Black Lives Matter Activist: "If Trump Wins We Will Incite Riots Everywhere"

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The social fallout from Trump's rising popularity continues with the most disturbing event taking place recently when prominent Black Lives Matter activist and rapper Tef Poe tweeted a message for "white people”: if Donald Trump wins the presidency, "niggas" will 'incite riots everywhere.'

Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted. A screenshot of the tweet was captured below by the Daily Media.


He followed up with another promise: “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.”

As Daily Media adds, "Poe is by no means a nobody, he has appeared in innumerable articles charting the rise of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and was credited with coining the phrase, “This ain’t your grandparents’ civil rights movement.”

The rapper was one of the co-founders of Hands Up United, a "social justice" organization that emerged after the death of Michael Brown that was responsible for coordinating large BLM protests in the St. Louis area.

Ironically, as the website updates, Poe has since deleted his tweet and then claimed that he never made the comments, instead suggesting it was "slander."

"He’s now whining about “slander”. Talk crap, then play the victim when you get challenged on your crap. Same process EVERY time with social justice warriors."

This is shown in the tweet below:

Unfortunately this kind of fallout continues with prominent movement leaders across all social groups becoming increasingly belligerent toward each other, which fundamentally is driven by one simple thing: the ongoing deterioration of the US economy. Recall from the post profiling the surge in Chicago shootings that even local Chicago citizens agrees that the root of America's rising anger is the lack of economic opportunity.

 "I think it's got something to do with economics," Gabb says of the continued shootings. As CNN adds, most residents say communities continue to suffer from an economy that is nowhere strong enough to keep at-risk youths from looking for financial support in the wrong places.


The lament is one heard across most poor areas in the US: "I'm hoping that some money is invested in some job creation. We bailed out Wall Street, why not bail out Main Street? It would make a world of difference," Acree says.


"If you really want to stop this epidemic of violence, the best way to stop a bullet is with a job."


Which is odd, because according to the BLS, jobs across the US are growing at a brisk pace of over 200K per month.

Sadly, we expect this form of social devolution to continue no matter who is president in November because the underlying issue of most social problems in America, the withering economy, will not only remain unaddressed - after all a Congressman once told Bernanke to "get to work" instead of doing his job, which the Fed promptly did by further enriching the richest Americans at the expense of all other social tiers - but, worse, anyone who dares to point it out is promptly accused of "peddling fiction."

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Ms No's picture

That's fine.  Just remember to leave Soros' address so we know where to send the bill to.  Some may send far worse things....

Tom Servo's picture

Well, we have plenty of ammo...


<3, white people.


svayambhu108's picture

Sorry guys but from afar this looks like your 2nd Civil War

Bollixed's picture

"Poe is by no means a nobody"

Yes, he's not even that.

TeamDepends's picture

Dear young niggas, come on out to the country and try that shit. We'll be sure to call your mom.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

You're not doing your future defense attorney any favors yanno

WTFRLY's picture

It is going down bc you know they are gonna screw Trump and Bernie and give you Joolery. There will be 100 million new ppl who are now more anti establishment than ever.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

One day average joe six pack crackers are going to fight back with zero regret. It is coming homie...... You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?

nope-1004's picture

TefPoe is an uninformed imbecile.  Like Obama has done anything productive for blacks in America, other than hire 2 of the shadiest to run justice, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.  Amazingly, both happen to be black.

Even with those 2 criminals running justice, the prison population of blacks continues to grow.  It's one of those realities that won't go away.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

And then he wonders why no one will hire him. Hilarious. Bring it, Mister Poe.

CheapBastard's picture

Sadly, Soweto Obama invites haters like this to the wh instead of criticzing this Hate talk.

Stuck on Zero's picture

That is soooo false flag. Young hoodlums don't use the word "incite." Sorry. It's a joke.

Pinto Currency's picture



Soros funding the NGOs causing riots.

Who does Soros represent?

The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros

I am more equal than others's picture



Locked and loaded, saftey is off when shit hits fan.


erkme73's picture

I may have been on the fence about wanting Trump to win.  But THIS pavement ape shit has me pulling for him 100% now...

J S Bach's picture

Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know"

"Dear black people... if young niggas such as yourself are fully hell bent on rioting, go ahead.  Burn your neighborhoods down... destroy what little infrastructure of civilization you have left.  This time, however, evil whitey won't be helping you rebuild it again.  Oh, and just try coming to our neighborhoods with your primitive behavior.  We'll salute your arrival with our arsenal of legally obtained firearms.  Just so you know."

remain calm's picture

ya all talk nigga boy, ya know you you best at killin fella nigga 

strannick's picture

Dear Niggas;

Stop being George Soros bitchez.

And clean up the Hood, so if you do riot, we will be able to tell the difference.


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) strannick Apr 2, 2016 5:52 PM

It occurred to me today the reason they tell you how to think, to speak, to dress (San Fran State dreadlocks assault) is to get you used to tyranny, and to soften the society up for Marxism. This is more of that, threats "white people"

Go ahead  "Negro inciting rebellion and revolt" Castro

Even Castro sees the Obama color revolutions, black lives matter are Obamas color revolution foot soldiers.

tmosley's picture

Say it with me now kids.


Riots won't last long. Men with guns will eventually stand up, and find they are strong, and then it will all be over. This is why they have fought so hard to steal our guns. But they are too late now.

Lots of people, both guilty and innocent, will die needlessly. It's sad.

