Saudi Arabia: Nothing But A Lot Of Sand & Hot Air

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Authored by StraightLineLogic's Robert Gore via The Burning Platform blog,

After three decades of internecine war, Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, allied with the fundamentalist Wahhabist Islamic sect, consolidated the House of Saud’s dominance over Arabia in 1932 with the tacit support of regional imperial power Great Britain. The bedrock of the Saudi Arabian economy, the massive pool of oil in the Al-Hasa region along the Persian Gulf coast, was discovered in 1938 and development began in 1941. Towards the end of World War II, President Roosevelt and Abdul-Aziz reached a handshake deal that has governed relations between the two nations ever since: Saudi Arabia would guarantee the flow of oil to the US at a reasonable price; the US would protect the Saud regime.

Like so many born into wealth, the House of Saud has mistaken fortuitous circumstances for divine favor, haughtily condescending to a world that goes along with its pretensions because of its oil. Saudi Arabia is dependent for its security and armaments on the west, particularly the US. No particular skill is necessary to extract (its reserves are among the world’s shallowest and easiest to tap), transport, or export its oil. It exports most of its oil because it has little industry, although its riches have made it a financial center and funded one of the world’s most generous welfare states. Much of the actual labor is performed by immigrants. The partial diversion of oil revenues has kept the non-House of Saud population pacified.

Oil has made the House of Saud one of the wealthiest extended clans in the world. It retains this privileged position by virtue of US military and intelligence support and its relationship with the Wahhabist clerics. Essentially, the clerics give their unwavering support to the regime, and the regime faithfully executes Sharia law (and those who violate it) in accordance with the dictates of the clerics.

It is an unfortunate tendency of the silver-spoon set not to confine itself to philanthropy, collecting art and fast cars, and other harmless pursuits. They seem compelled to tell the rest of us how to live and think. The Wahhabists make the do-gooders plaguing America look benign. It may be true that some sects of Islam are peaceful and only want to live and let live, but not the Wahhabists, it’s their brand of Sunni Islam or nothing. Everyone else is an infidel, to be converted or beheaded. So rather than just building big palaces in the desert, praying five times a day, and shopping in Paris, London, New York, and Beverly Hills, Saudi silver-spooners export their Puritanical Islam and expect obsequence from the rest of the world.

The US government promised Saudi Arabia that it would remove the military bases it erected there during Gulf War I after Saddam Hussein had been vanquished from Kuwait. It did not do so. Fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Osama bid Laden, a native of Saudi Arabia from a wealthy and well-connected family, had been happy enough to accept aid from the US. His anger at the bases and the broken promise reportedly sparked the 9/11 attacks.

Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. Twenty-eight classified pages of a 2002 Congressional 9/11 investigation may well show that they received assistance from members of the Saudi Arabian government and royal family. Family members of 9/11 victims have long pressed for their release, although it will not, because of the sovereign immunity doctrine, help them in their efforts to sue the Saudi government. Senate Bill 2040 would declassify the 28 pages and suspend sovereign immunity for any government found complicit in a terrorist attack that kills Americans on US soil.

The Saudis have cranked up their greasy US lobbying apparatus to stop the bill, and have threatened to dump $750 billion in US debt if it becomes law. The 28 pages should be released because it will add to what we know about 9/11, but there is no chance Senate Bill 2040 will become law. President Obama has pledged to veto the legislation if it passes, and went to Saudi Arabia last week to “reassure” its leaders. Even if it didn’t upset the apple cart of the US-Saudi Arabian alliance, it would open the door to other nations and multinational bodies suspending the US’s sovereign immunity for say, drone strikes and indiscriminate bombings that have killed innocent people, arguably terrorist acts.

Unfortunately, the 9/11 imbroglio will probably not be the catalyst for a rupture in the alliance. Further exposure of Saudi duplicity would underscore an argument SLL has repeatedly made: the Saudis play a double game with the US. They have funded al Qaeda and its offshoots, notably ISIS, and have underwritten the world-wide export of Wahhabism and its doctrines of jihad and Islamic domination. The US friendship with the Saudi regime undercuts its claim of moral exceptionalism; the regime is among the world’s most repressive. Its Sharia law outlaws homosexuality and makes women chattels. Civil liberties are nonexistent, and lashings or beheadings await those who dare to speak out against the regime.

