Hillary To Billionaire 'Climate Denier' Koch Brother: "Not Interested In Your Support"

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Upon hearing the rather surprising news that prominent republican billionaire Charles Koch could possibly support Hillary Clinton in a presidential election, Clinton took to twitter to offer her response.


Ironically Hillary didn't rebuke the quasi support by a rival Koch brother due to fundamental philosophical differences, or the fact that she's a woman of the people and doesn't hobnob with billionaires, rather she pointed out his stance on climate change and voter rights allegations as reasons she wouldn't want his endorsement. 

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That personal check was a little light, bra

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Hillary should chair the Climate Change Politburo… from inside of a prison cell.  ;-)


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Isn't Hitlery, with this tweet, saying the won't accept support from herself?

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No, that one would spell 'reality' instead of 'climate science'.

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This really shows that Hillary is principled and won't just take money from anyone who offers their support. Hillary and the Clinton foundation vet every one of their donors to make sure that each one adheres to a strict set of moral guidelines. It's disgusting that billionares like the Koch brothers are denying the science of climate change when millions in the third world are dying as a result of our careless burning of fossil fuels. Shame on you  for denying the scientific consensus Mr Koch! And shame on Donald Trump for doing the same! 


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I wish we'd make it harder for stupid people to vote. 

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So now it is climate science? I guess since Prince died last week we have to find something else to change names all the time.

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According to scientists, purple rain will both increase and decrease with increasing hot air emissions from pundits.

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" increasing hot air emissions from pundits."


Would those emissions be from their mouth or their assholes?

You do know the methane in farts cause "climate change" cause "science"....

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Best article ever on related topic, relevant since Earth Day was just a few days ago:


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It's all down to the Clitton Koch conspiracy

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As long as by "climate science" she means hyper-politicized, asinine, sophistry then I find myself in a rare state of agreement with "the false one".

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"...he [George Bush, Sr.] grew assholes everyone and near shit himself to death." -From JFK to 9/11- Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

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Trump Got It Right Again. This Is the Undeniable Proof...

However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

What are they really trying to cover up?


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Seriously, could that dumb bitch say anything dumber than that? Anything?!? WTF? Is she drinking the same koolaid as Loretta Lynch or what?

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Haus-Targaryen Apr 25, 2016 9:53 AM

They do, you have to register.  Most people can't even figure out how to fill out those forms that just ask for your name and address.  That helps filter out a lot of people, notice how many cities people say "we need to make it easier to vote".  What the hell else do they need?

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The dems do things to get around that.  Just saw the other day, on the Game Show channel of all places, two women say that they worked for the democrats/Obama campaign by going door to door registering people to vote.  Ridiculous.  The US has become a joke.

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Haus, down south they used to have these things called literacy tests and poll taxes. They worked great until (((outside agitators))) got involved.

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shouldnt be allowed to vote if you dont pay taxes.  representation without taxation and conflict of interests

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OK MDB...I get you now...


Took awhile, but great post!


Don't froget to give Bill a shout out for inbuing those qualities to his lovely wife

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Apr 25, 2016 9:55 AM

"Millions in the third world" would stop dying if the ones that remained alived kept their legs closed


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Profound statement falls on deaf ears. I've been saying this for years, as these stupid morons continue to produce more stupid morons who then expect the western nations to support them.

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Not to mention the worst of all; those 'charities' who took the problem, fed it, medicated it -and made it 8 times worse within two short decades.

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Africa's population went from 300 million to 1.2 BILLION in 30 years because we keep feeding them and supporting them so they make more and more and more and more babies. How many Einsteins have come out from that population explosion? None, but 1.2 billion poor, starving low IQ retards who can't feed themselves did and now they are coming to Europe for more free shit.

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TThe western elites began by robbing Africa of its people. Taking millions to be enslaved and work on plantations,  enriching the white slave master. Then they sent their militaries to these countries and stole all of their natural resorces. Dianmonds, oil, uranium,  etc.They turned tribe on tribe then sat back and watched them butcher each other,  the elites love watching that shit. After stealing all of their resorces they felt that least they could do is give them a tent, some water, and malto meal . The oil companies have polluted huge swaths of land making it unliveable for the next 1000 years or so. Companies dump their garbage in West Africa where the toxic remains go into the soil making it impossible to grow anything.  Giant agrifarms have stolen the good land and enslave the population to work again, enriching the white man, while starving out the indigenous farmers who can't compete. I don't know where you get your information,  but the elites have used Africa for its vast riches and resorces ,  and like the American indian, the indigenous people are just so much squalor to kill or oppress.

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What's worse is all the, and more and more laws protecting stupid people. Why perpetuate dumb and dilute the gene pool?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

But, but, MDB, Koch is a highly accredited business executive

You, on the other hand, what accreditation have you?  CV?  Transcripts?  Have you ever held a job?

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The AT endorses mainstream opinions and conclusions that are widely accepted in academia and by polical experts. That's what makes it accredited. The Koch brothers are an evil group of people that lurk behind almost every bigoted right wing agenda, and they are widely despised by progressive thinkers. That's why I don't like them.  

