Suspect Dressed In Panda Suit Shot After Entering Fox Baltimore Studio And Claiming To Have A Bomb

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Update: according to Twitter reports the suspect is down.

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No mass shooting incident today, but moments ago BNO news reported that the stuiod of Fox 45, also known as FOX Baltimore, has been evacuated after a man dressed in what was either a panda or a hedgehog suit entered the building and claimed to have a bomb strapped to his chest.

As BNO adds, the incident began on early Thursday afternoon when a man wearing a onesie and a face mask entered the TV station's building and approached a person working at the front desk, claiming that he had a bomb and had a message that he wanted to be heard. The station's security guard, speaking to reporters near the scene, said the suspect had "something" strapped to his chest and handed over a flash drive which contained rants regarding black holes, space and the U.S. government.

"He walked in, opened up his hedgehog outfit that he had on, and he pretty much said he had a bomb on him, and he had a message that he needed to be heard," the security guard said. "He had a flash drive with him, he handed me the flash drive."

The security guard said he looked at the contents of the flash drive and said it contained rantings related to space. "Black holes, the sun, about it being liquid in gas, and just wanted to say that the government is wrong and thinking about the way they do when it comes to anything in space," he said.

During the incident, the gas tank of a car parked in the TV station's parking lot was set on fire, but the fire failed to spread and was quickly extinguished by the Baltimore Fire Department. People are being urged to avoid the area.


Moments ago FOX Baltimore reported that bomb disarming equipment has arrived at the studio.


Reports of a shooting at the station


Here is a periscope feed from the location:

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Infield_Fly (not verified) Apr 28, 2016 2:05 PM


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The guy is just pissed at the channel line-up.  ;-)


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Hey now.......Panda's are almost extinct please do not shoot them!  PETA will not be happy, heck i'm not happy!

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I can only assume he felt safe that they would not shoot an endangered species.

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Can't fool Baltimore's finest with the old Panda trick, no siree, Bob.

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Chief Wiggum:  "That's some fine shootin', boys."

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It was probably the robot that shot him. Got his grape on closed circuit video and then an incapacitating shot to prevent any manual activation of anything he might have been carrying.

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""Just after 3 p.m., the man walked out of Channel 45 onto 41st Street where there were several police officers. There were several loud bangs and the man was then lying in the street.""


So, they blew him away? No weapon or bomb? Just started shooting?

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From the look of that neighborhood, I'd say the bomb already went off a long time ago.

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What if it was a stripper in a panda costume?

"I have something for you, and it is the bomb."

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1.....2.....3.......all together now.....




you're welcome

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Panda Lives Matter #PLM

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Give him space!

In this case they shouldda

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Sadly, the costume was more "white" than "black."

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I think the guy in the Panda suit was Abu Hajaar, I be rollin and they be hatin'

The Panda dude did roll after they shot him....

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More likely true than the news story and just as likely as your theory, I'd wager that he was dressed in a Sonic the Hedgehog panda suit, couldn't see where he was going, and stumbled into the wrong building when he was looking for a bill of materials to make another panda suit and someone just misinterpreted his Kenny McCormick muffled speech for BOM as bomb.

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"Justice involved youth", nothing to see here


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Free the Furries! -- Furrie Liberation Movement

goldinpenguin's picture

the panda was white so they didn't kill him, if it wasa black panda they woulda leff him in da road like BIG MIKE in Ferguson.

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More masonic witchcraft spouting chaos.  Of course he was shot three times by three officers, you need 33 in a masonic story.  At 3PM no less.  Than theres the Security guard Jourael Apostolides.  Right, Jourael as in supermans dad, an apostle of the ides, perfect!  I'd go on, but whats the point, if one can't see through this obvious absurdity, one deserves what they're fixing to dish out.  

Idiots, you'll never win, your new race is too damn dumb. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

+1000 for expertly-placed surprise Wiggumism

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Is it the Panda gang or the Hedgehog gang ? It makes a differece, The Panda gang is way more evil, everything is black or white to them.

ClydeCrashcup's picture

Yeah, I always confuse pandas and hedgehogs.  I mean, they look SO much alike.  Giraffes and seals too.

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Now all we need is for some "expert" to state that it looks like a Nork species of Panda, and we can spread more freedom and democracy.

If you think their lives suck now, just wait to see what sort of lives those poor bastards are going to have once we liberate them.

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The loser should have threatened a garbage dump - at least people would care.

fauxhammer's picture first glance I thought it said "Suspect dressed in Pant Suit".

knukles's picture

This just in. 

AP  Thursday April 28, 2016
Bernie Sanders, currently in second place for the Democratic nomination for presidential candidate responded to the news with the following comments "Regardless of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rifts, it is imperative that we severely restrict the private ownership of  hedgehog costumes to crazy fuckers who want to destroy the Great Conservative Conspiracy Media.  Also, when elected president and subsequent to careful consideration with Paul Krugman, my first act will be instructing the Department of Agriculture to begin planting the millions upon millions of trees upon which the money for all the free shit grows."

The moral of the story is; "Liberals really do think money grows on trees and Hedgehog costumes kill people"

stant's picture

" we need to pass a law so family's can sue the makers of hedgehog costumes" signed bitter clingers of others money

El Oregonian's picture

With Japan's economy all turning to crap, are we sure that wasn't Japan's Haruhiko Kuroda dressed in that panda outfit?

pods's picture

Fox don't feel so bad now that the hedgehog has a bomb?

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

Even if he doesn't have a bomb you've got to watch out for that hedgehog spin move.

 It is deadly.

skinwalker's picture

Ban furries!


Seriously though, the guy is probably a genius with many ideas that disrupt our current understanding of the cosmos. If his work is ever put on the internet, perhaps many years from now he will be known simple as The Prophet. 

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Will his work ever be seen again? The guys who did see it are probaby being "decontaminated" as we sepeak...

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Viggo Mortensen

Last seen bleeding to death from quill punctures while "wearing a onesie"
What the fuck is a onesie?
Is it stylish?  has it been approved by the Social White Justice folks?  Is it allowed in safe spaces? Does it write mean things like "I love the Donald" on sidewalks with chalk?
We need immediate clarification from on high.  Along with additional information on the new $3 bill featuring Caitlyn Jenner.

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it went from a hedge hog to a panda so my comment is not gonna make any sense

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dennis hopper?   I thot he was dead

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 Id call him it asshole. but thats me. Sad part no one is strapped inside to take him out...

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Was he fast?  Enquiring minds need to know.


Edit: wait, was it a hedgehog or a panda?  If panda: was he sad?

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send in the bomb disarming robot

because our cops are such heroes @ 200K/yr all in,

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Bet ya he's a Trump supporter.

/sarc off

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If he had tried to mount Megyn Kelly, you'd know for sure.

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i'd like to mount her with a small baseball bat and a tire iron in the other hand


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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Apr 28, 2016 2:18 PM

Panda suit...