"It's A Trojan Horse" - Thousands Of Germans Protest TTIP Trade Deal One Day Before Obama Visit

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Whether it is due to Trump's increasingly vocal anti-free trade rhetoric or due to the ongoing deterioration in the global economy, there has been a big change in the public's perception toward the transatlatnic deal known as TTIP in the recent months, with support for the agreement which was drafted by big corporations behind closed doors tumbling.

As Reuters reported last week, support for the transatlantic trade deal known as TTIP has fallen sharply in Germany and the United States, a survey showed on Thursday, days before Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama meet to try to breathe new life into the pact.

The survey, conducted by YouGov for the Bertelsmann Foundation, showed that only 17 percent of Germans believe the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a good thing, down from 55 percent two years ago.


In the United States, only 18 percent support the deal compared to 53 percent in 2014.


Nearly half of U.S. respondents said they did not know enough about the agreement to voice an opinion.


To be sure, as Michael Krieger wrote on Thursday, "the writing was already on the wall a year ago, which is why politicians were scrambling to pass TPP fast track as quickly as possible, which, of course, they did. So the good news is the public is clearly waking up. What’s a bit depressing is that it’s taken so many decades. Yes, decades."

But while Americans seemingly have more important things to be concerned about, in Germany the activists are once again making themselves heard. Recall that it was just last October when a stunning quarter million Germans packed the street of Berlin to protest Obama's "Free Trade" deal.


Fast forward to today when one day before Obama visits Angela Merke in Germany to pitch the trade agreement, thousands of German protesters have once again come out on the streets of Hannover to say 'No' to the controversial TTIP US-EU trade deal. Many in Germany fear it will reduce consumer protection and undermine workers’ protection.

While the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and Europe is set to create the world's largest free trade zone, many Europeans worry that the agreement would elevate corporate interest above national interest. TTIP opponents say that cheaper goods and services would only hurt the EU and help the US.

"People say the deal is going to compromise the European Union sovereignty, and would create much more secrecy, with one of the biggest concerns being that the agreement is wrapped in a big veil of secrecy that people are not happy with,” RT's Anastasia Churkina reported from Hannover.


According to BBC, German police estimate that about 30,000 people are taking part in the peaceful protest rally in Hannover. Many are carrying placards with slogans that read: "Stop TTIP!"

The demonstrators have also been voicing their anger over the secrecy surrounding the ongoing TTIP negotiations.

TTIP between the American continent and Europe is very dangerous for
the democracy, for our nature and for the rights of the workers,"
protester Florian Rohrich told the BBC.

"The rights in America for
workers are much lower. It's like the Trojan horse. They can't change
our whole system. But they will - because TTIP is written by the groups,
by the companies, not by the politicians," he added.

The negotiations were launched three years ago, and the next round is due to open on Monday in New York.

Obama's visit to Germany, which is the US' biggest trading partner, takes place two days after Obama stood next to the UK's David Cameron and threatened that if the country votes for Brexit it would be pushed to the "back of the queue" when it comes to trade with the US, confirming Obama increasingly sees the threat of lost trade as a diplomatic weapon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to discuss the TTIP deal with Obama when he visits a trade show in Hannover on Sunday and Monday. We expect comparable threats to Friday's to emerge with Obama making it clear that Germany stands to lose if it does not endorse the TTIP.

Sure enough, in an interview with Bild, Obama said that "the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is one of the best ways to promote growth and create jobs." Ironically, this comes just as support for the TTIP is tumbling on both sides of the Atlantic.

Wrapping up a deal would be a "win-win situation," Angela Merkel announced in her weekly podcast, adding that "it is good for us as we will be able to appraise our competitors."

In the best-case scenario, TTIP could cover over 40 percent of global GDP and account for large shares of world trade and foreign direct investment. Washington’s ambassador to Germany, Anthony L. Gardner, said in an exclusive interview with EurActiv in 2014 that “we need this deal to help solidify further the transatlantic alliance, to provide an economic equivalent to NATO and to set the rules of world trade before others do it for us.”

Meanwhile, as Americans mostly disapprove of the TTIP as of this moment if refuse to do anything about it, this is what took place in Hannover.

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Ignatius's picture

'Uninformed/Don't know' leads the polling.  Would the elite thieves want it any other way?

"We need to pass it so we'll know what's in it."  --  Pelosi

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It's a Trojan horse, but at Zero Hedge server.

Miles Ahead's picture

Can't be a Trojan, Bath prefers raw dawg...

Newsboy's picture

Just no Erdogan jokes or you will all be arrested for thought crime.

CheapBastard's picture



German citizens protesting ....


Bring out the water cannons and riot police and attack dogs!

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"People will still try to come, you can’t stop people from wanting that,” says 19-year-old Gibril Njia, who took the Western Africa route to Tenerife himself a few years ago, leaving his home in The Gambia. “If you want something, you have to fight for it.”

At some point the Euros will have to fight for their country and shoot the invaders, the liberals, and the bankers.

Son of Loki's picture

With all these German patriots protesting, many of the side streets will be quiet and little boyz and gurls will fall victim to gangs of rapefugees. The african ones are by far and away the most vicious probably because of the savagry in their own countries where massive bloodshed and slaughter is common.

pFXTim's picture

it'd be interesting to see if this gets pushed through if a substantial number of people are opposed...

de3de8's picture

FXTim, no worries, remember Obama care

pFXTim's picture

Of course, how could that have slipped my mind. The elites continue their march "unopposed"...