The proper US response to the Saudi’s threat would have been the middle finger. Ever-happy-to-monetize central banks and the world’s capital markets can handle a $750 billion sale of US debt. There would be a price concession as markets soaked the Saudis, but after the sale prices would rally and there would be no permanent damage. That the US would allow itself to be threatened illustrates what happens when a confederated empire rests on borrowed money. How long can an empire last that succumbs to its creditors’ threats? (China has a lot more US government debt than Saudi Arabia.)

Mostly what the US response illustrates is what happens when you have a government run by eunuchs. A bipartisan, bought-and-paid-for coalition of chicken hawks sends in bombers, drones, special forces, and the NSA to wage lucrative, costly, bloody, doomed-to-fail, civil-liberties-destroying wars against terrorist “threats,” but sucks up to an empty-robe regime that has indoctrinated, funded, and armed al Qaeda and ISIS. What would the Saudis do with their oil if the world’s largest oil consumer bought elsewhere, especially as the low oil price bleeds Saudi Arabia’s foreign currency reserves? What would their military—which can’t take out fourth-rate Yemen—do if the world’s number one arms supplier refused to sell to it? What would their corrupt and tyrannical alliance of mosque and state do if the US denounced the corruption and tyranny? What leverage would the Saudi’s have after they sold their $750 billion in debt?

Take away Saudi Arabia’s oil and all that’s left are a couple of Islamic shrines and a lot of sand and hot air. Nothing so captures the testicularly-challenged US government and its leader’s relationship to that den of thieves as the photograph at the top of the page.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

And 9,000+ princes......with allowances.

<The actual number is unknown and apparently a big secret.>

El Oregonian's picture

Then the Bummer bows to the hot sand of ignorance.

macholatte's picture

Although I happen to agree with the author, this article is a great example of the Propaganda Machine in action working to win the hearts and minds of the sheeple as it weaves a tapestry of emotions much like a swami working his cobra.



KnuckleDragger-X's picture

I've been there with the army and later with IBM, and I guarantee you'll not find a bigger group of egotistical idiots anywhere. It's time to just walk away from that cluster fuck.......

El Vaquero's picture

Unfortunately, we can't.  Petrodollars 'n shit.

CC Lemon's picture

Why do I see very few articles like this even mentioning the petrodollar?

Why does your comment not have any upvotes?

If the house of sod(omites) sell oil for other than dollars, U.S. Military collapses. U.S. economy collapses. Prices of EVERYTHING go WAY up. Roman Empire sized collapse.

40 million SNAP recipients burn down cities. People dependent on medicaid DIE. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS will starve.

Nuclear war happens BEFORE that happens.

Do article writers like this not know this, or just ignore it?

goldsaver's picture

I used to think so, not so much anymore. Although currently crippled ( by the Sauds with the global worming cult followers in this administration), US shale oil production can replace the oil coming from the arabian peninsula. All that the US has to do is to refuse to sell US oil for anyhting other than US dollars. Yes, at first the dollar would loose value world wide. Yes, imports would become much more expensive, but, this would drive manufacturing back to the US as the US consumers work, purchase and play with FRNs and anyone who wnats to sell in the US, still the largest consumer market, would find it economically advantageous to build in the US.

knukles's picture

That means at least 648,000 unaccounted virgin goats at 72/unaccounted prince

Is it just me 'cause if I look closely at King Salamander's picture, he's got a bulge just like Mooch's?

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Same brand of strap-on, used on the same asshole.......

johngaltfla's picture

A lot of sand, a lot of hot air, and a generally well equipped shitty military.

They are still getting their asses kicked by the flip flop boys, aka, the Houthis.

Freddie's picture


The Saudis know how to take a major ass kicking or at least their hapless paid mercenaries.

I just wish Hezbollah and Iran had about 20,000 men on the Saudi borders so they could do to the House of Saud what the House of Saud has done to others. 

My guess is most of the Saudi people would love to see the House of Fraud hanging from a lamp post.

So far, the Houthi/Yemenis are doing a pretty good job at kicking the Saudis arses.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Yemenis are quite tough as fighters. GCC militaries actually employ plenty of them. Houthis themselves might be low-tech and not very well educated, but far from being cowards. And as far Saudi goes, it has an army comprised to a great extent from foreigners who lack that necessary quality of being willing to die for Saudi monarchy. Despite that ovewhelming technical superiority, what's lacking is a motivation: "Wars maybe fought with weapons, but they're won by men".

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) Cognitive Dissonance Apr 24, 2016 5:45 PM

real muslims dont have "kings" nor "princes". the true number is zero and i would suggest to reduce the biological number of individuals to 0 too.

johngaltfla's picture

Bullshit. We have King Obama.

