Multiple Clinton Connections Emerge As More "Panama Papers" Names Revealed

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There has been much confusion, at time quite angry, how in the aftermath of the Soros-funded Panama Papers revelations few, if any, prominent U.S. name emerged as a result of the biggest offshore tax leak in history. Now, thanks to McClatchy more U.S. names are finally being revealed and it will probably come as little surprise that many of the newly revealed names have connection to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As McClatchy writes, donors to Clinton foundation used the Panamanian law firm for offshores, adding that the connections come from the more than 40 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent in public life. Ironically this comes just days after Hillary criticized those exposed in the Panama Papers, accusing them of looking to hide their wealth.

As McClatchy reports, Hillary Clinton recently blasted the hidden financial dealings exposed in the Panama Papers, but she and her husband have multiple connections with people who have used the besieged law firm Mossack Fonseca to establish offshore entities.

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Latina Lover's picture

Must be Putins fault. Anything that goes wrong in the west, be it failed wars, economic collapse, refugee crises, pedophilia, it is all Putins Fault!

After all, when did Hillary ever take responsibility for anything? What does it matter?

Handful of Dust's picture

All her 'friends' and contributors hiding their money  pretending to be all for "the everyday American' while they secret their $$$$ away and avoid taxes which places a heavier burden on the every 'everyday Americans' they pretend to care about.



Handful of Dust's picture

Ya know, I don't care what people do with their money and don't care even if they hide it but when they pretend to be pro-Amercian worker or middle class ... those lies suck.

TeamDepends's picture

Clearly, this is all a vast right-wing conspiracy....

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Typical of Limosine Liberals.  Taxes aren't for us, they are for the Little People.

Whoa Dammit's picture

The homophobic RNC would still rather have a controllable murderous lesbian as president than the uncontrollable Donald Trump. 

847328_3527's picture

It all boils down to the Confederate flag, building names and 'da oppressed' snowflakes. As long as Hitlery and Bernie can fire the frenzy farce of those issues they get the FSA votes.

chunga's picture

There are all kinds of free shit armies these days and none of 'em are any good.

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A Single Delaware Address is Home to 200,000 Shell Companies — Including 2 of Hillary Clinton’s

xavi1951's picture

Clinton's are in the database under the name, MillionDollarBonus.

HardlyZero's picture

So that's how the 1% do-it.

"Money For Nothing"

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“Obviously there’s no wrongdoing – it’s a question of perception and values,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. “They’ve been in public life so long; when you enter that sphere you have these connections.”

None of which, according to the fair and balanced "reporting" by the MSM applies to Putin?

Katos's picture

Let's face it, all the isms, aside! We have an entrenched political class that for the last 40 years have been rotating from government to corporations.  They have rewritten the laws of our country to benefit only them and their cronies. Our authorities that are supposed to be there to protect the American public are filled with agents from the businesses they are supposed to be regulating. We have ex generals living high on the hog at Military Industrial corporation companies, with a guaranteed minimum of 650 billion dollars a year to spend as they see fit. We have bloodthirsty warmongers who are running REGIME CHANGE scenarios all over the planet,  selling arms to a sides of the conflict to assure the continued budget, and a continuous BOOGIEMAN!  We have a small cabal of elites that are running the world for their benefit. They couldn't care less what you call them, socialist, capitalist, communist? The bottom line is they are very United in their goals and rewards. To enslave the masses under their tyrannical rule. To eliminate billions of people off the planet. To be the only ones left standing in the end.

Handful of Dust's picture
Why Did Congo Offer Clinton $650,000 For Two Pics And A Speech?


