101 Years Of The Income Tax (In 1 Depressing Table)

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More is always better, right?


Source: The Burning Platform

As we noted previously, if you hate taxes, you are far from alone.  According to NBC News, here are some of the things that Americans would rather do than pay taxes…

Six percent would rather sell a kidney, eight percent would rather name their first-born “Taxes,” and 11 percent would rather spend three years cleaning the bathrooms at noro-torious Chipotle.

Of course our system was never intended to be like this anyway.  Our founders hated taxes, and they fought a very bitter war to escape the yoke of oppressive taxation.  During his very first inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson clearly expressed what he thought about taxes…

A wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.

Why couldn’t we have listened to him?

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Unconstitutional today just as it was back then

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Peter Schiff’s late father could’ve been onto something after all.  ;-)


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The chart highlights the inefficiency and waste of .gov.  The only constant thur time is that .gov gets BIGGER, MORE EXPENSIVE, and MORE TYRANNICAL.

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"The chart highlights the inefficiency and waste of .gov."

no, it does not. for example, there is one row missing that would do a better job:

military expenditures, computed as percentage versus the total of the rest of the world. 1913: 1%  2014: 100%

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Yup, how do you know he was right?

"When his condition deteriorated to the point where he needed to be hospitalized, government employees blindly following orders kept him shackled to his bed."*

Not bad, considering some end up dead right away.


* Corrected, I don't think he died handcuffed, but a certain points he was shackled.  My error.  Quote from Peter schiff's blog.


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Vindicate Irwin Schiff by learning what the relevant laws say.


FOllowing in Irwins footsteps, with the assistance of computers he didnt have.


*hint* if you read losthorizons.com you will be a conspiracy factist.


For the first 18 years of the income tax only military and federal contractors paid the tax.

Wht is an Excise for "All my money back" Alex?

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Top Tax Bracket                          N/A

Tax Bracket Range                      N/A

Top Tax Bracket Threshold           N/A

Total Tax Revenues                     N/A

Family Standard Deduction           N/A

Total Number of 1040’s Filed        N/A

Total Pages in Tax Code              N/A

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You forgot to include 1912!

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This post should have included some mention of the only effective alternative to the income tax:  The FairTax

No intrusion into your affairs, no finding fault with a previouly filed return years after the fact, no preparation of papers, no more planning your life around the machinations of self-serving politicians, no lawyering your way out of taxes for the rich, no escape from taxes for the criminal underground, it's progressive - the list goes on...

It's before House Ways and Means and the Chairman is a sponsor of the legislation (HR25)... what are we waiting for?

Why is this not more widely known?

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It's before House Ways and Means and the Chairman is a sponsor of the legislation (HR25)... what are we waiting for?

No offense, but do you really expect a bunch of millionaire politicians to create a tax system that actually makes them (and their owners) pay their "fair share" (whatever the fook that means)?  The day that congressdouches actually do something to improve the lives of the people will be the day they march into the street en-masse and set themselves on fire.

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The chart doesn't show the bottom threshold. Today, it's around $10K. That would've been about $100, 1913. That was the whole reason for the tax code, to turn the nation into a slave plantation.

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Gubmint & all the elected turds and bureaucrats:   Ctrl-Alt-Del

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You are dead wrong it is 100% constitutional.

There are two forms of taxation, Direct and Indirect

Direct needs to be apportioned ( it is alive and well despite what you think the 16th amendment means, just look at the Obamacare  ruling and the opinion of Chief Justice Roberts where he goes thru the thought process direct tax v indirect tax regarding taxing persons for not having health insurance.)


The income tax is not apportioned duh therefore it is an indirect tax. It is a duty ,impost or excise. It is an excise trust me and the supreme court.

An excise is a piece of the action tax. It is a tax on a taxable activity or privilege. The "source derived" in the 16th means the taxable activities that produced the income you are required to report.


What taxable activities have YOU engaged in?


Answer the question before you retort

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Apr 14, 2016 9:13 AM

Yea but back in 1913 the government wasn't nearly as big as it is today :/

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Need to go back to 1912 no fed.
Real value based money.

Let say you have 1 of something they Tax it at 25% now its value is .75 then they print 2x1 of it that cuts it down to .375 and you don't riot because.. you think.. sucks but I still have more than half.

Money Printing is a Tax right next to ObamaCare

Real Money
Problem as I see it all the rest of the world has selfish politicians in all country's
Money Printing everywhere.

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If you hate them, don't pay them.

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i hope youre paid off the books. 


otherwise theyll find you. Theyll spend thousands on man hours just to squeeze 50 bucks from you. 

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"Theyll spend thousands on man hours just to squeeze 50 bucks from you."

--Theyll spend thousands of man hours (100s of thousands of $$$$) punish you in to conformity.

--Comply or suffer.

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Hillary's $1 trilly tax binge would cap deductibles as a % of total gross income.  This would be BAD.

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For an independent businessman who spends a large portion of gross income on on business inventory, a cap on deductables could easily be catastrophic.

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Yup and you will have to live totally off the grid, no bank account no credit nothing, your Social Security number will be marked for life....And they will Levy every account you have. I've seen the destruction these people cause first hand...


Many have tried and failed, if you owe the cunts pay them...bottom line.

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id rather jet out of the country then hide within like a rat with nothing. 

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Funny part is you cant even jst any more, the long arm of the IRS stretches across the globe.

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and your passport is flagged, good luck.

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"Theyll spend thousands on man hours just to squeeze 50 bucks from you."


This goes without saying.  These are the same guys that run the F-35 program. 

