The First Virtual Reality President

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"peddling virtual fiction..."




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Say what you will about Ramirez, but this NAILS IT.

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forgot to add "and my wife is hot" while he where his Virtual Glasses

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or maybe just... "I like Girls!"

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At his age, it should be 'I like women."

POTUS is many things and Pedo is not one of them.(probably)

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in VR one buthole looks just like another. i bet michele has a hell of a manhole on the derrierrerrerrerr...!

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That's Obummer's job...he's the FUC (Fluffer-in-Chief)

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that would be FIC.....moron

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Thats not virtual reality that the MSM....... its what they are selling, and amazingingly what alot of people are buying

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Exactly. He wasn't wearing a VR headset when he was scolding about peddling fiction.

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fuck you Ramirez, your Iran bashing jingo horse shit has already sentenced you to a special place in hell.


Michael Ware, "Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War"


watch it then STFU

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Iran's biggest sin is they don't have a Debt-Money Monopolist central bank that inhibits "god's work" (the counterfeit one) from enslaving then destroying humanity.

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The sea waters aren't lowered yet. Get to work Mr. president.

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he wouldn't recognize w*rk if it bit him in his scrawny, Reggie cum filled, ass.

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"Golf be work. An I'm workin it." -- Obama

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His other hand is firmly positioned on his joystick

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Bet ya $5 he's watching an Afghan Dancing Boy

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I'll bet ya.  I think he's watching an IRANIAN dancing boy.

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Present-Snit Obola is a SCOAMF.


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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Apr 5, 2016 3:06 PM

Guess PornHub's VR porn went online...

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Apr 5, 2016 3:07 PM


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You'd be amazed at how many websites I get banned from when I tell them I am just days away from opening my designer line of lawn jockeys of Famous Black Presidents to be manufactured in China. I simply can't fathom so many people's consternation.


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Actually nigger means ignorant and since Obama is half white and half black I think that means the word is no longer racis. I mean there are a lot of white niggers after all.

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First virtual reality President? Or first virtual reality "cartoonist"? I'd say "mission accomplished" ZH.

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Barry's favorite VR game is called "Chicago Bathhouse Rendevous". 

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What is he doing with his other hand?

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Fucking you and all the rest of us.

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Barry's gonna need that after November...

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The damage is GREAT, to this once great nation.

Fuck you Obama!

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Obama's been in an augmented reality world since he took office.He's a war monger just like John McCain.Russia and China are the imaginary enemies so that he and others can bankrupt and destroy America from within.

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Obama perceives NO enemies other than contingents of the American people. He uses threats real, imagined and engineered, as a tool to impose greater control and eliminate remaining freedoms. He may bomb the rest of the world, but he will never claim any responsibility for it, all while telling us to be fearful of those yet to be defined. Obama loves Iranians at least as much as he loves Americans....and that's not much.

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Hey what happen to Google glass?

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How's this for Virtual Reality? The Japs are Fucked up.

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He is watching Fuckerberg breastfeed his new demon spawn...


Are Odumbo's ears getting smaller?

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Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus H. I Hate The Cunt Christ....

Gonna take a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMIGATOR to fucking blast out 1600 Penny......


8 years of that whoop in there????

JEsus Keeeeeeeeeeeeeerist!

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I've heard that throwing poop tends to be counter-productive.

Do what you do though.

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The progtards don't really give a damn. A few of 'em whine and squeal from time to time (but those few tend to either change sexes or become Libertarian).

Anyone well informed understands that government and other sociopathic organizations are at war against humanity. Not only that...

They're largely 'winning'.

This shitshow of a 'nomination contest' with both parties (gangs) is so fucking Alice in Wonderland absurd.


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<-- Alduin speaks

The world eater

the world looter

one who harvests ur souls

The evil angel of 

sodomization & drugs

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I see the future!

First it was welfare.

Then Food Stamps.

Then Section 8 housing vouchers.

Then Obamaphones.

The final stage: the gubmint gives VR goggles to the masses!

The only reality the masses will know is what the gubmint displays on their goggles.

"Four legs good. Two legs bad."

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"Four legs good. Two legs BETTER!"

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.