Theonewhoknows's picture
Theonewhoknows (not verified) johngaltfla Apr 24, 2016 6:32 PM

King Obama makes everything easier - for people to get healthcare, as it's mandatory, for regimes to be more democratic. He is truly a great leader. The media is happy about him, the FED is happy about his - everyone, rejoice!!! You see even if the economy will being the dumpster - Janet will finally be able to tell the truth - that economy is shit and she will save everyone by cutting rates and printing money!

kill switch's picture

Hankie heads and sand niggers. Remember 9/11 and PNAC

matermaker's picture

SA sells most of its oil to Asia, not the US.  It isn't they that have the most to lose if they decide to sell oil in Yuan.   This guy is naieve.    Since the petrodollar was born in the '70s by Kissenger, the US has kept going.  The moment SA sells oil in a different currency, the petrodollar dies.  Instantly followed by the dollar.   All those dollars mandatory to buy oil start coming home to roost here at home.  Why would anyone buy bonds denominated in the currency of the largest debtor nation in world history if it no longer assured you of being able to get the black gold that currently makes the world go 'round?

Calmyourself's picture

Take away our extravagant privilege and all we have is Carriers, nukes and starvin' dindu's and bankers..

Normalcy Bias's picture

Kick their asses and take their oil!

Put these evil scum back on camels, where they belong.

Ignatius's picture

I see you've picked up on the plan.

Socratic Dog's picture

As has the Hedge, it seems.  Another article prepping us for war, prepping us for the great revelation that the Saudi's done 9/11.

Shame on you Tyler.  If you read your commentators, you know damn well it wasn't the Saudis.  Is it blackmail, or government dictate?  Or just plain old cash?  One of them is making you toe the .gov line.

Winston Churchill's picture

Remember the old saw about getting in between a fighting couple, lest they

both turn on you when they make up ?

I haven't been at all convinced about the supposed antipathy between Russia, and the KSA.

A whole lot of kabuki while fracking is destroyed.. The RoW needs to peaceably dethrone king dollar without starting WWIII.

History is quite clear that a change in WRC has always entails lots of blood spilling.

Don't forget whose prodigy Obozo is either.Deceit and bribery have won more wars than force of arms.

MansaMusa's picture

do you know how much money those "islamic shrines" bring in annually?   But not enough to keep the king and his princes bloated !

Powerslaved's picture

I've argued time and again with lefty, anti-oil, environmentalist types who always talk about reducing the worlds dependence on oil with the following...

If you think those Middle East Muslims hate the west now, just quit buying their oil. You ain't seen nothing yet. The only thing that keeps that part of the world from going full retard is oil sales.

matermaker's picture

It works both ways, powerslave.   The only thing that keeps the US going is oil sales in dollars.  That is BECAUSE of the Saudis. I must listen to some Iron Maiden.

matermaker's picture

The United States wants the rest of the World to beleive that when the life giver dies, all is laid waste.  Everyone is starting to realize this is not so.  It behooves other nations to drop the dollar as the reserve currency and thus the yoke of 6546546546514684651 American military bases in their back yards.

Everyone is just ITCHING for someone to balls up and tell us FU.   Once that happens, the planet will pile on.

Powerslaved's picture

Nice lyric reference.

Other references fitting to the current state of affairs.

I don't want to die. I'm a god. Why can't I live on?

In my last hour I'm a slave to the power of death.

buzzsaw99's picture

owebomber is so worried about global warming and terrorism. lololololol

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

What do you call a piece of 100 grit sandpaper in Saudi Arabia?


A MAP!!!


I will be here all night ... don't forget to tip you waitress.

Ignatius's picture

He said, "...9/11 imbroglio..."

plural imbroglios

  1. 1 :  a confused mass

  2. 2 a :  an intricate or complicated situation (as in a drama or novel) b :  an acutely painful or embarrassing misunderstanding c :  a violently confused or bitterly complicated altercation :  embroilment d :  scandal 3a <survived the political imbroglio>

Yeah, whatever.

giggler321's picture

You forgot the Camels

Ignatius's picture

4 out of 5 doctors who smoke, recommend Camels.

smacker's picture

"Take away Saudi Arabia’s oil and all that’s left are a couple of Islamic shrines and a lot of sand and hot air."

Eergh ,,, Plus a whole bunch of savage, sub-human, murdering, pedophile, fake royals and terrorists spreading the evil Wahibi Islam.

css1971's picture

Without money, what are they going to do?

grunk's picture

They taste like pork.

beemasters's picture

I agree...they are stupid morons who couldn't train their own to fly, let alone plotted and executed 9/11.

