FacePlant - Social Network Stock Slumps On Ad-Spend Plunge Chatter

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Facebook is making headlines this morning for CEO Zuckerberg's anti-Trump stance. However, shareholders are focused on chatter from a conference call, confirming Deutsche comments last week, that Ad Spend is plunging worse than expected - CLSA and AdParlor saying that Facebook advertising spend is down a shocking 18% in Q1...

The stock is not reacting well...


Still keep talking about Trump - that will fix it...

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What do you mean I need to focus on running the company?.......Can't you see I'm busy pushing socialist agenda here!

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Farcebook and Twatter deserves to eat the shit they impose on the sheep......

knukles's picture

Mark should open up his mansion to house all the rabble he's in favor of immigrating.
Hypocritcal child boy-man

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Facebook is making headlines this morning for CEO Zuckerberg's anti-Trump stance

Wait until Gas & Electric and Water companies start issuing Cutoff Notices to his or Bernie’s supporters.  ;-)


MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

How I was mocked for buying Facebook stock at the IPO and dollar cost averaging for the subsequent months. Facebook has literally been one of my best investments over the last five years, and everything I predicted about the company's performance came true. Yet, how many sleazy ZHers have apologized for mocking me? Precisely zero.



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+1 MillionDollarDickweed... I think you need to go to your FaceFuck page and rant to an audience of one (yourself)...

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Karl had an observation about their desktop advertising market:


I recall some other chatter as well about ad revenue flows for sites acting similar to the last major blow up ...



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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) CrazyCooter Apr 13, 2016 12:06 PM

What advertising?

Adblock and Flash Block.  No adds at all...

Wait What's picture

my favorite words on the internet:

"Please turn off your ad blocker"

fuck them and their worthless business model


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I tried Facebook for 2 weeks some 5 years ago to accomodate a chick that said it was the best way to connect with her.  It was sleazy even then.  Quit Facebook in a few weeks and would never consider going back.

Dan'l's picture

Facebook is loaded with pathetic human beings stuck in a high school mindset. 


I quit after 9 months of disgust. I hope the whole thing dies, because I hate the wussie boy that thinks he has the right to sell off America. Fuck him!

mkkby's picture

My cat accidentally clicked an internet ad once.  But I don't pay his credit card bill.  If anything shows up, it's free.

cbxer55's picture

If that's the best way to "connect with her", fuck it, who the fuck needs her anyways?

I tried farcebook for awhile, hated it and dropped my account.

Not ever going back either. Not missing nothing there.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Please don't disparage my handle by associating it with the douchebag MDB . . . I would appreciate it.

bobsmith5's picture

Now, this is the proper response to all of MDB's comments.  "Nobody cares".  Oh and never forget your down vote.  That's critical.  It's everything MDB lives for.  If you actually respond to the concept or idea of an MDB comment, then you are taking him too seriously.  Don't do that.  Laugh, spit, cry, scream insults and bitch, but never ever take him seriously.  Don't respond with your reason and critical thinking.  He is not looking for that.  He simply needs and wants your hatred and vitriol, so give it to him. OK?

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and yet you still haven't made "fuck you" money because you're still posting here.


TradingTroll's picture

Alrighty then, considering Zuckerberg told Merkel that FB is censoring anti rapefugee posts on FB, then I guess you are guilty of funding a coverup of crimes by Islamic Jihadis.


Well done!

JamaicaJim's picture

No need to apologize to a sarc-bot

On the other hand...go fuck yourself....

if you can find your weenus....

Try sneezing powder and  tweezers

Dan'l's picture

We need to outsource you to India.

Nexus789's picture

India did not want him...

ThanksChump's picture

"How I was mocked for buying Facebook"...

Satire is usually more complex than this. At least, successful satire is more complex.

pods's picture

I dont have enough time nor energy to be able to pretend to give a fuck about people I am not friends with.

(my definition of friend is one who may call you to help dispose of a body)


Normalcy Bias's picture

Absolutely right.

As I said to my hyper-social Sister once, most of her 'friends' are only acquaintances who would stab her in the back in a a second, if it were to their advantage.

If a person has even a single true friend these days, they're lucky.

mkkby's picture

If you haven't been to each other's houses you are NOT FRIENDS.  Social media is just for pathetic losers.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Well said. Facebook has proven to me that I needed to clean ranks and remove desparately shallow "friends" from my circle.

Now I'm 100% Facebook free!

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No worries, they are going the way of myspace. FB, Twitter, Snapchat, instagram, etc.....fads. They will all go tits up in due time.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

... but, but, Digg is still popular, right?  ...right?

True Blue's picture

It always was and always will have been the "Macarena" -nothing more. A momentary fad.

Worse than the 'Macarena' -the bartender/waitress economy at "Joe's Crab Shack" can't dance about to the "Facebook".

And they sold stawks in it!

There's a muppet born every minute.

Hey Macarena!


knukles's picture

Zuckerberg's an Asshole
Y'all think that anybody (users or advertisers) are leaving because of his censorship?
Nah .... nobdy'd do something like that.

BandGap's picture

Why are you here all the time?

You never did answer that yesterday. Can we be Facebook friends?

BandGap's picture

Wow, serious bunch here today. All this graphing and ciphering can take its toll on a man.

Guess what, no one is going to figure out dick. Then, one day, all hell breaks loose.

How well is Zuckerberg's mansion defended? Moat?

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) BandGap Apr 13, 2016 12:10 PM

BandGap, What is the meaning of life?

You never did answer that yesterday.

So many unanswered questions, so little time...

PrezTrump's picture

you're either critical or a moron...

should flip to a bandpass..

get you some lithium you should

knukles's picture

How in the world do you know if I am or am not here all the time if you're not here all the time?  (Rhetorical)

Dan'l's picture

Sissy boy never even had a slap fight in his whole bitch life. He loves humanity so much that he bought up all the houses that were near his, just so he could love his neighbors even more.

Wussie boy loves mankind, it's people he can't stand. 


Still Losing Money's picture

guess no one took your advice. Tthe stock is currently surging. it is UP 4- 5 percent off its lows.

Normalcy Bias's picture

People will have less time to piss away on social media the more they have to struggle just to survive.

It's so old seeing this wanker being revered just for creating an 'improved' version of myspace.

Skiprrrdog's picture

*Created*? More like Felony Winklevoss, er I mean theft...

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


Like many of his scumbag ilk, he created nothing but either outright stole his software or parasited from the creation of others.

Either way, he is a parasite who steals from others and then enjoys being called a genius.

I say put him and Soros in a locked cage with an assortment of weapons and put their families on separate ships sinking in shark-infested waters.

Only one of them can get out and save their family, and to get out, they have to kill the other.

I'd pay $10 to watch that reality show on cable.

PrezTrump's picture

we would solve world hunger with those ppv proceeds

DollarMenu's picture

Why do you think that they would give a shit about their families?

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

They wouldn't in any genuine sense.

But they'd have to pretend in order to continue their lies that what motivates them is a compassion for humanity, that their socialist tyrannies are for the improvement of all our lies (as opposed to being just another vehicle of the sociopathic quest for power by the ruling elite).

True Blue's picture

I still prefer locking them naked in a cage with 10 angry Honey Badgers and a hornet's nest the size of a Rugby ball for Pay-Per-View.