"Why Our Children Should Hate Us" - Read The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Although Lance Simmens has been intimately involved in public life for several decades, you’ve probably never heard of him. As such, a little introduction is needed.

As mentioned, Lance Simmens’ career was spent in public policy. Specifically, he worked for two U.S. Presidents as well as a couple of senators and governors. Since retirement, he’s been a prolific writer, publishing 180 articles at the Huffington Post over the past 8 years. As such, it came as a great shock to him to discover that one of his recent articles was removed by the Huffington Post shortly after publication. It was the first article ever rejected by the online publication, and the unacceptable subject matter was nothing more than a positive review of the banned everywhere documentary VAXXED.

Here’s Lance Simmens describing the ordeal in a recent interview:

He mentions being locked out of his account, but it seems to have been reinstated since I came across a new piece published April 22 titled, Can Berners Become Trumpeters?

His VAXXED article; however, remains missing in action. As such, I bring you the banned Huffington Post article titled, Why Our Children Should Hate Us:

Vaxxed, the controversial documentary alleging a direct causal relationship between vaccines and exponential increases in autism amongst children is a deeply disturbing and hence critically important piece of work that will cause many sleepless nights for parents of infants everywhere.


I had the honor of both watching the film and participating in a discussion afterwards with its Producer, Del Bigtree and Director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. It is a must see film and deserves to serve as a catalyst for a national discussion of the role of mandatory vaccines for children and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in government decision-making.


What is equally disturbing, however, is that the film represents another in a cascade of documented allegations calling to task not only the corruption of government regulatory agencies but the corruption of science and scientific method itself. And to the extent that the current Presidential election contest has sparked virulent dissatisfaction with our elected leadership and the institutions of government, we must take this opportunity to seriously question what many had taken for granted: namely, that government has as its most solemn mission the protection of public health, safety and welfare. The film carefully documents decisions by the Centers for Disease Control that lend credence to systemic corruption.


As a father of two millennials, I have been bombarded with what has turned out to be a warranted cynicism, criticism, and rejection of government. As one who devoted nearly 40 years to the promotion of public service and government, I have come to reassess my initial reluctance to such criticisms. The kids have every right to be cynical and critical and as hard as it is for parents to accept it, probably know more than we do.


The corruption of science and scientific method has manifested itself most prominently in recent years with a spate of attempts to deny the existence of global climate change and the role that continued fossil fuel usage plays in accelerating it. This, of course, finds refuge in the stalling tactical maneuvers perfected by the tobacco industry over a half century ago. These “Merchants of Doubt” cast an effective smoke screen that effectively blurs rational thought by an unsuspecting public that would much rather leave it to the experts. And the experts on protecting the public are those we elect to steer the ship of state.


But of late we have seen spineless political chicanery, which I must sadly admit is totally bipartisan, when it comes to issues like fracking and the substitution of natural gas as a purportedly transitional fuel to bridge the gap between coal and renewables. What, in essence, we are doing is substituting one form of greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide with its long-term atmospheric consequences, with a far more potent heat-trapping gas, methane, in the short- and intermediate-term. This is fossil foolishness that will sentence our kids and grandkids to a lifetime of gut-wrenching and maybe irretrievably lesser quality-of-life choices. But the effects will not show up until after those making the decisions have long left their lofty perches within the government.


Fracking is contaminating water supplies and the air we breathe, is causing public health problems and facilitating earthquakes in places that have never even had earthquakes in recorded history, yet the regulatory responses are negligible. While New York State maintains a moratorium on fracking its neighbor Pennsylvania continues to put communities at risk. California—with its tough-talking Governor Jerry Brown loudly decrying climate change and promising to be a world leader on mitigation strategies—is essentially missing in action when it comes to regulating fracking in the Central Valley and even within the city limits of Los Angeles. The inadequacy of California’s regulatory body to place the citizens’ health and safety above industry considerations borders on criminal.


