The Cost Of Asylum: More Than 50% Of Sweden's Unemployed Are Foreigners

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The cost of Sweden’s generous asylum policy can now be seen in its unemployment data (not just the rising crime rate). While a reinvigorated economy is driving down the overall jobless rate, Bloomberg notes that recent arrivals are being left behind as the majority of Sweden’s unemployed are now foreigners, up from about 40% two years ago. 

Number of people born outside Sweden registered as unemployed was 188,000 in March vs total number of 372,000...


This share will likely continue to grow as only about 25 percent of refugees that have arrived over the past eight years have a full-time job.It appears hope in Sweden is fading fast and the "No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without A Gun" environment will only continue to worsen. As a reminder of what happens when young muslims have no jobs and no hope...


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Sweden, oh Sweden, why did you listen to the cultural marxists?

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But, but they are all supposed to be doctors and lawyers and such. 

And Sweden picks out the best of the lot that are true asylum seekers.. Think what has invaded the other countries.

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Why work when millions of Swedes will do it for you.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Inshallah, Scandis, Inshallah.

junction's picture

Those unemployed do have jobs: dope dealers, pimps, strong arm robbers, hit men, home invaders, car thieves. 

hxc's picture

I agree but fail to understand the ill will towards drug dealers. They're just meeting consumer demand...

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People who think this is bad need to look at the Stats for the U.S.A.... something like 70% of all illegal immigrants from Latin America in the U.S. are on multiple forms of welfare.

70%... and there are tens of millions of them, and Obama wants to keep them here.

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I thought immigrants do the jobs Swedes aren't willing to do?

Guess not.....

Bananamerican's picture

but the ISlames do...the Swedes are not willing to NOT work.

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There's no real comparison with Hispanics in the US and the invaders welcomed with open arms by Sweden and other European states that hate their own citizens and have no respect for them as they have already submitted obediantly to decades of social engineering.

Hispanics and Latinos have backgrounds that can be compatible with US and western societies. Most are Christian or Catholic and their cultures do not seek to impose their religious practices on atheists, Protestants, secularists or non Christian religions.

They came to the US illegally but performed and still perform jobs that many Americans do not want to do. Yes some are on welfare and should not be recipients of benefits if they are illegals but the contrast with the sense of entitlement of all the scumbags washing up elsewhere from Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc is fairly clear.

And at least Hispanics have some old ties with the US even if it is that of former Spanish areas of the US. The invaders of Europe and the illegals who received 'refugee' status in western countries have not one scrap of compatiblity or history of ethnic/religious/geographical/genuinely historical ties with the countries they were allowed to take advantage of.

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Not enough sea monsters.

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Off topic: Hilarious they want donations as the adds increase and now we have the page jumping up and down because of those stupid videos they put in just above the comment secton. Love the stories, but this add deluge is getting too annoying.

Paul John Smith's picture

Yeah ...

But listen to the sociopathic neo-liberal internationalist sect.

(they'll tell you it helps with GDP)

(tell someone with cancer that "growth" is always and everytime a welcome thing)

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Apr 20, 2016 5:24 PM

Sweden should be more like the US, our unemployment rate is 5% :D

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I thought we had full-employment.



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Swedish law forbids all asylum applicants and asylum recipients from gaining employment until/unless they get permanent resident/resident alien status/citizenship.


Edit: Furthermore, many immigrants are sent to "temporary" accomodation in small towns where there is no slack in the labor market.

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Don't let the details get in the way of the narrative, otherwise, the Swedes might actually start to figure out all the things they're doing wrong...

They're can't be a proper reset unless we kick the can until collapse (Cloward–Piven style).

robobbob's picture

and that makes what difference from where the tax money is coming from to support them?

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Would you hire one of these people? You would have to keep your head on a swivel, or lose it.

Kobe Beef's picture

You're right. Ask a murdered White farmer in South Africa how hiring Negro labor works out in the end.

At this point, I'd conscript every foreign welfare parasite into the special medical research wing, and get to work on a genetically-targeted bio weapon. We're going to need one.

Yen Cross's picture

  That's a sustainable trajectory...   Let the organ harvesting begin.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Swedish babes are still good lookinng. I say we form a raiding party and invade...

MrPalladium's picture

Yes, carry off all the cute ones for safe keeping!!

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So that's what Bernie is talking about when he wants us to be like Sweeden....50% unemployment among Muslim Refugees...perhaps the Sample areas of "Dearbornistan" and "little Mogadishu" in the twin Cities Minnesota area...

Yen Cross's picture

  I've got to commend you on that post.  Ten years ago, I would have thought you were bonkers, but then my eyes were opened.

  Truth is stranger than fiction

InnVestuhrr's picture

Harvest them for biological products.

dojufitz's picture

Gee....i'm shocked......

I know a couple are illiterate but i'm still shocked.

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CURRENTLY - the Swedish people have a choise.

Convert to Islam or expel most if not all Muslims from Sweden. The alleged "new migrants" will not assimilate and beocme European culture Swedish citizens.

newworldorder's picture

CURRENTLY - the Swedish people have a choise.

Convert to Islam or expel most if not all Muslims from Sweden. The alleged "new migrants" will not assimilate and beocme European culture Swedish citizens.

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I saw a pic the other day of a million refugees and the caption read.



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A blonde fucktard nation if I ever saw one

mary mary's picture

Dumb as a Swede.

Yen Cross's picture

 I once owned a Swede jacket.  ;-D

  Now it's AlaCantRa.



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Now we know why the Russians are patrolling the hell out of the Baltic.

They see what happens when you do not.

Sweden can keep their self inflicted disaster.

uhland62's picture

They also have territory there, called  Kaliningrad. And then there's the pipeline, not in danger of being syphoned off like in Ukraine but to other nasty little games. Patrolling your gas pipeline is a very sensible idea. Better safe than sorry.

TeraByte's picture

A global trend, but I cannot get, why neocons are encouraging this unskilled migration, because in a longer run it goes against their interests.


Dre4dwolf's picture

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn.

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I can. Divide and rule is always in the globalists' interests. The chaos and divisiveness of this uncontrolled, unskilled migration helps keep others in check - more surveillance, more loss of rights as police and other powers are increased to cope with the hostile people being allowed to enter while others have to jump through hoops and pay money.

Note how much our societies have changed because of the impact of these seemingly endless waves of mostly unsuitable and indeed in some cases hostile to the west, so called 'migrants'. The screws are tightened on western societies because of these invaders - at least that is part of the reason. Their presence provides the perfect excuse to create an increasingly shackled society reinforced by technology.

It's also no surprise that people from authoritarian backgrounds are being actively welcome into the west. From rural Afghanis to Middle Eastern Muslims, these people often fundamentally disagree with western norms including religious liberty in the real sense.

As Bonzo has pointed out eloquently in other threads, these invaders are creating parallel societies within ours where more than just a small percentage agree with the notion that 21st century westerners should be punished or even killed for freedom of expression that laughs at or rejects others' fundamentalist views - in this case depressingly common forms of Islam among the illegal entrants to western societies.

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"Bloomberg notes that recent arrivals are being left behind". What a nice lefty liberal thing to say! The poor dears are being left behind, och shame. What the real comment is - , Why, if Sweden is not at full employment is it bringing in hundred of thousands of immigrants such that they have doubled their unemployment rate overnight and increased the burden on an already bankrupt state?