"They Should Be Met By Force" - US General Warns Russia Future Fly-Bys "Won't End Well For You"

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By Richard Sisk, first posted on Military.com

Russia should be warned that its dangerous flybys of U.S. ships and planes could be met by force, President Barack Obama's nominee as the next NATO and U.S. European Command commander said Thursday.

"Sir, I believe that should be known -- yes," Army Gen. Curtis M. "Mike" Scaparrotti said when asked by Sen. John McCain whether Russia should be told that the U.S. would take action if American lives were endangered.

Pursuing the same line of questioning, Sen. Joe Donnelly, an Indiana Democrat, asked Scaparrotti whether the Russians should be told that "next time it doesn't end well for you."

The general responded that "we should engage them and make clear what's acceptable. Once we make that known, we have to enforce it.

"I think they're pushing the envelope in terms of our resolve," Scaparrotti added. "It's absolutely reckless, it's unjustified and it's dangerous." As NATO commander, he said one of his first actions would be to review the rules of engagement for U.S. and allied forces in the region.

On Monday, two Russian Su-24 fighters made numerous, close-range and low-altitude passes while the U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook was conducting landing drills with helicopters in the Baltic Sea.

On Tuesday, a Russian helicopter circled around the Cook seven times at a low altitude. About 40 minutes later, two Su-24s made 11 close-range and low-altitude passes.

Secretary of State John Kerry later said that the sailors of the Cook would have been justified in shooting down the Russian fighters.
"It's unprofessional, and under the rules of engagement that could have been a shoot down, so people need to understand that this is serious business, and the United States is not going to be intimidated on the high seas," Kerry said in an interview on CNN Espanol.
Scaparrotti, now commander of U.S. Forces Korea, was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee at what could be called a historic confirmation hearing.

Seated next to him at the witness table was Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson, currently commander of Pacific Air Forces, who has been nominated as the next commander of U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). If confirmed, Robinson would become the first woman to command a combatant command.

Both Robinson and Scaparrotti appeared headed to easy confirmation. "I look forward to moving your nominations through the U.S. Senate," said McCain, an Arizona Republican and the SASC chairman.

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That's one way to elevate oil prices.

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Starting trillion dollar wars that can't be won and destabilize the world has become their specialty.


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This is how the current administration assures that the U.S. will start WWIII.

Here's the short version of the fucking TOOLS they've tapped for these top jobs:

Scaparrotti "We made great progress in Afghanistan during the surge" Where, you fucking nincompoop? In poppy acreage? In your and Petraeus's Bacha Bazi child rape parties with Afghan police? ISIS was the only ones that made any progress, you stupid jackass. After Afghanistan, Scaparrotti goes to Sough Korea where he suddenly 'discovers' a non-existent nuclear program and 'up to 20 warheads'. Yeah? Fuck you, Scaparrotti - didn't you learn anything from the way they threw Powell under the bus? Now they want to make Scaparrotti head of an illegal, para-governmental organization called NATO. Hey Scaparrotti: My kids don't pledge allegiance to fucking NATO in school - it's not a God damn country you stupid prick. And he wants another brigade in Europe that he wants me to pay for? For fucking WHAT?? Screw you, Scapi. If you want to mix it up with the Russians, then resign your commission, denounce your citizenship and fucking join Turkey. Probably already a dual-citizen of Israel. He plans to protect them from Iran and internal and external terroristic threats. Which pretty much means U.S. citizens are (in his microcephalic mind) responsible for ALL defense of Israel. Even thouth they have 80 secret nuclear warheads thanks to materials and intel stolen from America. 

Air Force (that part is important) Gen. Lori Robinson: How many flying hours, Gen. Robinson? Oh - a four-star general in the fucking USAF and you were never a pilot? How the fuck did that happen? The fact that she is a woman is irrelevant. I'm terrified of her as head of NORTHCOM because of views like this:

When asked what the greatest threats were to the U.S. today, Robinson replied:

"As Gen. Scaparrotti said, Russia is the greatest threat facing the homeland. But if you look inside the United States, the concern becomes with homegrown violent extremists. Those would be things, that if confirmed, I would continue to track closely." 

Russia isn't a fucking threat except in your dim-witted neocon PNAC brain, Gen. Robinson. And 'homegrown violent extremists' sound a lot like the what your fuckers call 'anybody that won't obey us or we think won't obey us' - like little-people U.S. citizens. Who the fuck is going to protect us from Saudi and Israeli-grown terrorists? Are you that stuipid or that blind? How soon before you start sending patriotic U.S. citizens to FEMA extermination camps, you treasonous hack? When you're not busy gloating about your undeserved rank and position, dust of a copy of the fucking U.S. Constitution and read the part about a standing army on U.S. soil, you worthless NORTHCOM tool. U.S. citizens are not your fucking enemy - we're your fucking employer. Homegrown terrorists? How about the CIA-grown terrorists named al Qaeda and ISIS - who the fuck is going to protect me from that fuckup? 

YOU and Scaparrotti are the biggest threats to the U.S. today. 

Why is Obama in such a fucking hurry to stuff the senior military positions with treasonous, Israeli-firster psychopaths? Seriously - is that all we have left? 

