Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Killing Its Own Fighters To Sell Their Organs

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Several weeks ago when we reported on the latest territorial losses by ISIS and the curious disappearance of the "war against ISIS" from the media's front pages, we said that this was the expected outcome of the recent Russian airborne military operations over northern Syria which had destroyed much of the Islamic State's oil infrastructure and, more importantly, had cutoff key ISIS oil transit lines to Turkey.

This dramatically reduced ISIS' inbound cash from oil sales, which had previously been estimated to amount to over a billion dollars annually.


But we certainly had no idea just how bad ISIS' funding situation had become.

According to the Times of India, it has gotten so bad for the cash-strapped Islamic State terror group that ISIS has resorted to killing its injured fighters so that their organs can be extracted and sold on the black market abroad.

"Doctors were threatened to take out the body organs of a wounded ISIL militant," the Arabic-language al-Sabah newspaper reported citing a source in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The report was confirmed by the Iranian FARS news agency which said that "the terrorists are suffering a budget shortage after their recent loss of territory in the southern part of Mosul and for the same reason it is reportedly killing its own militants who have been injured in southern Mosul to take out their body organs such as hearts and kidneys to sell them in the black market."

It also cited Spanish daily El Mondo as saying that faced with an increased number of wounded members in the Syrian army and popular forces' attacks, ISIS is using the body organs of its captives for transplantation.

It gets even more morbid, because while previously ISIS had no problem demonstratively executing its prisoners for shock YouTube clip value, it is now keeping them alive as long as possible to salvage critical "components" such as blood: according to the daily, the ISIS also forces the prisoners in Mosul jails to donate blood and in pulling a page right out of the latest Mad Max script, is postponing the execution of those sentenced to death to use their blood as much as possible.

Medical sources were quoted as saying that the personnel in one of hospitals in Mosul have seen corpses of at least 183 people whose organs had been taken out of their bodies.

The TOI adds that the Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim had made the similar accusations last year, saying that the ISIS is trafficking human organs and has executed a dozen doctors for failing to go along with the programme. Alhakim based his claim on the discovery of dozens of bodies left in shallow mass graves near the city of Mosul, currently an ISIS stronghold.

The morbid report comes just days after AFP reported that the Islamic State revenues have dropped by around 30 percent since last year, forcing the group to introduce a range of new taxes including a levy on repairing satellite dishes, a research group said on Monday.

"In mid-2015, the Islamic State's overall monthly revenue was around $80 million" said Ludovico Carlino, senior analyst at IHS, which issues regular reports on IS-controlled territory. Carlino added that "as of March 2016, the Islamic State's monthly revenue dropped to $56 million."

And while a big reason for the plunge in revenue is that according to IHS the IS group had lost about 22 percent of its territory in the past 15 months and now ruled over six million instead of nine million people, the primary reason was the abovementioned one: the collapse in oil revenue.

An IHS report also said oil production in areas controlled by IS jihadists had gone down to 21,000 barrels per day from 33,000 barrels per day before.


This was due largely to air strikes by the US-led coalition and Russia, although IHS warned the decline was only an "interruption of production" as jihadists were able to repair infrastructure quickly.

At this point one can't help but be amused at the ironic parallels between the fate of the Islamic State: whereas owners of oil and gas exploration companies are negotiating to avoid losing an "arm and a leg" or perhaps a "pound of flesh" to creditors, if only metaphorically, for ISIS fighters the threats are all too real.

And speaking of ISIS fighters, while they all knew they were prepared to give their lives for the "cause" we doubt even they envisioned an end quite like this.

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Beowulf55's picture

Now that is what I call "Taking one for the Team."

cheka's picture

is isis sending teams to ecuador to harvest?  it's either them or israel, can't remember

Ivanka2032's picture
Ivanka2032 (not verified) cheka Apr 20, 2016 1:39 PM

So that explains my sudden curious attraction to the Billy Goat down the way after Obamacare fast tracked my transplant operation last week.

pods's picture

I smell bullshit.

Did they toss them out of incubators too?  


WTFRLY's picture


Manthong's picture

Sounds like a plan to me.

At least the extractee gets a 72-year-old virgin in Paradise.

Manthong's picture

I know who that guy in the front is.

Katos's picture

"Before we can accept you into club ISIS, we'll need you to sign a waver, donating your organs in the case of injury or death "! Sign on the dotted line!

Taylor's picture
Taylor (not verified) Katos Apr 20, 2016 4:19 PM

It's the greatest threat global security has ever faced.

All the weapons in the world won't matter once ISIS army kick into gear!

MANvsMACHINE's picture

My grandfather was an organ grinder.  Not a good fit with ISIS?  Okay then.

prefan4200's picture

ISIS is so unoriginal. These guys had the idea first.

ACP's picture

They didn't "kill" their soldiers, they simply "aborted" them.


zippedydoodah's picture

So Zerohedge is deliberately using an old graphic that is based on "$93/barrel in the free market" for an article about today's story on organ harvesting.

That's kind of crap writing don't ya think?

knukles's picture

OK!  All need be done is to buy a couple fill page spreads in the ISIS/AlQueda, etc., magazine saying that the price for open market body parts has skyrocketed and set up a company to pay massive top dollar for them In Bulk!

nope-1004's picture

Such a bullshit PR stunt.  A group of masked men in capes cut of your head cuz you're from "the west".  I mean, this is a script right out of my 1964 Superman comic.

Such a horrible joke.  And the kicker for me?  The group is financed by selling oil on the black market.

