Shots Fired: Wikileaks Accuses Panama Papers' Leaker Of Being "Soros-Funded, Soft-Power Tax Dodge"

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Earlier today, for the first time we got a glimpse into some of the American names allegedly contained in the "Panama Papers", largest ever leak. "Some", not all, and "allegedly" because as we said yesterday, "one can't help but wonder: why not do a Wikileaks type data dump, one which reveals if not all the 2.6 terabytes of data due to security concerns, then at least the identities of these 441 US-based clients. After all, with the rest of the world has already been extensively shamed, it's only fair to open US books as well."

The exact same question appeared in an interview conducted between Wired magazine and the director of the organization that released the Panama Papers, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, or ICIJ, Gerard Ryle.

This is what Ryle said:

Ryle says that the media organizations have no plans to release the full dataset, WikiLeaks-style, which he argues would expose the sensitive information of innocent private individuals along with the public figures on which the group’s reporting has focused. “We’re not WikiLeaks. We’re trying to show that journalism can be done responsibly,” Ryle says. He says he advised the reporters from all the participating media outlets to “go crazy, but tell us what’s in the public interest for your country.”

Question aside about who it is that gets to decide which "innocent private individuals" are to be left alone, Wikileaks clearly did not like being characterized as conducting "irresponsible" journalism - and to the contrary, many in the public arena have called for another massive, distributed effort to get to the bottom of a 2.4TB treasure trove of data which a handful of journalists will simply be unable to dig through - and moments ago, on Twitter, accused the ICIJ of being a "Washington DC based Ford, Soros funded soft-power tax-dodge" which "has a WikiLeaks problem."


Moments later, in a subsequent tweet it added that the "Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia & former USSR and was funded by USAID & Soros."

And so, a new contest is born: one between the "old" source of mega leaks, and the new one. We wonder if and when Edward Snowden and/or Glenn Greenwald will also chime in.

But we are far more interested if now, that there appears to be a war brewing between Wikileaks and ICIJ, who what "information" will be released next, and whether whatever comes out will put the entire Panama Papers project in a different perspective, one which, as even Bloomberg has hinted, may have been to benefit the last remaining global tax haven around, the United States itself, as well as the most notorious provider of "tax haven" services in in said country: Rothschild.

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This guy (and we) were right...from the beginning of this shit show.

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Good for Mr. Putin. Let's see the names...all the fucking names.

Perhaps the American people will get the truth about The Kennedy's

Now the ICIJ has been outed for what it is, a corrupt US government run propaganda/misinformation/ dirty trick machine.

Bye bye fuckers.

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Like I posted on other threads " Donky Kong engaged"

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This does not surprise me from the "reports" I've read by the "ICIJ" ... which say things like " Russia was rolling troops into eastern Ukraine ..."

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vote TRUMP 2016 and help end this NWO circlejerk !!!

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Borat, dude, PLEASE put on some clothes.  Pretty please.

In return, I promise to Up-vote you on every post.

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Where is Obongo and his ugly wife shell company?


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It is a shame to say that this info war will, most likely, cascade into a shooting war, which will in turn evolve into something bigger and, most probably, continentally fatal.  Thank you, Mr. Soros.  Your old, ugly, bitch-ass is going to get us young, handsome, intelligent folk vaporized.  I'll be pleased when you finally die.  Hopefully in the most painful, shameful way.  E.g., hanging from a choke in Mistress Yellen's closet.

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Gerard Ryle is a paid for shill.

Gerard Ryle is an honest investigative reporter.

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Panama Leak Is No Surprise; Confirms That Gold Is Money – U.S Global Investors CEO

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No surprise at at all.

I was convinced after the first 24 hours that this was a perception attack on the BRIC group and all others who might challenge the IMF central bank group, such as Iceland.

Coincidence I'm sure.

No reason for citizens of the REALLY wealthy nations like USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy etc. to hide money.

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They Published the Panama papers but where are the TEL AVIV PAPERS with Obamas and most of our politicians, Israel bank accounts?

"Money laundering is not a crime in Israel." Well no surprise, just make criminality legal for the fat cats. Insider trading perfectly legal in the USA if done by congressmen. Who needs Panama when you have DC and TEL AVIV

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There doesn't seem to be anything in the Chinese newspapers about any of this.  Are you sure it happened?





