Major Earthquake Hits Japan, Strongest Since 2011; At Least 10 Houses Collapse, Suga Urges "Calm"

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Just over 5 years since the massively destructive 2011 Japanese earthquake which unleashed a tsunami and led to the Fukushima disaster, moments ago NHK reported that Japan's Kumamoto region had been hit with another quake which had a Shindo shaking intensity of 7 and registered a magnitude of apprxoimately 6.4.

According to the Japanese media this is the strongest quake to hit Japan since the 2011 earthquake. The good news is that so far there has been no tsunami alert.

Bloomberg adds that JR trains, incl. bullet trains, have been halted in Kyushu; Kyushu Electric checking impact of quake on the operating Sendai nuclear reactors.

As AP reports, there are no immediate reports of casualties.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference that damage was being assessed. A number of houses have collapsed, but there was no abnormality at nearby nuclear facilities, Suga said.


"There was a ka-boom and the whole house violently shook sideways," Takahiko Morita, a resident in Mashiki, a town at the epicenter, told a telephone interview with NHK TV. "Furniture and bookshelves fell down, books were all over the floor."


Morita said there is no power outage in his neighborhood but water supply was cut off. Some houses and walls collapsed, he said.


Keisukei Urata, an official at nearby Uki city, said he was driving home when the quake struck at 9:26 p.m.


He also said he saw some walls around houses collapsing.


Parts of the ceiling at Uki City Hall also collapsed, windows were broken and cabinets fell to the ground, he said.


Kasumi Nakamura, an official in the village of Nishihara near the epicenter, said that the rattling started modestly and grew violent, lasting about 30 seconds.


"Papers, files, flower vases and everything fell on the floor," he told NHK. He said there were aftershocks.


One aftershock measuring 5.7 struck about 40 minutes later, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency.


The U.S. Geological Survey put the quake's preliminary magnitude at 6.2 and said it was 23 kilometers (14 miles) deep. It said there's a low likelihood of casualties but some damage is possible.

More updates:


A map of the region from JMA:


According to USGS, the quake is a magnitude 6.0

Another map of the location:


Some initial social media images from the ground:

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How much is the market up on this news?

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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On   ;-)


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Too soon?

Naw. It's always a good time for tasteless humor.

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"Turn those nuclear reactors back on!"

pods's picture

Krugman should be happy, Godzilla is awake.

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What did the Bank of Japan say "no" to this time?

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if you smile, you wont be affected by earthquakes - tepco official

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Further Yen Devaluations are not allowed. Take the hint.


B. Obama, puppet.


MIC, department of HAARP.

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It's just God/Mother Nature telling the Japs how much they disapprove of the dolphin slaughter.

StackShinyStuff's picture

And the whale hunts, er, um, research..

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Less then 1,000 cherry blossoms fell from the trees so all is ok.

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Nuclear Sendai Chimp Goes Berserk From Radiation; Tranquilized and Electrocuted While Stealing Cable

Would not follow instructions to surrender peacefully. Cop: "He was reaching for a gun, so we smoked him..."

Japanese PM: "That will teach that little bastard. He had a funny western-sounding name and refused to learn Japanese."

Had ties to Soros and al Qaeda. Made several large on-line donations to Clinton Foundation via offshore bitcoin account.

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News "...No tsunami warning was issued, but local media reported that the tremors felt were comparable to the 1995 Kobe earthquake and the March 2011 quake which struck northeastern Japan..."

Kobe? Jesus... that was kind of bad, wasn't it?

"...The Nuclear Regulation Authority said there were no irregularities at three nuclear plants on the southernmost island of Kyushu and nearby Shikoku..."

But until they can check the smoking, strangely-glowing ruins, they won't know for sure.

"...As a precaution, the Japanese PUblic Safety Office near the Sandai Nuclear Power Plant have switched from passing out iodine tablets to cyanide tablets. "We hope citizens do the right thing and do no become a burden on the nuclear industry," said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. "There is no way to protect yourself from the horrible effects of radiation. You will die, anyway. Please be considerate of others." "

OK, I just made up that last part. Or did I??

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Send in those robots to assess the damge:


The robots sent into Fukushima have 'died'

Not good...(Mar 11, 2016)

The remote-controlled robots that were sent into the site of the 2011 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan have reportedly 'died', thanks to incredibly high amounts of leaked radioactive materials destroying their wiring.

The robots - which take years to manufacture - were designed to swim through the underwater tunnels of the now-defunct cooling pools, and remove hundreds of extremely dangerous blobs of melted fuel rods. But it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon.

CheapBastard's picture

... It’s estimated that the team has so far only addressed 10 percent of the mess left behind by the meltdowns, and the pressure to get a move-on is certainly not going to go away any time soon, with news last December that the damaged plant is continuing to leak small amounts of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive material has even been showing up on the west coast of the US. ...

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Lousy, f$%k-@ass Tepco, they didn't even send me funeral notice(s)!

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I'm feelin' ya', Looney.

Shake, baby, shake!!!

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The Perverbial:

"Never let a good crises go to waste." Moment. These people are truly Evil.

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No biggie.  It's just godzilla passing a little gas underground.

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Especially the ones with fresh cracks in them!

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"Please, do not worry."

Isn't it about time that stores (especially liquor!) develop some shelving that doesn't dump products all over the floor?

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The reactor cores melted down and broke the tectonic plate.

God has it in for Japan.

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Nope. It is the other guy. Take a look at their history. For 85% of it they are perfectly happy just doing their own thing and not interacting/imposing on the rest of the world. Some topics to consider. Divine Wind (mongol invasion). Admiral Perry (Gunboat Diplomacy/Manifest Destiny). WWII was about oil and rubber, the west said they could not have any, they should just accept these nuclear reactors and bombs and keep their mouths shut.

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They need to fill those tectonic plate gaps with Yen.

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I think you mean to say...yellen

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To music : "We all live in The Yellen Submarine, The Yellen submarine, The Yellen Submarine".

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Janet farted.


The good news, 20 trillion shot out of her ass and she will use it to retire US Federal Debt.

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Earthquake? Or End? It matters because if it's the latter, I certainly will. Can't take it with you, so WTF.

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Another underwater bomb I presume?  Maybe it was ISIS? lol!!

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LOL on the twit pic - ketchup (or whatever the equivalent is there in Japan: puffer fish kidney extract?) fell on the floor. Looks like a bottle of wine may have broken.

That's the kind of disaster Japan can cope with. The years of denial about their nuclear mess? Not so much.

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I think you'll find that was a photo of red liquid such as paint with no intention of presenting it as 'blood'.

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Mmmmmmm Puffer Fish Kidney Extract.  My favorite!  ( said in Homer Simpson voice ) 

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Closing Green Today...Locked In

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Was there ever a doubt. That will be the headline fir the rest of the year.

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Wow, the new economic development earthquake machine works better than blowing up shit in China.

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Shut down those nukes, make electricity from crude.

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"Kyushu Electric checking impact of quake on the operating Sendai nuclear reactors."

The Sendai plant was the first nuclear power plant to be restarted (on August 11, 2015) after 3/11. Now, a 7.0 strikes nearby. What are the odds?!

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Kuroda's Latest Plan - blow up the underpinnings of the Japanese land mass to give people an urge to spend

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That's a serious amount of broken windows.

Kuroda and Krugman's wet dream coming true

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And ALGORE's. If earthquakes break apart those 27 old nuclear reactors on the island of Japan and scatter them to the winds/currents, then we can buy some new "next-gen" reactors from Bill Gates. This will stop us humans from killing ourselves with climate change.

... or maybe not.

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Gartman buying gold in Yen terms