FFS.... how stupid do they think people are?  Black market?  Is that like the same BM as fake Rolex's?  Do they deliver oil in Tupperware containers?  Who organized overland shipment of oil?  What about transfer at port?  Who is the person or organization that says YES to black market oil?  Shouldn't they be reprimanded?

So totally infantile.  Anyone that asks any questions will see how horribly immature and lacking in construct the whole gig is.

100% FAKE

Also, people should understand that a "war on terror" is a never ending escapade because terror is an emotion that cannot be isolated, identified, and obliterated.  It's like a war on fear.  Crafty to call it that, but proof that this 'war' will never end.

DontGive's picture

This is pure propaganda.

"Black market oil" doesn't exist when Turkey and Co are providing all the sales channels.

What the fuck are all those drones doing blowing up collateral damage? They don't "see" the conveys ripping through the sand with tankers like ants?

Pure bovine excriment.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

A 72 years old goat or camel? Do they gets choice between the two?

All Risk No Reward's picture


The CIA and Mossad (and MI6 as well) are Debt-Money Monopolist financed and controlled intelligence and block operations agencies.

Your imagination that causes you to think your local Jewish baker is in on this is, frankly, delusional. Even worse, that delusion was programmed into your head by a narrative financed by the Debt-Money Monopolists so your confusion keeps you from being an effective adversary.

Every culture has problems and the Jewish culture has some, too.


Dumber-than-a-door-nail stupid.

So stop doing it.

And before you justify your nonsense, know that the Debt-Money Monopolists financed IBM to sell Hollerith machines to Hitler to track Jewish slave labor camp inmates and they financed the Harriman Bros. to lay down railroad track right up to and into Auschwitz... because the Debt-Money Monopolists cares so much about those Jews, right?

The stupid! It hurts so much!

You've been punked by the Debt-Money Monopoly so as not to focus your energy exposing the Debt-Money Monopoly... just like the social justice warriors have been punked... and neither can admit to being punked... and here we are, awaiting collapse as all the punked people are completely lacking in intellectual self-defense and the ability to ratiocinate.

Twee Surgeon's picture

This does have the stink of propaganda but if it is true,it is jolly good news. It cheers me up so much.

May all there livers prosper in the bowels of hepatitic Chinese pork chefs.

knukles's picture

All those "clean" alcohol free livers could find homes with all the alkys needing transplants!  There'd be one mother big assed demand for them if allowed to be used as such.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Because selling orghans is unislamic, eating them is!

Normalcy Bias's picture

That's exactly what came to mind here, too.


Dear America,

ISIS truly is the real life boogeyman (although they're not scary enough to secure your borders).

However, due to budget shortfalls and individual liberties getting in our way, we're having trouble fighting them effectively.

As such, please send more money and surrender more of your liberties.



Your Friend Always, The MIC

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) cheka Apr 20, 2016 1:39 PM

It makes sense.  Islam IS the religion of piece.

HowdyDoody's picture

Israel - Tribalists are not supposed to donate organs, hence there is a major shortage of organs for patients. Israel was up to its neck in the organ trafficking in Ukraine (and elsewhere).


SMG's picture

Santanic Bastards.  They all deserve to be put in the wood chipper with their Saudi masters.

Bastiat's picture

I had to do some research but indeed there are some Santanic Middle Easterners:

(Work safe: Santanic belly dancer)

Ivanka2032's picture
Ivanka2032 (not verified) Bastiat Apr 20, 2016 2:53 PM

But she's only shaking her ass for the 1st 15 seconds! (not that I really minded)

modric's picture

They think they are having it bad but there is always someone else worse off. Think about those poor buggers at Seven Investment Management who are not allowed to play golf in work time anymore.

Nobody For President's picture

This is really "Giving one for the Team".

pods's picture

Love Neil Young's voice. Listened to Live Rust yesterday.

conscious being's picture

Neil used to be my neighbor, not that I saw him much. Huge piece of beautiful property.

NoDebt's picture

Cool.  You gotta wonder if it was worth it when all you get is the promise of 72 virgins but the reality of fucking a goat.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Well they don't say what breed of virgin you get......

ParkAveFlasher's picture

God is in the details!  Read the fine print.

StychoKiller's picture

Nor whether that 'Virgin' is male/female/other! :>D

Allen_H's picture

Captagon works wonders for them.

bugs_'s picture

DING!  the lights go on in many a Keneysian head.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Nah man, they already have been doing that for years.

But to add to TD's comment, for every seller there must be a buyer.

#1 Buyer of ISIS oil is Turkey.

Ivanka2032's picture
Ivanka2032 (not verified) Zero Point Apr 20, 2016 2:55 PM

Is there a difference?

<--- Oh wait, my bad, I thought I read 'Satanic Oligarchlandia' ~ sorry!

HowdyDoody's picture

Turkey is the middleman - aka fallguy. Israel is the end buyer.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Apr 20, 2016 1:30 PM

Boy, the Kamikaze pilots never did THAT! 

cheka's picture

ISIS has resorted to killing its injured fighters so that their organs can be extracted and sold on the black market abroad.


sold on the black market 'abroad' -- never heard palestine called that before

according to msm, wounded terrists are shipped to palestine for treatment -- so it's a nice tight little package - treat it or cut it up for parts?

Bangin7PoundCocks's picture
Bangin7PoundCocks (not verified) Apr 20, 2016 1:32 PM

Warning to all you Goldman cunts. Don't think Blankfein hasn't seen this and isn't ready to act accordingly.

BruntFCA's picture

LOL, I wonder if they are selling them to the traffickers in Tel-Aviv?