Soros Warns China Credit Cycle Has Gone "Parabolic" Just To Keep Zombies Alive

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After warning last year of a "practically unavoidable" hard-landing to come in China, George Soros unleashed his central-planner-crushing self last night on the great red ponzi. As we noted last night, Soros warned the "parabolic" rise in credit  is very worrisome, and "eerily reminiscent of US in 2007-8," specifically adding that "most of the money that banks are supplying is needed to keep bad debts and loss-making enterprises alive." Soros' full discussion can be found below...

“Most of the damage occurred in later years," he said according to Bloomberg, referring to the spurt in US growth before the crash.

Simply put - as we highlighted with the shenanigans in the steel industry - China is attempting reflate its economy once again by reviving zombies who have now died twice. This can only end badly, and Soros was not alone in his opinions...

"Whether we call it stabilization or not, I am not sure,” Andrew Colquhoun, the head of Asia Pacific sovereigns at Fitch Ratings said in an interview in New York. “From a credit perspective, we’d be more comfortable with China slowing more than it is. We are getting less confident in the government’s commitment to structural reforms."


The stabilizing trend isn’t giving investors “enough confidence,” as China seems to have relied more on government investment in state-owned enterprises to boost the economy, said Gao Xiqing, former vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, in an interview in New York this week.

George Soros' full discusssion can be viewed below (he begins at around 27:00 mark)...

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Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Takes one to know one, George!

eforce's picture

Change is coming to the EU & PRC, going to be an interesting year.

SuperRay's picture

George Soros - Zionist Jew. Did you know that "6,000,000 Jews" was a meme that ran through the late 19th and right through the 20th century up to World War Two? See this
And this

The Jewish population was roughly 15 million in 1940 and roughly 15 million in 1949

Whenever I heard that someone was a "holocaust denier" in the past, I would think they were nuts. Now I think I was nuts to just buy into that propaganda. Those motherfucker Zionists must die!

Rothschilds own the fucking federal reserve. They're behind Soros's big push to destroy cultures. Illegal immigration in the US and sending all those Muslims to Europe is a Zionist gambit for the big prize, a world gov that they control. Man, you have no idea how PISSED OFF I am.

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Past couple of days ol Soros has been pouring on the China hate.  He doesn't seem to like the BRICS, smile.

However you feel about the Old Zombie, it would be dangerous to take the other side of his bet...

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Satan is waiting to tap your candy ass, Soros.  He's gonna let the whole team hit it, too.  Hope you're practicing your Kegels.  You dont want to have your intestines hanging out your ass on your first night.

weburke's picture

I know soros is high in the damn royal families, but cant we just ignore his unworthy ass?

Escrava Isaura's picture



Soros is absolutely right when he says:

China Credit Cycle Has Gone "Parabolic" To Keep Zombies Alive


What Soros forgot to tell you is that:

The “Parabolic” State Capitalism And Credit Cycle Of The Western Powers Created A World Of Zombies. 


What Soros should tell you, but he doesn’t have the balls to:

When Our Degrowth Period Turns Negative Forever, The Zombies Will Have A Parabolic Rusting Complexity Worldwide.

Shadow1275's picture

Thanks George, now if you'll excuse me I need to take the tea off of the oven. The pot is calling the kettle black and I don't want to deal with those loony leftist protest groups that you're funding. Their brains are so tiny they might start calling the pot a racist

Thought Processor's picture



Hey didn't China tell George to fuck off a while ago with some humorous note about the futlilty of trying to manipulate (re: sell) their currency?


That George, he doesn't listen very well.

Al Tinfoil's picture

Is this the same George who was calling for more bailout funds and a huge arms buildup for Ukraine in 2015, and who in 2016 called for the EU to borrow massively to pay for an open-borders immigration policy?  I guess massive borrowing in China is different from massive borrowing elsewhere.  

Dave's not here's picture

Somehow, Anything coming from Georgy boys mouth makes me want to believe exactly the opposite..  Or at least start looking for the angle he's playing.

tc06rtw's picture

 I seem to recall him saying in June of ’12, the EU had  “three months to ensure the survival of the single currency”…  It’s not doing well, but it ain’t dead yet!

onewayticket2's picture

There are two former (as of 3 days ago) Soros PMs who agree w you.

Duc888's picture


"For Rothschild’s mouthpiece Soros having seen his bluff called off recently with China’s announcement of the “Yuan Gold Fix,” and a parallel testing of the world’s longest range MAV missile, he has now chickened out and is resorting to fear mongering. But is there someone that stupid still listening to this rat?

Billionaire investor George Soros said China’s debt-fueled economy resembles the U.S. in 2007-08, before credit markets seized up and spurred a global recession.

