Rand Paul Says He Has A "Major Announcement To Make Tomorrow"

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Just out from Rand Paul:

So will he endorse Trump (as he implicitly did in December) will he run as independent... or is he simply sick of politics and is retiring?

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He's got home vids of Laying Ted.

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He's one of Cruz's mistresses?


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Our political system is such a clusterfuck. 

EDIT - Although him getting VP would seal the deal, for either candidate for me.  

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Think about tomorrow's date. Jus' sayin'...

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The only major endorsement Rand can make is for the White Man's Jheri Curl...

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Killtruck Mar 31, 2016 1:22 PM

Ron Paul is running for president?  

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Whatever, Rand tipped his hand as zio-compliant in 2012 when he endorsed Romney and all the fuckery that ensued.

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what does the great goat command now slave paul

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He sodomized Obama while he read the constitution out loud.


He decided to pursue a cleaner more honest profession relative to politics.

He is announcing his new bit part acting career in the animal porn movie industry.

Same thing, only different.

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There is only one candidate left that the NWO hates and that is Trump they don't even see Gary Johnson as a real candidate. So if Rand backs up Trump I believe its the right move. Trump isn't a Libertarian by any means but his foreign policy is way closer to Rands, his trade ideals are way closer to Rands. So Trump is the clear answer if you want to have a chance at changing the current situation.

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Wake up - Trump is a NWO puppet and working for Hillary. It's so obvious that he's there to make sure Clinton is the next president and he's doing a mighty fine job of it.

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FWIW, I think you're probably correct.  Time will tell.

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Trump is too much of a narccisist to work for anybody let alone a washed up hip hop group..

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froze25 - don't make a fool out of yourself. Go to YouTube. Search for 'Trump AIPAC 3-21-16' and watch Trump's speach to his NWO masters.

Then stop looking like a retard throwing out garbage like - "There is only one candidate left that the NWO hates and that is Trump"

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Rand will announce support for Trump cuz Trump will commit to eliminate the TSA lock stock and scanner and convert all employees to janitor duty.

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Uh guys, Gary Johnson.  


Big deal tomorrow.. Heard it here first. 

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He likes Johnson?  :)

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Sadly no, his follow-up Tweet: "The announcement is going to be YUGE. Don't miss it..."

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He's finally learned to pee standing up?

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I think if he endorsed Ted his dad would actually shoot him.

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I would not blame his dad for shooting him anyway.


But Ron Paul would not ever throw his son under the bus as he has character.

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Hey TT, I read your comments about your hard life yesterday. Sounds immensely tough. What do you mean about brain damaged though? You are obviously very sharp. You said your brother went with you. Was he the one with the damage? If you are carrying a lot of pain, I have a nondenominasional book to recomend. Look for "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Meditate. Get into the present moment to overcome the burden imposed by the past. All the best.

Regarding this article, wishful thinking on my part, at first glance, I thought it said Ron Paul, not Rand, will make an announcement. Now that I see it is about Rand, the thread is about Rand, it is no longer interesting to me. Cheers.

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He's becoming a paid pitch-man for Metamucil.  All those chicken dinners on the campaign trail can really stop you up ...

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Rand will throw his own father under the bus.


His endorsement means to avoid who he is endorsing.


He probably is endorsing Mitt Romney again anyway.

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He'll endorse Bernie, a crazy old white haired honky, like his Dad.

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Rand your not Paul but a pale imitation, whom you endorse matters not.  In fact it is like endorsing one iceberg over another to sink the Titanic, this thing is going down either way I am afraid..

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He is going to marry Bruce Jenner.

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"The only major endorsement Rand can make is for the White Man's Jheri Curl..."

I am a big supporter of both the Paul's, I will admit that I have thought the same thing before. If he endorses either candidate he puts them over the edge in Wisconsin. If he is Trumps Running mate he seals the deal for a Trump presidency. IMHO. Trump 2016.

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Coming out party, the sex change operation was successful, meet Ranita Paul.

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Barack Obama likes this

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Maybe he found his penis but he is still looking for his balls.

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He jostles the ball bag while Christie works the shaft.

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VP is a powerless position unless president expires.

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So he's taking a bet on possible scenarios. Possibly. Where was LBJ.......? 

The Old Man


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Tell that to Francis Underwood

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Worked for Biden.  Got his son a nice cushy job in Ukraines largest energy provider.


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What are you talking about? Dick Chenney ran this country for 8 years!

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His Dad is available for the nomination...

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"What word from Mordor my lord, what does the great Eye command?"

Rand: "We have endorsing to do..."

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The former attorney for the “D.C. Madam” has asked the United States Supreme Court to allow him to release records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service, including customer names, addresses and Social Security numbers, because they allegedly could affect the 2016 presidential election.

In an application to the high court, filed Monday, Montgomery Blair Sibley is asking to be released from a judge’s 2007 restraining order which prohibited him from sharing Palfrey’s telephone records, during the much-publicized run-up to her federal trial for racketeering, money laundering and mail fraud.

And, if the Supreme Court won’t hear his argument, Sibley says he will release the identifying information of Palfrey’s customers.

"...Sibley argued in his court filings that the materials from the D.C. Madam case “contain information relevant to the  upcoming presidential election.”

“Time is of the essence. Given the significance of the upcoming political primaries and caucuses, in the looming Republican and Democratic conventions on July 18th and July 25th respectively, and given the impact of the presently sealed from the public record that this attorney seeks to release, upon those electoral deliberations, expedited resolution to this application is incumbent upon this court.”

“The delay by this court and resolution of this application in hindsight will intentionally favor one presidential candidate over others by protecting that candidate from the release of the D.C. madam phone records, which the attorney maintains are relevant to this election cycle.


Montgomery Blair Sibley, the attorney has been seeking the release of this information for several months...which means thoss candidate(s) that may be implicated by the release of this information must still be in the mix.

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Rand endorsed Romney. If he is endorsing someone, it won't sway my vote.

I wouldn't mind him as president. I think he would do well. I think him as VP for Trump would give Trump great balance. If he were VP for Cruz he would be an establishment puppet. We will see where this goes...

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He had an affair with Hillary.  See?  They are all in bed together.  Literally.  LOL.