Apple Suicide: Man With Head Wound Found Dead Inside Apple Conference Room; Gun Nearby

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Update: according to ABC's Matt Keller, the dead person found in a conference room at Apple Headquarters was a man. A gun was found nearby.


Reuters adds that according to the East Bay Times newspaper reported that an emergency call was made at 8:35 a.m. from Apple's campus in Cupertino and that the victim, who had suffered a head wound, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Local television station KTVU said investigators from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office were en route to the scene.

Finally, some media report that the police are already investigating the death as a possible suicide, implicitly confirmed by the Santa Clara Sheriff office which described the event as an isolated incident:  "Through further investigation, they determined there was no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident. There was no one else on campus or in the public at risk," Sgt. Andrea Urena with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department told reporters.

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And the hits just keep on coming. One day after AAPL reported its first revenue decline in over a deace, its first earnings disappointment in years, and the first ever decline in iPhone sales in history, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office is reportedly investigating a body found at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters according to NBC.

Acting spokesperson Sgt. Andrea Urina said she has no other other information at this time. Sheriff's investigators are on scene. The Santa Clara County Fire Department said crews were called to the scene but were then waved off and never went on campus.

As BMO adds, deputies were called to the company's corporate headquarters on Wednesday morning after a person was found dead, but only few details were immediately available. Multiple police vehicles could be seen at the campus.

Authorities have declined to provide further details, and it is unclear whether the person is an employee of Apple. The cause of death was also not immediately known and is under investigation by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.

The Apple Campus is the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc., located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, United States. Its design resembles that of a university, with the buildings arranged around green spaces, similar to a suburban business park.

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Tim Cook's dead male hooker

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CSI said the corpse was small, sweaty, and covered with foam.

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Isn't Tim's middle name Likes?

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It's that dork Justin Long, for doing those commericals....


that's it!

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oh God-seems ABC Media was bought out by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER-I hear Bill Gates was in the area and UFOs where involved

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Many have come to the Gates.

None have left.

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Who cares about Tim Cook?  The machines are trying to get the SP500 to 2100 today.  Will they make it, I say yes.  GO ALGO GO ALGO

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The Asian one...

iBang Da Hoe

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I'd like to know what tasks he performed at apple. Was it just a lone distraught human being that had overwhelming trouble in his life or did this person have some special knowledge?

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An Apple employee who just heard about Cruz's choice for VP?

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"Acting spokesperson Sgt. Andrea Urina"...ha ha.

Can we get some info on the dead person and connections especially political alliances. Connected to Billary...?

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They announced a major acquisition in the works. Could be a Cyberdyne T-101 demo gone bad?

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"Hillary, buby, I'm your white knight."

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Always the racist stuff with you isn't it?/s


Nice Die Hard reference.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Apr 27, 2016 12:04 PM

Re:  rews were called to the scene but were then waved off and never went on campus.

Ok,  now it's all coming together...    I mean, come on.   Do they think we don't know what's going on?!  

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On a long enough face time....

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Was it the person in charge of channel stuffing?

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"channel stuffing"

I see what you did there...

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Was there any construction going on? You know, nailguns and all...

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I've noticed he never seems to be around when these things happen

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Maybe he's working?

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" i am unaware of any such operation " nor would I be disposed to discuss said operation if such a operation did infact exist" No debt

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it's him (oh no!)

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Tim Cook forgot to put Steve Jobs back in the ice chest...

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Time for safety nets along the roof?

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Tay is literally killing the competition...

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it was just a game, we'd done it before - he looked like he was having fun...

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haha, thats where I was going, D.Caradine-ish.

"Really, he said leave the noose on just a little longer ..."

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"Open the iPad bay doors, HAL."

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

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Suicide Clinton style is when the bullet hole is in the back of the head!

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(note: my comment was made before the headline was changed)