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MDB_, please, PLEASE try harder. There was this troll on Slashdot who posted anonymously and signed his posts along the names of "Dr. Bob, D.C." He somehow managed to read the summary so quickly that he could write a multi-paragraph first post and not only discuss the summary in the first couple of paragraphs but twist some topic like a DARPA spying project or a neutrino experiment or a Cisco firmware being hacked into being pertinent to "Chiropractic" and then twist it into an ad for his "practice." It was hilarious to on-lookers as 90% of the people were taking him seriously. You could learn a lot from this type.

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I finally put a mirror on my desk.

Koch Brothers had been sneaking up and lurking behind me.  :-)

Would write more, but gotta get back to weeding my right-wing garden: tomatoes, squash, etc.

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MDB, I'm starting to like you because you clearly have coconuts for balls coming on a site like this to say the things you do. That website you linked to is something else. 

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Wow, how anti-establishment of Hillary. She gets plenty from elsewhere. Meanwhile, she sounds like a complete idiot making an argument for non-global warming.

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That is great theatre and all but, how long before there is a report on how she is funneling his money silently through the Clinton Foundation?

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I dont hold the Koch brothers in high esteem by any means, but the sloppy cunt's response is typical of the narrow minded/belligerent Left.  Fuck em.  They want to start a fight?  BRING THAT SHIT ON.

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I think the easier question is, what money hasn't flowed through the Clinton Foundation? I'll bet they keep foreign exchange experts on staff.

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Hitlery will not be controlled by zio-mafia oligarchy. She will repeat Adolf footsteps. But this time, zio-neocon will nowhere to run.

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Not very silent if anyone with an IQ over 75 realizes this already

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FACT: The whole earth has been "warming" since the last "ICE AGE" 10,000 years ago. We are just experiencing the last epoch of this. Eventually, global cooling will become a bigger issue as most plants we eat can't be grown in cold climate. We are captives of TIME!

FACT: MAN-MADE carbon emissions from FOSSIL FUELS are but a very small percentage in terms of TOTAL GREENHOUSE GASES.

FACT: METHANE is the most dangerous GREENHOUSE GAS and 33 TIMES more powerful in trapping heat than CARBON DIOXIDE.

FACT: As the world's population increases especially as third worlders move to first world western nations, the demand for BEEF is increasing exponentially and COWS and other farm animals are the BIGGEST POLLUTER OF METHANE GAS.

FACT: The globaist banksters are using "Global Warming" as an excuse to fear people into paying for the big bad gas through increased taxes.

FACT: "Global Warming" is a ploy of many faces which will be used as a method of "wealth distribution" from first world nations to third world nations


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Mmmmm...beef. What else are we going to do with my pasture? Steak tastes so much better when it comes off of your own land. So does chicken. And bacon.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

A little history on Global Warming in Alaska....YES, follow the money...

In 1794, Captain George Vancouver cruised by what is now the entrance to Glacier Bay and found it to be filled with tidewater glaciers and no bay. In 1879 almost a hundred year later John Muir visited the same area and noticed that the glacier had retreated 48 miles north into the bay. Today, those same glaciers have retreated a total of 60 miles in a little over 200 years.

80% of the melting occurred between 1794 and 1879. 85 years prior to the industrial revolution.

20% of the melting has occurred from 1879 to 2015. 136 years after the industrial revolution.


Look up the following graphs, very interesting...

Holocene Temperature Variations: If you look at it, you can see various temperature readings taken from different areas around the globe. (Not everyplace is warm or cold at the same time.) The thick black line is the mean temp derived from those different readings. You'll see that it fluctuates like a sine wave. Those are called short-term climate oscillations, otherwise known as warm periods or cold periods. Some of them have names; like the Roman Warm Period, the Medieval Warm Period, or even the Little Ice Age. We've had 19 of them just in just the last 8,000 years, which is a tiny period in terms of geologic time.


GISP2 and EPICA Dome C (Vostok Ice Cores): It is made up of ice core data for the past 200 to 11,000 years ago. Please note the simple fact that the temperature never stays the same, it always has been fluctuating throughout history.  The only conclusion possible from Vostok is that variations in CO2 and CH4 are both caused by global temperature change and freeze thaw cycles at high latitudes.  These natural geochemical cycles makes it inevitable that CO2 and CH4 will correlate with temperature.  It is therefore totally invalid to use this relationship as evidence for CO2 forcing of climate, especially since during the onset of glaciations, there is no correlation at all.  How do you possibly explain the wild swings in temperature that occurred thousands of years before the industrial revolution and the human use of fossil fuels?


jus_lite_reading's picture

Like I said, we humans are captives of our short lives and unless we can experience something like this personally we tend to forget that it can happen to us or in this case, we can be fooled to believe that WE created this. Thanks for pointing this out as well. The earth was warming long before we even had electricity.

I love science and math because they don't lie. Corrupt humans with agendas do.

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Don't bother with them facts.

Climate change is a religion.

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Aint nothin like smoked salmon from Pep's Packing



and there definitely aint nothin like a nice big bottle of fresh glacial melt.  I would have gladly hauled a 5 gallon jug on my busted back off that glacier.