Dozens Of Large Earthquakes Strike As Speculation Mounts That Japan's Southern Island May Split

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

Over the past 48 hours, our planet has been hit by literally dozens of earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater, and scientists are acknowledging that what is taking place is highly unusual.  This strange shaking began toward the end of last week when the globe was struck by five major earthquakes over the space of just two days, and over the weekend the seismic activity just continued to escalate.  Very early on Saturday, Japan’s southern island of Kyushu was hit by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, and on Saturday night a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck off Ecuador’s Pacific coast.  It was the worst earthquake that Ecuador had experienced since 1979, and it was followed by at least 163 aftershocks.  Unfortunately, there are indications that what we have seen so far may be just the beginning.

Because the Ecuador earthquake was bigger, it is getting most of the headlines at the moment, but the truth is that what is going on in Japan is potentially far more dangerous.

Over the past week, Japan’s southern Island of Kyushu has been rocked by a series of devastating quakes, including two major ones in less than 48 hours.  The following comes from the Guardian

A second major earthquake in less than two days has shaken Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, with at least 34 people thought to have been killed, about 1,500 injured and more feared buried after building collapses and landslides.


The 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck at about 1.30am on Saturday, waking people across the island – including the thousands already in crisis centres. It caused widespread damage, with several landslides and a village evacuated over fears a dam might burst.

The mainstream media in the United States is using the term “landslides” to describe what has happened all over Kyushu, but the truth is that in many instances it would be far more accurate to say that “giant cracks” or “vast chasms” have formed.  The geography of Japan’s southern island has been fundamentally transformed, and this is beginning to cause huge concerns.  Here is more from the Guardian

One major landslide tore open a mountainside in Minamiaso village in Kumamoto prefecture, destroying a key bridge that could cut off food and other relief transport to the worst-hit area.




Another landslide hit a road, collapsing a house that fell down a ravine. In another part of the village, houses were left hanging precariously at the edge of a huge hole.

I want to show you a map which comes directly from the U.S. Geological Survey.  This map shows all of the earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater that have hit Japan’s southern island over the past week.  As you look at this map, do you see a pattern?…

Kyushu Earthquakes

The dozens of earthquakes that have hit Japan’s southern island over the past week appear to form something of a straight line that divides the island in two.  Many are now speculating that geological forces are beginning to tear Kyushu in half, and if that is true, the earthquake activity that we have seen in Japan so far is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

We could potentially be talking about an event that could ultimately have far more of an impact on Japan than the tsunami of 2011.  By the time it is all said and done, entire cities could be wiped off the map and millions upon millions of Japanese citizens could be displaced.

Already, the seismic activity that has rocked Kyushu is having quite an impact on the Japanese economy

Earlier today Toyota was one of many Japanese companies to announce that it will suspend most car production across Japan as a result of critical supply chain disruptions caused by the recent destructive earthquake and numerous aftershocks. All of the major assembly lines will be shut down across its four directly-run plants, and Toyota will be halting production in stages at other group companies as well.


According to the Nikkei Asian Review, most of the Toyota group in Japan will be effectively shut down through at least the end of this upcoming week, with a production loss of as many as 50,000 vehicles, including brands such as Prius, Lexus, and Land Cruiser.

Our planet resembles something of a giant cracked egg, and the enormous tectonic plates that we are all living on are constantly in motion.  So if Japan’s southern island is in the process of slowly splitting in half, that shouldn’t exactly be a surprise.  After all, scientists assure us that Los Angeles and San Francisco will be directly next to one another someday.

And it isn’t just Japan that we need to be concerned about.  All along the “Ring of Fire”, seismic activity is increasing, and this has many of the experts completely puzzled.  The following comes from an excellent piece by Alvin Conway

This has continued to baffle many of the world’s leading geologists, who still attest the rise in the number of large earthquakes is merely a random natural occurrence. For instance, the number of large earthquakes doubled in 2014. However, here’s what scientists had to say about it: “If you think there have been more earthquakes than usual this year, you’re right. A new study finds there were more than twice as many big earthquakes in the first quarter of 2014 as compared with the average since 1979.


