Blowout Victory For Donald Trump In New York Primary; Hillary Defeats Bernie: Live Stream

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New York Election Night - Live Streams:


The results are in and as expected, Donald Trump has been immediately projected the GOP winner in New York in what was a blowout victory one in which Ted Cruz will finish third; the only question is by how much and whether he will have (well) over 50% of the vote, although judging by the early results which see him with over 60% of support, he will have little trouble to sweep the majority in most districts.



On the democrat side, the results were initially far closer with exit polls putting Hillary just 4 points ahead of Bernie, however as the votes came in it became clear that Hillary's lead was insurmountable, and moments ago CNN declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the democratic primary.


And with that we have tonight's two winners, the only question remaining is how much total delegates will Trump pick up as he strives to avoid a contested convention. 

* * *

Update 3: with voting set to close shortly, here is a reminder of what the most recent polls said: Hillary Clinton has a 15 point lead over Bernie Sanders, according to the most recent poll coming out of the weekend. That's more than RealClear Politics average of 12 points, but it's also a relatively small sample size. Betting markets have Clinton at a 95 percent chance of winning.

Not a lot of suspense on the GOP side. Coming out of the weekend, Donald Trump has a 34 point lead with a 98 percent chance of winning according to betting markets.

* * *

Update 2: an exit poll among Republican voters


And one of democrats:


* * *

Update 1: according to Reuters, with just over an hour left until polling ends, voting in New York has been marred by voting irregularities, following official confirmation that more than 125,000 people were missing from New York City voter rolls and reports of other irregularities.

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer ordered an audit of the city elections board after it confirmed the names had been removed from voter rolls. The city has roughly 4 million voters considered active for the presidential primaries.


Stringer complained in a letter to the board that it was "consistently disorganized, chaotic and inefficient." He cited faulty ballot scanners, late-opening polling stations and scant staffing.

It was unclear what the vote rigging was like on the GOP side.

* * *

The race for the Presidential nomination runs through the "must win" state of New York today, where Republican Donald Trump will look to sweep his home state and widen his lead over Ted Cruz and John Kasich. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton will be trying to fend off Bernie Sanders, who's been on an impressive run as of late and seems to have significant momentum heading into this important primary.

Here is what the delegate breakdown currently looks like.

For the Republicans


And the Democrats


Here are the most recent poll results in New York, which are currently showing Trump and Clinton as double digit favorites.






Here are five things to watch for, courtesy of The Hill

The GOP delegates battle by congressional district

Trump is carrying a 30-point lead in the polls heading into election day, according to the RealClearPolitics average. He has had over 50 percent support in nearly every poll of the state taken in the last month.

The GOP front-runner is all but certain to finish in first place statewide, earning him 14 of the state’s 95 delegates.

But Trump needs to maximize the number of delegates he can squeeze out of the state.

The remaining 81 delegates will be allocated based on the results in each of the state’s 27 congressional districts.

If any candidate finishes with more than 50 percent of the vote in a district, he’ll take all of the available delegates there.

Cruz and Kasich will be looking to keep Trump below the 50 percent mark and finish above 20 percent themselves, which would allow them to at least split the delegates at the congressional district level.

Every delegate matters for Trump at this point in the race.

Analysts are forecasting that Trump will finish somewhere close to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination before the Republican National Convention in July.

If Trump falls short of that mark, even by a few delegates, his path to the nomination will become exponentially more difficult at a contested convention.

Taking only two-thirds of New York’s delegates would be a disappointment for him. A clean sweep of the state would be a huge victory.

Can Clinton put Sanders away?

Public polling indicates that Clinton is poised for a double-digit victory in New York .

Surveys in the state have consistently shown Clinton holding a lead of somewhere between 10 and 17 points in the state. Sanders has yet to climb to within single digits of Clinton in any poll of New York so far this cycle.

Clinton’s allies have said they hope to have put the nomination out of Sanders’s reach by the end of the month.

She begins Tuesday with a lead of over 240 pledged delegates. With 247 additional pledged delegates up for grabs, Clinton can put a significant amount of space between her and Sanders if she wins big.

But perhaps more important, a convincing victory would allow Clinton to shift her gaze to the general election.