We all witnessed the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and its dastardly cousin in Porter Ranch, California, that has been described as BP on land, the release of nearly 100,000 metric tons of methane from a leaking natural gas storage well. Yet we merrily proceed to push forward with government-subsidized fossil fuel production policies that benefit the richest corporations known to mankind.


We see government failure and most likely criminal negligence if not outright prosecutable actions on behalf of government officials with regard to the contaminated drinking water in cities like Flint, Michigan, and evidently in cities all across the U.S.


There are crimes against humanity being perpetrated by chemical companies like Monsanto as glyphosates and genetically engineered foods find their ways comfortably into our kitchens and stomachs. Steven Druker, in his seminal book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth has meticulously documented systemic corruption in the Food and Drug Administration.


In Malibu, there is a local effort to address the existence of PCB’s in window caulking in schools yet the school board spends millions of dollars to fight its removal rather than simply remove it. Once again it seems to be far easier to spend money denying the evidence than in fixing the problem. This is obscene and unfortunately the problem extends to schools throughout the country. Why is it we have so little regard for the injuries we are inflicting upon our children?


Last but not least we are witnessing a monumental failure on the part of the Fourth Estate, the media. Bowing to the pressures of deep-pocketed advertisers, the media refuses to even make an attempt at investigative journalism. A glaring exception to this is the case of the Spotlight investigative team at the Boston Globe, which uncovered massive corruption within the Catholic Archdiocese in sheltering child molesters and pedophiles among the priesthood. We celebrate this as an act of great valor, when in essence it ought to be business as usual. This should not be the exception; it should be the norm and the media is abdicating its responsibility to expose the truth and instead prefers the safer course which is to be complicit in the cover-up. Richard Dreyfuss and I recently penned an article calling attention to this complicity here.


I have worked in numerous governmental agencies at senior levels where I attempted to defer to the scientific expertise when contemplating major policy decisions affecting millions of people. To see the systemic corruption that is occurring in government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services including the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration not only makes me sad but it makes me mad.


There has always been an attempt in this nation to balance out the avarice of the private sector with a regulatory framework in the public sector that protects those most vulnerable in society. That balance has been totally upended and as the latest effort on behalf of those involved in Vaxxed shows, we as a society can no longer depend upon our government leaders and institutions to protect us.


We must begin by electing leaders who will restore the balance that is needed to protect at the very least our children. If we do not our legacy to our children will be one punctuated by scorn and anger. In this instance our kids actually know us better than we know ourselves. What a sad commentary on the state of affairs of the human race.

The first thing that strikes you upon reading the article above is that only a small portion of the piece even discusses VAXXED, and yet a mere endorsement of this documentary by a veteran writer who’s been publishing on the Huffington Post for nearly a decade is enough to elicit an article ban.

Which leads us to a couple of followup questions. Is this how the Huffington Post treats its longtime contributors? Are writers not allowed to share their personal opinions about a movie? Or is the issue this movie in particular? Why is this one documentary so threatening? 

It seems like it’s this particular movie, which makes me even more curious to see it. As I wrote in a post published earlier this month, Video of the Day – Producer of Vaccine Documentary Banned From Tribeca Film Festival Speaks Out:

What I’m still having trouble getting my head around is why a documentary that is apparently so easily disproven and full of garbage poses such a threat to so many powerful people. Indeed, the film’s critics should be thrilled about an opportunity to discredit the film publicly, and the total panic generated by the simple screening of a movie is what I find so bizarre and noteworthy.


Perhaps it’s partly due to the following, which was noted in a recent article critical of the film published by the Hollywood Reporter:


It’s all effective, but also purely anecdotal. It’s more interesting to learn that drug manufacturers are protected by federal law from customer lawsuits claiming adverse effects from vaccines, and that injury claims are handled by a particular U.S. court that is commonly known as the “Vaccine Court,” a term that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

I haven’t seen this film, but one thing is clear. Some very, very powerful and influential people are terrified of it and are doing everything they can to make sure it never sees the light of day.

Which makes me infinitely more curious.

