"Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS" - New Documentary Outlines Turkey's Support Of The Islamic State

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Is Turkey the support behind ISIS? A documentary released by RT lays out evidence that would lead to that conclusion... one we first exposed here, here, and here... and is interestingly timed given Europe's potential desire to regain some leverage over Erdogan.

The documentary takes place just days after the YPG took back the town of Shaddadi (a former ISIS stronghold), and what is revealed will most certainly go under reported, but is important nonetheless. The documentary points out that the connection between Turkey and ISIS is strong. Killed ISIS fighters left behind passports indicating that the fighters all came through Turkey, and by their own admission, interviewed ISIS fighters admit to coming through Turkey with no issue at all. The locals who were working under ISIS say that oil was refined and sold to Turkey in return for money and weapons, and YPG fighters who fight against ISIS find that much of the ISIS supplies come from Turkey.

Here are some key elements of the documentary:

Captured ISIS fighters admit that coming through Turkey was easy. The fighters believe this to be the case due to the fact that it has a common enemy with ISIS, the YPG (People's Protection Unit). The YPG is yet another rebel group fighting in the Syrian civil war, and Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) who call for an independent Kurdish state within Turkey. The fighter alleges that Turkey's president Recep Erdogan wants ISIS to control Syria in order to grow the oil trade.

"The prophet told us to build a caliphate. I spoke with my friend about it, they told me to go to Istanbul. I went to Turkey, I got into the airport, went through passport control. The formalities were a breeze. Crossing the border wasn't hard either, it was like crossing the street. A man told me that Islamic State had erased the borders, that there were no borders. I'd heard of it, but I didn't quite get it until I saw it myself. If Turkey wanted to stop the refugee influx, it could have long ago."

Passports left behind by those killed during the battle show that the fighters came through Turkey.

The locals, and sadly, many of them children, spoke of the horror everyone had lived under during ISIS' two year control of the town.



The documentary then goes through a flat once occupied by what appears to be an ISIS accountant of some sort, the flat had all kinds of oil related documents.

ISIS would take oil from the Jabisah oil field near the town of Shaddadi in Northern Syria, to Raqqa, and ultimately to Turkey where they would sell it says Ghazi Hussein, a resident of Hasakah province, who witnessed the terrorists having Jabisah under their control.

One local estimated that ISIS made a million dollars a week.

YPJ (women's division of the YPG) fighters explained that all of the gear found on ISIS fighters is from Turkey, and are curious as to why nobody is connecting the dots yet.

One captured ISIS fighter even says that "Erdogan is the father of ISIS."

You can watch the full documentary below [warning: contains content that may be disturbing]

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Saudi Arabia is the father of ISIS. Turkey is the mother.


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We've heard this refrain before.  Insert middle eastenern leader's name as needed.



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Erdogan is the father?

I could swear I saw a picture of McCain buggering Bagdaddy.

Erdogan is more of a wet nurse.

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I thought the USA and UK had already admited to training, supplying, and atttacking the ISSISIANS. Then it was the house of Saud.

As I have suspected all along though, it is the Rastafarians that are behind all this but now Erdogan wants the medal at the end of the show?

We should bomb Jamaica, pronto and quit fucking around. aye.

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Hey, Mon!


What da funk wong wit you, mon?


Youda been a smokin bad ganga, aye?


I an I be all da fine fo da pece n luv yu kno, mon,


Lif's a beech, yah mon!


Jahwheh..Yah...whehya...Yay Mon!





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It's the greatest threat global security has ever faced. EMP ATTACK!

All the weapons in the world won't matter once this small army kick into gear!


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what does that make the US? the 7-11 around the corner?

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No, Thomas Friedman is the midwife (anyone get the joke?). And the US is the Godfather.

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Saudi Arabia is the father of ISIS. Turkey is the mother.

Thanks for the visual.

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To see it clearly..."What difference does it make?!" ;-)

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Obama initiated, trained, funded, armed, re-armed, re-re-armed, dropped shit in the desert hoping ISIS would find it, hit tumbleweeds with million dollar bombs.

Saudi Arabia is the father of ISIS.  Obama is the QUEEN of ISIS.

harrybrown's picture

Israel (Sheldon & Jacob R) are "the owners" in that case...

Whoever controls the money supply controls the country....

If as you say "Saudi Arabia is the father of ISIS. Turkey is the mother"

The the zio's must be the unholy ghosts of this tide of shit?

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Apparently, ISIS has dozens of US (American) IT experts working for them.  Probably Booz Hamilton contractors aka NSA or See Eye Aye contractors from Langley.



Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

He's more like the drunk uncle.

top 10 Indications ISIS Is A US-Israeli Creation:

To know who rules over you,
Consider before whom your leaders bow and scrape


ISIS is a golem. kalergi plan. Oded Yinon Plan.


harrybrown's picture

one simple questions undoes almost every war event that happens on this planet...

qui bono... who benefits. In the latest case "ISIS", Zionists (Satanists) are the main beneficiary.

it makes me sick as a christian to see us all (including muslims etc) getting wiped out... to the benefit of joos

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According to Rudy Giulieni , Killery Clinton could be a founding member of ISIS. 

WhackoWarner's picture

Saudi Arabia  and Turkey;  wtf

usa usa usa RUNS ISIS. USA created ISIS. 

  As in what are you doing sitting on my oil? I have waged war and garbage for decades. I have killed millions because  "what the fuck are you sittingf on my oil?"

How dare ou thwart my bribery? How dare you question my lies?


I have the carrot.  Give me everything...let my corporations over rule any interest.  My corporations will GMO you with great and wonderful care.


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Uh, Erdogen is behind EVERYTHING? Don't make me laugh!!!!

It is deep. It is ancient. Get a clue.

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As always, look to who profits most - The Tribe...

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Bomb the goat fucker into pieces.

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"Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS" - New Documentary Outlines Turkey's Support Of The Islamic State

So says Israel, U.K. and United States!...

Oops! Left out the Wahhabi think tank in Zionist London that spawned that other "jewel in the crown" of dispruption Saudi Arabia that made it's contributions known!!!!

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I noticed that in the RT video and in the documents left behind, it seems that all the oil prices are in dollars? Must be why the west wasn't able to wipe them out like the Russians did.

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Erdogan is ISIS's self-destructive juvenile delinquent rich kid best friend who supplies it with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and a good time until the whole party ends in tears.  The poor ISIS guys from the wrong side of the tracks don't even know they're being used.

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If Trump gets in the Wahhabis will be exposed as the root of the evil against America.The NeoCons will give you a really big war then.

Victory_Garden's picture

Lets see now...Erdobutt is the father of the ISREALLI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICES?

How does that square??

Reckon the Stupid will believe anything...stupid. After all, EVERYBODY Knows, stupid does, what stupid is.

And Yo, blabbermouth lame stream media propagandist arseholes, go fark yerselves! You are all well known by your trashy lies and deceptions from the devils cornhole, and you and your mouths full of horsepiss are soon going to take a long walk down the short hiway of history. Your, history.

Like for all the war criminals, the prosecutions and punishments will be HARSH, and with NO QUARTER shown to you who have deceived and lied for ziosatanlucifer, so as to fool the nations using babylon's evil stenchy wickedness for long, way way to long now. YOUR TIME OF FALSEHOOD AND BULLSHAT IS COMING TO AN END...SOON!!

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I'm waiting for Trump to call Erdogan , TOAST.

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I wonder if Vlad the Impaler had descendants?

africoman's picture

Erdogan is a big fish the west and USA nurtured to turn into what he become now and ever.

So if he is evil how much evil is its puppet masters, a lot worse.

It reminds me of Hitler saying "The new man is here,i am terrified of him" i am just para phrasing him talking about alien race from whom Hitler took orders.

The west is insane and is provoking in Russia, China etc for an all out war using criminal regimes like Turk.. look at what they are doing in Aleppo(bombing civilian hospitals) and blaming Assad.If its the did of Assad government or Russians in trying to take the city from rebels(as MSM said) then why would they bomb at Hospitals,these place aren't where the jihadist reside in?

See the insistence of the west agenda at any cost. Booom then the same song will play 24/7.You know what is amazing the narrative misses so many critical answers and yet the mass seems don't question or care.

Lorca's Novena's picture

The west is insane and is provoking in Russia, China etc for an all out war using criminal regimes like Turk.


Yes, and who has gained control and influence of the "west"?  Will the sheep ever wake up to the fact they are being played for fools by the intentions of Zion?

otschelnik's picture

Syria is the biggest human rights disaster of the 21st century.  It was inspired by US neoconservatism and executed by a resurgent pan-Turkish nationalism, along with few gulf states who want a pipeline and a piece of the EU gas market.  

And where is CNN / Christiane Amanpour Chris Matthews, MSNBC and the other hand-wringing, tear-shedding, government ass-licking hypocrites who don't want to report about it? They know that the US govt is in up to its balls in the same support of ISIS, and they'll have to show Hillary and Obama's gun-running from Benghazi and CIA support.  

That's why i read ZH, and fuck Bloomberg. 



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The 21st century has a ways to go yet. The bigger human rights violation is coming...WW3.

oncemore's picture


USA is the father and mother of ISIS.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are patsies.

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) Apr 30, 2016 6:21 AM

false, usa and mccains friends are the father of isis. bush is quite involved too as isis is a fraction of alquaida


saudia arabia is the slut of the bush family. and turkey is the barking cripple, that is allwed to troll the region, as european and western criminals are all benefiting from deals with turkey

Mr.Kowalski's picture

I watched that whole video, and its actually really good. Highly recommended. 

Troy Ounce's picture


Erdo?an is masturbating by the tought of becoming the Calif the Great Ottoman Empire

Problem is Muslim men are spoiled, lazy, stupid and backwards because of the Muslim culture. If it is their culture not to ask questions and not to discuss with an open mind but to accept the words of Ueber morons living in the 15th century, there is no hope in hell for them.

What might save them however is the mentality of the Gut mensch in Europe. Sweden is full of them. They are hell bent on their own cultural destruction. 

Burticus's picture

When Erdogan fucks Merkel’s ass
And hands all the Muzzies a pass
They fuck all of Europe
Dicks frothing manure up
Then jail you for sounding too crass.


Wild E Coyote's picture

We now have open information that US encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait and used it very well to extract maximum benefit from Kuwait Oil industry for US related Oil companies. 

Erdogan is going to become the same. I feel Saudi is also going to get the same treatment. 

They do deserve all that's coming to them. 


Allen_H's picture

I call bullshit on this one, it begins in the Pentagram and Langley, this is common knowledge, OUI !

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PPT Inc. (not verified) Apr 30, 2016 8:45 AM

The Jew Victoria Nuland is the Mother of ISIS.

FXD's picture

A year ago Erdogan was Putin's best friend (just like Hitler and Stalin until the day Germany attacked USSR). Had Turkey not shot down the Russian plane, RT would have been praising Erdogan no matter what

Maestro Maestro's picture


Russians are cunts, certainly no better than the scumbag Americans.

The Russians currently are giving modern tanks and artillery to the Azerbaijani Muslims who have committed genocide--and intend to do it again--on the Armenians who are the first Christian nation of the world.

The Azerbaijanis rape, mutilate and torture to death almost all of the Armenians they capture.

The irony is, the Russians are officially military allies of the Armenians!

Who needs enemies when you can have friends like the Russians who claim to be great Christians...

The Turks have more HONOR and brains than the scum-sucking Russians, selling arms to animals for their own American enemy's fiat (fraudulent, worthless and illegal) dollars.


You are hypocritical evil filth.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

You shouldn't make up shit at ZH.


If you can't link us to all the Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian crap you just  mentioned

you are a mongoloid idiot and troll

Lord Koos's picture

Turkey was fingered some time ago as being the entity buying oil from ISIS.  They are probably the arms conduit as well.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


"Erdogan Is The Father Of ISIS" 

then the CIA is the Grandfather of ISIS.



bid the soldiers shoot's picture

The CIA devised all the anti-Russian activity, not only in the ME, but in  the world at large.

As far as Erdogan is concerned, on 'orders' from the CIA, Erdogan agreed to feign friendship with Putin and Russia (and dislike of the US/West) .

In return for this deception to Russia, the CIA agreed to let ISIS loot Syrian oil and sell it on the black market in Turkey, to the profit of Erdogan.

For a year the US/West 'refused to bomb the ISIS oil heist, because ! the US didn't want to do environmental  damage to the Syrian rubble !

 When The Russians started bombing the stolen Syrian oil production and transportation in October 2015, it was all over between Erdogan and Putin.  

Between the the recent bombings in Turkey and the financial sanctions enacted by Russia, life in Turkey today isn't what Erdogan expected.

Whether the CIA is responsible for inciting millions of refugees to try to relocate in Western Europe (and destabilize America's European allies, the way America destabilized the ME), we'll have to wait and see.

Was the CIA responsible for the movement of these refugees to Finland and Sweden at the beginning of last winter?