The US Economy is Rolling Over… Are Stocks Next?

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In the US is most assuredly moving into, if not already in a recession.


The media trumpeted the amazing 2.0% growth rate initially forecast for the first quarter of 2016. That forecast has since collapsed to 0.3%. This is the same game Government beancounters have been playing for years: a great initial forecast that is then revised lower and lower.


The above suggest the US economy is flatlining. However, other data are far worse. We’ve seen 16 straight months of declines in Factory Orders (this never happens outside of recessions)



Also, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index is rapidly deteriorating:



All of these data points indicate the US economy is likely flat-lining if not contracting into a recession.


Meanwhile, stocks are in the single largest bubble in the last 100 years. Look at the MASSIVE gap between the S&P 500 and EPS!



The time to prepare for this bubble to burst is now. When stocks catch up to earnings, we're going DOWN, possibly even in a CRASH.


On that note, we are already preparing our clients for this with a 21-page investment report titled Stock Market Crash Survival Guide.


In it, we outline precisely how the crash will unfold as well as which investments will perform best during a stock market crash.


We are giving away just 1,000 copies for FREE to the public.


As I write this, we’re down to the last 50.


To pick up yours, swing by:


Best Regards


Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research



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Someone needs to tell Graham Summers the stock market decoupled from the fundamentals and physical economy a LONG time ago!  He is still passing out free reports trying to explain the stock market by the economy?  Lord!!

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Crisis. Only 50 emails left.

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Scare you to the point that you open your wallet in the hope you'll be saved... total cr@p

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That is first class doom porn right there...

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) Apr 25, 2016 9:33 AM

I would add to this, one talk which examines much deeper the situation in the market (across equities, bonds, real estate and currencies). Guy knows what he is talking about and makes good points with research behind it. You can find it here

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The US Economy is Rolling Over… Are Stocks Next?

No.  The stock market has nothing to do with the "economy".

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The Saint (not verified) Osmium Apr 25, 2016 10:23 AM

LOL.  It's just a market in paper under Obama.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Exactly... We're all watching the Wall St. soap opera to see who is cheating who, and who is having a secret sex change. The economy is imploding, but we still have bread and circus's...for awhile........