Here’s the trailer:

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localsavage's picture

He spent that long is public policy and didn't figure out that the Dems are bought and paid for just as much as Repubs? 

nmewn's picture

And here I thought being banned/censored/#twittertruthcounciled away from HuffPo was like a badge of honor...lol.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I logged in and commented on salon for a couple days. Followed their rules, didn't use profane language, just tried to debate people, and I was banned in less than a week. I consider that a badge of honor as well.


My comments would show up like they were posted, but they wouldn't appear on anyone elses screen, just mine. I thought it was odd that none of those d-bags ever responded to me, so I opened up the tor window and went to the article, and sure enough, my posts were not there to anyone not logged in as me. Pretty patheitc, they don't even have the balls to ban someone, just that shit. The hive mind there is insane. Go on there and read the comments after an article sometime. This country is doomed.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The comments are a sad mix of mis-informed, un-informed, paid shills, and well-informed, all given equal weighting.  All probably feel they have something to add, when all they do is muddy the waters.  

Transformer's picture

Oregon is a funny state, probly more hippies and people who have gone back to natural living there, than any where else in the country.

About 8 years ago, I read a study that some researcher had done about unvaccinated kids in the state.  The researcher determined that there were over 13,000 such kids, all the way into their 20's who had never had a single vaccination.  They found that the healthiness of these kids was off the charts.  Hardly any ear infections, colds/flu, autism, all kinds of things that kids get, these kids didn't get very much.  Of course they mostly ate orgainically, and were not in the mainstream.  He and an assistant polled hundreds and hundreds of moms.

I remember particularly the rate of Autism was where it was 50 years ago.  Some ridiculously low number.

I've known two kids who were in that group.  One mom had her first kid vaccinated, he was autistic, mostly deaf, severely mentally deficient.  Happened right after MMR.  The second kid got none, and he was a wonder, full of life and hardly ever sick.  The other kid I don't  know so well, but he sure looks bright and alive, and I'm told, hardly ever gets sick.

The study disappeared.  Cannot be found.  Kinda like the Huff Post article.

SilverDOG's picture

A similar article/study was performed in Amish country.
Results were essentially the same.
Only children with, were adopted or late arrivals.
Not recalling where article is... was.

Nazi testing upon humans was not racist, and still is not.(unless you are jewish)
Although, the swastika and such is gone, testing continues.
Of course the USA only imported the "nice" "humanitarian" Nazi scientists.

Same as it ever was.

Old Poor Richard's picture

Same thing happened to me, except I was a member of Salon for years before they silently banned me.  It was pretty obvious when suddenly my comments got no followups.  The funny thing was, I liked Salon because some of the people there were thoughtful and intelligent, even though I disagreed with their politics.  A big contrast to the lunatics in the comments at HuffPo or the outright sociopaths logging in with ZuckBook.

Oldwood's picture

It should come as no surprise as liberals traditionally always choose censorship to argument. Every liberal college in America flatly prohibits speech that conflicts with their "standards" and even the "threat" of such speech demands special counselors and safe spaces to retreat. Delicate ears!

What is odd is this fellow is lamenting himself being silenced for supporting a position counter to government dogma, and yet simultaneously condemn government inaction for climate change....a "scientific proof" that also demands that the debate is over.

Classic liberalism...all for open discussions about what THEY value, and to hell with everyone else.

Maybe it is their inoculated autistic scientists who are coming to these epiphany on climate change?

greenskeeper carl's picture

This guy is a funny contradiction, isn't he? Government is captured, can't trust it. The same people who are in charge of making sure these shots are safe to give to children come from the very same companies that are making them. Government is corrupt at all levels. Our children should be mad at us for letting it get to this point. Blah blah blah. Then, in the same paper, we are told that we need to trust the "experts" and the government. Global warming is real, its happening, we should just blindly listen to the experts, since the science is settled. As long as it agree with me, we should trust the government. They may lie about everything else, but in this instance, they are right. What a tool.