The twin sister of Congo President Joseph Kabila also appears in the “Panama papers” owning a shell company whose value may exceed $100 million. Kabila’s sister, Jaynet Kyungu, opened the company soon after her brother came to power. The initial directors were listed as Kalume Nyembwe Feruzi and “Ursula Kyungu,” which is a name Jaynet Kyungu sometimes uses in corporate records. Feruzi’s family reportedly have been close to the Kabila family since Laurent Desire Kabila, Joseph Kabila’s and Jaynet Kyungu’s father, was president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

macholatte's picture

Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president

Is that the guy who was a spy and bought US submarine technology with Clinton Contributions and gave it to  the Chinese... or was that someone else?


Clintons are so dirty they give dirt a bad name.

Tarjan's picture

One is known by the company they keep. And there is that old saying: Birds of a feather flock together.


FreeMoney's picture

Maybe George Soros and the CIA would rather have Bernie as the demoncrat in this election.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Hillary cannot be held responsible for the actions of her political connections. The Panama papers say a lot more about the corruption in Putin's Russia than they do about the United States. At least Hillary has condemned tax evasion, unlike Putin who claims that the Panama papers story is just a psyop to smear Russia, a completely ridiculous claim. Why isn't Zerohedge criticizing Putin's connections? That's the real story here, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Bollixed's picture

All this pretending you're just a run of the mill glue sniffer is sure getting old.

xavi1951's picture

MDB. I posted before I saw that you were defending yourself.

Jim in MN's picture

Please to relax, Mr. Soros....

All will be outed in due course.  No exceptions.

onewayticket2's picture

she ISNT being "held responsible" for the action of her political connections.  why is it wrong to publish the connection....esp. in light of her condemnations?



Sandmann's picture

The Panama papers say a lot more about the corruption in Putin's Russia than they do about the United States.

NOT TRUE ! The 2.6 Terabyte database was only searched for Putin and not for US corruption. Noone has done a full search of this database and we don't know how US gangsters and politico-crooks hide their lucre.

bobsmith5's picture

Here is proof people that MDB is a for real communist/socialist/fascist, because that is exactly what HIllary is.  MDB never ever being able to understand political economic realities comes here always defending criminals like Hillary, proving once again just how insanely mind control programmed MDB fundamentally is. In spite of all the facts and logic refuting every word he post he is not going to be changed, nor is he going to change anyone here whose mind is free from the "Matrix"

Antifaschistische's picture

Here's what I'm curious about....where do you have to be, to get Fonseca's business card handed to you with a soft handshake and a brief encouragement to "give me a call sometime."   What party is that and who's mansion is it in?  What boys club is that?

Sandmann's picture

It was said by Leona Helmsley (1920-2007) and she was no liberal

Memedada's picture

Well, yes. In the sense that it’s the result of right-wing policies. Meaning the conspiracy is carried out by the capitalist masters (including their pawns – like Hillery and the rest of the political establishment). It's an old conspiracy – they conspire to keep the ownership of all productive capital in the hands of a very small ownership-class (the 0,01%). And the servants (Obama, Bush, Clinton etc.) gets rewarded for their loyal subservientness…

The right-wing is all you’ve got in US politics. The Democrats are only seen as left-wing in a US-context. And it’s only seen as left-wing because it’s to the left of the theocratic/openly fascistic Republican party.


But I guess you’re referring to the fact that Hillery and her corporate sponsors are ousted as the conspiracy (and not the conspiracy to systemically avoid taxes)? Meaning that (what everyone with a brain already knew) the elite plays by different rules than the plebs?


techpriest's picture

I didn't know that gay marriage, widespread abortion, and a 40% out-of-wedlock birth rate are the obvious trappings of a theocracy.

Also, does it matter whether it's a handful of well-connected people in the government/big business/academic revolving door (Larry Summers is the quintessential example), or a handful of bureaucrats in a government office? Left-oligarchy and right-oligarchy are both oligarchy, as a few control everything so that they can channel the benefits to themselves and their friends.