China’s March credit-growth figures should be viewed as a warning sign, Soros said at an Asia Society event in New York on Wednesday. The broadest measure of new credit in the world’s second-biggest economy was 2.34 trillion yuan ($362 billion) last month, far exceeding the median forecast of 1.4 trillion yuan in a Bloomberg survey and signaling the government is prioritizing growth over reining in debt.

What’s happening in China “eerily resembles what happened during the financial crisis in the U.S. in 2007-08, which was similarly fueled by credit growth,” Soros said. “Most of money that banks are supplying is needed to keep bad debts and loss-making enterprises alive.”

A US lender, fully industrialized country with successful space program, and with a gold-backed currency like China is not run by a debt-fueled economy. It is an economy that can sustain by itself without external help, far better than what North Korea is currently doing.

Internationalization based on the notion that foreign investment is a need rather than an option is a fallacy. This can be proven right away by considering a larger picture, i.e. planetary economy, which obviously is standing on itself without the need for interplanetary investments.

China’s Yuan fix on its gold effectively prevents the use of Khazarian fiat dollar inside its asset based economy. They won’t be accepting yuan-dollar and gold-dollar swaps anymore, and the estimated $2 trillion US treasury bonds can be dumped anytime they want, in exchange for more gold, or other hard assets.

Now that the gauntlet is finally thrown on the fiat dollar, US treasurer Jack Lew’s initial reaction is to change the face of the $20 dollar bill, you know as a distraction in conjunction with Soros’ usual fearmongering."






Paul John Smith's picture

Soros is admitting to a truth because it is convenient - he is a corrupt old dirt bag.

(China is going down the tubes)

(but so is the USA)

(and everywhere else)

Latitude25's picture

Good gawd zh.  Do we have to rehash this soros propaganda again?

south40_dreams's picture

I keep forgetting he's still alive 

back to basics's picture

He is not.

That POS has been dead inside for decades now.

Oath_Keeper's picture

Indeed, to save himself, he outed people to be assassinated by the nazis

tarabel's picture



I don't understand why ZHers regard this as a character fault.

This site is full of people who hate the Jews and think Hitler was right.

So why should some teenager who sold out his own Jewish people to make nice with the Nazis not be a friend of the average ZHer?

He stuck a red-hot poker up the Bank of England's ass. Don't you guys hate NWO bankers?

Are you guys saying that it's because he's taken his money and spent it as he sees fit to spend it?

There's a name for a society where someone is obligated to utilize their property only for publicly laudable ends-- or else it must be taken away from them.

Hitler was its leader.

But Soros was his pal.

And somehow you end up hating him.

It's so, well, illogical.

northern vigor's picture

"It's so illogical"

...Hey, we're not Vulcans. Sometimes you just look at a guy like Soros and think, "I really hate you". There's no logic to it, it's human. 

38BWD22's picture



+ 1 tarabel, for bravery.

Bwa ha.  Got 'em!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Just a personal note brotha that you might wish to check out before the close of this year.

Here's a prediction for you old man....

You're going to continue to hemorrhage your personal wealth (more importantly everyone elses money in the Western financial system) that you use and it will only get increasingly ugly for you!!!

So my advice to you old man.  Take the biggest and best vacation over the next 8 months with the 42 year old wife, and do yourself and what is left of the financial holocaust you've created for yourself & friends...

And just fucking DIE!!!

CPR Steps_30 pumps_2 breaths_then repeat's picture

Don´t forget... Chinese folks are clever and really good in math! Betting against China = worst investment idea EVER!

tarabel's picture



For the overseas folks who escaped pre-1949, perhaps this is true.

For the generations that were murdered for not agreeing with the insane policies of the CCP, I seriously doubt it. Thinking was not a survival trait.

But you go ahead and put all your chips on Red, if you so desire.

Billy Shears's picture

I'll be right back, I've got some rope at my house.

navy62802's picture

Soros is a sick fuck.

Ms No's picture

...Founders including "Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller"...  That is funny.  That was her name but she much preferred to be called Blanchette Ferry Rockefeller... which actually isn't much better.   

"...We are getting less confident in the government’s commitment to structural reforms."

Zionist speak for: "they refuse to model their economy after the predatory Zionist slave model, so this means war."

Yen Cross's picture

   Hey George, I read you lost two of your best investment advisors/Family fund managers recently.

   Two Soros Portfolio Managers Reportedly Exiting Firm - Focus on Funds -

  It's a shame you're such a corrupt POS, that you can't even get licensed in any meaningful jurisdictions, and have to manage your clown bux through trusts.

