Russia Threatens U.S., Will Respond With "All Necessary Means" To Any NATO Intimidation Attempts

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Last week, the US Navy and Air force were livid when Russian fighter jets first buzzed the US missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea, and just days later flew within 50 feet of a US recon plane also flying over the Baltic Sea, which some interpreted as a Russian warning to Poland. The U.S. escalated and complained vocally to Russia (even if Obama did not mention the incident during his phone call with Putin last week).

However, if anyone was expecting Russia to politely apologize to the U.S. for last week's two "flybys", they would be drastically disappointed, because as Reuters reported overnight, it was Russia who accused the United States on Wednesday of intimidation by sailing a U.S. naval destroyer close to Russia's border in the Baltics and warned that the Russian military would respond with "all necessary measures" to any future incidents.

Speaking after a meeting between NATO envoys and Russia, their first in almost two years, Moscow's ambassador to NATO said the April 11 maritime incident showed there could be no improvement in ties until the U.S.-led alliance withdrew from Russia's borders.

"This is about attempts to exercise military pressure on Russia," the envoy, Alexander Grushko, said. "We will take all necessary measures, precautions, to compensate for these attempts to use military force," he told reporters.

Earlier, U.S. Ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute pressed Russia about the incident, warning it had been dangerous. The United States has said the guided missile destroyer USS Cook was on routine business near Poland when it was harassed by Russian jets.

"We were in international waters," a NATO diplomat reported Lute as telling Grushko during the NATO-Russia council meeting.

That is not how Russia saw it however. As a reminder, Russia has been quite vocal about NATO expanding ever closer to its borders, and in many ways the Russian action was perhaps to be expected following the striking announcement at the end of March that NATO had changed its Eastern European doctrine from "Assurance" to "Deterrence."

Despite what officials said was a calm and professional meeting, the public comments highlighted the state of tension that persists between the two sides, and which escalated following the US-led presidential coup in Ukraine, followed by Moscow's annexation of Crimea in March 2014, culminating with the resignation of Ukraine's US puppet prime-minister Yatseniuk.

And while Russia's chief concern has been NATO's expansion and modernization since the Cold War, which is likely to include a military build-up in eastern Europe with a rotating, multinational force in Poland and the Baltics, NATO says its move is in direct response to previous Russian actions, alleging that the plans are a proportionate response to Russian aggression following Moscow's annexation of Crimea, and the alliance had no forces in eastern Europe before the Ukraine crisis.

Poland and other NATO members in the Baltics worry about an increase in the Russian military presence in its Kaliningrad enclave, where Russia is positioning longer-range surface-to-air missiles. Ironically, when Russia positioned missiles in proximity to Poland in 2013, it stated that the move was once again in response to NATO expansion.

So while the narrative goes in circles, the military build ups on both sides continue, while "close call" incidents become increasingly frequent.

As Reuters adds, the session of the NATO-Russia Council, which last met in June 2014, had been called in part to assuage Russia's concerns that it feels threatened by NATO. But core differences clearly remained afterwards. NATO envoys had expressed concern about Russia's so-called snap exercises, where thousands of Russian troops carry out war games without any prior warning. "That is clearly destabilizing," a NATO diplomat said, ignoring that NATO engages in comparable exercises. 

Stoltenberg said NATO members had rejected Grushko's description of the crisis in eastern Ukraine as a civil war. "In the meeting, it was re-confirmed that we disagree on the facts, on the narrative and the responsibilities in and around Ukraine," Stoltenberg said after the meeting.

"Many allies disagree when Russia tries to portray this as a civil war. This is Russia destabilizing eastern Ukraine, providing support for the separatists, munitions, funding, equipment and also command and control," he said.

"So there were profound disagreements," he said.

However one wants to dub the Ukraine "situation", one thing is clear: for a vast majority of Dutch voters, Ukraine's entrance into an expanded European Union is a non-starter, which in effect kills the underlying stated public reason behind Ukraine's "almost bloodless" revolution of 2014.

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Latina Lover's picture

The USSA/Central Banksters are endlessly trying to provoke Russia into a war to cover up the impending collapse of their Fed Reserve Fiat Ponzi Scheme.  Putin must be blamed lest  the average american Shlub figures out that Wall Street and City of London have permanently screwed them, and demand their bankster heads on Pikes.