The Democratic race has taken a nasty turn in recent weeks, and the sooner Clinton can move on, the better it will be for her.

Sanders’s quest for a game-changing victory

Sanders has so far won in places where he was expected to do well but lost badly in most of the states where Clinton has been the favorite.

A victory in a state where he’s the underdog would allow him to be seen as a serious challenger going forward.

While polls show Clinton maintaining a healthy lead in New York, Sanders has at least succeeded in making the contest appear close.

Sanders, who previously shied away from harsh criticism,  has ratcheted up his attacks against the front-runner recently.

And he has attracted tens of thousands of supporters to rallies around New York City while high-profile surrogates Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson and Harry Belafonte have been out in force on his behalf.

A victory on Tuesday could upend the dynamic of the race. A close finish, within a few points of Clinton, would legitimize his insistence on seeing the race through to its conclusion at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Still, Sanders’s reliance on young voters and independents could doom him.

The New York primary is closed to independents, and the deadline to register as a Democrat was in October.

Will Cruz’s microtargeting pay off?

Cruz is on a mission to block Trump from reaching 1,237 delegates.

That means contesting every single delegate, even if he has to venture into unfriendly territory, something he has done on multiple occasions while campaigning in New York.

Earlier this month, Cruz campaigned in the liberal borough of the Bronx. The headlines he drew were largely negative. Hecklers greeted Cruz, who was put on the defensive for disparaging “New York values.”

And a speech Cruz gave at the New York City Republican gala last week drew an icy response from attendees there, further evidence that Northeast Republicans seem to have little interest in Cruz’s brand of conservatism.

But Cruz is playing a long game, hoping that his efforts in liberal precincts where Republicans rarely tread will help him cut into Trump’s delegates haul at the congressional district level.

Even a few delegates could mean the difference between Trump winning on the first ballot at the convention and Cruz winning on the second or third.

Cruz identified pockets within the state where he believes his message could resonate. Cruz notably rolled matzo dough at a bakery in Brooklyn, reaching out to the city’s Orthodox Jewish community.

He will find out on Tuesday whether those efforts pay off.

Time for Kasich to prove his worth

Kasich has justified his presence in the race by saying he’ll do better than Cruz with moderate voters in Northeastern states where the electorate is more liberal.

New York will test that logic.

Most polls show Kasich running slightly ahead of Cruz in the state.

He has been campaigning in the state for a full two weeks and has picked up endorsements from The New York Times and the New York Daily News.

Picking off a substantial number of delegates at the congressional district level would will go a long way to convincing skeptical Republicans that he’s not just sucking support from Cruz and that he’s able to contribute to the anti-Trump efforts.


One important thing to note, as we pointed out earlier, is that New York has one of the most archaic primaries in the nation. New York is a closed primary, meaning that you have to be registered as a member of one of the two parties in order to participate.

As a reminder, 27% of New York State's active voters were not registered in either party as of April 2016, and have missed the March 25th deadline to register. This means they will have no say in the primary.

From the article

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll know that New Yorkers go to the primary voting booths on April 19th. Unfortunately, only a small sliver of the population will actually be able to vote. First, it’s a closed primary, so you have to be registered as a member of one of the two corrupt political parties in order to participate. As the Guardian recently reported, 27% of New York state’s active voters were not registered in either party as of April 2016, meaning these people will have no say in the primary. Even worse, what about all those residents who aren’t active voters, but would very likely vote in this particular election given the increased turnout seen in other states? They’re iced out as well.

New York has one of the most archaic primaries in the nation. Not only is it one of only 11 states with closed primaries, but if you are a registered voter who wanted to change your party affiliation in order to vote in next week’s primary, you would’ve had to do it by last October. In contrast, if you weren’t yet a registered voter you had until March 25th to register under one of the two parties in order to vote in the primary. So if you live in New York and haven’t registered by now, you can’t vote.

The polls close at 9pm Eastern, and we will provide updates as they become available.

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N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Apr 19, 2016 11:18 AM

It's all good entertainment for the patriotic dumbasses.    Too bad it no longer matters. 

