Cash-Starved ISIS Offers Incentive Pay For Fighters: $50 Per "Female" Sex Slave

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ISIS appears to be at a bit of a crossroads. As we detailed yesterday, faced with a cash crunch and significant military losses, the organization is becoming quite strained. The group has reached the point where the rank and file are becoming frustrated and have started to defect.

In order to stop the defections, ISIS dug deep in its bag of incentives and decided to employ the carrot and stick method.

First we learned of the stick, which is to literally freeze members to death if they're caught trying to defect.

As we wrote yesterday

According Iraqi media agency Al Sumaria News, the 45 defectors attempted to flee the battlefield during recent fights in Iraq. They accused deserters were executed by being locked in morgue freezers in Mosul for 24 hours, left for a slow, presumably agonizing death.


Their bodies were reportedly then stretched out along the sides of the road at city entrances to act as a warning to any other fighter who might have second thoughts.

Now, courtesy of the Washington Post, we learn what the carrot is. A wage voucher obtained by the post details out the fact that ISIS is now paying soldiers extra cash for each additional family member. Also, as a sick and twisted added bonus, anyone who has a sex slave gets another $50... USD of course.

The base salary offered to the worker named al-Jiburi was a pittance, just $50 a month. But even the cash-challenged Islamic State knew it had to do more to sustain the loyalty of a man with nine mouths to feed.


A crinkled wage voucher breaks it down by family member:

  • For each of his two wives, al-Jiburi would receive an extra $50.
  • For each of his six children under age 15, he would get another $35.
  • Any “female captive” - sex slave - would entitle him to an additional $50.

For al-Jiburi, described in the document as a service worker for the terrorist group, the monthly total came to $360, payable in U.S. greenbacks.

The voucher that shows the breakdown is shown below - the article notes that the document was dated within the last six months, and was found along with other documents in Syria and Iraq.


Although the article goes on to caution any predictions about the collapse of ISIS, what's taking place is an indication that the group is in rough shape, and is now turning on its own. We certainly won't make any predictions, but none of this bodes well for the sustainability of the organization - which perhaps even more worryingly leaves ISIS fighters with even less to lose by their actions.

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And if the sex slave is a sheep?

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Then its not a war crime, it's a whore crime. 

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LykeMe (not verified) JamesBond Apr 25, 2016 10:54 PM

ISIS is a red herring, one of Hydra's heads. THIS is Hydra

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72 virgins if you die.  Fucking goats if you don't.

Fine print:  the species of the 72 virgins you get when you die is not clearly defined either.

Decisions, decisions.

Joining ISIS is looking like an increasingly bad idea.  I was giving it some serious thought last year but now.... I dunno.  This may not be for me.

Sure, me and wife have been together for a long time but compared to fucking a goat.... I still really gotta go with my wife on this one.  Call me old fashioned.

old naughty's picture

are you sayiing they ran out of virgins? (less to gain?)

First they chopped head, ISis

Then they're told to have sex with "females"...

so they are ISexIS, no?

What moar to "less to lose" ?

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baaaaaaah I deny my father is a sheep

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This is Donald Trump's most shocking statement yet,

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up?

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Why would a 100 men fight over one sloppy second sex slave, when 72 virgins are waiting for them in paradise. Maybe they really don't believe their imam bs, like we don't believe in our old establishment bs? maybe whole muslim concept is just a manipulative ploy, same as christianity and judaism. 'do as i say, not as i do' mantra. i haven't seen any integrity in society worldwide for a long time. rather than focus on a bunch of nuts in middle of remote desert, there are plenty of high fliers on wall street and in dc walking around with much ill gotten gains that actually want attention. why not 'focus' there? as a matter of fact they brag regularly in interviews telling of sophisticated ways of how to rape average joe of their hard earned pension. (of course not in that context being end result). anyone out there with real integrity, i salute you and say keep prepping. it's going to get much worse.

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The Debt-Money Monopolist supra-national banking cartel is the Big Bad, NOT ordinary people anywhere (including Israel).

Elevate your game beyond the 1940s German view of the world which was WRONG!

While Hitler was sending ordinary Jewish people to slave camps, he was signing deals with Debt-Money Monopolists front corporations like IBM, Harriman Bros., Ford, a Standard Oil subdivision, etc... to provide goods and services to the Nazis and they ended up blowing, not only his German dream, but his literal *ss up.

This is 2016. The Debt-Money Monopolists are obviously the top of the pyramid because the first action the top of the pyramid would take would be to secure the Money Power for themselves. After all, that's why 100 million people get their *ss up in the morning to work all day... doing whatever the money flow from the Money Power tells them to do.