Besides, the Military Industrial Complex needs oceans of blood spilled to justify their existence. No wars, no money. Peace is bad for business.

SelfGov's picture

Would be better than Trump and way better than Obama.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

No worries SelfGov it's been happening for the last 2 years.

Didn't you know WWIII started with the Kike cookie queen from the U.S. State Department 2 years ago in Kiev?!!!

All the thieves are turning on each other.  Did you by any chance hear what "Joey" Biden had to say about Israel this morning?... 

Wonder if it has anything to do with Bi Bi Booby's trip to Moscow last week.  The John Pollard(s) in the Mossad are lining up to sell out their "Yankee Doodle" patron because they see no way out of this either!...

To add to the "self-destruct mode" that is the U.S. MIC for the past 8 years

Many... Many... Many... Eddie Snowden(s) singin for the right price!!!!!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The second cold war is coming, except this time we may have to engage our enemy directly. Russia's imperialist aggression threatens the peace and stability of the world and is impeding our interests overseas. If Russia does not cease its activities soon, we will have no choice but to intervene with military force. Although I don't advocate this intervention lightly, there will at least be benefits to our economy as a result of the military expenditure. I predict that we will come out of this conflict stronger than ever, despite the usual caveats of war.


Consuelo's picture

+1 there MDB.    I think you are actually re-defining the art...



Son of Captain Nemo's picture


You're perhaps themost delusional Zionist commentor on Zerohedge!

My advice? Go back to your pipe in the Den!!!

Nobody For President's picture

Look Son, after 2 years don't you get it? It's /sarc, MDB style - though he has become a bit too obvious the last year. Some of his early stuff was genius, then he started to overplay his hand, but he still trolls in suckers every time.

Stop being a sucker...

Taylor's picture

This is really happening! WW3 already started.

Chumly's picture

Welcome Taylor!

Glad to see you've been here 5 days. So, you're a broker? What are you brokering? That website and its "survival book?" C'mon! We'll give you a pass this time. Either come on here and provide some of your own insight, or at least provide a little mindless drivel in an attempt to appear insightful like some do here. Otherwise you are just another spammer!



DutchR's picture
The Collapse will happen in 2017

According to Taylor,




One little blue marble







how often forget




bobsmith5's picture

@ Nobody For President:  If it's /sarc then why does he have a whole website devoted to his crap?  I would agree with you were it not for this website, because it's really hard to imagine anyone actually thinking like MDB for real.  There really are people out there with his views however ill informed, and intellectually immature they may in fact be.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Whenever I read MDB, I imagine a chubby sweating flustered man in an ill fitting suit standing behind a podium in front of a great seal flanked by flags. Kind of like the bastard child from an unholy union of Richard Nixon and Winston Churchill. Puffed up with his own sense of self importance, demanding fealty and sacrifice from an audience of fat slothful beer swilling channel jockeys, fist pumping and finger pointing as his eyes follow the teleprompter. His voice incredulous at the nerve and gall of any insolent enough to question his nations God given right to rule the world. Then every single thing MDB writes makes sense.

Krungle's picture

The Zionism stuff is so last century. People throw around this anti-semitism in this bizarre vacuum that ignores the land in question was part of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE immediately prior to the BRITISH creating Israel for their own political purposes. It's like imperialism is only a Jewish thing, or, it is only bad when Jews do it. Turks? Yeah, they can occupy Kurdish land and Palestine and Armenia and whatever, that's cool. Oh, the British? Yeah, they can control the entire world and spend centuries delivering misery to brown people everywhere, but that's fine too. But, oh noes! If a Jew should stand up to the people that actually applied selection to make them really, really smart, it must be an international Jewish conspiracy! This shit is so fucking dumb. 

Let me break this down for you: HOMINIDS are fucking terrbile animals. All of them. If they worship Yaweh, or his dead bastard son, or Moloch, or Mataman, or Loki, or Cthulu, they're all terrible. 

Europeans created a world where verbal and math skills are vital to winning the game (well the Chinese did too, which is why they're just as smart as Jews and also have their own non-Zionist agenda). They selected on a small group of people who had, until that point, been totally unexceptional besides creating a religion that Europe stole (although they probably stole their religion too) and modified it as a means of social and economic control. They created a race of bankers, much like they created races of American football players and basketball players and farm laborers. Maybe next time don't tell a group of people that they cannot make a living with their hands and have to only use their brains. Duh. 

