"Investors" Panic Buy Stocks After IMF Downgrades The World

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What is more bullish than utterly bearish macro-economic data? Answer - more bearish macro data (and a call for moar monetray stimulus that has workled so well in recent years)...



So what happens now that algos have run the overnight high stops?


And it's gone...

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Christopher Walken DEMANDS moar Cowbell.  Obey!

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It's a mistake to pay too much attention to the news in this day and age. We live in a time where economic experts manage the markets for optimal prosperity and the greater good. Today's article at the Accredited Times explains how the science of economics is reshaping our lives for the better, and creating untold economic prosperity:



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managed economy....science of economics...fuck off mdb :)

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I honestly don't know why mdb always gets junked, it's valuable to know (or better understand) where the muppeteers are coming from.  It's invaluable that the tongue firmly in cheek talking points are reliably regurgitated by a single identifiable user.

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Seeing as I'm new here, do these people really not get the satire or is part of the shtick downvoting MDB as if he were serious?

Somebody help. 

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Look at MDB like a high priced escort. She tells you what you want to hear.

"Oh, baby, I have never been had sooooo good."

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If you think it's just shtick, then go to he website and read in depth why he is just kidding.  Nobody builds a website to explain in depth his "shtick".

Yes, there are morons who are so ignorant and brainwashed they think and talk like MDB. If it wasn't for his website I would think he was joking too.


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I had to upvote you, seeing as you're the only "accredited writer" on the site. You're one of a kind.

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You're blinding me with science!

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He's blinding us with bullshit!

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I hear they stand around a witch's caldron mixing up animal spirits, irrational exuberance, and consumer sentiment.  They sprinkle the concoction on top of a stew of loss aversion and diminishing sensitivity to negative returns.  It's all about the science.

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I hope the musloids eat you first.  I want to watch.

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It will all blow up in a big Supernova! 

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The gains in the stockmarket are THE only positive thing the Fed can show for what its done over the years so it's extremly unlikely they'll let that fall.

Think about it, if it does fall what can they show? Nothing.  

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They can show us the next ponzi scheme since this one is on life support.

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theyll let it fall. They have to shore up dxy at 94 level. Which will mean coming out and saying we will most definetly raise rates sometime this year. 

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"IMF Downgrades the World".... Uhh, a day late and a dollar short. I guess the meeting with Obola and Mr. Yellen had a converstaion about cutting IMF benefits.... or some shit.

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Can they kick the can past puppet selections ? once pick a puppet red and blue they are going to screqw You!

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It's Elementary my dear Watson, We have been folded , spindled and mutilated to the  point that we are now considered to be nothing more than  "fodder" for Goldman and the rest of the pirates.

I personally can't wait until it all their bullshit blows up in their fat faces.

I hope they are all prepared for the biggest bloodbath in financial world history, because they created it.

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And they have the US at 2.4% this year when the Atlanta Fed has us at 0.1%...WTF???

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the Manipulation Yo-Yo goes up and down.... untill the string breaks.

tick tock

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Bull Trap

ES overnight Lows Imminent

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Loved the $5B Euro "bailout" of the Italian banks to...what a joke...this is what they do now...lip service to a $370B NPL issue and as long as the markets go up, mission accomplished.  Man, when this really starts to fall apart, it ain't going to be pretty.

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The Federal Reserve buys stocks !!


Why won't you Tylers investigate that ? 

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Sheesh, Lester, the PPT is Very Old News on this site, to the point where it is a joke meme, especially if the 3:30 ramp doesn't happen.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Apr 12, 2016 9:29 AM

Finally a dip to buy

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The headline should read.

IMF makes a pathetic attempt to save the Yuan's peg to the dollar.