MrBoompi's picture

Blaming liberalism for the corporate censorship is about as dumb as it gets.  The boardrooms of pharmaceutical companies and our major media outlets are not populated with liberals for gods sake.  Zionist neocons is more like it.  Wake the fuck up.  

Palomadelapaz's picture

You are assuming that the world is really made up of "liberals" and "neocons". That is the ridiculous story we have been force fed like children.
Obama is a "liberal" who has funded the "neocon" corporations like no other before him, why? Because at the end of the day he is just another corrupt crony in this socialist cleptocracy.

Hitler was a socialist, Stalin was a communist. Both were big government cleptocracies and murderers. They were both funded by the so called "Allies". The "neutrals" were never neutral. In 1934 Swiss Law created secret banking systems, known today as offshore tax havens. That same year, Hitler was named Furor. Bank of England funded the Nazi's. Look it up.

HIllary and Trump are the same crapola trying to appeal to the cleverly divided peasants with a pretense of democracy. We are given a false choice between the repulsive and the repugnant. It is all deception.

We live in a world of mass deception and you need to take off your paradigm glasses so you can see clearly.

SixIsNinE's picture

salon sucks -   check this out :


Pop - Goes the Digital Media Bubble :

     You don't always hear the bubble burst. Often, it's more a gradual escaping of air, signaled by nothing more than the occasional queasy feeling you bat away: One house for sale on the block, oh well. Two, three—maybe just a robust market? Five, six, seven—and suddenly everyone's underwater and the sheriff is at your door.

That's kind of how it's feeling in the digital media business. For a few years now, investors have been pouring money into online news with the kind of fervor that once fueled the minimansion boom. But in the past year, the boarded-up windows have started showing up: The Guardian, which bet heavily on expanding its digital presence in the United States, announced it needed to cut costs by 20 percent. The tech news site Gigaom shut down suddenly, with its founder warning that "it is a very dangerous time" to be in digital media. Mobile-first  Circa put itself on "indefinite hiatus." Al Jazeera America, once hailed as the hottest thing in bringing together cable news and digital publishing, shut down and laid off hundreds of journalists.


And it's been getting worse.....



TheEndIsNear's picture

Hopefully all the web sites that use those damnable pop-overs will go bankrupt. I think enabling unblockable pop-overs was the main reason for the evil that is HTML5. 

Is this name taken's picture

Disabling javascript kills almost all of that horse shit.

cheech_wizard's picture

I just picked up another "Badge of Honor"... We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Raw Story.

BTW, I suggest getting a Twitter account if for no other reason than to troll Samantha Powers.

7h7 hours ago

Perverse cycle—Russia uses humanitarian crisis it’s fueling in e. Ukr to justify sending "humanitarian convoys" it refuses to have inspected

5h5 hours ago

Must not forget root of crisis in : Russia's aggression. My remarks to today:

Standard Disclaimer:  Time to make a batch of new e-mail accounts.

detached.amusement's picture

someone needs to go to work with a ballpein hammer

Haraklus's picture

Amazing how quickly Russia learned from us, isn't it?

Frankie Carbone's picture

The important point savage is that he gets it. 

Listen, this is really important. When a sheep sheds his wool and joins the ranks of the sheepdogs we should celebrate, and welcome into the camp. 

Past sins are past. All must be forgiven. If not, then you very strongly disincentivize people from coming to the truth. Besides, what good comes of admonishing someone for past sins save some meaningless ego inflation? Remember, we too were of the same mindset at one point in our lives. 

Mercury's picture

 The corruption of science and scientific method has manifested itself most prominently in recent years with a spate of attempts to deny the existence of global climate change and the role that continued fossil fuel usage plays in accelerating it.

By all mean, rigorously apply the scientific method to more autism studies.  The CDC does not have a monopoly on good data that could support or discredit you MMR hypothesis. But don’t use the Lancet article which started this hype, it has been retracted and proved fraudulent. I'm not aware of any other studies presented as empirically supported.