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Trump's doomsayer supporters will be disappointed to see that our stock market is surging and is poised to make new all time highs. If this isn't testament to the success of President Obama's economic management, then I don't know what is. President Obama inherited a disaster from the republicans, and subsequently turned one of the worst financial crises in history into a shining recovery with a roaring stock market. Gasoline is also cheaper now, and consumers will be seeing more money in their pockets as a result. I highly doubt that Trump's fear mongering will appeal to the man in the street when the economy is clearly doing so well. Voting for Trump comes with a lot of social blowback, so there needs to be a really good reason to do so, and I just don't see any good reason at the moment. I think it's going to be Hillary hands down.


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Apr 19, 2016 11:33 AM


Can one be President from jail?  Maybe if enough brain-dead morons elect Hillary(!), she can pardon herself?

CheapBastard's picture

Given that the Dem Obama will block victims' law suits against the Saudi perpetrators of 911, it's only logical for new yorkers to vote for another Dem, Hillery, who will fror sure shut tight any doors that seek to find justice against the evil-doers.


Cruz also has too many ties to Saudis and will block any action to seek justice against them.


That's why new yorkers will vote for Ted "Candy Wrapper" Cruz and Hillary "Bengazi" Clinton.

Freddie's picture

Go look at the Cruz campaign filled with goldmanites, See Eye Aye, Bushes (aka more CIA), Neil Bush and other assorted scum.  People like his campaign manager Chad Sweet were high up in the See Eye Aye and also he is a partner with Chertoff.

Which Bush worked for the security company for the World Trade Center?

The people working on the Cruz campaign are more responsible for 9/11 than the Saudis.

froze25's picture

NY is Trump's state, he will sweep if not come real close to it.

Heavy's picture

Hillary should goto prison and any of the New Yorkers that voted for her for Senate or President should get dumped 1000 yards out into the harbor with only a pool floatie

bobsmith5's picture

MDB should go to prison with Hiallary as one who advocates the overthrow of everything rational and just in a civil society.  If you support Hillary you support death, genocide, corruption, and pure criminality. 

I am beginning to think that MDB is not for real in the sense that it's not a real person of flesh and blood.  I think he is a government bot, a form of cold blooded A.I. insanity.  His stuff is so canned and repetitive and totally fairytale in nature and tone. It is clear that he cannot engage in meaningful dialogue or serious rebuttal.

He just pushes out this statist fantasy land crap that's completely divorced from reality.  Everything he says is designed to anger common sense people, like the politician whose lies from the campaign trail are finally revealed by his voting record.  It is like the mainstream media talking points all condensed here in his comments to remind us of how corrupt our government really is.

You don't hurt his feelings when you down vote him or call him the worst names in your hate vocabulary.  I don't think MDB has any feelings at all.  I think MDB reflects pure evil.

skinwalker's picture

It is said MDB creates satire, and while that may have been true once, it is no longer clever. 


However, I must congratulate him on his blog, for he has done the impossible: he has created a website more pathetic than the fleshlight forums. 

bobsmith5's picture

Too funny skinwalker, LMAO.  Thanks

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) Chris Dakota Apr 19, 2016 10:33 PM

My NEWS organization predicts Hitlery as future dictator in thief.

ebworthen's picture

Screw Hitlary and the bankster lackey Cruz!

And WTF is up with Kasich?  Not a snowball's chance in Hell, same with Cruz's chances of defeating Hitlary.

But does the GOP care about that or their constituents?  Hell no!  They want to retain their power, even under the most corrupt crime family ever to grace the American stage, the Clintons! 

jeff montanye's picture

addressing cheap bastard and others who think it is a shame that obama won't let 9-11 victims sue the saudi perps:

the saudis are the required arab disguise that mossad, and irgun before it, adopt to do their most deadly and, to some, shameful work.  the saudis were in it but they didn't plan it.

real litigation prevention sympathy for 9-11 victim families should be about alvin k hellerstein, federal judge and committed zionist who, with the supreme court, kept every single family from having its day in court.

oh, and his israeli son? he works for the law firm defending the (mossad front) corporation that provided airline passenger screening that day and was one of those being sued by the victims' families.  

some would call that a conflict of interest.