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Isn't it amazing that assholes like this go along because they think they'll have a place in the sun, when history teaches that useful idiots like this are done away with during the revolution?

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Achieving flag rank in the US military requires Congressional approval.  I.e., you gotta play politics to get the really fancy scrambled eggs on your cover.

Don't let the fruit salad on their chest fool ya.  These are "soldiers" in name only.  They are nothing more than politicians wearing different clothes.


Latina Lover's picture

Well said, Paveway IV.

The neocons are blowhard chickenhawks, whose bombast is exceeded only by their incompetence and cowardice.

HowdyDoody's picture

Bring it on, Scappi, bring it on. I can't wait to see a Sunburn (or equivalent) take out your dinky little boat.

PS how's the interdiction of ISIS oil and weapon supplies coming on? Not so good, huh?


Publicus's picture





I welcome the reset of human civilization.

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Blah, blah, blah!  Ask the gentleman to tell you about the RC-135 that dropped its landing gear and lined up on the Kutzenov to get them to illuminate their fire control systems, and then we can discuss unsafe airmanship.

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santafe (not verified) The Alarmist Apr 24, 2016 7:54 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia.


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Hmm lets get this straight, the USA insists they are in international waters, well then the skies are international too, so if the Russians fly their planes in International skies over the boats and the USA d!ckw@ds shoot them down claiming that ine effect international skies seventy miles off Russia's coast are the USA's well then I sure hope the Russians send that ship and all the idiots to the bottom of the sea.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) COSMOS Apr 24, 2016 10:44 PM

Splash a fighter win a prize.  Putin is playing dangerous games.

qqqqtrader's picture

will someone

do a fly-by





and click on the "enable chat" button

Four chan's picture

what happened to that phalanx system?

WordSmith2013's picture
Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’


"Russia is being infomed of every American move before Washington even makes decisions."

NidStyles's picture

More blustering to try and get the Europeans to fight among themselves again. No more brother wars.


Fuck the Tribe and their Zionists genocidal ambitions.

John Kich's picture

Trump Got It Right Again. This Is the Undeniable Proof...

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up?


zuuma's picture

Can't we just slingshot a few frozen seagull corpses at 'em on those top gun fly-bys?

Those work wonders in jet engine turbines.   Splash those Russkies with dead birds.

"Gee!  Too bad you ran into those birds, huh? "

"Yeah.  They like to hang around the ship. Eating garbage & stuff."

It would be fun for the crew to get one of those big slingshots like they use at hockey games for t-shirts. (scaled up a little for bird carcases, of course)

John Kich's picture

Obama will not finish his second term! Banned independent documentary reveals the truth. This will scare millions! I suggest you to watch this video on youtube.


fockewulf190's picture

The only reason Putin is doing this...and it is authorized from him personally...is because he knows Obama is a micro-managing pussy.  It´s a cheap, yet effective way, to show that.  I seriously doubt a future President Trump will allow himself to be played with in such a manor.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

I'd be very surprised if Trump hasn't been played-with in numerous stately homes over the years... probably both with and without his consent.

ebworthen's picture


The U.S.S.A. needs a wake-up call!

"Hello!?  Yes, you're a tin-pot non-world power, fuck off!".

goldsansstandard's picture

What would a President McCain do if the Ruskies held joint landing practices on the beaches of TJ.or Encinada.

fleur de lis's picture

None of these idiot "Generals" have the slightest concept of history.

fleur de lis's picture

The USS Donald Cook got too close to Kaliningrad where the Russians have an Air Force base, so they got buzzed. Big deal. They can take it. The DC sissies can't. Our Navy ship was probably collecting transmission and communication info to be analyzed.

Note the footage of the event -- our sailors are laughing and smirking -- not the slightest bit upset through it all. They probably got what they wanted before getting buzzed.

The Ruskies kept buzzing them in jets to pick up any transmissions for analyzation.

Big boys big toys.

Last year the Donald Cook was in the Black Sea during the Ukrainian conflict and got too close to Sevastopol where the Russians have a Navy base, and the Ruskies knocked out their lights.

Big boys big toys.

Derezzed's picture

When all is said and done, nobody will question WTF, the USSA were doing thousands of miles from their coast, a few hundred miles away from Russia ...

This won't end well for anyone for sure ...

Normalcy Bias's picture

I learned all about that 25 years ago when I read About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior by Colonel David H. Hackworth, one of the most decorated soldiers in American history.

Hackworth was a Badasses' Badass, and he was among the first in the military to speak out against the Vietnam War (which he was fighting).

A reputation won on the battlefield made it impossible to dismiss him when he went on the attack later as a critic of careerism and incompetence in the military high command. In 1971, he appeared in the field on ABC's Issue and Answers to say Vietnam "is a bad war...it can't be won. We need to get out." He also predicted that Saigon would fall to the North Vietnamese within four years, a prediction that turned out to be far more accurate than anything the Joint Chiefs of Staff were telling President Nixon or that the President was telling the American people.

RIP "Hack," there are a lot of us out here that still remember you.

cossack55's picture

Hack and Hank "Gunfighter" Emerson, two of the very best.