 Also, be aware that an autism diagnosis is more or less a subjective judgement. There is no blood test or biopsy that detects autism. It’s not even clear that there is any more of this type of pathology in the general population than there was one, two or five generations ago. For sure, at least some autism was once considered within the range of normal. Stephen Bury, the hero of ‘The Big Short’, didn’t even know he had autism until after he made himself rich in the asset management business. 

No medicine has zero side effects, including vaccines. Regardless of whatever yet unproven additional side effects are yet to be discovered, vaccines have saved countless lives all over the world – one of man’s greatest medical achievements by any measure (and introduced to America in Boston by Cotton Mather’s slave Onesimus, the most under-appreciated African-Americans in history). Go find a sufficiently old person you trust to school you up on the horrors of polio.  Then go put some real studies together and be sure to correct for the inherent subjectivity and the fact that many people now have a vested interest in making the vaccine-autism narrative a Big Deal.   Show me the solid science and I’m a believer.

 The Global Warming vested interests are the ones most guilty of suppressing data, shoddy studies, purposeful exaggeration, suppressing dissent and declaring the scientific debate over. I’m too tired to provide five examples behind every word in that sentence but it isn’t hard to do. No sane person disputes that the Earth’s climate changes or is changing now. The conceit of the climate alarmists is that there is some sort of permanent climate stasis that the Earth is now deviating from. Yeah, maybe humans are altering the climate with their activity. It makes a certain amount of sense. But it’s more or less impossible to strip out man-made drivers from non man-made drivers. You can’t measure and manage everything.  Sorry.  And maybe the anthropogenic effect on climate will be a net-benefit by counteracting more pernicious, natural changes.  Eventually most of our home towns will be under 200 feet of ice again. We might even be overdue for the next glaciation. I wouldn’t mind delaying that a bit.

 You simply can’t test hypotheses on the causes and effects in the world’s largest, most dynamic and chaotic system the same way you can test Boyle’s Law, Newton’s Laws or genetic inheritance.  That science will never be “settled”.

Watch Richard Feynman's lecture on the scientific method.  Ask yourself how well the scientific method has been applied to the theory of anthropogenic climate change. What are the conditions or criteria that would falsify the thesis. Do tests repeated under similar conditions yield the same results etc.


defender1be's picture

I stopped reading the artikel after that. The effect of CO2 is negligible compared to water vapor and clouds.

mary mary's picture

I'm so tired of these "writers" trying to blame "us" for the thefts they know an 0.1%, mostly in Wall Street, carried out.

Our children should hate the Wall Street bankers and the shysters who run the television networks and other MSM, who cover for them.

localsavage's picture

Once the MSM was owned (literally) by huge corporations, it was all over.  Only a complete fucktard would believe that strings aren't pulled.

401K of Dooom's picture

Oi!  The MSM has always been operating for it's own agenda.  Didn't you see the last one hundred years, especially the part about the debate over the Federal Reserve?

Frankie Carbone's picture

True, but the consolidation of total control over information was never completed until the 1990's, after a period of mergers and aquisitions done under the auspices of Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. In the early 1980's there were still over 200 fairly potent media outlets in the US, so absolute control over information and agendas was impossible. 

Today there are 6. 

Let me repeat that. In 1980 there were 200 independent media outlets in the United States. By the turn of the millenium it has been consolidated into 6. All done with the blessing of Congress and "congressional hearings". I watched it unfold over the years in real-time, and even back then said to myself "this is not good". My worry was that media perception management would explode and Manufactured Consent would become ubiquitous. Mind you, I was sitll a sheep back in the 90's and clearly saw this. It stuns me today that so many sheep STILL cannot see this. Case in point: Look at how often the mainstream noobs employ MSM dominant social themes in their arguments and their priority of concens. Incredible. 

Therein lies our problem. We the people are subject to the perception management of 6 media companies who own or control over 90% of all print, video, television, radio, and entertainment in the nation. 

This is America's version of Pravda, where Pravda operated as a state monopoly, America's Media Complex operates as a state sympathetic cartel with similar reach and power. 