Poverty - Debt Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Income Inequality - Why the Rich Get Richer

How Money Works

Debunking Money

Renaissance 2.0

wise_owl_says...'s picture

Bs, SS is alive and well along with British Royal family and other Russian, European, and American Elites. They run shit show we are seeing now. They are pushing for WWIII in another quick population reduction scheme. Their massive luxury underground bunkers in Unilateral Antarctica are proof of this. Hitler was protected (lived out remainder of life in Argentina where descendants of SS live today), not killed as institutional payroll ‘historians’ would have you believe. America and Pope heavily supported Hitler and are implementing exact same system today on an exponential scale. One world government almost happened, but didn't because people still had real integrity and grit in WWII, it will happen in WWIII because majority of today's society is flipping or flopped (especially in 25-60 year old range) to spinless, bought off, indebted, programmed, shoe licking, on the take, scheming, rotten filthy, vote my wallet, hate their own children, chaffe.

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No wonder the USA had to deploy more advisors.  Their sponsored buddies are hurting financially. 

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Three for a dollar.

wow thats crazy's picture

haha Its tough times everywhere!! They should be happy! at least they have a job! Try living in Chicago or Baltimore :-(

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This is what happens all around the Rust Belt (NSFW)

Hobos cleaning people rust from under the belt 

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And we thought Japan was bad....



sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"And if the sex slave is a sheep?"


That would be a $200 bonus.

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 What? You cant have slavery without white American males. And the slaves all have to be black.

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There was an important legal distinction between white slaves (both life/hereditary and term indentured whites) and black slaves - as white slaves were also English subjects (i.e. property of the King) their colonial "owners" did not have the absolute right to kill them.

Then along came the 13th Amendment (which for some reason no one reads as carefully as the 2nd Amendment, which granted the State a monopoly on slaves in the US (both black and white).

And in the 21st century, the USSA declared the absolute legal right to kill its slaves/property by executive dictat and without conviction of any crime - a lower standard than Adolph Hitler and George III.

I'm guessing those details aren't part of Common Core...

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Can't have rape culture without white males either.  We've probably all heard personal stories of false accusations used to cover up sluttiness or destroy mens' lives in a fit of vengeance.  Julian Assange is a poster boy for this.  But feminists invited an ACTUAL rape culture into Europe, and covered up the rapes! 

Why?  Is it really because white women have one victim point but brown Muslims have two victim points, and therefore according to the PC feudalist heirarchy, rapefugees get a free pass?  Is it because the conspiracy to wreck Western civilization reaches all the way down to the university level?  Or does it go deeper?  Is feminism a giant shit test, and since we failed by trying to be nice, they have now set out to cuck us with losers and tear down everything we have built?

I think these twisted feminists only hate the men they have neutered.  Which is most of the men in Western Europe.  So now they secretly want to be gang raped by barbarian hordes.  They are willing to turn the world's greatest civilization into a third world shithole just so they can be fucked into the pavement by men who still have their balls.

Vagina tingles uber alles!

Shadow1275's picture

Somehow this is a right wing White man's fault. We should gather all of our goats and send them to the Middle East to appease their insatiable lust for barnyard animals so they leave our women alone.




On the other hand Idgaf anymore. I've been with three women and I am done. You women aren't worth the trouble. I'd rather have a full wallet than an empty wallet and an empty heart.

New World Chaos's picture

I hear ya... Fuck these greedy, narcissisistic drama queens of the West.  Or don't fuck them.  Maybe head East? 

You might like this thread:

It got taken over by MGTOWs.  Funny stuff.  And it reveals some underlying reasons for the insanity.

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Mostly true. You give 'em a hand and they take the whole arm, or more, if you ( or the state ) lets them.

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 Quick call Al Sharpton!

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The culture has been a satanic cancer since long before Sodom and homosexual pedophile pharaonic Egypt, now spread through papism (Babylon) and the Synagogue of Satan (Gog), whose Vatican banker Rothschlld/Rockefeller Organized Crime Beast faction seeks America's, True Israel's, perversion and destruction.

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I'll sell them greased up gerbils for 10 bucks a pop

Collectivism Killz's picture

Very entrepreneurial. Can they be rapid Gerbils? I know laser beams on their heads would be too tough to fabricate.

New World Chaos's picture

Suicide bomber gerbils.  Allah akbar!

CorneliuCodreanu's picture

Wake up people, this fraudulent story is a fabricated Zioinist Neocon lie. 

Related matter: Dr. Steve Pieczenik Calls Out the 'Judas Goats' and real terrorists of 9/11


dsty's picture

Of course, fundamental Islamist would never do that, it must be the Jews.