We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded,” said lead study author Tom Parsons, a research geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Menlo Park, California.

This great shaking will combine with other factors such as financial collapse, geopolitical instability and civil unrest to produce what many have described as a “perfect storm”.  Life as we know it is in the process of fundamentally changing, and right now we are only in the very early chapters of this change.

Unfortunately, most people are ignoring the warnings and will continue to ignore them until it is far too late.

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junction's picture

Bolthole alert! The end of the world is near!

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Is it a World War Z end of the world alert or a 2012 end of the world alert?

If it is WWZ, I can stock up on scotch, steaks and ammo.

If it is a 2012 alert, I can start dropping acid and have time to get addicted to heroin like the CNBC 'experts' and invest just like them before Florida sinks under a 700 ft tidal wave.

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Work'n the Doom Chubby like pro. Come back in a couple million years and there might even be a channel between the 2 halves. 

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Listen, a couple million years will come a lot sooner than you think -- you let a few centuries go by, thousands of years and you're thinking hey I got this, then a few epochs and just like that POW it's been 2 million years -- and before then you need to be prepped!

BuddyEffed's picture

My theory is that melting glaciers redistributes a lot of weight and the change in weight (more weight in some areas, less in others) is like moving a mass around on thin ice. Anyone who has ever moved around on thin ice has heard new cracks form all around them and stress pops that are audible as the ice realigns.

Recently it was even shown that the earths axis has wobbled due to glaciers melting and redistributing mass.

johngaltfla's picture

And if you believe that crap, I have a magic compass which will guide you to Cramerland where all the women are 10's, and every stock in every market goes up forever. (LSD not provided)

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GOD is pissed by all the malfeasance and he will not stop until Trump is elected to put all the evil doers away.

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If only a 10.0 earthquake could hit Wash. DC. Then i would know for sure their is a God.

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I wouldn't want to destroy all the good things in DC, like the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the Grant Memorial, and stuff like that.

So I think I'd prefer to see some sort of quick-mutating plague rather than an earthquake.

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I think there should be more seismologists commenting on the economy. They can't be worse than the exisiting ones.

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There's a guy I listen to who uses all the satellite, NASA, ESA, USGS, and a host of other data sources to watch this sort of stuff like earthquakes. He predicted this happening two weeks ago and connects CERN and the solar flares as correlative mechanisms for what's happening. Is he correct? I don't know, but he makes sense of it all and is predicting an even larger quake and gives the reasons.

Like I said, I have no idea if correlation is cause on this one but if we do have another even larger quake in the next few days I think he may be onto something. Who knows...

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Earthquakes are just the manefestation of God's anger at faggotry.   See:

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Well, there's certainly enough of that going around...

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I thought "faggotry" was the pastime of smoking cigarettes

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Whenever you see a big event on one side of the Ring of Fire, a similar event soon pops up on he other side. Eventually, theya re going to start ping-ponging back and forth.

Bollixed's picture

Interesting times, huh?

tarabel's picture



Something like 75% of humanity lives within 50 miles of a coastline. But not me.

Bollixed's picture

Me neither. Sold my beach house years ago and bugged out to a mountain top. Living through that Northridge quake was enough for me to realize it was only a matter of time...

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Would that person be Dutchsinse or Suspicious Observers? Dutch talks a lot about HAARP while Observers is trying to make connections between the Earth and the Sun... S.O. puts out a new video everyday... every fucking day... the guy is more dedicated than the weatherman.

Implied Violins's picture

...which makes me suspicious. Dutchsince himself wondered if SO was a 'limited hangout' because he came on the scene so fast and was professionally done right away. Still, I follow both and appreciate their work...though I keep an open mind and try to research what they say to see what makes the most sense. So far, I think there is a LOT more to what either is saying, and believe the elite may actually have the ability to create earthquakes and control the weather. We will know soon, if there is an economic collapse and it is obscured by tremulous happenings.

