Fed Admits "Won't Stop The Music"

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During a post-presentation Q&A in Chicago this morning, Atlanta Fed head Dennis Lockhart warned investors that Brexit is a notable risk and was a consideration within Fed policy meetings (along with every global nation's problems, we presume). However, it was his follow-up comment that has created notable chatter among the "mandate-driven","data-dependent" Fed watching community when he said that any Brexit issues "shouldn't stop the music" for The Fed.


So did The Fed just admit that it is indeed the Pied-Piper of the markets?

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Clear example of Bubblenomics and how the system is rigged. To save ourselves it would be good idea to have some central bank-proof portfolio and this may be the entry point to actually not sinking with the stock exchange http://independenttrader.org/permanent-portfolio-models-and-their-long-term-roi.html

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BREXIT won't happen.  Having watched this dog and ponyshow clusterfuck that this charade with Greece has been for the past 5 years ... do any of you *actually* think the EU will let a simple vote let someone leave?  

After the Irish voted TWICE for no bailout, and what did they get?  

After the Dutch and the French said "fuck no" to a EU Constitution -- we get the Lisbon treaty (do a Redline against the EU Constitution vs the first draft of the ToL -- 90% the same) 

After the Greek referendum this past year?  

They will

1) Scare the shit out of the English

2) Rig the vote

3) Have them vote multiple times

4) Simply not let them leave (come on ... what would the English actually do?). 

This BREXIT talk is nonsense.  That being said, if you are a UK citizen, you better vote to leave, to make it as hard on these fuckers as possible. 

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Brexit, whether it happens or not, is immaterial (In the big picture) to the general health of international markets and the global economy.
I call bullshit on this excuse the Fed's putting forth

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Trump 2016!!


Unless you really want to become a communist, then well go kill yourself.

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beg to differ

first by inflation, then by deflation..

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That's right sheep. Now dance, dance for the puppet masters. Dance

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Yarbrough and Peoples (and Yellen) ---don't stop the music

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You mean, you mean, Janet has a pistol and shoots at Barry's feet to get him to dance?

That's rich.


"We all live in Yellen's submarine, Yellen's submarine, Yellen's submarine..

Captain!  Captain! ...


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Wait. In the context used, the music is actually hicking rates not easy money. Did we get it backwards?

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The only true way to keep this up is to actually move to an electronic based currency so they do not have to print on paper.  That literally would give them an unlimited ability to create money at zero cost.  It is really amazing to watch.  Regardless in order for that to occur they need to crash the monetary system.  Most investors will lose everything holding onto higher priced big board stocks. Smart move is to re allocate into lower priced emerging technologies with a future.  Like this company that is going to be paid for by health insurance companies as an annual test at 300 per whack worldwide.  Bill gates and Jeff bezos just invested millions, the Ceo will be on Fox next week (The Grapevine).  Just interviewed on Iheartradio and many others.  Very solid under the radar Nasdaq Opportunity http://goo.gl/yQajjH

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Fed heads quoting Citi'S Prince--this is seriously non-data dependent.  

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The people in the inner sanctum are so exhausted with this farce they can hardly maintain the facade anymore.  The curtain has definitely and irrevocably been pulled back and we are all watching the fraud of the "wizard," but we just haven't thrown the yoke off yet.

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Wankers to the world.

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The "apolitical" fed at it again.

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Hmm, the same fiddle music that Nero played?

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Algos on some sedatives today: takes ES three minutes to tick .25.   They want to bore all day trading to death at this point.  

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Even the Algos are starting to go WTF?

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Rate Hike on its way.  Summer 16 is the music he's talking about


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Its the new world of  investing..they will print and print trillions more.....its the only thing they can do now....politicians will never balance the budget...and the current trillion deficit will become 3 trillion a year..and the people will be fine with that as they will get their check every month....which is all they care about...its over folks...the game is fixed and will bfixed ever...print ....print.and print more

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Really? That's a consideration for US monetary policy is it? These guys have completely lost the plot.

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Satan's minions of Gog and Babylon in world finance have been outed: the Beast shall soon be cast down, praise God.


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I'm not a fan of mega-churches, or religion in general- but the dude is spouting some serious- if incomplete truth there.

I've seen that face before, but I can't quite place it.

Tell me his name so I can drill him out and find out what's really inside.

I'd love to believe he is a man of God.  Show me.

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On Thursday night she looked a fright
Her pricki hair all curled, oh Lord, what a sight
Dance, dance, little sister, dance...

[/rolling stones]

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They kept the music playing on the titanic as well.

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You are here copper tops:


Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your civilization. 

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Yeah even Cramer said YOU MUST BUY STOCKS !!!



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 This is the bankster utopia. It took a bit over 100 years to get here. But here we are.