"There Are No More Hotel Beds At All": Sweden's Tourism Industry Collapses As Resorts Become Refugee Centers

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“Whichever way we slice the data, the growth in working age population stands out as a key driver of economic growth for most countries. A healthy dependency ratio, a skilled workforce, together with strong institutions and an absence of major resource imbalances is usually the formula for country-level success. But with most DMs weighed down by ageing populations, a key question is this - can people inflows counter challenging demographics? The short answer is yes.”

That’s what Goldman said last autumn as Europe’s refugee crisis began to spiral out of control. We’re not sure if it had occurred to the bank just how large the people flows into Western Europe would end up being because the implication in the excerpted passage above is that the influx of people may actually be a good thing economically speaking if it ameliorates negative demographic shifts.

Of course Goldman may be proven right in the long-run, but in the short-term the mass migration is straining Western Europe’s resources and now looks set to drive up the unemployment rate in Germany.

“German joblessness was unchanged in March, snapping a run of five consecutive declines, in a sign that Europe’s largest economy may be struggling to absorb a wave of refugees,” Bloomberg wrote, earlier today, adding  that “Germany admitted more than 1 million migrants in 2015 alone [which] increased the pool of potential workers.”

A new report from Berlin’s labor agency suggests that it will likely be years before the country experiences any benefit from the migration wave. “It can be expected that the labor supply will expand because of migration and the number of unemployed refugees will rise,” as it will take time for migrants to master the language and obtain the qualifications they’ll need to join the labor force.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, the toursim industry is being choked off by the migrant flows. According to SvD Naringsliv, the Swedish Migration Board's move to transform tourist facilities into asylum centers means they'll be no more room for vacationers - literally.

(Astrid Lindgren is running short on accommodations - its guest house and hostel will house refugees this summer)

"In some municipalities, there will be no hotel beds at all," Lena Larsson, CEO at Smaland Tourism said. Here's more (Google translated): 

For example, expected the large visiting goal Astrid Lindgren stand without quality accommodation when both the guest house and hostel continues to be asylum facilities in the summer.


The players in the tourism industry looks understood the seriousness of the background of the war in Syria, but several highlights that the consequences of the Migration Board's procurement for the tourism industry in Sweden "must be clarified."


It is so big changes to Visit Småland now has to scan the entire range. It is very uncertain how it will be this summer, says Lena Karlsson.


Another example can be found on the west coast. There, says Lars-Eric Fields, president of Södra Bohuslän tourism, the impact on summer tourism is likely to be so big that you have to take stock of the range of partners throughout western Sweden. According Fields also affected touristic prime locations, which Socialite House "Batellet" on the island of Marstrand and city hotel in Lysekil which are both refugee accommodations in the summer.


Another sample can be collected by Vänern. Where does the Migration Board's shops to tourist nights in the spa town Lundsbrunn replaced by 870 asylum places, which admittedly can quickly raise the plant's own turnover to about SEK 100 million per year, but which also affects the district's normal tourism. Clearly, fewer tourist beds provide less surface for ancillary tourism - for example from Tarnaby mountain village reported that the chairlift can no longer be operated for lack of tourist beds.


The situation is thus similar in many areas. Oland Tourism says, however, that all cabin accommodation falls away in the summer, as Boda Baden, Mölltorp and Littorinabyn.


Uncertainty about the summer tourism is also noticeable in the Swedish Tourist Association where 15 hostels during the winter has served as places of asylum, including Farosund. Now in the end requires the STF decision from the franchisees if they remain in the tourism or remain


Immigration Service asylum accommodation. One who decided Maria Karlsson, who owns the hostel in Skåne Hammenhög where the resort now count to five asylum accommodation.

So there you have it, folks. An industry that brings in around $32 billion per year (and that doesn't count the $12 billion tourists spend on food, entertainment, and transportation) is about to disappear entirely thanks to the housing needs of Mid-East migrants. 

If you want to get a good idea of just how important tourism is to Sweden's economy, have a look at the following graph which shows employment growth in tourism versus the overall labor market trend:

And here is the final insult: Sweden's toursim industry employs around 160,000 people. The number of refugees Sweden took in from the Mid-East in 2015 was... drumroll... 160,000. 

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Only one word comes to mind in this situation:  SUCKERS!!

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That pic up there with the happy family playing in front of their little Swedish house?  That's the "before" picture.  Just wait till you see the "after" picture.

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It's a little too idyllic, brown hordes will soon rape the livestock and eat all the gingerbread.

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  I get dibs on the penthouse at the Oriental
           - Mohammed Al-Asslickbahr

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I don't think Sweden will need to worry about housing tourists after this.

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the solution here clearly is to give the migrants more monies


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Do you have to be a muslim to get one of these free rape-cations?

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But with most DMs weighed down by ageing populations, a key question is this - can people inflows counter challenging demographics? The short answer is yes.”

You're driving along, and you notice that your gas gauge is reading 1/8 of a tank.  You look around and notice that you're not close to a gas station, but you do have a case of bleach in the back seat.  At this point, you call your advisor at Goldman Sachs and he suggests that pour the bleach into your tank.  Never mind that you're going to spill it all over your clothes, and might ruin your engine, your gauge will read full!

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I've read the pool-poopers especially enjoy the resort saunas and pool facilities, not to mention the locker room.

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We need another goat for room 7

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Just for the summer.

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OrangeJews (not verified) EscapeKey Mar 31, 2016 3:59 PM

A country full of cucks!

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America has its own problems:


Virginia trooper killed in shooting at Greyhound bus station in Richmond



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Using taxpayer money to destroy their own tourist industry.

