Here Is The "Front Page" The Boston Globe Should Have Used

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On Sunday, in its best attempt to immitate The Onion, the Boston Globe released an issue whose front page was a satirical look at what life under president Trump one year from now would look like.

* * *

While it remains debatable if this attempt to change the opinions of any of its already left-leaning readers succeeded or was even necessary, some have justifiably wondered whether instead of contemplating a hypothetical future, it would not have been more prudent to pay closer attention to the just as deplorable present.

Courtesy of ThePeople'sCube, here is the Boston Globe front page that would have been far more appropriate.


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Some of what is not recognizable by Americans has accelerated over time.  Its has to do with:

(a) falling education rates, even if one does have a high school diploma and increasingly a collage degree.  But also self-taught understanding and critical thinking.  

(b) obesity rates 

(c) the lack of understanding of what 100+% government debt levels...$19 trillion+..., continuing large deficits, and phony non-markets interest rates will ultimately do to an economy. This lack of understanding is referred to in (a), shown above. Its mportant to consider that the human mind has real trouble conprehending the number, "trillion. "  Your mind perhaps might struggle with double or triple digits.   

(d) the lack of understanding that personal debt is also sky high and unsustainable.  Attach to (c) and (d) the adage "Debt pulls all spending forward."  

(e) the lack of understanding that there is 4-5 times the amount of the debt that's off book... unfunded entitlements promised that will not be able to be paid.  

(f) the lack of understanding that people in large areas of society are growing up dependent on government - a government that won't be able to pay for their subsidized lifestyle forever.  And that these socialistic/communistic cultures never survive - never have.  

(g) a lack of understanding that if your country doesn't manufacture what it consumes it is doomed to fail.  

(h) a lack of understanding that those that don't recognize these and other oh-so-obvious changes in society impress those that do understand this as astoundingly naive or incredibly stupid.  

(i) a lack of understanding by those like you that the basic complaints people have have nothing to do with race or ethnicity.  It has to do with the overall capability and ability of those they work with and hire, who can or, increasingly, can't carry the weight and move things forward within their families, neighborhoods, cities, counties, companies and corporations.  This again goes back to section (a) above.  

(j) and not by all but by many, a simple willingness to work seems to have been lost.  Showing up on time, with a good attitude and a smile... 


From the likes of you these serious concerns are met with kneejerk responses falsely claiming racisim or religious bigotry, etc., that show an astounding lack of understanding on your part of what's going on.  Again...section (a) above.  

I've kept the list above (really) short and simple, and omited vast swaths of truths, so that you might be able to understand these basics in this small space.   


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Yup, that should of been the paper daily

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Can't. Nobody gets him anymore.

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You are correct, except they're Satanists/Luciferian and not Jewish.

NidStyles's picture

They are Jews. They are the only ones running around with the little Jew hats.

These: are Jews.

The people whom are not Jews, are called something else.

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You got it all figured out, nice and comfy with your little box.

If you believe they are the root of mankind's evil, the masters who enslave the world and they alone collectively responsible for all these ills, as so many simpletons claim,

then you join yourself with the psychotic view that if you could succeed in gassing them all, Women, Children, every last one, including half-breeds, if you could just finish the job,

one more War to cleanse the world with BLOOD...

Then Bankers would grow a conscience, Statist's would turn Libertarian, Nationalism and Religion would disappear, Wars would stop, if you could just kill the filthy JEWS!

Useful FOOLS!!

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What is the solution?

(I object your Honor, Counsel is leading the Witness, trying to make him incriminate himself!)

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) WTFRLY Apr 11, 2016 11:30 AM

Vote Bernie to close the loop on your "World Order".  They are slipping in a nice plant, notice he never talks about his religion

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Sandboxie, AdBlock Plus and NoScript are your friends.....

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ARCHENEMY Iran????  Give me a fricken break...

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A little too casual for me.

I approve.

"I am THEBIGUNIT and I approve this message."

There. More gravitas.

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Boston Globetrotters?   :-)

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I guess they already forgot their Chechen Brothers' mayhem.


The radical left wing "liberals" never learn, do they.

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Here, all the local MSM channels ran this non-story. It tells me they are wetting their pants. Just as fake as the bombing coverage. 9/11? Really?

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nope. boston bog trotters.  (kidding, love the Irish. )

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Wish I'd never heard the word "obama."

Dadburnitpa's picture

About the same as having my wiener smashed with a 5 pound sledge.

death2Tyrant-asauras's picture

or being pegged by hilliary. as I hear sometimes happens to bill.

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You are correct, OBAMA does not reflect his nature; OBLAH BLAH reflects what he does best: Blah, blah, blah, blah in between lies.             Miestones

Milestones's picture

You are correct, OBAMA does not reflect his nature; OBLAH BLAH reflects what he does best: Blah, blah, blah, blah in between lies.             Miestones

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Both sides trying to scare people back into the system for yet another "most important election in my life time."

