President Obama Explains To The Brits Why They Should Vote For An Undemocratic Super-State - Live Feed

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The Obama Apology Tour rolls on... as we detailed previously, despite vehement opposition from the British public and 100s of members of parliament, President Obama opined on Brexit - urging his "brothers in blood" to exercise their democratic right to vote No to Brexit and vote Yes to an Undemocratic Super-State. Side by side with his old friend David Cameron - who he just blamed for Libya's demise - this press conference should be fun...


Gran the popcorn and watch - due to start at 1150ET...

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step one to have a successful life, do the opposite of what blacks do. 

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15 min late

+15 min late

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I hear that he took a ride on the Choom Rover, driven by a 95-y.o. Uber driver Prince Philip. ;-)


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2nd time for this post, but I think it’s worthwhile..

Here is a slogan for my Brexit friends in Britain:

“IF Obama and the Imperial US want us to stay, it means we had better leave!”.


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Nigel Farage: Fuck the bloody Status Quo and fuck the bloody Status Queers!  ;-)


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So this is the guy who's interested in perpetrating the NWO, a Global Establishment run by the Illuminati (Bildergergers, et al) in the form of the UN (think global taxes, like climate tax) their financial enablers (banks), one world religion (the state) who has the best interests of the country he loves so dearly (as in sent back Churchill's bust, puts his shoes on the Intrepid desk and gave the Queen an iPod) is now proselytizing for the Brits to stay in the EU else he'll dissemble the "special relationship" which at this juncture means he shits on you with more impunity than he would if you were his enemy, like Putin.

This has turned into some horrible Kafkaesque nightmare.

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It is imperative that Britain stays in the EU, where they are part of a larger more powerful entity with more clout on the international stage. Britain is too small a country on its own to wield the levers of global power. United, Europe is stronger and can influence world politics and global trade policy to their advantage. Hopefully president Obama is able to make this case to the Brits, many of whom still have the utmost respect for our president. President Obama is a rock star in Europe, unlike in America where we have still have so many uptight conservatives who will never understand the progressive revolution.

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Now that is fucking hilarious. Thanks for coming back. Maybe you could make the case for the USA joining Europe and take its marching orders from Brussels.

Obama a European Rock Star ?- now that, sir, is a belly laugh.

Thank you.


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America's future is in a North American Union. There is currently a lot of resistance though, especially with Trump's protectionist mantra. It's going to take a long time to convince Americans to become part of something bigger and more meaningful, but the good news is America's demographics are changing rapidly and as a consequence our country is becoming more amenable to change.

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This is Donald Trump's most shocking statement yet,

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up??!?!

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MDB. as usual you talk a type of shite somewhere in the low to middle range of the autisitic spectrum which leads me to 4 possible conclusions.

A) you're rainman

B) You're a troll hell bent of creating a reputation for High Gothic Sarcasm but without the odd relapse to knowing your sarcasm brings you back to option A)

C) Your sitting in a bunker full of other sock puppets, but rather than cover your tracks you like to rebel slightly by following the script far too closely in the hope that your commanders will put you back on drone duty/bombing Pakistani weddings. Ultimately you might revolt & be the next Edward Snowdon

D) Youre a next-gen Microsoft ChatBot so chastened by Bill Gates after descending into fascism theyve overdone your reprogramming and turned you into Hillarypawn.

Funny but Sad all the same time.

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Talking about a progressive revolution and supporting jews...

DON'T give too much away MDB, I'd hate for you to have an "accident".

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You know MDB...I think most of what you write is harmless shtick. Just a bunch of nonsense to foment discord on here. But Israel....really? Have you actually been there? Because if you had perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to spew your wit about how important it is to support Israel. I have been there. Lots. A year ago I was helping children get to school through tear gas and flash bangs deployed by the IDF for no reason. And saw a host of other atrocities too. Israel has a dismal human rights record. I know that doesn't matter to you or most people on the board for that matter. Israel is an apartheid state and one of the worst human rights offenders on the planet. It's right up there with Saudi Arabia. But then again you have to actually go there and see for yourself, something you are unlikely to do.

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Your wisdom as always is truly amazing MDB. Just a thing or...two. Britain as a country has become and is the world leader as a cesspool nation of enforcing irrational thought as status quo among its sheeple. From metrosexual, weak, neutered, effeminate, sterile males both in body and mind to the globalist mindset for accepting every "queer" notion of pseudo academia whether man made global warming or the structured elimination of the white race. For this, it would only serve the Brits justice if they stay in the EU and drown like the vermin rats they are when the whole thing implodes. Britain, as too small a nation to rule the world, as opposed to Washington or Belgium is also just plain wrong. The bank of the Rothschild's is in London and there lies the "real" power of the universe, the control of fiat money for the masses, or consider the Swiss headquarters of the Bilderberg's. You do not need a large land mass to export evil. Other than these minor things ZH readers are fortunate if not plain lucky to have your comforting NWO assessments of life around us. Keep up the good work!

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ZH hit a nerve with these Brexit topics.

Globalists and their minions be hereabouts.

ZH has been glacially slow for hours.

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It has been slow since yesterday.