Collectivism Killz's picture

I was at the War College when Hackworth wrote "Steel my Soldier's Heart" and had the chance to have dinner with him. While popular with most of my "comrades," Hackworth was hated by the faculty of the War College. This was right around the time the neo-cons were going broke to co-opt military leadership.

Normalcy Bias's picture

WHOA! That is so cool! He was a GIANT, but I know that he wasn't popular within the system.

I grew up in a strong pro-military family (my Grandfather was a Bird Colonel at the ripe old age of 27 during WWII).

He also made friends with Kermit Rockefeller at Walter Reed Hospital, and they exchanged many letters. Surely, he didn't know the proximity of the evil there.

He said many 'crazy' things to me when he was alive (LBJ was a crook, the Bushes were TRASH, (they knew the Reagans), and some things about a certain ethnic group that tends to specialize in financial matters, but I don't want to repeat here that have all proven true thus far.

Thanks, Grandpa!



Collectivism Killz's picture

There has always been a very informed contingent within the military, but of course, you also have the careerists and sock puppets for the Neo-cons. Most people I knew who didn't like him thought he was an apologist because he, like LTG Butler, saw through the bullshit and knew what was really going on. His role in bringing down Bush puppet and whore Olie North didn't make him any friends either.

Collectivism Killz's picture

I was at the War College when Hackworth wrote "Steel my Soldier's Heart" and had the chance to have dinner with him. While popular with most of my "comrades," Hackworth was hated by the faculty of the War College. This was right around the time the neo-cons were going broke to co-opt military leadership.

logicalman's picture

After WW3, history will have a lot fewer people available to learn from it, if any.


Are these guys chosen for their level of stupidity?

Military 'intelligence' at work.


fockewulf190's picture

What makes you think that humans learn from the past?

sumo's picture

"Are these guys chosen for their level of stupidity?"


The Military prizes and selects for unthinking loyalty above all else, so that orders get carried out.

If you have very smart, or very ethical, subordinates, said subordinates may think (a) they know better, and (b) your orders are stupid or wrong, and (c) they should disobey your orders.

In the Military (and Law Enforcement, in fact any bureaucracy), (c) must not happen. MUST NOT.

The way you prevent (c) is to select subordinates who value obedience over reason and morality. So yeah, loyal but unthinking wins the promotion. The System depends on it.


onthesquare's picture

Scapi and Robinson want to move to the next level so the candy ass sailors who shit themselves and quit after this incident would not be able to do that.

Oracle 911's picture

At Normalcy Bias

I wonder how would the US army react if the Russians held naval exercises near the US territorial waters.

The levels of hysteria would be unbearable.

Normalcy Bias's picture

No kidding. I find it sadly hilarious that the US is so concerned with the affairs of sovereign nations on the other side of the world, while being completely unconcerned with the border with Mexico.

Oh, and by the way, ISIS is coming to kill us all (yet, they leave the border wide open).

h rearden's picture

Exactly. The MSM fails to mention that these have been Russian waters since 1945.

"After 1945, the German population was expelled from all areas east of the Oder-Neisse line, making room for displaced Poles and Russians. Poland gained most of the southern shore. The Soviet Union gained another access to the Baltic with the Kaliningrad Oblast. The Baltic states on the eastern shore were annexed by the Soviet Union"

I guess the guberment is so used to going wherever they want (including our homes) that they completely disregard soveriegn waters.

The Alarmist's picture

Yep, Monroe doctrine only works in one part of the world's seas.

Parrotile's picture

The Donald Cook was within weapons range of the MAJOR Russian Naval Base in Kaliningrad Oblast. The Donald Cook IS a "Guided Missile Destroyer" with up to NINETY Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, just a FEW of which could cause severe damage to the Russian Naval Base.

And the "US High Command" REALLY wonders why the Russians might be ever-so-slightly pissed off with the US figuratively waving its dick RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES - literally.

Is this how wars are started? Those with no skin in the game making decisions to make themselves "look good" to those who they want to suck up to. "If I say all the Right Things, I'll gain even higher rank!"

poeg's picture

Russian fishing trawlers have gone through worse with American aircraft. Nothing to see here folks.

Supernova Born's picture

These "folks" are clearly more dangerous to American liberty than Putin has ever been.

oldmanofthesee's picture

Obumnuts let himself be bitch slapped by Putin, for 7 years, now he's gonna peel off the sheep's clothing? Not likely.

goldsansstandard's picture

Let's see,

Obama appoints neo con bitch Newland, wife of head neo con Kagen to run European affairs. she supervises overthrow of duly elected government of Ukraine.

He appoints McCaine approved cunts and bastards to every high level position. He supports the overthrow of a major Russian Allie, Assad.

He overthrows a another Russian asset , Libya.

He puts the Donald Cook into the Black Sea in violation. Of the spirit , if not the letter of a treaty hard won in a Russian war with Turkey to maintain access to the sea.

If Obama is Putins Bitch, She is the Dominatrix, and Putin is just waking up from a long submission session.

jay35's picture

Epic rant! Where can I sign up for your newsletter?