Massive Oil Theft By Pirates Costs Nigeria $1.5 Billion Every Month

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Depressed oil prices, rampant corruption, and pipeline vandalism are only parts of Nigeria’s oil problem. It’s now losing a massive 400,000 barrels of crude daily to pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, an amount equal to the entire daily export capacity of its Forcados terminal.

Overall damage from piracy, theft and fraud for Africa’s largest oil exporter is estimated at some $1.5 billion a month, according to U.S. deputy ambassador to the UN, Michele Sison, citing a Chatham House report.

Attempts by local governments and the UN to put a stop to piracy have met with some success, but the practice continues - shifting location and adapting to new security measures, so now the UN Security Council is calling for a comprehensive framework of measures aimed at eradicating it.

Since 2014, says the UN, Gulf of Guinea piracy has increased at an alarming rate.

Two pirate attacks on 11 April affected seven countries. The cargoes came from Nigeria, Turkey and Greece; the ships were flying Maltese and Liberian flags; and the 8 missing crewmen were from the Egypt, the Philippines and Turkey.

In the first quarter of this year alone, there were six recorded pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, and six attempted attacks. Nine of those were off the coast of Nigeria, while one was off the coast of Côte d’Ivoire, and two were within the territorial waters of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Last year, there were 100 similar incidents in the Gulf of Guinea, according to the UK’s ambassador to the UN, Peter Wilson.

Dealing with the pirates requires an international effort, and particularly a coordinated effort by those countries near the Gulf of Guinea. There isn’t much Nigeria can do on its own. Without a major overhaul of intelligence sharing and local law enforcement collaboration and training, the piracy scourge will continue to worsen.

Nigeria has thrown its lot in the fight against pirates, but it has too much on its plate already. Plagued by low oil prices, pipeline vandalism and stalling reforms at its state oil company, the country has more than enough to worry about in addition to losses to pirates.

In March, Nigeria pumped 1.677 million barrels of crude, which was a decline on the previous month’s 1.744 million. According to a Financial Times analysis, the decline is set to continue over the coming years, largely because the reforms at the NNPC, pledged by new president Muhammadu Buhari to tackle long-time corruption and inefficiency, have so far not yielded any actual results.

In addition to dealing with corruption, as part of the reforms, Buhari’s government planned to change the terms of the production-sharing agreements it has with foreign oil companies operating in the country. Oil majors with a Nigerian presence said at the time that such a move could deter investments and ultimately have a negative effect on oil revenues.

All in all, Nigeria has sunk deeper and deeper, and even a continued oil price rally would not be sufficient to prop it up as production continues to decline.

For June, Nigeria plans to export 1.57 million barrels of crude, for instance, compared with 1.6 million barrels scheduled to leave its shores in May. What’s more, its budget for 2016 had envisaged a daily output of 2.2 million barrels—an amount unlikely to be reached in the short-term.

Disputes between the NNPC and foreign oilfield operators are hampering normal output at more than one field. That’s in addition to the growing nervousness among international oil companies regarding Nigeria’s ability to ensure the stability of production and revenue sharing.

Vandals are responsible for an estimated 250,000 barrels in daily losses. Pirates are stealing at a rate of 400,000 barrels per day. That’s a 650,000-barrel shortage on the budgeted daily output. So–barring all conscious effort on the part of the Nigerian government—prices will have to rise more substantially than they have so far this year for Nigeria to feel any positive effect.

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It seems like there is a basal level of violence you must sustain to achieve loftier ideals. The more you curb the myopic selfishness, the more organized we can make our networks. Have we hit an inflection point for our monkey networks already? I hope not.

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Or you can hire out the US Navy ... I'm sure Uncle Sam would love to hire out a few destroyers for half a billion a month. 


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___________ (not verified) Apr 29, 2016 4:22 AM

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It's all stolen anyway screw Nigeria

We gave those idiots a destroyer, how insane is that?

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To be fair, the Prince of Nigeria promised to move a billion dollars through our bank account and pay a 10% commission to sweeten the deal.

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And all I got from the Prince was an email.

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You really should have followed up on that! As soon as I send him my checking account info, he's going to fill my account with oil money that he needs help getting out of the country, and I get to keep half of it!! Already quit my job! See you saps on the other side!!

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___________ (not verified) Apr 29, 2016 4:38 AM

"Gulf of Guinea piracy has increased at an alarming rate."

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The man with the aircraft shows more determination than we will probable find in the average smartphone generation kid in the West.

I give him a +10 for effort :-)

The Congo Diamond leacher story is a good one. This is what a parasite on society looks like. He will generate nothing positive anywhere he is present. Just more poverty. His diamonds will be used to leach money from the top tier to make sure that money stays there. There will be no trickle-down effect.

Did you catch the "he studies the Bible" part in the Bloomberg report ?

An aside on Congo:

"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the need for timely and credible elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a recent meeting with President Joseph Kabila, the State Department said on Monday amid concerns by opposition groups that Kabila may be seeking to delay elections."

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So where is the US Navy which being the official Global Policeman promised to take care of pirates ?

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The US Navy is too busy making enlistment videos; it can't be bothered by something like blatant piracy...

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The US Navy is too busy buzzing Russian aircraft.

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If you're losing 1.5Bil a month, maybe they're not the pirates, maybe you are! Time for another greedy, bloodthirsty, theiving NIGER to take over.

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Wow. Look at all the $20 bbl oil available from Nigeria. This will make up for the slow down in $20 bbl ISIS/ZIO oil out of Syria...You guys at Shell are really smart.

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Winner winner, chicken dinner! This is the true answer--the powers that be are the thieves, as all gov'ts end up throughout history.

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) Apr 29, 2016 5:51 AM

I guess even having a small conflict at your coast makes (at least) the local price go up. Reforms can be stalled and budget expenditure for military boosted. Perfect plan of governing or rather a perfect excuse for not doing so

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What a piece of shit story. Don't the multi nationals produce the oil in Nigeria? How can the Niger government be taking the hit on this? If someone is losing 1.5 b a month wouldn't they raise an army immediatly and protect their resource? What a bunch of BS this story is.

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That problem would cease with a few well placed (and well paid) snipers. Russia has shown the world how to handle the thieving baboons. They must do what Russia does or the problem will not go away.

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