And yes, I know, now I am the most delusional Zionist commentor on ZH. Or I could just be bitter that after my Bar Mitzvah I didn't actually get my own hedge fund or get to shoot any Palestinians.....

Oh, and by the way, the half-black, possibly Muslim, possibly gay POTUS is going to get his marching orders from the very Goyim Queen tomorrow at high tea. But I forgot that the Queen takes her orders from Tel Aviv, right? 




lincolnsteffens's picture

Thanks but your effort is wasted here on people that can not differentiate between a small criminal group and the larger society that they also prey on. Belief systems are abundant as it is nearly impossible to find truth.

Ask Catholics why there is a large representation of Osiris's penis smack in the center of the Vatican.  Ask the Catholics and the English Protestants who owns England and Ireland. You can bet they have no clue that King John in 1213 ceded ownership of the British Crown to the Holy Roman Church in perpetuity.

BarkingCat's picture

I have no idea if your statement about King John is factual or not, however it does not make any difference.

Any claim to a piece of land or its treasure is only valid as long as you can enforce it.

The Catholic Church got tossed out of Great Britain a few centuries ago, along with any of its claims.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Going full tilt, I see. I like it.

Secret Weapon's picture

Sorry MDB.  Your shit is just not funny anymore. 

coast's picture

Its an art but it is getting kina old....I liked the band Boston too...although MDB, don't feel bad, you can still consider ypurself a one hit wonder..u sure fooled me awhile back.  And brought a little variety

monk27's picture

MDB is a lousy spammer ! LOL !!!

coast's picture

I too, commend you MDB, to the point where you could even be called an artist..

roddy6667's picture

Military spending and war does not really improve the economy. It is all done on borrowed money. Every dollar spent on war and war toys is a dollar that is taken away from health care, education, care of the elderly, maintaining infrastructure, and real jobs making things that people want.

War is only good for the profiteers that are in the war business.

Eisenhower was right.

Volkodav's picture

Eisenhower was a war criminal.

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

Your posts never get old to me. I don't get the people who say they tire of you. I, for one, enjoy your sarcasm.

Kayman's picture


At last, after endless diatribe slathered in feigned sincerity, you provide us with a little humor.

And as far as "In defense of HiLiary" goes, Shakespeare said it best, "get thee to a nunnery."


Freddie's picture

ZATO and the zologarchs is turning all the NATO countries into Islamic shitholes including third world USA.

The Russians just laugh.

HowdyDoody's picture

"Many... Many... Many... Eddie Snowden(s) singin for the right price!!!!!"

Thje right price is that involved defending the US Constitution. It is ironic that the US Govt's greatest enemy is the US citizen that defends the US Consitution.



DYS's picture

You can say that again!!!

HowdyDoody's picture

"Many... Many... Many... Eddie Snowden(s) singin for the right price!!!!!"

Thje right price is that involved defending the US Constitution. It is ironic that the US Govt's greatest enemy is the US citizen that defends the US Consitution.



HowdyDoody's picture

"Many... Many... Many... Eddie Snowden(s) singin for the right price!!!!!"

Thje right price is that involved defending the US Constitution. It is ironic that the US Govt's greatest enemy is the US citizen who defends the US Consitution.


nuubee's picture

The neocons are desperate to pick a fight before they're shown the door.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

The neocons are desperate to pick a fight before they're shown the door.

Desperate indeed nuub

And way past "prime time" for bankrolling the biggest war they know they can't and won't fight given all the money and project(s) the U.S. military has lost in the last decade alone!

nope-1004's picture

If a Russian vessel were in the Gulf of Mexico, would they send word back to the Kremlin that the US is being "aggressive"?

Delusional self-righteous-reserve-currency-world-police-holier-than-thou-arrogance.

End the Fed and the banker wars of demolishing countries to claim their resources.  War hasn't changed a bit since Attila the Hun, only difference is the level of propaganda and media control.


verbot's picture

Load verbot exe....exe...load mem.....mem.. Load Endtimes Protocol.....
It is not the banksters...
Ever see Dr. Strangelove?
We got bad actors in deep underground bases who think THEY will survive a nuclear xchange.
Rip those bases apart and make those rats live on the surface with the rest of us and this WW3 stuff stops on that day.
C.O.G (continuation of government) is a bad bill of goods we were sold and most would agree it would be a crime to let those responsible for a nuclear holocaust survive to nflict their sickness on any survivors.
Rip those bases apart, pull up the technology they are hiding down there to help the world.
You paid taxes to help this country but they used the money to hide themselves away under the veil of national security and have every intention to let you die by their bad choices.
Rip open those bases NOW...

