Here Is The "Front Page" The Boston Globe Should Have Used

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On Sunday, in its best attempt to immitate The Onion, the Boston Globe released an issue whose front page was a satirical look at what life under president Trump one year from now would look like.

* * *

While it remains debatable if this attempt to change the opinions of any of its already left-leaning readers succeeded or was even necessary, some have justifiably wondered whether instead of contemplating a hypothetical future, it would not have been more prudent to pay closer attention to the just as deplorable present.

Courtesy of ThePeople'sCube, here is the Boston Globe front page that would have been far more appropriate.


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HappyCowboy (not verified) Apr 11, 2016 11:04 AM

I approve.

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You can approve all you want, just make sure you block all javascript/ads when visiting their website.

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Controlled opposition for the FED.


Hegalian Dialectic anyone?


Fuck you Yellen!



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… “Change We Need

THAT would be a good picture for the “Gypsies in Sweden” article. ;-)


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Way to much truthiness for legacy media. Quick, to the safe space!

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What you really mean is 75% of white male Americans don't recognize their country anymore. Stop trying to hide your obvious racism. What exactly is it that people are upset about? Is it the fact that America is becoming a more diverse nation that is more representative of our globalized world? White Americans cannot isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The world is not as conservative as you, and you need to modernize your political beliefs. America is not a white or Christian nation anymore, and you need to get used to it, because our demographics have shifted permanently and the changes are only accelerating. Soon, you won't be able to elect racist republican bigots who want to close our borders, because your breed is dying out. Just embrace it, ok? This is the only way forward.

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Its true this economy is tanking and still its reported that everything is peachy

Layoff List:


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MDB, have you noticed your attempts at satire have become less appreciated over time. I for one don't even read you anymore. Think about it

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His attempt at satire are about as cutting edge as a fart.

Agreed. I dont read or vote on his posts anymore.

The Barbara Walters of ZH.

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Some better satire...Jon Rappoport does the Boston Globe thing on President Hillary:

But the Obama reality-check one really takes the cake.

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I discovered the People's Cube about 8 years ago.

Quirky, but funny site.

The comments section can be entertaining as everyone has adopted a Soviet peasant or Politburo personna.

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I think Million Dollar Bogus isn't funny anymore is because 1) There are too many that actually believe these mainstream thoughts, and 2) What used to read as 'Over - the - top' is in fact the whiney-ass social justice warriors who see racism in every corn flake. Refering to Whites as 'Your Breed", for instance would be funny. Now its accepted bigotry on the Left. Sorry MDB, you need to stretch your sarcasm to a more ridiculous level or ill just get mad. Love you!

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Agreed (see below).  That's more like it.

LMAO.  There is more discussion below about MDB (and banning him!) than about the article in question.  That's hilarious.

"Earth To Clueless... Earth to you Clueless...".  He ain't gonna never stop with the reaction you're giving him.  He's actually gotten a new lease on life recently.  WTFU.

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@Bunghole, MissCellaney:  It's more than just satire.  I don't know how to correctly describe it, but it's a bit deeper than satire.  If it were satire only, he would have quit years ago.

It still gets to you and all others, so it's something else.

And in the end, it's more interesting than 95% of the tripe on this board since Tyler was forced to drop entrance standards and literacy tests by the US Justice Dept.

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Was poking around and found this:

By now, this is sort of a dead giveway to me.  Either the person is historically illiterate or intentionally subversive.  I guess shilling for Isra el pays the bills.

Comparing PC democrats to Naziz is so disrespectful to Naziz.

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i may be too picky but imitate is misspelled in the first sentence of the article.  i thought one of the big advantages of computers was spellcheck.

aparently not.  (iaj)

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aparently not jeff.  (iaj)

and this is how we spell:  "apparently" 

besides all that, your capitalization and punctuation skills are sadly lacking

and will not contribute greatly to the advancement of journalism.


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Bung, Dont sell yourself or your farts short.  I for one, have had some very cutting edge farts in my day!!  The kind that sound like a chain saw?  creeking door?  the stop and start?  Think about it?

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Boston Globe put the last nail in the coffin with last weeks satire piece. Fuck Obama. Fuck Clinton. Fuck Bush. Fuck the GOP. Fuck the whole corrupt crony democrat/republican gov!



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It's not an attempt at satire, it's simply a "look at me" post. If he thinks Americans have given up on our Western European heritage I would beg to differ. I read 1/3 of the post and know where it's going. Nothing more boring than predictable

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MDB, have you noticed your attempts at satire have become less appreciated over time. I for one don't even read you anymore. Think about it

Miles Ahead's picture

What, are you on a crusade???

We heard you thrice the first time.

SuperRay's picture

MDB, have you noticed your attempts at satire have become less appreciated over time. I for one don't even read you anymore. Think about it

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Don't feed it. Btw, guy can have a different opinion. Respect. 

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Difference of opinion is one thing, but going full retard is something else.

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About time to petition the Tylers to have MDB given the boot for spamming a website.

Standard Disclaimer: It's happened before to others, so how about applying the rules equally?