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Correct. They are VOLUNTARY !!!!

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Ghordius, are you ok? can't down vote you lately..maybe it's me?

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Government Taxes = Leagalised MAFIA



DON Government.com

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You cannot make this shit up. For the record I am a retired guy with 45-50k a year in income.

My 2015 taxes as explained to me by my accountant.

Although I had 10k in medical expenses this year, eye surgery which I paid out of my pocket, I could only deduct 5k according to IRS rules. Because I was forced to use savings and I can't afford 500 a mo. Obamacare, I was forced to pay a penalty of 700. 

I couldn't deduct work related expenses of 1000 bucks because the IRS now says they must be 2.5% of my income.

I paid a penalty of 49 dollars because I did not pay IRS MY MONEY before it was due on April 15. This would be like receiving a credit card statement with a penalty because you paid nothing prior to the due date.

With mortgage rates at 3.5% they mght as well do away with the mortgage interest deduction. Perhaps they could declare our low interest rates, unearned income and thus tax us for the difference between the 7% we used to pay minus the 3.5 we pay now.

My g/f now tells me her daughter is no longer deductible because she is 17. IRS has now declared that children are no longer children or dependents once they turn 17- 

I hate Congress. They are responsible for the shit IRS laws. They keep squeezing the balls of middle America with shitty regulations while billions in profits for companies like GE go untaxed. I paid more in taxes percentage wise than off shore Mitt and that blowhard from Omaha.

And they wonder why we are fucking angry.

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If one thing REALLY screams that the whole fucking system is BROKEN and needs a REVAMP it would be the number of pages in the tax code-- 73,954!


I think Ron Paul's plan was best. Throw it out the windor and KEEP IT SIMPLE! FLAT TAX!

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Fuck Lyin' Ted.  He's a weasel and he'll never get anything done.  

Why?  Because the people 'donating' tens of millions of dollars to his campaign are doing so for only one reason, to control him and have him do their will, not our will.

For that reason alone, I'd vote Trump or Bloomberg into any office in the land.  

NY without 8 years of Bloomberg would look like, well, the way it's starting to look under our current Socialist pig.

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They will never do that because all of those rich cocksuckers in Congress and their elite friends have the tax code they want. Congress could change this in one hour but they won't.

Please get over the illusion that Congress gives a shit about "we the people" they only care about themselves and their rich donor friends. If they wanted a fair tax they could have done it years ago. There's a reason they don't.

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a foot of paper is c. 3,000 pages.

So, if this 73, 954 number is true*, printed on one side the tax code is c. 25 feet high, or 12.5 if printed on both sides of 8.5x11 paper.

The sheeple need to wake up and realize what has happened, but I am not optimistic.


* Leftists complain that the actual code is "only 3,000" pages, and that the other 71,000 pages are commentary and footnotes used only by accountants, etc.

The result is the same: if those 3,000 pages are so inscrutable and contradictory or vague that they need fleshing out with explanations, then the tax code is indeed 73,954 pages!

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I'm missing the column for the year 1953, in that table comparing 1913 with 2014

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From http://federal-tax-rates.insidegov.com/l/38/1953

The 1953 top federal tax rate on regular income was 92% while the rate on capital gains was 25%. The rate on regular income was higher than its historical average while the capital gains rate was at its average.

Average top income tax rate: 63%

Average top capital gains tax rate: 25%

The top rate on corporate tax this year was 52%

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thanks, LTER

so the top tax rate, which in theory is supposed to tax the richest individual's income, would be:

1913: 7%      1953: 92%     2014: 39.60%

I posit here that there are strong interests against people knowing too much about the 50's

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Anyone know how much was actually paid by those reaching the 92% tax bracket? There were a lot more deductions and other ways to shield income back then.

I'd rather go back to the original tax rates (if we can't dump income taxes altogether). Starve the beast.

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I have read that this was a class-warfare dodge for the Dems: they allowed a good number of loopholes so that companies and high-bracket people never paid anywhere near 90%.


But they could tell their union voters that the evil idle rich were getting taxed into oblivion.

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The 90% tax rate did crush a lot of people's lives.  Joe Louis, possibly the greatest boxer in history, was forced to work as a "Greeter" in Las Vegas casinos until he was on his death bed in an attempt to pay off the tax man.

I'd guess he never saw close to 90% of the purses he won.  He was probably pocketing less than half the purses and being taxed on most or all of them.

Failure to send out those 1099s will fuck you every time!

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 And the economy was reportedly

"booming" in the 1950s,

(and with both high taxes and  minimum wage legislation)


yet unlike today in other ways.

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if the state charged rent for land instead of tax on income things would be a lot fairer and simpler.


Instead the 0.1% own most of the land are are charging everyone rent for it and paying little tax on their income.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

What do you think property taxes are? They are rent paid to the state by the "owner" of land.

See the quotes around "owner"? That there is a hint.

praps's picture

Proerty taxes are tiny compared with income and sales tax.  Get rid of the income and sales taxes and replace them with higher land (not property) rent.

cherry picker's picture

Someone once mentioned something about pearls and swine. Jefferson's words are pearls. Unfortunately many citizens are much like swine and their appearance verifies this. Swine loves taxes as they get more. The people who control the swine love to levy taxes and laws as they get more.

Taxation has become modern day theft. Nanny government must be over thrown. However, too many wouldn't survive if they had to work or fend for themselves.

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Because we need income taxes to help stabilize the Central Bank's credit issuance scam (inflation), and to allow the government to borrow from said Central Bank as we are the main revenue stream for the government.

We are all on the farm.  The Human Farm.