WTFUD's picture

When the SHTF i'm certain all those Saudi Princes will muster together to fight Hezbollah (sarc).

Their years of being pampered in the British Army Training Facilities with time off for shopping trips to Harrods should stand them in good stead.

northern vigor's picture

A Saudi prince was going in for an operation and he had a very rare blood type. They searched all over and found a Scotsman with same type. They asked him if he'd donate, and he did. 

Later the prince sent him $100,000 and a BMW.

Years later the prince was having another operation and they asked the Scot again for blood, which he gave. This time the Saudi sent him a card and a box of chocolates, thanking him. The Scot was taken aback, and eventually phoned the prince asking him why only  a box of chocolates? The prince said..." Aye laddie, but this time I have a wee bit of Scot's blood in me."

Amalgamated Tang's picture

I don't accept the author's conclusion that the $750B in Treasuries are "no big deal" and "can be absorbed." If that were true, we'd have released the report years ago and the president wouldn't fly over and prostrate himself. The fact that Saudi Arabia can blackmail us, proves the Treasuries are a big deal. The Petrodollar is a second big deal, but no one flew over after the arrangement for Chinese Yuan was announced, so the Treasuries must be critical. 

I suspect this will all end in a coup in SA before the Treasuries can be unloaded; undoing the China deal in the process. I further suspect that our new friends in Iran will be behind it, with our assistance, IF they agree to break ranks with China and Russia. 

The only mystery left will be: what does Israel do. Obama (all praise and honor be upon him) doesn't care, but because of importantance of Jewish votes in the North East, I suspect this coup will come after the election, if they can help it.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Jewish power is not based on votes, FFS. It's based on money and control of the media.

withglee's picture

Fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Osama bid Laden, a native of Saudi Arabia from a wealthy and well-connected family, had been happy enough to accept aid from the US. His anger at the bases and the broken promise reportedly sparked the 9/11 attacks. Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. Twenty-eight classified pages of a 2002 Congressional 9/11 investigation may well show that they received assistance from members of the Saudi Arabian government and royal family. Family members of 9/11 victims have long pressed for their release, although it will not, because of the sovereign immunity doctrine, help them in their efforts to sue the Saudi government.

And tell us once again, "How did they get WTC7 to fall down"?

css1971's picture

Install a roof full of solar panels. Buy an electric car.


It isn't even about the oil, it's about taking the wealth away from all the fucking nutters out there, on all sides.

Paul Kersey's picture
25% of Saudis live in abject poverty.
Approximately 15% of the Saudi population is Shia, and the Shia would love to overthrow the Royal Regime.   Over 15% of the Saudi population is Wahhabi, and the Wahhabi would love to overthrow the Royal Regime and smoke the Shiites. The Arabian Aquifer is rapidly drying up. The majority of oil used domestically in SA is used for air conditioning and desalination. Saudi Arabia has doubled its domestic oil use in just ten years
"Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, risks becoming an oil importer in the next 20 years, according to Citigroup Inc."
When Arab Spring comes to Saudi Arabia, what's left of the Saudi population will not be classified as an ally to America.
guidoamm's picture

Let me add some color to that.

Western refining capacity is overwhelmingly geared towards light sweet crude. The West has built only a handful of new refineries in the past 40 years. The bulk of refining capacity is therefore geared towards light sweet crude and new refineries are not scheduled to be built.

The only light sweet crude left globally in any significant quantities is to be found in Basra (Iraq), Lybia and Nigeria (bonny light).

Saudi Arabia has not produced light sweet crude for now well over 2 decades

In the past 20 years, depending on the year, Saudi Arabia has fluctuated anywhere between 4th and 8th supplier of crude to the USA

The largest suppliers of crude to the USA are and have been for many decades: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela

Here is something few people realize including people in the oil industry.

Saudi Arabia is a country of 22 million souls. It is mostly desert with 4 cities to speak of. It produces nothing of any consequence. It certainly does not produce anything economically viable (other than oil which is not extracted by them). Yet, Saudi Arabia consumes as much oil IN ABSOLUTE TERMS, not per capita, as South Korea or Germany

The royal class does indeed expand by leaps and bounds. Every minor princling produces litters of half a dozen new princlings per wife and state stipends for this growing horde are significant.

Thankfully, the law of diminishing marginal utility combined with compound interest will see to it that Saudi Arabia will implode in our life times (I am 51)


moleson1965's picture

Very good comment! To the point.