End of Line

bobsmith5's picture

It absolutely is the bankers.  The evidence is overwhelming after more than 300 years of banker financed, orchestrated, and instigated wars of every major kind.  Do your homework and research verbot.

Crash Overide's picture

Didn't the US start firing ballistic missiles in California when a Chinese vessel was off the coast in international waters?

Katos's picture

There's one distinct difference between the United States and Russia, Obama and Kerry and the rest of their "TALKING HEADS" are always threatening and bullying everyone.  Putin's difference is that "he don't play"! If he's Says "he's had enough "? I have no doubt he means business! 

JohninMK's picture

This is serious 'poking the bear' stuff going on here.

The article should perhaps also have made it clearer that the multi day Russian angry response was both a reaction to an anti submarine excercise, with Polish helicopters working with the USS Donald Cook, under 50 miles off the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad with its major naval base.

Plus, as a forward deployment of an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system( the Aegis system), the Donald Cook’s port-call in Poland, and its subsequent cruise across the Baltic to Lithuania, make, for the Russian side, a US violation of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty of 2010, amounting to an “extraordinary event” and cause for Russia’s withdrawal from the pact, according to Article XIV.

If you want chapter and verse on this head to

The Donald Cook was the US destroyer that got buzzed last year in the Black Sea, so perhaps it should have expected the Russian Air Force to say hello again.

Blankone's picture

There is a history of all sides flying close to ships.  It is not that new.

And this is talk.  Even Turkey shot down a Russian jet with only economic responses from Putin.  Massod/CIA took down a russian airliner.

Turkey has moved into Syria and uses artillery to attack the Syrian forces "protected" by Putin, with no response.

They have done more than poke that poor bear.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

A real bear would have done a lot more than whine or growl.

It would have taken your head off.

The Russian 'bear'?  Not so much. Seems fairly 'domesticated'.

(Just going by the "Preponderance of Evidence", not emotion, dogma, or wishful thinking, guys. Or are my observations also supposed to be pro-Russian?)

Parrotile's picture

The Russian response has been rather effective (and typically long term) as against a "US - style" immediate, "in your face" response. LOTS of insidious yet effective economic damage resulting from "that" incident, and rest assured Russia is certainly well positioned to profit from Erdogan's continuing slide into total dictator mode, which will provide plenty of opportunity for covert backing of any popular revolution when the time is right.

Just because "Western" media choses (or rather, is TOLD) what to cover, does not mean events are not taking place.

Blankone's picture

So insidious and damaging that it is invisible.  See, the Russians and Iran have these secret weapons that are so far advanced that nothing can counter them and they can take down all missiles fired.  But those clever buggers keep them hidded and will not use them.

As far as long term.  As Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Serbia, Uke how that has fared for them.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

"War is the health of the state."

Rubicon727's picture

Just reverse the circumstances and pretend Russia, China, and Iran had a NATO themselves with armament, nuclear material and troops positioned along the border of Canada and Mexico.

Just how long do you think the US would tolerate that??  About 2 milliseconds?


Longarm's picture

About time someone shows just how "exceptional" the USSA is, of course it means a hard row to hoe for the rest of us.

socalbeach's picture

Which of the 5 remaining presidential contenders would be least likely to get into a confrontation with Russia?

Spungo's picture

Bernie would be least likely to go full neocon. Hillary would probably be the worst. Trump is probably somewhere closer to the middle. Trump seems like the kind of guy who shoots first and asks questions later, but he would do it for personal opinions, not because some lobby group told him to. That's still dangerous, but it's less dangerous than Hillary. Hilldog does whatever her puppet masters tell her.

roddy6667's picture

Bernie voted against the war in Iraq, but since then he has been on board for all the neocon war games.


Billy Shears's picture

America, a very unsympathetic thug...

besnook's picture

crimea joined russia.

Billy Shears's picture

Yes, and Europe would do well to do likewise. Stupid Europeans!