It is sympathetic because the Corporate Community owns the Media Complex lock, stock, and barrel. The Corporate Community is also the State. 

SixIsNinE's picture

 you mean once the tribe took complete monopoly of our movies radio tv papers corporate internet ..... it's over.

check out the Dreamworks-Comcast deal, of course it all remains in tribe hands ...



Steven Spielberg set to collect a pile of dough too

Jeffrey Katzenberg stands to make $408 million from his stake in the DreamWorks Animation studio he cofounded after a $3.8 billion takeover by Comcast, based on his holdings detailed in a regulatory filing this month.

And fellow co-founder Steven Spielberg’s 4.6 million shares are worth $187.6 million.

Katzenberg holds more stock than any other individual investor in the company, counting both his 2.1 million Class A shares that can trade on the open market and his 7.8 million Class B shares that give him special voting rights. Katzenberg owns the entirety of DreamWorks’ Class B stock since his co-founder David Geffen swapped his own for Class A shares in 2012.

Vendetta's picture

I would like to add that Congress also directly controls how many doctors are generated in the US by the federal government FUNDS medical residencies which are required to get a license to 'practice' medicine in the US.  The doctors in residency are paid somewhere around $55k a year and are free labor to the hospitals where they work.   Artificial scarcity created by a corrupt government ENABLING a healthcare system to exploit scarcity and lack of choice through Obummercare and private health'care' providers.

greenskeeper carl's picture

a good point. just follow the money. How much does big pharma spend on ads with the major media outlets? they aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them.

greenskeeper carl's picture

a good point. just follow the money. How much does big pharma spend on ads with the major media outlets? they aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them.

GRDguy's picture

And now Gannett wants to acquire Tribune Publishing?


Agents of The Great Red Dragon will stop at nothing to obtain their goal "to own the earth in fee-simple."

Frankie Carbone's picture

Hmm, I was just speaking about media consolidation. 

This is a done deal. Americans don't care. Just give them NFL football and some sleezy shit about the latest Trump outrage and they'll scratch their asses, take a swig of beer, and flip the channel to "Oow, My Balls". 

SixIsNinE's picture


it would be so much easier if all the Jenner/Kartrashians got tattoos with their names on them so we could be sure who's who ....

and now they're adding Blac Chyna into the mix too !   We'll always have TMZ, come on !






Lets Buy The Dip's picture

this is true, you hit the nail on the head. 

Read this article here => http://bit.ly/1SUfIeq

Probably a market crash coming, ICHAN says it, the RICH DAD says it, and lots of other well established people. 

The mellenials, are going to hate what we left them. I mean, they will be pissed off, and have no 401 K

I doubt there will be any money left soon.... but they seem to keep finding it. 

mary mary's picture

The millenials are going to hate what WALL STREET and D.C. left them.

cossack55's picture

See the film.  Take you own decision. Fuck the CDC and FDA

besnook's picture

i know a scientist who worked for the cdc during the mad cow scare and she became a non industrial meat eater as a result of her work.

cossack55's picture

No doubt. Ever read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair? Brutal

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The Jungle was a work of fiction.  Scary and riveting, but still fiction.  Ever read The Andromeda Strain?  That too was fiction.

SixIsNinE's picture

fiction?  surely Chicago slaughterhouses and meatpacking factories couldn't have been better than the descriptions of Upton ....


mary mary's picture

The Grapes of Wrath was a work of fiction.

But it described what was happening in the real world.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I wonder if they still have kids read that in school. Im guessing not. I buy the good stuff. grass fed, free range. How its supposed to be.


This whole thing scares me, I have a almost 3 and 1 year old. None of them have been given any shots. My wife wants them to get whooping cough and polio vaccines, I don't want them getting stuck with any of that shit, but I also don't want them to get those diseases. It sucks ass. I hate this dilemma. I got all my shots, so did my wife, we are fine. But there are dozens more now. They want to stick a newborn with a hepatitis vaccine about 5 minutes after they are born...are you fucking kidding me? How the fuck is a newborn going to catch that? we aren't getting him a tattoo, he isnt having sex or sharing neddles, so fuck off.