Who benefits?

Oh, right, The System.

Take you marbles, go home, and avoid debt at all costs. That is more beneficial.

This stuff is just smelling salts for the mouthbreathers.


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But I need the swaddling from my gentle masters because I'm just a babe and am comforted by their bindings.

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Voting Trump has done two things. Exposed the Tribe that opposes him, and exposed the criminality and the rigging of the system they are in control of.


This whole libertarian stay at home and just hope everything will get better nonsense is what got us in this mess in the first place. FOUR DAMN DECADES of record lows in voter turn out has lead us into this oblivion. I don't think doing the same thing is going to do anything other than keep us screwed.


Basically, what I am saying is that if you're not pushing for Trump, you're a part of the damn problem.


The true Master is the man that will stand up and tell the other asshole that no, he can't have his way anymore, either by legal means or by armed insurrection. If you will not do the first, then you obviously will not do the second either. That makes you the slave in this situation, not us whom are willing to start with the first...

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YAY! A Shittty junkie band. Fuck off degenerate.

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Is the nazi bitch upset?



NidStyles's picture

I'm the bitch.... Says the guy clearly obsessed with cock. :-/



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"I'm the bitch.... "


He clearly said Nazi bitch.  Interesting that you didn't object to and didn't seem bothered by the nazi part...

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 "Basically, what I am saying is that if you're not pushing for Trump, you're a part of the damn problem."

My, how....predictable.

The real problem is useful tools like you who keep on falling for the same old con game over and over again.


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If Trump has the power to stop this, then this nation is finished.  The president was never intended to wield such power.

Of course, having a central bank was not intended either, so it might be a moot point.

I understand your view. Mine is just different. We both see the problem, just have different solutions.

The unintended peaking of consumer credit almost brought this whole thing down in 2008. Can you imagine what a concerted effort would achieve?

That is why I tell anyone who  will listen to the nature of our monetary system, and why it is dependant on ever expanding levels of debt to survive.

That is a more powerful force than any "vote" would ever be.


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You're missing the point, it isn't about one man. It's about the people being loyal to the American system and uniting to push off the degenerates and the Marxists. To cleanse the nation of this disease through a united effort.


The idiots can't seem to understand that is what the support behind Trump is pushing for. To get these invaders out of our nation.


I see clearly what you're advocating, I and I don't want it. You are advocating using the banking system to control the nation. That is what the Tribe is already doing. I don't give a shit if you lose your 401K, or get wiped out. You should have known better already. I want Trump on deck when it goes down. Then I know it's someone that won't shy away from standing with us.


pods's picture

I am advising to take off the shackles that we willingly put on each day to make our shitty existence a bit easier to deal with.

And in doing so, it will destroy their banking system, which depends on exponential expansion of credit.

I am not talking about a 401k, but the complete collapse of the system of currency that is being used to enslave each and every one of us.


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I am fine doing that. I don't want one of theirs in office when we do.

The mere existence of The Sampson Option is a clear message to me.

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Aren't we getting close to this anyways?  I mean, anyone (nearly) can get a loan for a car now.  Eventually one would think that there is nowhere left to expand to.  Right?  After everyone is maxed out on credit for all the shiny things they want, there has to come a point where there is no more room for expansion.  Then the system implodes.  We must be getting close to this now if my daily e-mails for $35k pre-approved car loans are any indicator.  I have horrible credit. Or at least I did.  I don't really check it or use it so... 

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"You're missing the point, it isn't about one man. "

seems to disagree completely with

"Basically, what I am saying is that if you're not pushing for Trump, you're a part of the damn problem."


You're probably a whole bunch dumber than you think you are.

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Perfect! Fuck you Boston Globe. 

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Boston Globe, liberal rag paper.

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Haka Matohi (not verified) Apr 11, 2016 11:07 AM

Don't confuse us with the facts.
Dump Trump.
Feel the Bern.
Head to New Zealand.

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America has managed to transform itself from the land of the free to a fascist tyrannical global  bully in the last few decades....seems like 74% of Americans want a return to a country they can be proud of again.

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Never really was free.

Boston Tea Party to Whiskey Rebellion was 18 years.

Having the wild west to absorb the anti social elements gave breathing room and time until law and order covered the land from sea to sea.

I do not endorse or agree with the current situation and direction.

Trump is bringing the feelings out from many citizens. Giving a voice. "Let a hundred flowers bloom." Then cut the flowers down with a scythe. Cultural Revolution 21st century style.


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That's what you get when you vote based on color...

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The Affirmative Action Community Organizer in Chief