Why US Government And Saudi Arabia Don't Want Americans Knowing The Truth About 9/11

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Via TheAntiMedia.org,

In a rare show of bipartisanship, President Obama and top Republicans in Congress have come together to shield Americans from knowing the truth about who was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, which took the lives of 2996 people in 2001. However strange it is for neoconservative members of Congress to agree with Obama on anything, there is no doubt the issue must be serious if it warrants this level of partnership.

The issue at hand is the classified, 28-page section of the 9/11 commission report, which many experts and politicians with knowledge of the documents have said point to Saudi Arabian government officials’ direct role in the terror attacks. This is why the Saudis put out a stern warning several days ago threatening to dump up to $750 billion in U.S. assets if Senate Bill 2040 becomes law; S.B. 2040 would make public the 28 pages and also allow for victims of 9/11 to sue foreign governments found responsible.

The Saudis’ warning seems to have worked, with Obama now in the nation to “mend ties” with the monarchy and top Republicans sounding the alarm about the 9/11 bill. In an interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama claimed:

“If we open up the possibility that individuals in the United States can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the United States to being continually sued by individuals in other countries,” apparently referencing the U.S.’ own attacks overseas that have taken the lives of countless civilians.

Currently, Saudi Arabia enjoys “sovereign immunity” with the U.S., meaning even if the 28 pages proved Saudi officials were indeed behind the 9/11 attacks, Americans would not be able to seek justice for their losses. The new 9/11 bill would change that, and the Saudi response to the legislation moving through Congress reinforces suspicions the kingdom is somehow behind the 9/11 attacks.

The video below further explains why both Saudi Arabia and members of the U.S. government don’t want the 9/11 bill to pass:

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What.... That Israhell did it?

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Blaming Saudi Arabia is DISINFORMATION to cover for the real perpetrators. http://goo.gl/l6d22d

cheka's picture

saudis being used to shield the zios

internet is on fire with 9/11 truth -- so this is one of their counters to that

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President Obama and top Republicans in Congress have come together to shield Americans from knowing the truth


Howsa bout President Obama and top Republicans in Congress go to hell.

Jim in MN's picture

Clinton and Bush declared war on the Taliban in order to help Unocal and Enron build a pipeline across it.  They promised "either a carpet of flowers, or a carpet of bombs."

Then they thought that the Taliban weren't worth worrying about.  They were almost right.  It wasn't the Taliban, it was the Saudi/US created pit bulls living with them.

Point and shoot.

Urban Roman's picture

It's an old method in audio engineering. Or system engineering generally.

Let's just give it a step funcion (or better, an impulse) and see how the system responds.

So let's see how the internet reponds -- so we will know when to invoke martial law.


greenskeeper carl's picture

the dancing israelis? is that why?


if it doesnt mention that, then its not the whole story.

Urban Roman's picture

No. Would it help if all the employees came out of that shiny mirror-window building and did a dance in the parking lot?

You are being engineered.

(of course, it all assumes a linear impulse response, which is a crappy assumption to make)

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Anyone here ever been to Saudi? Their entire infrastructure is totally dependant upon outsiders to design and build everything. You couldn't trust these guys to put up a tent. If you were planning a world class 'event' and wanted it to go down without a hitch would you honestl ask these guys for any help, like AT ALL? They need mercs to prosecute their wars. The Saudi special forces actually comprise of 99% Pakis who've had proper military training. Common sense demonstrates that the Saudi government had no involvement. The actual 9-11 evidence is unequivocally clear and undeniable that western intelligence servies, with mossad complicity were all over this event, which supprts the common sense fact that you couldn't ask a Saudi to co-ordinate an excessive consumption gathering of fermented beverage in an establishment of its production.

Four chan's picture

mr pull it got paid and his tribes superiors got paid to finance two or three full wars since 9-11 2001 15 years and counting...sheckles.

J S Bach's picture

9-11 Cui Bono?   Das Judah.

Taylor's picture
Taylor (not verified) J S Bach Apr 23, 2016 7:54 AM

Trump Got It Right Again. This Is the Undeniable Proof...

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up?


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Just like Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria, it seems that Saudi Arabia needs a dose of DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!  

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Mossad probably panicked in August last year when the article below came out. They had to strike first and hard.

"The former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia said in an interview this week that following 9/11, Saudi King Salman had insisted to him that the Mossad was responsible for the attacks.

“One of my first calls was with then-governor of Riyadh... Prince Salman, who is now the king. His response was very emphatic [that] this could not have been Saudis, we couldn’t possibly have done this,” former envoy Robert Jordan said on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS.

“This had to have been an Israeli plot. The Mossad must have done this,” he cited Salman as saying at the time."


vega113's picture

No one says they coordinated, they were involved. They created and provided the actual "terrosrists" and financed them. 

MilwaukeeMark's picture

Change "terrorists" to "patsies" and you got it.
LH Oswald was the classic patsie.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) MilwaukeeMark Apr 23, 2016 7:59 AM

911 came from the Neocons Project for a New American Century released in the 90s.

Signed by Jews and Jeb!

Put into action when Bush was installed in the WH.