Normalcy Bias's picture

Why don't these Germans want to live under a system of unelected, unaccountable, unresponsive, corporate totalitarian neo-feudalism?

What the hell is wrong with them?

g'kar's picture

the germans also don't know what a joy it is to go to three part time jobs while watching some lard-ass earn more than you just going out to the mailbox

moneybots's picture

Obama said that "the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is one of the best ways to promote growth and create jobs."


Peddling fiction.

GRDguy's picture

@moneybots: EXACTLY!  (I was just about to write that comment.)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

ALL these trade deals are FBO (for benefit of) the OLIGARCHS.

It's that simple.


Rx = Central Bankster heads and their Top 10 shareholders on pikes.

CheapBastard's picture

Look at Bill Clinton's NAFTA:



NAFTA at 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality



the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Apr 23, 2016 11:46 AM

Germany, another formerly proud nation, now sad and defeated.

Pretty soon it will come down to fighting for basic human dignity... like in eastern Ukraine.

Kaeako's picture

As has been said before; too big for Europe, too small for the world. Such is the fate of the poor, poor German.

Emergency Ward's picture

Stockholm Syndrome.  Identifying with the masters of the seventy year military occupation.

Darth Rayne's picture

Obama is so funny. Whoring out his credibility and his replacement will do the same. We get to choose who we feel is most credible.

Is this really the real world?

https://davidwatkinson.blogspot.co.uk - do you understand or do you know?

Winston Churchill's picture

How quaint of the protestors to think their opinion matters at all.

Must be time to import some more rapefugees to take their minds of trade.

GreatUncle's picture

"and threatened that if the country votes for Brexit it would be pushed to the "back of the queue" when it comes to trade with the US"

Tit-for-tat, oust Macdonalds, Google, Microsoft and all the other Ameican trinkets ... by Chinese equivalents or help to develop the same. No more US corpotocracy, maybe this is what this is all about especially with the ECB and SVP loophole.

Vageling's picture

That's the problem. It's not transperant. Which we Europeans know is bad news. Doesn't matter. Eurocrates build in a safety which no EU member can superseed. Do the math. Nothing good ever came from Babylon.

TeaClipper's picture

Please please please, you are European, it's "Do the maths"

ClydeCrashcup's picture

There is more than one kind of math?  Fascinating. 

I guess politicians and government statisticians must consistently be using the other, non-real kind, which would explain a lot.

Vageling's picture

UK English yes. US English? Ehm... Don't force shit on me. 

[Edit] Nothing against UK. When you end up in the US you switch and forget about UK. Wasn't welcome. I understand your point. I had to choose. Well you lads lost one. Cheers.

aeslong's picture

as usual, everything obama tries to do is to harm ordinay people, and reward corporatism. no exception.

CheapBastard's picture

This trade deal looks to be as destructive for the world's middle class, as Obamacare has been destructive for the American middle class.

The goal of the the 1% is to destroy all middle class income people and shove then into poverty and dependent on the corrupt governments. True for Germany, America, China, France the uk and so on.

samsara's picture

The goal of the 1% is the destroying of national souvernty.

The rest comes automatically as a byproduct

rwe2late's picture

 The purpose of the two "trade partnerships"

are two fold.

1) to squelch any attempts by nations to defend their

environment, labor conditions, or consumer protections

by legally imposing corporate imaginary "rights to profit" above all else.


2) to freeze out China and Russia from world trade

(not that either should want to join TTIP or TPP anyhow).


For example, if Russia were to ban "Round-up" on its crops, and TTIP did not ...

TTIP nations could be barred from importing agricultural goods from Russia

since presumably such trade would be ruled a practice "unfair" to Monsanto's


sugarbunny's picture

can't believe I fell for this Trojan horse hook, line, and sinker.  Damn...LOL!  yeah, it's a fake-out alright!  I've been staunchly against these trade deals, but on second thought I agree with Obama.  TTIP will be amazing for jobs and growth.

ClydeCrashcup's picture

And in the best Orwellian fashion, the corporatists and their media lackeys have the gall to constantly refer to these multinational corporatist conspiracies as "Free Trade Pacts".  Actual "free trade" does NOT require multi-thousand-page, sovereignty-surrendering secret contracts.

no ita lever's picture

Correct, but POWER and CONTROL does! The oligarch's are smarter than one thinks. Millionaires fleeing is the canary here!


Orc from Mordor's picture

What do you mean by "actual" free trade? I think you are just used to using terms which have never had any actual meaning.

Orc from Mordor's picture

What do you mean by "actual" free trade? I think you are just used to using terms which have never had any actual meaning.

cookies anyone's picture

obama is trying to sell it! you need more information if it is good or bad?

no ita lever's picture

TTIP is just another NAFTA, CAFTA, ETCRA....the REAL # 1 reason for corporations moving off shore is the TAXES and REGULATIONS in the USA. Free trade is but a symptom, not the cause.



samsara's picture

Germans protest TTIP

Americans protest for 'Safe Zones'

Ya, we gotta chance

Orc from Mordor's picture

German Papuans are beginning to suspect there's something bad, aren't they? No worries, Papuans! The great white masters from beyond the ocean know what they are doing, and if they think you should be fucked, you shall be fucked.

honestann's picture

If humans would shift their behavior from "protests" to "hangings", they might have a chance to survive.  Otherwise, definitely not.

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The first logical step in every revolution has never been carried out.

That is why the problem has never been eradicated.