Whoa Dammit's picture

There's nothing like fighting to stay on the plantation huh bro?

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Any relation to Edgar Allan Poe?

eforce's picture

The Protocols mentions a race war to cover the globalist advance as there is an economic crisis, so I expect Trump will win simply because that's what they want.

knukles's picture

Inciting riots, sedition, civil disturbances, inciting rebellion and revolt, armed rebellion, assault.
What am I missing here, folks?

Just imagine if this were a white man stating such.  Think the DoJ would be on his ass like cheap shit from heaven?

xavi1951's picture

You can take them out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of them!

Four chan's picture

a vote for anyone but trump, is a vote for this thug ass nigger.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Everybody grab their nigger-be-good sticks!

jeff montanye's picture

to my mind the irony is that donald trump is likelier than hillary (the warmonger) to get some jobs going for poor people of whatever color.  

he has said more than once that the trillions spent on wars are wrong and would be better spent here on education, infrastructure and making this country better (rather than other countries worse).

conscious being's picture

Jeff, snap out of it. Trump wants war, or his handlers make him say he wants war ... with Iran for starters. "Iran is the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism.", "I will make Iran my #1 priority." - Trump AIPAC speech 3-21-16.

Is Iran the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism? Who created ISIS? Iran is helping to destroy ISIS, but that's Trump's target? Why? Clearly because that is what the Zionist, dual citizen owners want.

Listen to the speech. 25 minutes. It's worth it.

jcaz's picture

Yawn... Compton needs repaved anyway-  might as well make it 100%....

Bumpo's picture

What if Whitey don't back down? What if Whitey says 'Bring It". The Veneer of Civility has been called wanting, and if you want it your way, so be it. Thugs best plan accordingly.

Keyser's picture

Silly black people, meet my little friends, Smith & Wesson... 

stormsailor's picture

say hello to my lettle frin

Four chan's picture

lets see 12% vs 88% what will the outcome be? glorious victory over america's biggest and most expensive problem?

jeff montanye's picture

america's biggest and most expensive problem is hardly uppity blacks.

it actually is the greatest control fraud in the history of the world, run by the banksters who, with the allied zionists, have taken over our government, media and financial industry.

p.s. this is the world's biggest and most expensive problem as well.

p.p.s. the plantation owners used to use similar tricks to keep the poor whites and poor blacks hating each other so they didn't band together against them.  looks like it's still working.

conscious being's picture

Exactly Jeff. I knew you knew the score. Trump will get us in a war, just a surely as Hitlery will, though. Listen to the speech. listen to his crazy rant about Iran. "They're over here. They're over there. They're everywhere." (paraphrasing) Trumpo. Watch the speech and you'll never see Trumpo the same way again. Watch the speech before too many people start watching it and they decide to disappear it, or edit it.

gaoptimize's picture
ter·ror·ism noun  
  1. the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.They should be arrested
Dancing Disraeli's picture

Since Whites are the only race that resists thinking tribally, it really takes a great deal of being fucked with to generate a tribal response.  Since we essentially think as individuals and not as a collective, we are like individual hydrogen atoms that must be forced together with great pressure until fusion occurs.  With that fusion comes a tremendous release of explosive energy, and the issues will then be resolved very quickly.  Regrettable, but it seems at this point to be inevitable.

Vincent.Vega's picture

Even Castro sees the Obama color revolutions, black lives matter are Obamas color revolution foot soldier

1) C'mon. Castro brothers are sephardic Jews, who were sent to Cuba by the Wall Street (read, City of London reptiles) to remove Batista who was getting out of control, just like Trotsky and his thugs were sent to Russia -- only they decided to become local Tzars, instead of being schmucks for ZOG. The only decent guy there was Che Guevara, but that naive young man wanted good life for all Cubans, not just for the Castro family, so Castro brothers sent him to Bolivia.


2) I see that people have no f*cking clue about the elections. Clinton represents black parasites while Trumps represents white parasites, that whole thing is just dog and pony show for the sheeple. 

There is no clear representation/candidate supporting white middle/working class and hard working Latino people, so prepare your popcorn and watch clowns Don and Hillary stepping down soon. 



Be 100% sure that that War Machine III is some Mossad "cyber warfare" operative, we've seen that too many times, from the get go:


Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas:

MONSANTO Family Were Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners:



Boston Tea Party was not about the tea, what American patriots dumped to water were packs of opium -- and drugs have always been a Jewish business, even nowadays it's UK's troops, not American who guard opium poppy fields in Afghanistan.

conscious being's picture

If Castro was a Jew, the Cuban Jewish community would never have escaped his reign by fleeing to Miami.

A Nanny Moose's picture

High time preference, low information voters

Heavy's picture

...that and cross dressing.

chumbawamba's picture

I'm going out right away to buy supplies to make dozens of "TRUMP 4 PREZ" signs to throw up around town and also to load up on popcorn for after he gets elected.

Hoping for a Trump victory...

I am Chumbawamba.

warsev's picture

There are many reasons why I might vote for one candidate or agaiinst another. Appeasment of the likes of Tef Poe is nowhere on that list.

Perimetr's picture

Bring it, young niggra fools

nmewn's picture

TefFool apparently wants to feed my dogs his entrails, him and his "young niggas" wouldn't even make it to my front

Bad Attitude's picture

Don't abuse your dogs like that. They deserve better than the entrails of a drug-addled rapper.

Forward (over the cliff)!