Memedada's picture

Well, a "left-wing" oligarch is lying – he/she is a traitor to his/her own ideology (equality). A right-wing oligarch is just a symptom of his/her own ideology. If you praise inequality, greed and selfishness an oligarch is something to aspire too…  

The fact that “gays”, “abortions”, “children outside a legal marriage” etc. are even topics in the political debates is symptomatic of the influence of “religion” on US politics. But more importantly: it’s not realistic with an atheistic and/or someone not practicing Christianity/Catholicism/Judaism to make it in the US political establishment. But the directly theocratic ambitions are only voiced in the Republican party.  

Sandmann's picture

That is a truly incoherent comment

HopefulCynical's picture

Yeah, somebody obviously doesn't understand who was really behind the creation of Marxism—and why.

TeamDepends's picture

First, the "vast right-wing conspiracy" are words that came from Hillary's lips when confronted by allegations of wrongdoing (it is a long list, who can keep track?) against her and/or Wild Bill perhaps decades ago. Second, your assertion that "The right-wing is all you've got in US politics" is completely laughable. Unfortunately, we don't have time to explain this to you so we will let others take the baton....

Memedada's picture

An advise: don’t accept the language that your masters use. If they call something peace expect it to be war, if they call something democratic expect it to be totalitarian, if the call something left-wing expect it to be right-wing etc. etc…

And Hillery is “playing her role” as opposition to the other side of her party (we agree on US having a one-party-system, right?). So, well, yes - she is "left-wing" in the sense she's standing on the left side of the stage. But she’s playing the same script as the “right-wing” on the stage. And the script is written by her capitalist masters (=by the ownership-class – the 0,01%).


Well, new-speech is a very powerful propaganda tool.   

TeamDepends's picture

Yes, we agree that the US is a one party system. Where you have it ass-backwards is that you think it is "right-wing". It is not, the US has turned HARD LEFT over the last several decades. It is you who has fallen for new-speak propaganda. On the extreme left of the political spectrum lies communism, or TOTAL government. On the extreme right is anarchy, or NO government. Conservatives, or "right-wingers", lie just to the left of anarchists and believe in very small, limited government (see Bill Of Rights). What the cartel wants, their "New World Order", is best described as neo-feudalism or world communism. Violent totalitarianism ALWAYS comes from the left, as it flies in the face of everything people on the right believe in. You know, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness?

Ghordius's picture

" On the extreme left of the political spectrum lies communism, or TOTAL government. On the extreme right is anarchy, or NO government."

you just proved to our european socialist "mememada" collegue that you don't really know much about that Right-Left dichtonomy

the commonly used "archetype" for the extreme right are fascists, nazis, etc. with dictators like Hitler, Pinochet, Franco, etc.

anarchists? asking for NO government? hardly

TeamDepends's picture

No Ghordo, it is you who don't understand the left/right "dichtonomy". Anarchy means, literally, "no ruler". The nazis were national socialists, remember? You Europeans have been spoonfed the notion that "socialism is necessary" since birth and it shows.

Ghordius's picture

TeamDepends, the problem here is not your definition of anarchy

the problem here is that you define the Right, the Far Right and the Extreme Right as "NO GOV", i.e. anarchy

except that it isn't you. it's this new propaganda - only in the US, mind - which tries to say that everything negative is socialism, and the left, while "actually it's all the same, really, it's all gov"

YOU DID NOT INVENT "THE RIGHT" OR "THE LEFT". It's terms that evolved in Europe

you are just misapplying them, together with millions of countrymen, to the amazement of billions of non-Americans throughout the world

a Nazi supporter on German streets did not embrace a socialist saying "socialism is necessary", he punched him in the face, or worse

in short: you do not know anything about ideology... and this proves that you were raised in the US, where this is perfectly common if not even normal

Sandmann's picture

NSDAP was a deliberate obfuscation. Hitler chose red in his flag to attract voters away from Communist KPD and black in his flag to attract Monarchists angered at the Revolution of 1918.  The VW was to give the ordinary man a car to compete with Henry Ford. The Autobahn was to compete with the US Federal Highway system and display modernity. Most of the Job Creation Programmes credited to Hitler were planned by Bruning and Schleicher BEFORE Hitler came to power.


