Mysterious Foam Covers Japanese City In Aftermath Of Destructive Earthquake

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After this week's spike in destructive Japanese earthquakes, which in addition to the two strongest tremors since 2011 has also unleashed several hundred smaller aftershocks and led to over 40 deaths, thousands injured, landslides, collapsed buildings and extensive damage, the most surprising aftereffect appeared yesterday on the streets of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka which became blanketed in "mysterious foam" leaving residents baffled by the phenomenon which the authorities, busy with the disaster’s aftermath, found no time to explain.


The froth appeared shortly after disastrous tremors from a 7.3 magnitude quake shook the city of Fukuoka on Friday. Twitter users posted photos of the snow-like foam sheet and wondered what caused it.

The unexplained phenomenon affected the downtown Tenjin and Imaizumi areas of Fukuoka, according to reports.

Some speculated that it may be the result of a burst underground pipe caused by the earthquake. Others suggested it could have been common firefighting foam, although no fire trucks could be seen anywhere in the photos.

There has been no official explanation for the foam as of yet. Speculation that this is simply a logical consequence of the BOJ owning over half of Japan's ETFs and on pace to also own half of Japan's government bonds have so far been unconfirmed.

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Godzilla gets turned on by earthquakes. 

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Raacter 2 inner core at Fukishima raacts with Godzilla butermilk after Kim Kardashian deep throats the monster. Krugman says its good for the economy and he has seen this before vis a vis his cat.

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I'm sure it's just some harmless glow-in-the-dark shaving cream. 

erg's picture

I think the Mr. Sparkle factory is near the epicenter.

Your Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern.

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The strangest things happen on that island.

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If I've learned anything from 100s of horror films, it's this: YOU DO NOT WALK THROUGH MYSERIOUS FOAMS.

DeadFred's picture

Yet they do. People see the ocean recede before a tsunami and think "Neat, let's go down and see what it's like down there!". They see the stock market plunge like a drunk tripping over his shoe laces and say "Neat, let's buy the dip!" When these guys have their feet start to dissolve away they'll say "Who could have known?"

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Yum Yum, perfect topping to add to their seawood covered rice cakes.  

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The Saint (not verified) WTFMOFO Apr 17, 2016 11:10 AM

Urine will foam up if you shake it a lot.  Must be from a lot of Japanese pissing their pants.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

This quake is nothing relative to the monster quake / tsunami that is 75 years overdue for the Pacific Northwest of the US:

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So many imature posts about the foam! Don't you know that you NEVER put dish soap in a clothes washing machine?

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The earth has gone mad over there.

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This from RT;

One witness however believes he has solved the mystery… claiming it was caused by a burst fire sprinkler in front of a friend’s store.

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the same folks who researched the feasibility of locating nuclear plants on an earth quake fault line should be able to figure this out.  no?

knukles's picture

It's from the Hello Kitty KY Jelly Factory, even though it is being reported as having to do with the UFOs sighted just prior to the earthquakes.

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I want to know what the foam does once everyone goes to sleep.

cheka's picture

confirmed:  rubio spotted in speedos

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Somewhere in there is Marco Rubio in lycra.

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In other news, the Stay-Puft marshmallow factory is reporting heavy damage from the latest temblor.

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Japan is dying, the entire nation is irradiated and they need to be evacuated.

azusgm's picture

Where are the reactor cores from Fukushima? They sank, but where are they?

cheech_wizard's picture

somewhere diectly above the center of the earth would be my best guess.

Ms No's picture

I'm not sure anybody can answer that question.  As with our economy, we are in uncharted territory with this.  Last I heard three cores slipped through the basement into oblivion and they were pouring water on to where they estimated the cores might be.  This was of course only admitted at a way later date.  You would think they could track them by satellite with heat signatures or something but who knows.  They wouldn't tell us anyway and if they did the information would be completely unreliable.

I guess at this point everybody is just hoping that we get a slow burn rather than a mushroom cloud and that they get those remaining stored rods to some reasonably safe location.  It's peak human stupidity, it has to be. 

cheech_wizard's picture

>rather than a mushroom cloud

No, doesn't work that way, regardless of what the doomsayers and conspiracy nuts might have you think.

Ms No's picture

Okay, core explosions.  Or a massive fire of stored rods.   

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+1 for great Simpsons reference.

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A picture is not a sample you fuuking tards.

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New theory: earthquakes are caused by Godzilla jerking off. Most of the time, he can't get it on, so you only get a small quake, but sometimes he gets an orgasm and all hell breaks loose up above.

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"Liquified Yen."

So you're saying this is the money shot?

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So male.

How do you know it is not contraceptive foam?

Don't want Japan pregnant with all that crack exposed do ya? Bonus, it's a lube if you're gonna get fucked.

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Your first sentence did not include the word "boobs" or "tits" so the rest of it wasn't read by him.

Sorry, that's just the way things are...

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Brutal crowd this evening.  Hecklers !  :-)

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It was a great comment you made. You used the quote function so we could not mark it up.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) edotabin Apr 17, 2016 11:57 AM


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Krugman foaming art the mouth from the broken glass

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Godzilla cum shot.

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He picks up a bus and he throws it back down as he wades through the foam toward the center of town.


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Saw 'Soft White Underbelly ' when I was a teenager, great muscians and for the time exceptional special effects. Wonder how many knew that music trivia, S.W.U.?