I mean, just because Muhammad did it doesn't mean they take his teachings li

teraly, does it?

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ATOMIC Tsunami Nuclear Tectonic Weapon May 11 2011 Japan Tsunami ZigZag - 5 min

Japan made a deal with Iran.  1 year later 3-11 happened.  Deal was never mentioned again.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Apr 25, 2016 10:50 PM

CIA needs to try harder with the propaganda, their heart isn't even in it.  #WeakSauce

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Why is "female" in quotes?

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Just like the diminishing effect of each FED Bailout the CIA-BOOZ-NATO-UK-WAHHABI-MOSSAD-TURK alliance has run its course. This Motley Crew of degenerates are not getting the Bang for their buck leaving a bunch of undesirables to break-up and make their own way in the world. The Plethora of planned False Flags, for public consumption only will remain fully funded.

Lanka's picture

Same allowance for wife and sex slave.  However, operation and maintenance costs are ten times higher for the wife.

New World Chaos's picture

Looks like the best deal overall is to keep a 9-year-old cousin as a sex slave, and claim full price.  I wonder how many jihadis take advantage of this loophole.

css1971's picture

Sex slaves. It's right there in the Qur'an. All good muslims have them.

See Qur'an 23:5-6 as an example.

Aussiekiwi's picture

ISIS. A band of psycho nut cases pretending to have valid religious beliefs to justify their desire for unlimited power and the right to satisfy any insane desire that crosses their minds.

Amazing the change in their finances now Russia has shamed the US in to going after their finances from oil etc sold to Turkey instead of just watching long lines of tankers cruising into Turkey every day. Just goes to show what can be done when you stop supporting terrorism stop Saudi funding please.

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___________ (not verified) Apr 26, 2016 4:44 AM

dolar? i thought the official currency is dinner

pliny the longer's picture

what an incredible religion of peace they all embrace


maranatha there will be (more) blood

TeraByte's picture

Why did not IS become cash starved by those US 20 000+ smart bombs in 14 months of the US air campaign before some weeks of Russian air strikes. I must be too stupid to understand Barry´s sophisticated master plan.

thisguyoverhere's picture

In other news . . . the Sand People are thawing out Osama Bin Laden (he sank to the bottom of the ocean with no damage nevermind temps and pressures, but was recovered by a cousin Saudi prince's yacht), who was frozen in carbonite these past few years

And really Tylers why no full expose' on Prince's brilliant contract de-negotiations within the music industry, or better yet the private expose on how a musical genius kept his money under the mattress?

What the hell, why were you not leading with click bait on Prince lately?

He apparently had a "drug dealer", this iconoclast who even dabbled in commentary and concerns over personal liberty, the serfdom of all Americans and the social engineering of the population; who produced music and consulted for many artists and record companies, himself a musical talent of extraordinary depth and breadth (able to master over 20 instruments) WAS ACTUALLY just another eccentric drug addict. It is just a coincidence that the media fully discredited him so conveniently. This VERY private man opened the door to his drug dealer, personally spoke to his drug dealer (clearly musical producers have lots of spare time to chat with anyone), and spent time organizing and counting out $40k each and every day to pay his drug dealer, at the age of 50 something.

Oh and he was ACTUALLY in competition with the Kardashians, producing loads of porn and reality TV these past few years, not music. No, thats not CGI, its as real as Osama Bin Laden just thawed out of carbonite. (we have to reference the social engineering of the audience's and generation's programming any time we llude to their ICONS or STARS within their generation).

No its not psy-ops, go back to bed America.

Lies are truth, war is peace and hate is love.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Actually don't have a problem with that...

As long as ISIS uses "MADE IN THE USA - United States Army personnel to do the slave work along with the USD that buys them.

Interesting footnote.

For the past decade the United States Armed Forces has had such a serious morale problem in the debauchery department that special units both at home and forward deployed deal exclusively with chronic man on man and man on woman sexual abuse.

Anybody hear the revelations coming out of Fort Hood Texas about the enlisted female personnel that were actively running a prostitution ring on the side while on duty to make a little "extra coin" and get a promotion with the boss "while on the job"?

God only knows what it's like aboard ship or on the Marine barracks. They don't need mattresses or hammocks they need "cages"! Not just for Guantanamo inmates....

We are the lowest form of pond scum military the World has to offer and it's only getting worse. 


onmail1's picture

<-- this created ISIS, ISIL, Al-Queda

And ISIS started burning & destroying churches in Syria 

there nuns were captured & made sex slaves

All due to immoral west