How would you like to score the one open room in the Jihadi Hilton?

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The Swedes should have their government's heads on pikes by now.

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You don't understand. The majority of Swedetards want this. That occasional poster Lars-Eirik may be a vile aberration here on ZH, but in Swedetardistan he is regarded as a paragon of virtue, part of the majority of Islamofascist supporter/apologists.

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xythras (not verified) knukles Mar 31, 2016 3:00 PM

I can't understand HOW THE HELL A PRIVATE COMPANY such a Hostel/Hotel/Resort would put up with the goverment request to house pakis? Or is that those "resorts" are state owned, in this case burn them because they belong to "we the people" anyway. 

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They're gonna need to be fumigated and burned down after the refugee hoards are done converting them to suitable Islamic accommodations.

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A couple of years ago I met & discussed with the founder & principal owner of one of the largest Hostel/Resort/Camping companies, 'the refugees' he was housing all over Sweden.

He / T.S., talked shit about them, nothing positive at all.....except....

He was making millions in extra profits; MONEY was his motive only.

By filling up his empty rooms during the normal low-season, T.S. was making a real killing$$$$$$$.

This year, he's gonna get screwed.

Most likely he will now be FORCED to continue to house the !"#¤%&.

When, his regular customers & new ones find out his outlets have been used by !"#¤%&, they most likely leave pronto;

Kind'a like living in a former Leprocy-Lepard Hospital....spine chilling.

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Same thing I said to a relative who was putting section 8 niggers in a luxury apartment complex.  You'll lose the paying customers for a few easy gov checks.

He didn't listen. The place was bankrupt 2 years later.  I laughed.

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How freak'n exciting is that?!


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Lots of horror stories with pictures for section 8 on real estate forums. Most responses are don't do it.

The hostel owner might make out okay if he doesn't own the properties.

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I get your point. Low class African Americans just like just about any 'refugee' coming from the ME, Afghanistan, North Africa and Africa will trash places and don't deserve ay decent accommodation. Just like low class white people.

But do we have to use the word 'nigger' here and elsewhere on zero hedge? I don't think so. I'm not black but there must be some black members here. I am sure they get fed up with a certain section of the posters on here.

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Agree.  Burn it.  Then flee to whatever brown-free island you can find.

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The whole trick to fascism is that you retain ownership but are obligated to use your property for whatever ends the state may designate as being virtuous, and no others. Or else you spend the rest of your life in mandatory cultural sensitivity seminars.

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Or they could rape the gingerbread man and eat all the livestock.


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The assumption that a Nordic first -world poulation is fungible with an Arab one is madness.  Say hello to your turd world future Scandinaivea.  (Yes, put naive in there on purpose.)

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No, it's psychopathy. A personality disorder, not madness. People are just things.

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Well, they are just falling over themselves to become the first cashless society on planet Earth.

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i just cued up an ' after ' picture of West Philly

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Oh, now you're just being cynical.  It won't be THAT bad.

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right, nothing could be that bad.....then there's Camden

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<Shudder>.  We should stop talking now.  This is getting too real for me.

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I remember 60 Minutes doing a piece on Camden a few years back. They interviewed a priest working on one of the war zones who said the state's view of the city went like this - "flush your stuff twice, it's a long way to Camden".

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What's worse than West Philly? (Way worse)...NORTH Philly!!

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Yeah.  I can picture a group of 15 to 25 people standing on the lawn, shooting their AK's into the air.

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It will look like Detroit.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) undercover brother Mar 31, 2016 2:55 PM

Swedish women are keeping the beds warm

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Soon enough, they will be niggers.

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What? "Come to Sweden and get raped," isn't enticing tourists? ;-)

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Stockholm syndrome takes on a new meaning.




The good news is. No one in their right mind wants to be a tourist there anymore. Like Turkey and the rest of europe.


p.s. my banff tours are very reasonable.

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"No one in their right mind wants to be a tourist there anymore."

Funny thing, I never had any desire to visit Sweden even before all this bullshit happened. I mean, seriously, who the hell goes to Sweden for a vacation?

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I mean, as part of a european tour "places with hot women who have no use for me so I can spend my money on alcohol and prints of photos of nice buildings" then sure.

I went to Geneva a number of years ago and loved it. Now? I won't go anywhere in Europe. Even if I don't get assraped, I don't want to star in my own european move where the extras are from africa and the middle east and probably hate my guts.

Speaking of Migrants. My parents live in Lethbridge Alberta. 2 blocks from them, there is a motel six with probably 30 or 40 migrants who are put up there, obviously with a daily stipend for food. All while the albertan suicide rate goes up, and more albertans eat their work boots for food. I have a heart and all, but I've mentioned before, most Canadian ( esp. the political class ) are more concerned with migrants than they are albertans. All we want to do is have policies in place ( oil transit to the east ) which would help us pay eveyone's bills.

Our policies should square with the likes of Russia ( 1 million plus syrians have gone home because of russia ) than they do with our often dual passport holding policymakers ( to collapse western society and remake it in the image of a sea of coffee colored low IQ asshammers ).

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New Euro vacation posters:

Tourist #1.

"Let's go to Brussels and see the Minarets!"

Tourist #2. 

"No, Let's go to Stockholm and see the minarets!"


"Don't you just love minarets!?" .... "Sure do!"

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Infrastructure spending on church conversions.

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Have put myself on the no fly list.

My passport expires this month and there's really no point in renewing it.

If I feel like visiting a foreign country I'll spend a weekend in London.