TeamDepends knows no History; no European History; and has no conception of how Socialism absorbed Classical Liberalism through Positive Freedom concepts nor how Fascism was fusion of Feudalism and Socialism

TeamDepends's picture

"The goal of socialism is communism."
How's that for some history, pal? Look at modern Europe, y'all have elected "socialists" (such as comrade Merkel) for generations now. And what has happened? You are about to become a sharia zone! Leftist governments ALWAYS devolve into genocide, one way or another.

Ghordius's picture

Merkel is a conservative, while the conservative party she leads is engaged in a coalition with socialists

the problem is that in the US there is no such thing as a coalition, so it's impossible to explain it to you in terms you might know directly and first hand

except with "bi-partisan", and that does not cover it very well

so I'll try it with this: what does Merkel's party do? balanced budgets. despite the socialists

HopefulCynical's picture

TD has it essentially correct. There's a lot more intricacy to European political history than most people acknowledge; this is true. But when we're talking about broad definition of ideology, central planning, authoritarian, totalitarian government is on the left side of the political spectrum. Libertarian, local control, decentralized power structure government is on the right side. The two extremes are total commuism (left) and total anarchy (right). Neither one works because the human animal is neither ant nor tiger. However, since the natural yearning of the human spirit is toward freedom, the best government starts with theoretical anarchy and erects just enough structure to have the power to safeguard individual liberties from the psychopathic parasites who always want to live at the expense of others.

Oligarchy is, by definition a leftist construct.

Ghordius's picture

Libertarians? You'll find them on both sides, Left and Right

two things:

- ideology comes in three main branches: conservativism (the Right), socialism (the Left) and classical liberalism

- ideology is best avoided in any discussion with Americans... because they do not use any common standard labeling. I regard this as a simple fact. exceptional, yes, but that's the way it is


conservative oligarchy is more commonly known as feudalism, i.e. The Magnates, The Nobility, The Land Owners, the original Robber Barons

socialist oligarchy is more commonly known as The Party

classic liberal oligarchy is more commonly known as The Billionairs, The "Robber Barons"

HopefulCynical's picture

Robber Barons cannot exist without a corrupt government that 1) refuses to punish them for wrongful conduct in business, and 2) writes endless layers of "regulation" to protect cartels (and monopolies in countries that do not outlaw them).

And no, libertarian is the opposite of authoritarian.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

what society in the west - EU or  Americas have lost..the understanding of government crime..if crime is defined as : the taking of value with out JUST recompense. with the added concentration of wealth by a few corrupt elite.

taking of life, taking of property, taking of freedoms..

.gov crime is only limited by ...??? well thats the problem is it not??

ghordius? Hopeful?

see Al Gore and climate change carbon tax, or J Corzine and well his whole bankster life..

Hillary is a conduit of corruption and crime to the elite..

how Ghordius would define al, hillary or Jon..I have yet to understand.

Ghordius's picture

I'm always hopeful

how about corrupt liberals? ideology is one thing, crime and corruption a different thing

further, in every country you can witness different kinds of corruption, and different levels of corruption. and they vary, from decade to decade

you are an ex-cop, aren't you? you would know that crime comes in all kind of shapes and flavours

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius, under what form of .gov does the least  government crime and corruption happen?? liberal, conservative, fascist, communist/socialist, I guess monarchy and dictatorship should be in the list or are they just a flavor of the first four listed?

HopefulCynical's picture

Government in America is only limited by the citizens having the will to stand up and demand that .gov stay within its Constitutional limits. A majority of Americans have elected to not proactively do this. Thus, the mess.

Ghordius's picture

the truth? damn, it's a truth I personally dislike:
quality of gov does not depend from type of gov. and a lot from perspective