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at first glance i think you are a troll sent to excite the excitable racists here.  the double negative and the ain't with the proper contraction of it's and there's and the use of the bushy "prudent" don't pass the smell test.  

and if you can find a site more amenable to hiding real money or even f. money, let us know.

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This is all too weird... Soros and other elitist entities decided to release a huge pile of documents that shed negative light also on their own companies, such as Transparency International Chile or a Rothschild bank connected with offshore associates. Why would the elite go against its own business interests and effectively doubt the existing financial and political system as a whole? I find it a crucial unanswered question. Are they pursuing a new post-business and/or post-political world, even if that could mean the end of their own businesses as we know them? What we just know is the same elitists want to switch to a possibly new system and to keep the leading positions in it. A transition.

It's seems to me, we are facing a deep paradigm change that goes behind the scenes totally unreflected. My question is, WTF is going on here?

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could it just be the flailing attacks of a dying beast, striking out at both friend and foe in a last gasp attempt to survive?

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Surviver22 (not verified) Anasteus Apr 6, 2016 10:26 AM

Trump Got It Right Again. This Is the Undeniable Proof...

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up? Must watch!

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thank you cosmos.  i just watched trumbo and it was quite something to see joe mccarthy vintage video denouncing the communist plot to control the u.s. government.

they never came close.  the dulles brothers (allen and john foster) made sure we picked up the fallen french lance in indochina and did the dirty work for british petroleum in iran, to mention two of many.

but a hidden conspiracy is absolutely afoot today and it has placed citizens of another country at the highest reaches of state.  why is this invisible, even with the zionist control of the media?  it is not a secret anymore, if it ever was.

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Of course money laundering is legal in Isreal. While it may be the near and dear to the Tribe, we know the real hives are London and DC

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Well that's the thing, the 90% of the 2%ers don't show up on the list.  It's almost as if been through the cleansing fires.

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The only conclusion must be that Jackie Chan is the master of the universe.  Talk about soft power...

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Final goal: Orwell's 1984 with much better IT and female bosses.

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Don't you love the smell of an elite internecine war in the morning

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yes, obongo's wife is a shell company

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It may not be a shell game.  From all indications I've seen, Michelle looks like he may still have his nuts.  I'm pretty sure it's a nut company.

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Putin is going to out Merkel?   And who else?  The Bush family?

The Wall St and City of London financiers of the Bolsheviks???

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>>> Soros : respectable, brilliant philanthropist

>>> Soros : fat disgusting sociopathic pervert

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) InjectTheVenom Apr 5, 2016 4:49 PM

Smart-n-savvy guy who is, apparently, so smart-n-savvy he runs the world.   And, there are only a few others, VERY few others, who are even smart-n-savvy enough to understand what he's doing (that's just HOW smart-n-savvy he is).    

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and...lemme guess...Trump's name to appear in the "leaked" documents in 3 ...2 ... 1  . . . . .

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Maybe it's a selected release because holding hostage and character assassination is part of the business model.

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or, may be they're playing both sides...

keeping muppets enter-tainted !

like branch-w is 'fighting' branch-s (!?)

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Hush child. Uncle Soros knows what is best for you. Now eat your cyanide

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I wanna see Soros' KGB file.

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I haven't got that but here is a detailed takedown of his organisation. He is as Open (TM) as Fort Knox and as well guarded. Anyone dealing with him or taking his money is guilty by association (gee, it works both ways, whodathunkit!)



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Putin's prefered enemy (and Soros friend) from Ukraine is also on the list. He just hired lawyers to find him an excuse.

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Looks like us crazy old ZHers/conspiracy tards were proven right once again.

We are ahead of the game and they hate us for it.

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The K!ke bullshit-show is nearing its end --

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Putins paper "The Khazarian connection, from Bolshevik to bullshit, the last 100 years"

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Yes, but is it because they've won or lost?

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only because they've lost.  do not ever doubt that should you hear the truth it is because those described have lost.


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great godfrey wb7 didju jog some brain cells.  ;)


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Thanks, wont have to dust off the turntable!