  * I guess this sudden surge in clarity, means you've completed construction on your doomsday bunker.


Herdee's picture

If China slowly withdraws its' Treasury Reserves over time it'll force the U.S. Government to be financially responsible.I don't see that.I do see the Saudis gradually withdrawing as well and changing over to Yuan for oil trading which would result in the end of the Petro Dollar.With those two situations,it could force the Fed into a hyperinflation scenario.You see Obama over there right now being used by the richest family on the planet.Obama is Saudi bum wipe.Obama no more cares about the 911 victims than the cow flying over the moon.He represents the pure corruption of the American democratic system.

Oath_Keeper's picture

American Republic system.

Jack Oliver's picture

Soros should be listened to because he is the 'Rothschild's' agent provocoteur - apart from that - Soros is just a CUNT !

coast's picture

This post is for tarabel also....but you are so correct Jack, on the mark.   Why doesnt soros say the same about the U.S.?  The U.S. has 20 trillion in default, the largest incarceration numbers on the planet, chemtrails, bombing nations to steal their resources, and friggin I could go on and on with so much stuff it would make your mind boggle...The thing is Jack, altho I understand what you are saying, we almost have to put ourselves into satans shoes to really understand his words,..Study what he is saying etc.  It IS important, just not too sure I have the strength for it anymore...But tomorrow, I will probably listen and disect his evilness...but its tiring.  I am told, and believe, they have to reveal their plans as their evil code of ethics bullshit, but they reveal them in a way that 99% will never understand...THen they can say, well, you were all too stupid to understand, while they are the ones that made everyone stupid...One day, I dont know when, they are all going to die in the evil pit of hell forever that the bible talks about...And another thing, I also think that they are running scared and that is why we are hearing so much of soros lately.  Anyway, jut my evening rant...

johnnycanuck's picture

Recently he was preaching to his lessors about how they need to anti up a further  $50 billion to salvage his Ukraine project.  That's $50 billion for now, next year it might go up a tad.

Just a few years back he was bullish on China and said it was like America in the early 20th Century. Presumably he meant it's people were  hungry and folks would work really hard and provide investment opportunities.  He even moved to Singapore to be close to the action. Not close enough however to endure the pollution emanating from the Chinese Economic Miracle.  Apparently something changed since then, perhaps the Chinese realized 40% of their country was so polluted the Soros vision of miracles and early 20th Century American Gangs of New York style prosperity wasn't viable in the long term.

Also read a lengthy interview with Soros done by a credible source which was very telling.  From his musings about considering whether he might be mad to his admission of having Messianic tendencies, it was something that strongly suggested his conclusion that he wasn't in fact mad, was likely wrong. 

tarabel's picture



You guys kill me. If anybody else were to say these things, you would be nodding in agreement.

But since George Soros says it, that must be a falsehood.

It's the TRUTH, and everybody knows it is. Confirmation bias should not prevent people from finding wisdom wherever it grows. 

johnnycanuck's picture

This being the same wise sage who has no problem with bleeding Western nations, and others in order to achieve his Messianic goals of some sort of retarded New World Domination by the likes of his self.


Indeed, one of the Wise Guys

just the tip's picture

no one is trying to kill you.  however, if i had a knife or a gun or a baseball bat or a rock, and i was within the security perimeter of this POS i would gladly kill this motherfucker by beating him to fucking death.

i'm sort of biased that way you can say.  i really don't give a shit what comes out of this zombies or parasites mouth.  i just want him at room temperature.

simple truth.

no one is trying to kill you.

i don't care if he shorts china on any facet of their economy or financial sector.  i don't care if it happens.  i just want him to be dead when it does.

onmail1's picture

<-- Soros the unofficial Lord of the world

warns China of imminent invasion by USA military

because China has challenged the monopoly of JewishDominion

'Stop what u r doing or we will destroy u then loot u

becuz we are the champions of the world'


"We Are The Champions" Queen(the homo)

I've paid my dues
Time after time.
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes ?
I've made a few.
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through.

(And I need just go on and on, and on, and on)

We are the champions, my friends,
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.
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I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls
You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it
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But it's been no bed of roses,
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I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
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We are the champions, my friends,
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We are the champions, my friends,
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We are the champions.
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No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions.
Shlomo Schwartzman's picture
Shlomo Schwartzman (not verified) Apr 21, 2016 11:09 PM

Dis is a real nice Ponzi you gots here.

It'd be a real shame if it accidentally caught fire.

oncemore's picture

Why is he still alive?

Infidel51's picture

Soros getting himself on record as being one who "warned" us of trouble ahead.  

Fuck you Soros you nazi shit stain.  Die of stomach cancer already.