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I haven't been able to go to ZH homepage at all since just after original Obama/Brexit article this morning approx 7:00am.  The only way I found to come to ZH is by clicking on link for specific article on ZH twitter page.  I can't get to home page from this article.

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This display is clearly designed to push Britian OUT of the EU.

Human nature is to do the opposite of that which is forced upon you.

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This pontificating demagogue makes my teeth grind.

Hillary will be worse.

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Dat dare bees Raciss Four chan.


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Typical EU-SSR/NWO lies.  Tell people they have a right to vote to escape the EU-SSR police state but rig it, make them vote until they get it right or threaten them.  Did the same thing in Ireland, Scotland and other places.

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dude, i love the nostalgic color and tones in this banana moon print, i should ask if you sell them but i already know i have a budget that is limiting my curiosity. ok, starting today i am saving up for a 17 x 24 print of this image

should such a thing be available at that tme.

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It's Friday. Gold is getting hammered as usual. Oil is up. And ZeroHedge is running like shit. It's a great day for TPTB !!!

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Run for the Brexit as fast as you can.

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The Brits need to run for cover.  The EU is going down in flames and they need to get out before their economy is taken with it.   The open immigration requirement that the EU idiots impose is the killer.  Are they going to let Brussels tell them how to run their country?  NOT!

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UK is screwed either way.

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your unique culture destroyed by the european union or by islam and african blacks, the outcome is the same, fucked. just give up the jews have won. checkmate.

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The average Brits are sheep, even moreso than the average 'merican.

They were never really part of the E.U. because they kept the pound. The E.U. is in fact a GLOBALIST's dream, many of whom are British however.

Yes, fuck the E.U. and unelected and UNACCOUNTABLE "leadership".

Put their fucking heads on pikes, NOTHING changes otherwise.

Don't overthink this people.

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   ^^^^ What he said...   Can we start by chopping Camerons head off, and using it for a game of lawn bowling?

Freddie's picture

Look at Cameron's wiki.  His non-Goy grandfather side of the family have been working for the Rothschilds for 250 years financing wars aka wars = mass murder of innocents.

Paris Hilton's sister married one of the Rothschild kids and it was held at the other Windor's Castle.  In London.  They run the Bank of England, the Fed and others.  Destroying the UK and Europe.   The royals sold out their people 300 or 400  years ago and they are puppets to keep the sheep passive. 

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The severed head and Cameron meme is usually linked by a dick.

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Obama has made enemies of America's traditional friends and, in idiotic attempts to curry favor with tyrannical states, made them hate us even more.

The man is a spectacular failure.

runnymede's picture

Why do I always hear what a failure Obama is ???

He has been a spectacular success in doing exactly what he wants and was trained to do------ destroy all individual freedom and western culture, fast track global statist centrally planned existence for all humanity, operated by and solely for the benefit of the psychopath .1%. 

And Hillary is tabbed to finish the job.

Rattling Bones's picture

Not satisfied with destroying America, Obama seeks to take down the U.K. as well.

Cruel Aid's picture

He showed that card year one. Imperialistic scum countries must die by all means... invasion being one of the best.

Cactus's picture

He made things worse by coming to UK, definate Brexit now1

the grateful unemployed's picture

i am waiting for step four of this Liar-aholics reunion with the truth. i don't think anyone will accept his apology

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If Bernie really believe in what he preaches, he should run as an inddepedent just so the devil will have votes taken from her, destroying her chance of ruining this country.  No no no, not on a wrong thread. We are talking about vote rigging ,right ? Obumpma doing it oversea and Hitlery doing it in the US.

Yen Cross's picture

    Trump has got to be laughing his ass off, right about now. 

    TOTUS[ the European messiah] has inflamed the Brits, and yet they're taking "ceremonial" votes in parliament to ban Trump from the U.K.

    lol--- Those dolts [politicians] just love rolling around in their own feces.

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30 seconds is all I could take. I'm going to go and have a shower now.

kikk's picture

I've said this before, the EU is an economic and political madhouse and it's structure is pure communist. Every position of any power is appointed not elected.

And Obama is over here telling us to vote in ??? WTF.

Well he doesn't get a vote and I do.

Perhaps a few of our senior politicians should tour the USA explaining to the people why Hillary should be in jail instead of on a ballot paper. I wonder how well that would go down.

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Can't have countries opting out of the global socialism.  How will they pay for a giant Orwellian government?

smacker's picture

"Can't have countries opting out of the global socialism"

And global socialism is what it's really all about.

Leo Strauss, mentor to many of the American neocons and their followers in Britain,,, HRH Tony Blair,,, was an International Socialist and the levelling down of western societies with the International Banksters running the show is the target. At that point, we all become debt slaves and untermenschen to enrich our jewish masters.

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___________ (not verified) Apr 22, 2016 11:21 AM

damn that speech is so lame. obamas facial expression and voice is like that of an neo-depressive, who lost 200$ on a stupid bet

Lady Jessica's picture

GB is still USA's Trojan Horse in the European Theatre (after de Gaulle)

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___________ (not verified) Apr 22, 2016 11:35 AM

"there is no crisis i europe"  1 minute later  "...the refugee crisis"