I don't even like to think about what kind of garbage I got stuck in me before going overseas. Like everyone else who went to the ME, I got the full series of anthrax shots, the whole time I was over seas. It burns when it gets injected, and then you feel a burning sensation as it goes down your arm, and then it comes back up your arm, and disipates. Then you get a headache that lasts all day(I did, and I wasn't the only one) and then the injection site gets red, and hardens. It would feel like I had a half marble under my skin for 1-2 weeks after each shot. What the fuck was in that? and why did we all have to get that shit when not one single person in the middle east had gotten exposed to anthrax?

cheeseheader's picture

GC, I feel for ya buddy.  Really.  Please follow this analogy...my kids when young wanted one of those trampolines in the backyard.  Ok, I thought maybe, but then I started seeing all these tramps (no, not the neighbors' wives) around and thought, what do my kids need a trampoline for when they can just use 10 of the neighbors' tramps at will? 


If all others get vaxxed, and therefore immune, why must my kids get vaxxed to protect them from the neighbors' kids?

TheEndIsNear's picture

Yes Cheese, and the idiot Sheeple use the invented pseudo-term "herd immunity" as justification, but if they had half a brain they would realize that if vaccinations actually protect people there would be no need for "herd immunity". So many are so susceptible to the constant MSM brainwashing they fervently and foolishly defend all manner of stupidity, including the ludicrous government account of 9/11. How can a society filled with such Idocracy even continue to exist?


SilverDOG's picture


Dat's Raycisst !

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) greenskeeper carl Apr 29, 2016 12:22 AM

Congratulations on being a test subject for the MIC.

freelearner's picture

The only countries which have not eradicated polio are Afhganistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, where less than 500 cases (total) are reported per year.  Your kids cannot get polio.

There is, however, a virus similar to polio called EV-68 or enterovirus 68, which often causes breathing difficulties in children and in rare cases death or paralysis.  We had a massive outbreak of this in 2014, bad enough to close hospital emergency rooms and run entire states nearly out of some medications.  The CDC initially instructed health professionals NOT to test for this virus, and it did no systematic testing or geographic sampling of its own.  It failed to warn hospitals to increase staff, it did no monitoring for shortages of medications, it did nothing.  It simply ignored the outbreak until the rash of news stories about dead children forced it to make a few statements, and it agreed to passively collect any test results that were volunteered to them.

Contrast this with how it would have behaved if there were a vaccine for EV-68.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) besnook Apr 29, 2016 12:21 AM

I quit eating commercial beef in 1993. Thanks to a job that meant I lived in Europe for two years I cannot donate blood here in the USSA. Just in case anyone didn't take mad cow seriously, apparently the Red Cross did, and still does, take it seriously. Has that ban been lifted? No. It has not. But hey, the gay men have been taken off the prohibited list for blood donation by the Red Cross. That should make anyone that just got a blood transfusion in the USSA feel all warm and fuzzy inside. /s off

The USDA and FDA could give a shit less about people being healthy of food safety. Anyone that doesn't understand that yet needs to grab their head with both hands and extract it from their ass.

SilverDOG's picture

I went only organic meat consumption 10+ yrs ago.
Organic everything else already.
Big whoopie right ?
I thought no big deal other than local, no GMO, pay more,... eat less.

Well, starvation as guest and I ate non-OG beef or chicken a couple times.
No more thanks.
Within 45 seconds of consumption, my underarm went from showered to garbage bin meat stench. Holy fuk.

Non-organic injected or fed "drugs/vaccine" poultry, beef, and fishesessess, is poisoned.
You have a clean body inside and out and it will earnestly attempt to discharge toxins instantly.

Funny how deodorant gets stronger and stronger.
I, am a clean freak, but have a labrador dirt factory, do not need any.
Unless I consume outside the labeled non-toxic, which is Organic.
Variables are mountainous, no proclamation here, just observing.

Go OG.