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I can go along with that, as long as the plague isn't painless or quick.

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Sound engineering theory behind it. A cubic meter of water/ice weighs 2200 lbs round about. Now imagine all the cubic MILES of meltwater that has run off of Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, every mountain range, etc. and added weight distributed over all the oceans. The weight load changes are staggering. Immense changes in torques and loading result. Those changes can trigger realignments and it can explain both increased volcanic activity and increased earthquake activity.

And the amount of water held back by any dam is minuscule to the weight losses in the glaciers and ice sheets.

tarabel's picture



I don't know why everyone is downvoting you. Glaciers push continents downwards due to their great additional weight. A mountain sized one wouldn't have much effect but some place like Greenland or Antarctica are definitely lower down today than they will be once they melt.

Just like corks on water with a big weight on top of them. Take the weight off and the corks bob upwards. Pretty basic 101-level concept.

BuddyEffed's picture

Also, you can think of all that redistributed weight acting like a giant pry bar.

tarabel's picture



All the plates are floating islands grinding against one another. A continental-sized plate makes a pretty long lever to work with when it comes to subduction zones like along the California coast.

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There aren't many big glaciers on the ring of fire. New Zealand being the obvious exception. The ring of fire is sensitive to atmospheric pressure and solar activity (I don't know why), and it has been HOT on this side of the world recently.


tarabel's picture




I was talking just as a general sceintific concept when so many people seemed to ridicule the idea of glacial weight being a factor in continental movements.

If one of the plates bordering the Pacific Plate were to be moving upwards due to lowered glaciation, however, it could be impacting movement along one side of the Ring of Fire-- which always seems to trigger a bounceback on the other side as well. Not science, just speculation.

tarabel's picture



Actually, it's true. The continents float on a sea of magma. Melt off all that ice and they pop upwards like corks.

The weird one is that sea level is about 300 feet lower in the Indian Ocean than anywhere else. So I've always wanted to ask Al Gore to define which sea level measurement he's using to base his calculations upon.

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Keep applying the makeup dear.

tarabel's picture



Will do on the makeup.

Here's a quick link to the 105 meter difference in the Indian Ocean due to planetary gravitational differences.

You keep applying the Elton John to yourself, darling.

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Just off the top of my head, could it be because India flat out sucks?

Standard Disclaimer: See what I mean?

There are days I honestly believe more freedumb bombs need to be delivered by B52's, carpet-style.


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Standard Disclaimer: Every time I read another theory, I think of this.

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The idiot who wrote this post even put a link in the map, to a book about the Rapture ! Just another bible nut.

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You'd better get cracking on the Kobe beef before anything else.

Could be one hell of a collectors item.

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All over it. We have a luxury high end local butcher shop in town has Kobe and Wagu beef. Thankfully, it's only a 30-40 minute drive from my location. Unfortunately the minute I start grilling, the nasty down the road neighborhood zombies will show up and beg for some.

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Cows are all they grow out here, so I'm working on things that people might want to eat once they get very, very, very tired of plain unseasoned beef.

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Those Kobe cows are massaged regularly. An earthquake is a day off for the masseuse of the Bovines. That's why they moved Kobe beef cows to Japan. ( I lied a little right there)

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I ran across an article a few weeks ago on how to dry age steaks in a couple of days, thought what the heck and ordered the rice from Japan it takes a month to get here.  Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks when it gets here, although I am going to grill it verses cast iron I think the smoke will add another flavor profile.  I have sold most of the Morels I got this spring but a have saved a few to make a steak sauce to go with it.

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Japan has some great shit ache mushrooms.

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Possibly lots of radiation in them shrooms. Great for yer complexion.

Got any skin cream?

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Was that the Morel of your story?

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they should've found those reactor cores!!!

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Maybe short shit in North Korea found them and is trying to waunch them on one of his wockets.

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"I aim for the stars, but sometimes I hit London" 
    -- Werner von Braun

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Well of cores they should've.

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Paybacks for Pearl Harbor, bitches

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I guess MOST Zhers are too young to remember