA as a 'Legend of the Maccabiah.

He was a founding co-chair of Philadelphia 2000, the nonpartisan host committee for the 2000 Republican National Convention. The Pennsylvania Report named him to the 2003 "The Pennsylvania Report Power 75" list of influential figures in Pennsylvania politics, calling him "Pennsylvania’s most powerful businessman" and noted his influence with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

In 2003, he was named to the PoliticsPA list of politically influential individuals.

Since 2006, Roberts has donated more than $76,000 to Democratic candidates and $13,500 in contributions to Republican candidates.

In December 2009, he wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, endorsing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  He was named to President Obama's Jobs and Competitiveness Council in February 2011.


CAPT DRAKE's picture

This looks remarkably like Perot.  One day he just decided he didn't really want it and he started to do things "inconsistent with higher office".    

Thats just the way it is.  The voiceless will have no voice for now.   The next populust to come along will be smooth, young, good looking, veteran, that will take the country by storm and will do what the establishment really fears.  It will be full on revolution.

DontWorry's picture

Keep an eye on Chris Gibson, next governor of NY:

Davidduke2000's picture

Spending $50 million of his money for fun?? you are fucking stupid. 


with all the available anti-contraceptions including the morning after pill any women who wants an abortion is simply a crriminal

Blankenstein's picture

Perot was forced out.  From 1992


" He said he had withdrawn after hearing that President Bush's campaign was scheming to smear his daughter with a computer-altered photograph and to disrupt her wedding."

"Mr. Perot has often spoken of threats to himself or his family and has embraced conspiracy theorists from both the far left and the far right wings of politics. [ Page A12. ]

In addition to the accusations about his daughter, Mr. Perot said in an interview with The Boston Herald that he had a videotape of a senior member of the Bush campaign, whom he did not identify, talking to a contract employee of the Central Intelligence Agency in Dallas. He did not say how he got the tape or if he knew what they were discussing. Mr. Perot accused the unidentified C.I.A. employee of being hired to tap into his computerized stock trading program to prevent him from having the money to revive his campaign."

Arthur Schopenhauer's picture



[Democratic Party] ---> [Revenge Party] <--- [Republican Party]

gezley's picture

If abortion is just a procedure, like having your tooth extracted, why not let the cameras in to record it? You can go on Youtube and see people at the dentist having all sorts of procedures done with their teeth, but you won't find too many, if any, abortion "procedures" on Youtube. We all know of course that procured and induced abortion is the deliberate destruction of a human life, and that's why they won't show it. We know it. They know it. Everybody knows it, and any dumb bitch who tries to say otherwise doesn't have a brain in her head. That's funny, because they're all talk when it comes to their bodies, but ask them a simple biology question about the independent human life forming in the womb and they suddenly can't muster two brain cells to come up with the correct answer. So much for what's inside their bodies. Empty-headed simpletons.

shovelhead's picture

They do get kinda touchy about pictures of what an abortion really looks like.

You would think they would be proud. "Look what I almost made" and post them on FaceBook.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Paul Ryan will repeal.  Biehner, Boehner just didn't have enough time.



roadhazard's picture

I'd like to know who else Trump thinks needs to be punished.

Davidduke2000's picture

hillary clinton and the criminals like her.

Davidduke2000's picture

With the morning after pill and all the available anti contraception , there is no need for abortions.

Women are custodians of the fetus they do not own it.

Abortions should be banned plain and  simple, I cannot believe that many women would rather save a cat than a baby. Pathetic. 

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Open mouth, insert foot. Gonna be a bitch recovering from this remark.

Davidduke2000's picture

Actually he will gain from this as he did not have the feminazis already and these are the ones for the abortions even though there are plenty of anti-contracetions available, they would rather save a cat than a baby.

You are  politically correct. it's not a sin to be against abortion and he said it from the start he is prolife. 

Debugas's picture

my answer is very simple - if there is at least one person in the wolrd ready to take care of the to be born child then the woman carrying the child has no right to abort it

Yen Cross's picture

  Who's Chris Matthews?     </sarc>

 Didn't you peeps watch those videos yesterday? Re; Journalists ~ bought and sold~ by NGO and foreign government hacks?

 Networks being paid by outside sources, to manufacture propaganda infomercials :-D