Taylor's picture

This is Donald Trump's most shocking statement yet,

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up?!

h rearden's picture

Taylor interesting video. You might enjoy Bo Polny's videos also. He takes it back to the 1800's calculated in 7year cycles. 7/21/42 and comes up with some spot on predictions.

h rearden's picture

Opps sorry double post. Im new to posting here but still have my "Trump 2012" tee shirt from when the proposition was insane.

erg's picture

I haven't read a comment by him literally in years. Yeah, I guess I'm missing his rapier wit and withering sarcasm but I found it tiresome by about his fifth post. If he could boil his point down to a few succinct lines then maybe I'd read a few.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

ClydeCrashcup's picture

It would be nice if ZH could automatically eliminate (perhaps only for a certain length of time) any 'poster' who consistently refuses to reply to any responses to their original post.  That would weed out hit-and-run trolls like this MillionDollarBoner in short order.

undertow1141's picture

MDB is a chat bot. Maybe Tay's brother.

TeamDepends's picture

Weed out? Two weeks and one day and you want to weed out the legendary MDB?

eatthebanksters's picture

Its time for Cruz to realize he is done.  There is no way he has a chance to be POTUS other than to try and steal the election at a contested convetion.  Even if this happens he will never be POTUS becasue the base will abandon him.  His manipulations of delegates only further undermine his cause.  His event tonight in Pennsylvania with no TV's to offer coverage of election results is more evidence of manipulation and denial.  Manipulation always gets discovered and denial always ends badly.  He needs  to figure out that he is now a laughing stock proffering lies to those few who are foolish enough to believe his bullshit. The rest of us see the loser that is demeaning and whoring himself to win at all costs, despite the will of the voters.

erg's picture

Did anyone else see this guy eat his own booger during a debate? Slightly better than eating someone elses booger.

Now that's reptilian.

erg's picture

I did a little more Cruz digging - this is funny and I don't laugh easily.

Bad lip reading.

Elliott Eldrich's picture

"I did a little more Cruz digging - this is funny and I don't laugh easily.

Bad lip reading."

Just for the record, erg is entirely correct about this video. It is, in fact, hilarious, and keeps getting better and better as it goes. Well worth a few minutes of anyone's time.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) erg Apr 19, 2016 9:52 PM

To the crying protesting snowflakes


pmurgs's picture

MDB works hard to try get his big bonus from his paycheck masters. Always posting early, actually has some idea of whats going on, even though I find it hard to believe that he actually believes what he says. Hope he gets his big bonus as I personally think he's sold his soul for it.

Redhotfill's picture

If it were up to me I would label MDB as "Infamous"

Zero Point's picture

MDBs blog is fucking priceless.

Row Well Number 41's picture

It would be nice if ZH could automatically eliminate (perhaps only for a certain length of time) any 'poster' who consistently refuses to reply to any responses to their original post.


What, does your pussy hurt after just 2 weeks in fight club?  The people that get banned from this site ware it as a badge of honor.  It means they have made even the Tylers neverous. 

MDB is a great troll persona.  He hits it and quits it, kick the hornets nest and watch them all buzz.  Listen to you and everybody else going off the deep end, you'ld think somebody pissed in your wheates. What you have just witnesssed is how it is done, it's masterful.




no ita lever's picture

Well said Row, except for the cursing you make good points.

Your brother in Christ

Tall Tom's picture

no ita lever


And you probably do not know that the New Testament was written in VULGAR GREEK....not Classical Greek.


Helpful Hint...Do not say the Greek word translated as Marriage if your hosts are Greek.


You will end up getting kicked out of their home and your church....with your hosts proclaiming the Bible as a "Bad Book".


Yeah. I know that...from experience.



no ita lever's picture

Thank you for the education on the marriage thing Tom. Yes, I did know it was written in Greek, by vulgar, I don't think you really mean to say they used the terms our brother used.


I want to learn Greek now, as I want to read the untranslated version of the Bible, time is short.

Your Brother in Christ

Tall Tom's picture




Actually I do mean exactly that.


First that word does not mean marriage....not in the traditional sense.


I am not going to tell you directly what it means.


But here is a thought assignment...