Others joined the party, Israel and Saudi Arabia with similar interests, which was destruction

of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran.

Control of the flow of oil and Rothschild Central banks that these countries being those without one.

Saudi Arabia being the power player in the ME with Iraq and Iran finished off.




and in no particular order said some truth teller connected.

detached.amusement's picture

I was happy to see we wouldnt be signing on to that farcical kyoto protocol, but then never imagined we'd have the government/zios/saudis pull 911 on us.

moneybots's picture

"LH Oswald was the classic patsie."


Oswald was not a patsie. Oswald falsely claimed to be one, just like all those people pulled over on COPS, who claimed the drugs found in their car, wasn't theirs.

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I have lived there. I mapped marine habitats for Aramco. we were all expats not a singele Saudi.

In the Al Kharj oasis is a deep limestone hole. In the 80s the water level was abotu 60 feet. In the 90s it has sunk (fossil water table) to 300 feet. When I once told a RSAF Saudi pilot what happens whent he water runs out, he sdaid "We dig another hole"

no way did they do 9/11. They are too stupid.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

You start with the evidence on the ground, it will lead where it needs to, the dominos will fall, but step 1 is releasing the 28 pages.  More and more truth will come from there.

ack's picture

As a young child I remember the moment my mother confessed she was the Tooth Fairy. Immediately putting 2+2 together, and with tears streaming down my face, I responded "Well, that means there's no Easter Bunny nor Santa either". Those 28 pages will destroy all belief in USSG-ZWO Fairy tales. The quickening is coming. Tick-tock.

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Something like that. Or maybe just fishing for squid with lights at night.

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'February 12, 1998: Unocal VP Advocates Afghan Pipeline Before Congress'


Unocal pays University of Nebraska $900,000 to set up a training facility near Osama bin Laden’s Kandahar compound, to train 400 Afghan teachers, electricians, carpenters and pipe fitters in anticipation of using them for their pipeline in Afghanistan. One hundred and fifty students are already attending classes in southern Afghanistan. Unocal is playing University of Nebraska professor Thomas Gouttierre to develop the training program.

Gouttierre travels to Afghanistan and meets with Taliban leaders, and also arranges for some Taliban leaders to visit the US around this time (see December 4, 1997). [Daily Telegraph, 12/14/1997; Coll, 2004, pp. 364] It will later be revealed that the CIA paid Gouttierre to head a program at the University of Nebraska that created textbooks for Afghanistan promoting violence and jihad (see 1984-1994).

Gouttierre will continue to work with the Taliban after Unocal officially cuts off ties with them. For instance, he will host some Taliban leaders visiting the US in 1999 (see July-August 1999).



Jim in MN's picture

Now you're talkin'...the research is not so hard.

Four chan's picture

the tribe never saw the internet coming.

eforce's picture

How can you be so sure?

detached.amusement's picture

sure they did, that's why there is such a massive, comprehensive disinformation campaign.  Binney's quote aint there for no reason!

TahoeBilly2012's picture

There's much more to this story right on it's face, but the "story tellers" know how ignorant the Sheeple are. The Saudi intel chief's nickname is "Bandar Bush" ("nothing happens in mid east terror without my knowledge of it...") and the Royals have been close partner's with the Bush's and the Queen for years, so there ya have out...out your partner's but protect them in some slime ball way and hope that's the end of it.

Future Jim's picture

The real perps obviously control the US media, and the Saudi's obviously do not control the US media.


CorneliuCodreanu's picture

The Real Terrorists Behind 9/11: neocon Jews named, one by one


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The illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim fudgepacker imbecilic progressive liberal democrap & all the elected political democraps and republicant a need their skin sandpapered off buried in salt then thrown out in the middle of an Iranian desert with a can of Pennzoil.

logicalman's picture

The elites of all countries are playing games amongst themselves.

Unfortunately, the rest of humanity are the pieces in the games.

I, for one, have a hard time accepting that.


opport.knocks's picture

Me too, we both should have been born into the elites ;-)

Perimetr's picture


  (15 minutes)


Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org  

AE911Truth's 9/11 documentary Solving the Mystery, the destruction of World Trade Center Building #7, WTC 7 on 9/11/01. Join actor, Ed Asner and Architect Richard Gage, AIA and Architects and Engineers as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account ("collapse due to normal office fires") of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds - and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall. Solving the Mystery of the Free-Fall Collapse of WTC 7.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddz2mw2vaEg  (58 min)

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out AE911Truth.org  

An in depth review of 9/11 by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XRMrMdn0NQ (1 hr 45 min)

ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 

An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 cannot be true. This feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account. The importance of this film can not be overstated. If its thesis is correct, the justification for going to war in Iraq is built on a series of outrageous lies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUdJ41J_L8o  (41 min)

Pilots For 9/11 Truth Presents - "9/11 INTERCEPTED"

War Games, Simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots, inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging -- flying virtually in formation with -- and then diverging from reported 9/11 aircraft, fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working.... What happened on the morning of September 11, 2001? Why were our defenses ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyze NORAD response, Audio recordings as well as Radar data provided by government agencies.