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I view MDB as the enemy....he is not just an idiotic poster.... just look at the few that up vote his post !!!

I think MDB needs to continue posting and real patriots should READ, UNDERSTAND and TAKE TO HEART what he says....this post in particular let's you know what the Liberal/Progressive agenda is all about !!!!

You got to know and understand the enemy and listen when they're stupid enough to give you their plan !!!!

They , Liberal / progressive militants of all stripes,  want the white man either powerless or dead....


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Does ZeroHedge ever ban accounts?

rejected's picture

Hearsay has it only one.

pods's picture

And fonz.  Fonz was sort of suicide by Tyler though.  

Cocksucker. He was fun to talk to.


City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Blah Blah Blah, nice ad for a shitty blog only a mental patient would bother reading.  Fool.

Edit,  Debt they sure do, hopefully only a matter of time for this MDB clown who does nothing but post idiotic ads for his crappy blog...

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are you sure you don't mean a homo, libtard, nigger, rapefugee mental patient?

a fat, gimpy one?

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I wonder how diverse the 1% is. It's not a race thing, it's a class thing. THEY'RE making it a race thing. (see bleow, and if she disagrees with me on some issues, even better, nice BALANCE of power). My wife is from Iraq, how much of a non- racist would you like me to be?



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while I recognize that you were being Sarchastic, I had to downvote the actual words.  commiting national suicide like the europeans are doing does not mean that its going to go down easy here in the US.   its gonna get messy. which is the real intent of the real powers that be.  reading history you will see that this is not the first time this program has been accomplished. (I dont mean the jews, btw. its deeper than that)

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He's not being sarcastic, just another moron.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture  Please.

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MD I'm Hispanic and I don't approve.  If this Great Constitutional Scholar under the guidance of Bloomberg and Soros manages to kill the second Amendment my race will be genocided. History is filled with examples of what happens to minorities when they lose the ability to defend themselves.   What the Anti Federalists understood to the chagrin of their statist counterparts was that the Bill of Rights was the final check on the whims of the dictatorship of the majority.  How many times must the lives of the few be sacrificed to the blood lust of the many before you get it?  Chinese, Cambodians, Rwandans, Apostate Muslims and Christians all fell or are falling victim to the dictatorship of the majority.  The Constitution has been suspended.  The social contract has been broken between we the people, the respective states, and the federal government.  We are no longer citizens we are subjects of the central state.  We are all now subjects to the dictatorship of the majority.  Buckle up, this cannot end well.

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Federal policy defines “Hispanic” not as a race, but as an ethnicity.

Hispanics can in fact be of any race. There are many races within the Latino community, including White, Black, Native Indian, and even Asian.

jeff montanye's picture

and arguably some of those genocides, such as china and cambodia, were not perped by a majority.  i don't feel like the destruction of the u.s. has been done by a majority.

s/he still makes a good point.

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I didn't take this as satire at first. It's pretty much the way things are.

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" need to modernize your political beliefs."

Modenize your political beliefs - so we can be like every other country on earth, no longer unique in the ability of anyone with a little luck and moxie to make it to the top.  Also, no guns for anyone that act as a firewall to corrupt and tyrannical govt.  Great, just great.  There are over 100 or so other nations where you could get the society you want to live in, why wait for America to turn into them.  Go now and realize your (twisted) dream.


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Remember how we shut down the housing projects, and placed those residents throughout surburbia?

We do that now with entire countries.  Soon, the USA we knew will just be another footnote in history.

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"Stop trying to hide your obvious racism"


MDB, don't be a racist.


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It doesn't bother me so much that the good ol' USA isn't 'white' or 'christian' anymore.  What bothers me is that all the values that this country stood for have been decimated, in the name of Progressive ideals.  

Our country has been turned into a lawless oligarchy.  

If you want to open our borders then change the laws, don't just have our border patrol stand down and encourage every needy person in the world to come here in hope of a better life.  

Don't force your trans, homo, bi, whatever sexual beliefs on me.  If that turns you on then keep it to yourself, just like I keep my private life to myself.    

I want my guns not only to protect myself from the kind of people that liberalism breeds, but to protect my country from lawless idealists like our president.  No civilization in documented history has had as many personal liberties, or the right for citizens to defend themselves.  This it is fragile.  It needs to be protected.  Your liberal elitist rulers are the last people I trust to protect me or our constitution.  

Quit trying to paint me as a racist, and quit taking my money then using it to buy power from the ever increasing number of non-productive people that you progressives propagate.

Quit using the media and government for propaganda.

If you want to change things then do it the right way.

My breed is 'the tall nail', quit hammering it down in the name of equality.


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Charles Martel decided he didn't need to get "used to it" so he kicked the crap out of the Muslims and sent them packing out of Europe. 

Milestones's picture

Martel defeated the muslims in 732 AD at Tours, France and the last mulim left Spain in 1492AD--hardly sending them "packing". The battle at Vienna in the 1500's was far more important as far as battles and end results of what the Polish , Germans and Chezs accompolished.          Milestones