Next read I Corinthian 6:16 and find out the results of having relations with a prostitute.


Yeah. The two become one flesh...understood as married.


Since that is the case, the case when you have sex then you are married, then how can there be sex outside of marriage (fornication)?


The message is somewhat different when read in Greek.


(Fornication does not exist. The word. porneia, is properly translated as "to sell" as in "to prostitute".)


I am somewhat like the Apostle Peter and extremely coarse in my exposition on this site


But this is Fight Club although I am using  "Kid Gloves" right now.


Christ has come to the World in the flesh and is the begotten Son of God. I have no doubt about that.


No I am not antichrist.


But I still am a sinner in need of Grace.


But this site may not be for you as it is offensive by its very design. This is Fight Club where the commenters do verbal battle.


Just a heads up.



Twee Surgeon's picture

Why should we worry about such things as long marriages, time is clearly short, the reproductive rate of people in western nations is in massive decline and the children we have had are not looking for a bright future but just to survive.

 Jesus said that you may divorce if you want to, I think what he meant by that was You may divorce if you want to,( you can look it up, it is in the book.) he did not damn anyone for that and he did not specifically comment on Poligimy/poligamy, as far as I can recall. Any so called church that is teaching stuff that is not Gospell truth is teaching something else.

Why worry about the past things, It is better for a man to put his seed in the belly of a whore,  ( Check it out it is in the book, Bad qoute, good enough for government work.)

The Birth Pangs are the thing to be watched in my opinion, in the markets, the weather and in the very quivering ground we live on, wars and rumors of wars, it is all warming up, birth pangs is old school for labor pains, if you ever had the opportunity to be with a woman in labor, they come closer and closer, harder and harder, epic life and death stuff that literaly gives women the chance to get their heads out of their arses.

Time is up, the birth of a new age is in the offing, when even the douchebag kids will get to come out and play. Things are about to get real and probably very weird.

Take it or leave it, I care not a tittle, whatch them birth pangs though, chicks turn purple.

no ita lever's picture

Tall Tom, I go to the den of vipers, not the church chior, to do my work. I am in exactly the right place, to discuss, learn and teach.

I am no expert in anything, just a humble man, with a belief in God, a fear of Him, and power we cannot understand.

I want to bring us all together, to fight the tyranny at hand, as you can see the world is now upside down, all by design of lucifer. He wants to drag us to the pit with him, by dividing us.

Jesus had a message of love and peace, inclusivness in a world without suffering and death. Satan rules this world, and he has his claws deep into the flesh of man.

Let us break the chains of slavery that we are in now, and come together to throw the money changers, the war mongerers and frauds into the pit. Then we can rebuild and re-educate the confused masses. The estrogen filled boys, and the testosterone filled girls, and the confused, need to be saved from their bondage.

God is love, and only thorugh Jesus Christ shall we find peace.

Your brother in Christ

no ita lever's picture

This passage is self explanatory:

16 Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”[b] 17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.[c] 18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

The bold part is the message!

Your brother in Christ

reinhardt's picture

one discovers that is true - if one has wit



Thunderbox's picture

Wait what..... A fleshlight forum, how am I just now hearing about this?

erg's picture

Seconds. I Startpaged it and saw nothing. Didn't look any further.

Nobody For President's picture

I was wondering too. Now I know. Sorry I wondered. guess some folks are REALLY lonely...

Redhotfill's picture

I just thought someone misspelled FLASHlight.  I am scarred.

WOAR's picture

" I think MDB reflects pure evil."

Ah, many think poorly of Machiavelli as well, for writing 'The Prince.'

That book was a satire as well. Machiavelli was profoundly against the principles in his own book.

Bush Baby's picture

Kasich , the slimy , back stabbing POS leach, with his fucking bullshit smile.

Cruz's strategy is to mimic Trump and try to steal as many delegates as he can.

Both are examples of the scumbags we need to vote out.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Casich is the Croatian dish rag, that can be used any way TPTB want to. A puppet, a cheap muppet.

I've yet to meet a Croatian, whom you can't BS, bribe, or bully.

No wonder the JY Times and JY Daily support him.

Honey Badger's picture

This just in: