EXCLUSIVE: Another ZERO HEDGE Insider Leak

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There is a palpable taste of frustration and envy in the air.  To some the idea of unfettered and anonymous (to them, most of you know who some of us are) market commentary is a cancer that must be struck down.  Those on the outside, the people who think that reporting on Wall Street is all just some fun and games that happen between 9 and 5, are sorely mistaken.  Sadly, they are the ones pretending to tell you what you missed.

At no point has Zero Hedge ever told anyone what to trade or posted anything on the main feed openly suggesting a trade.

It is laughable that people view Zero Hedge as an outlet designed to offer trading ideas.  

We do not have Dennis Gartman on daily with trade ideas:

We do not say "I like Alibaba at $115, it's a mature business.  It's going to $150" right before the stock collapses:

We also do not run multiple commercials ever hour asking you to pay us $29.99 for a book we tell you is free and will help you crush it on returns:


The community appreciates Bloomberg exposing their fear that an outlet they think has only 3 people is a competitor to them. Sorry we are such a threat to fantastic financial media content such as:


When a brand is able to identify with a disenfranchised group and provoke a fervor like Zero Hedge does, it is somewhat understandable when establishment outlets freak out and seek to discredit the brand through slanted stories.

Unlike every other outlet claiming to be market sources of information, Zero Hedge has never censored people the way those outlets do or ever said anything about what we write. We all work hard. We are all gifted in certain areas. People who want to be like us and can not play with the big boys like to entertain the idea that they are under some sort of pressure from us. Colin’s betrayal burns, yes. What is worse is that he lied to himself about being able to keep up. Michael Jordan never blamed his high school for cutting him. He never concocted some unrealistic mental view that the school was trying to control him. Jordan also never went to other schools and selectively aired grievances in public in an effort to “expose” his high school. He simply got real with his mental state, got his shit together, and became the epic athlete we know of today.

This is not a game for 9-5ers five-days a week. If you are unable to hack it, admit it. Don’t hate the players.

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Ok since ZH won't do it I will. I highly recommend Apple, because an apple a day might keep you healthy enough to survive that Pete thing on shitBC. If its eyes get any closer together they will be sitting on top of its nose. There must be a junker car lot near shitBC where "Pete" can get a job when the rest of the sheeple wake up.

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Dont get them panties bunched up cupcake...you are nothing but cynic porn for the perpetually worried. Get over yourself. The internet  does not even know you exist

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You seem to know though. Don't waste your time here, go watch shitBC and take Petes investment advice. Or is the troll pay too good for you to leave?

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I like TSX:BBD.B at Cdn$2.oo/share. ~ Jim Cramer probably.

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I wish I invested in my own economic commentary

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It is rare that, if I hear some financial commentary on MSM, that I don't know a contrary viewpoint that is more logical to that commentary thanks to the hedge.  Its amazing to me so little is said about the doubling of the national debt in the past 8 years on MSM.... like infinite debt is a-ok with em all and will not fall apart at the seams at some point.

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When the comments get longer than one page I give up...

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are all the comments on the jenny craig weight loss program?  mine get pretty skinny.

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ZEROHEDGE is the first site I log onto in the morning and the one I rely on to give me the unvarnished truth. It has enabled me to make bargain buys in mining stocks on the Aussie market over the last 6 months, such as SBM at 20c (now $2.32) and MOY at 6c now 16c while all of the other sites were screaming 24 x 7 about selling your gold it was going to $800...you all remember that.

The articles on Zerohedge gave me the balance to see what was really happening in the world and to back my belief. If I had been relying on Bloomberg, marketwatch or god forbid CNN there is no way I would have had the balanced viewpoint to back myself, so thanks Zerohedge, you guys totally rock.

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I use 'Adblock browser' on my android since with Dolphin or Chrome I was getting auto redirects non stop after about 30 secs and coukdnt fix it.  With this browser, no issues at all.

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How about hiring Lauren Lyster? She has class and you could add a Video section to your site. I always liked her interviews.....

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I learned more about finance from zero hedge in the past year since becoming a member than in my previous 42 years of life. F€ck bloomberg, Jim Cramer, and all the crew of the USS RECESSIOTANIC trying to keep people off the lifeboats while the ship sinks. ZEROHEDGE is one of my only financial websites, along with Silverdoctors.

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I don't know about the rest of you, but having read the articles and some of the posts related to the Bloomberg article, I'm astounded to learn that just (3) now (2?) people run this website? No where else has the indepth coverage and analysis exhibited daily here and then find out it's 2 guys? Lol, There should be a Noble Prize for truthtelling/whistleblowing made for these guys. 2 guys to collate and write intros to pieces, and then write indepth articles specific to complicated topics? Fuck me sideways, who the hell cares what Bloomberg opines, or where the Tylers live, or how much they succeed, they're working they're asses off. Just compare any other website that employs 1000 of drones to churn out the crap that keeps us buried. Only thing that I can think to improve this website is to somehow woo Marla back. Sure miss her voice. Thanks Tylers.

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Marla is a Goddess. How's about maybe a guest post at least?

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But Cal there is no such thing as bad publicity!  I saw "zero hedge" on  drudge!

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That Bloomberger article had the same effect as a Trump trash piece by the looks of it. Damn, I hope popularity doesn't ruin this place.

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Nobody who matters gives a damn what mainstream media talking heads say.  They know mainstream media is bought, paid-for and intentionally lies and spins 24/7.

Actually, I won't even know if mainstream media cleans up their act, because the only bits of mainstream media I see are within ZH articles.  MSM permanently discredited themselves decades ago.

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actually proud this is happening. gives me an opportunity to proudly say fuck you bloomi little twerp... Fairy dust and unicorns

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Regarding comments I use Flat list, Expanded - oldest first - 300 per page. 


most articles don't have 300+ comments so they are all on the first page. using Flat List also skips the indenting issues when everyone replies and you end up on the right edge with one word per line. 


if Tyler is reading this, just changing the indenting to much smaller number of pixels would at least help as a default. apparently you can adjust this otherwise but i just go flat. 

the big sets of links on the left and the other stuff on the right are reallly useless as well, just take up space. IMHO. have never clicked on them in five/six years.

thanks for all the content though!

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I've learned a great deal from this site.   I've got a lot more to learn.  At least I don't feel like I'm being lied to like I do when reading  Yahoo or MarketWatch. That is where I was getting most of my stock news before I found this site.  Reading those sites now feels like I'm being fed milk instead of meat. I'm very grateful for the hard work the writers of Zero Hedge do. I still have a lot to learn particularly when it comes to how high frequency traits and bonds work.

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Gawd I love this place even more now........

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"Colin’s betrayal burns, yes."

I dont comment often but I read many of the articles and the comments.  Cant say that I understand all of the articles, or even some of the comments, but I truly enjoy the site, the exchange of ideas, and the different perspectives that run contrary to the narratives that we see in mainstream media, much less mainstream thought. 

This guy, colin, should pack it in.  As a turncoat to something idealogicially different and true, he should realize that there is now nothing truly left for him in this life.  If he does not explore the end limits of his own personal timeline, then I recommend he spend the rest of his timeline teaching children to read while simultaneoulsy striving to quietly stay out of the way of adults. 

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Did Bloomberg contact ZH for confirmation or denial before it published?

Did Sabrina Erdely have anything to do with the article?

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When the criminals start bashing ZH, you know they are afraid the truth will close their doors.

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I like zero hedge as it does not have an over produced feel. However, it is yet another outlet of knowledge. A good one, even excellent.

I want insight and understanding too. So, zero hedge authors, up your game.

Only joking, should you wish to, visit this little understanding guru https://davidwatkinson.blogspot.co.uk

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 One honest beef I have is the disabling of comments. Though its not happening very much these days. Sometimes the best comments happen on page 2 or 3 after the joking around is over.

 Its all about the two way exchange of ideas. That is where the propaganda comes up short pretty much every time.

 Thanks to all that have the integrity to speak thier minds.

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Yes, speaking of that, I have posted the following comment twice here today, with no responses.  I would really like SOMEBODY to tell me if I am the only one experiencing this problem, because it is frustrating as Hell!

PLEASE ZHers, help me!  As a newbie here, I am frustrated by something I keep running into on ZH.

The comment sections under articles become effectively useless and inaccessible to me once they grow to more than one page, because ANY comment that I click on, including my own, just leads me to the first page of comments, even if the comment I am trying to access is NOT on the first page.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening, and what I can do to easily access the comments on all the other pages of comments directly?  Thanks!

Anyone?  Hello?

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get a bigger android phone? j/k - those below have some good ideas - sometimes you just have to reload the page and wait til all the linkedin/google/twitter feeds and the last link to www.zerohedge.com has loaded.

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In my experience clicking on a comment on the side bar takes you to page 1 of the comments for that article. If it's on page 3 I have to click the successive pages and search. It isn't easy or fun but it always works.

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Yeah, it works on a low comment thread (clicking on new comment) but when a comment thread gets to multiple pages (volume) doing it dumps you on the article only...not the comment you clicked on.

Kinda sucks.

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Try another browser, opera and chrome.  Does it do that with those.  If that doesn't work try another computer.  You got some sort of blocking going on in your software.

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IIRC, the second comment on the "new" page and all others will be from page 2, etc...

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The comment search is limited to the first page but if you want to find your comment fast then type a few letters of your username into the search function and use that to find them. For me, I only need to type U4 and I can find all my comments pretty fast. Cly or clyd should do it for you since that is not a very common chain I would think

You first need to click on the comment page heading on the bottom. Usually there are not more than three pages to the comments so, if you click on page 2, then search for your username, you can find your comment and replies. In firefox the command is ctrl f to get the search bar at the bottom

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I just bookmark anything I wish to return to... you know, like a dog going back to its own vomit:) If you don't see your comment on that page, just keep paging ahead. You'll find it eventually.

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Thanks U4!  I was unaware of that search possibility.

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If you're talking about using the "follow comments" page to search for a particular poster's comment or to check for responses, it goes only to the first page - from there you have to manually go to each succeeding page and use the "find" function.

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Thanks Citxmech.  Although I am unaware of the "find" function.

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Menu bar > Edit > Find

Little box pops near bottom of the page and you type in the word you want to find  (in this case the username you're seeking) and click the down arrow.

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Damn, thanks Billy!  I never knew about that feature before, but there it is right in front of me.  Ya learn somethin' new every day!

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and when you get really good, you can start hacking this...

For Firefox, go to a new browser window and type in the following:


Standard Disclaimer: The humorous part about this is the message you get. "This might void your warranty!"

The Firefox equivalent of a matress tag. Use google to thoroughly research this before tweaking stuff, but take it slow when first trying out some of the on-line tweaks you'll find on-line.

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In Firefox, I just hit the '/' key, and it goes straight to the little find box at the bottom corner.

Paveway's comments above may be some help (or at least give an explanation). Thing is, ZH's comment and blogging code is apparently entirely done in-house at ZH, and does not depend on Google, or anyone else's, blogging platform. It is a little old, and has some quirks. And you have run into one of them.

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I'm not sure I understand your question. You might try editing the comments options at the top of the comments section.

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It's a very obscure reference to an old All In The Family episode where Archie mistakenly refers to his beloved President as Richard E Nixon. I have no idea why I chose that as my screen name here, might have been drunk at the time.