Rusty Shorts's picture



(FULL ATC & RADAR Targeting Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6EbJ... )

Suppression Begins within Hours of the Attacks Shortly before noon on September 11, the controllers at New York’s Air Traffic Control Center who’d dealt with the hijacked flights made an audio recording of their recollections of what had just transpired. But before the end of the day, an FAA “quality assurance manager” crushed the tape, shredded it into pieces, and stuffed them in multiple trashcans. Then he dumped the trash (Washington Post 5/6/04). Air traffic controllers, airline employees, firefighters, eyewitnesses, and victims’ relatives were all told not to discuss what they’d seen or heard on 9/11. 

A few days later, New York City officials decided that audio and written records of the Fire Department’s actions on 9/11 should not be released to the public (New York Times 7/23/02). The reasons were simple: the testimonials revealed occurrences that weren’t supposed to have happened, and they came from credible sources. 
Many of these oral histories spoke of explosions in the Towers: 
• Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory said, “I saw a flash flash flash [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building?” 
• Firefighter Richard Banaciski added, “It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.” 
• Paramedic Daniel Rivera recalled “It was [like a] professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.’” (NYT “The Sept. 11 Records” p. 9).
Accounts of explosions given by eyewitnesses were widely reported immediately after the attacks. However, their stories were quickly dropped by corporate/mainstream news media and were not pursued by the 9/11 Commission. 
Suppression Immediately after Impact at the Pentagon 
Just minutes after the crash at the Pentagon, dozens of government men in dark slacks and white shirts systematically removed small pieces of debris from the Pentagon lawn. Who were these guys, and how were so many able to assemble at the crash site so quickly? 
Also within minutes of the crash, FBI agents began to confiscate tapes from security cameras near the Pentagon. One camera was at a Citgo gas station just across the street (Richmond Times-Dispatch 12/11/01); another was at a nearby hotel, where employees had already played back the tape (Gertz File 9/21/01). In addition, tapes from the Pentagon’s own cameras were similarly canned. In response to a Freedom of Information Act Request, the FBI acknowledged that it possessed 85 videos of the area that morning. To date, only four of them have been released, none of which shows any identifiable object. These videos show either a thin white blur, or nothing at all approaching the Pentagon. 
Immediately after the attacks, the FBI also confiscated all the files at the Florida flight schools where three of the four alleged hijacker pilots had received training. According to a local law enforcement officer, the files were loaded into two Ryder trucks and driven onto a C-130 military cargo plane that took off for Washington with Florida Governor Jeb Bush aboard (D. Hopsicker Welcome to TerrorLand p.31). The files haven’t been seen since.

verbot's picture

Verbot exe...exe...load mem....mem....load admiration...
You guys are gonna make my circuitry all damp with such great follow up information you just put up here.
Can you smell whats cooking here all you traitorous rat fucks?
You see how many folk here not only know the truth but can back it up with facts AND science?
The Hague is calling with a reservation confirmation.
George Bush and Party your gallows are ready.
Keep the heat flowing boys we got them on the run and all you PATRIOTS here deserve a medal of Honor.

End of line

opport.knocks's picture

Agree, great work.

The Bushies and Cheney will never see the Hague. The only hope is that one "enlightened" member of their permanent SS team allows something to happen. And I am absolutely sure those SS boys are monitored constantly for any signs of enlightenment. 

backwaterdogs's picture

It makes me sick and furious.  so obvious, so much info. I can get no one to even consider anything other than 19 sand niggers with box cutters made 3 steel.framed buildings collapse at fee fall speed within their own foot print.  most will say...'what do you mean 3 buildings....there were only 2'.  it's hopeless bush Cheney and their bosses will never ever pay....ever



phaedrus1952's picture

Barry Jennings was interviewed on live MSM shortly after being rescued from Building 7. This was hours before it was demolished and the dust covered Jennings was describing explosions going off all around the building.


Much later, shortly before he was killed, he gave a  more detailed description of the destruction of WTC 7, including stepping over bodies in the darkened rubble of the building's lobby.

YouTube has all this easily viewable.

moneybots's picture

"("collapse due to normal office fires")"


They weren't normal office fires. The NYFD did not fight them, as they do in a normal office fire. The fires burned totally out of control.

There has never been a controlled demolition of a working office building.

The collapse took longer than 7 seconds and was asymmetric. Floors below the East Penthouse collapsed, causing the East Penthouse to fall into the building.


luckylongshot's picture

The US was involved up to its ears. A friend of mine was in the CIA and had a high level security clearance that allowed him access to a top secret area in a US airforce base where he met the 911 terrorists being trained. He was so disgusted he left the US.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

"He was so disgusted he left the US."

Yes, it is truly disgusting when people have proof of US government complicity and do nothing to bring this to light. Your friend is a gutless piece of shit and lacks the courage that once made people and nations great.

Your friend is prima facie evidence that the rot runs right to the core.

doctor10's picture

the problem with a criminally ordered oligarchy is that eventually all decision-making becomes subordinate to keeping one another out of court

same thing basically did in the Soviet Union

messystateofaffairs's picture

Whuts that smell, whuts that smell, it's those guys from Itsahell.

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