Germany's Third Largest Party Adopts Anti-Islam Manifesto: Says "Muslims Are Not Welcome In Germany"

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One week after Austria was shocked by the news that its right-wing, anti-immigrant Freedom Party, had swept the competition, gathering over 35% of the vote and leaving the other five candidates far behind, Europe's anti-immigrant juggernaut just added to its momentum when neighboring Germany's populist AfD party adopted an anti-Islam policy on Sunday in a manifesto that also demands curbs to immigration according to AFP. The biggest surprise however, is that the three year-old party is now also Germany's third strongest party.

Formed only three years ago on what was originally a eurosceptic platform, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has gained strength as the loudest protest voice against Chancellor Angela Merkel's welcome to refugees that brought over one million asylum seekers last year. However, with the migrant influx sharply down in recent months, the AfD has shifted focus to the signature issue of the xenophobic Pegida street movement, whose full name is Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident.

"Islam is not part of Germany" ran a headline in the AfD policy paper agreed in a vote by some 2,400 members at the party congress in the western city of Stuttgart.

The paper demanded bans on minarets on mosques, the call to prayer, full-face veils for women and female headscarves in schools.

Frauke Petry, party leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD) votes at
a party congress on May 1, 2016 in Stuttgart

A proposal for a more nuanced formulation, to "stop Islamism but seek dialogue with Islam", was rejected with boos in the mostly-male gathering, which was held in a hall decorated with banners that read "Courage. Truth. Germany."

"Islam is in itself political," retorted one speaker, while another linked the religion with "sharia, suicide bombings and forced marriages".

As AFP adds, in a broader sense the AfD is presenting itself as a nationalistic conservative force that also questions climate change, promotes traditional gender roles and "family values", would reintroduce military conscription and take Germany out of the euro. Co-leader Joerg Meuthen said the AfD stood for a "modern conservatism" and a "healthy patriotism" while it rejected "the Germany of 1968, infected by the (socialist and environmentalist) red-green left".

Having soared to national prominence and entering half of Germany's 16 state parliaments, the AfD, which many see as the country's answer to France's National Front and Austria's Freedom Party, has now firmly set its sights on national elections next year.

"In the summer of 2015, they gave us up for dead," a triumphant AfD co-chair Frauke Petry told the delegates, declaring that the party does not intend to settle for the role of opposition group or junior coalition partner. Instead, its new programme should allow the AfD "to win majorities", she told the weekend meeting.

Support for the AfD stood at 13 percent, narrowly beating the ecologist Greens as Germany's third strongest party, according to an Emnid institute survey for the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

With its default right-wing bias, AfD has been at pains to distance itself from the hardcore far-right and neo-Nazi movements AFP adds, which are a stubbornly persistent but fringe phenomenon in a country where collective shame over the Nazi era and the Holocaust run deep. Alexander Gauland, leader of the party in Brandenburg state in the former communist East, cautioned delegates to generally temper their statements and "keep in mind that all of Germany is watching us".

To drive home that message, the congress voted with 52 percent support to dissolve the Saarland regional party chapter because of its deep links with right-wing extremists groups.

To its many critics, however, the AfD represents xenophobia and a backward-looking isolationism. On Saturday hundreds of anti-fascist demonstrators rallied outside the convention centre, with some burning tyres and hurling firecrackers. Riot police used tear gas and temporarily detained 500 of them as officers escorted AfD members into the congress hall.

Hundreds of anti-fascist demonstrators rallied outside AfD's
convention centre on April 30, 2016

German riot police is pictured during the AfD party congress in
Stuttgart, Germany, April 30, 2016

In another act of harassment, a left-wing media site overnight published the names, addresses and telephone numbers of some 2,000 party members. AfD co-leader Joerg Meuthen pledged to file criminal charges against the unknown hackers behind the data leak.

Aside from drawing the anger of far-left groups, the AfD has also attracted near-universal condemnation from Germany's major parties.

The general secretary of Merkel's Christian Democrats, Peter Tauber, told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper: "The debates at the party congress show that the AfD wants to return to a Germany that never existed in that form.

But while its critics rage, what is more important is that its fans and supporters are growing as yet another country sees a groundswell of popular support for a party whose platform is the latest expression of broad anti-establishment anger, pursuing a return of more conservative, traditional values.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in Austria, Chancellor Werner Faymann faced a barrage of boos and whistles at his Social Democratic Party's May Day rally on Sunday as his opponents demanded that he resign after the party was thrashed in last week's presidential election. According to Reuters, Faymann defended the course his coalition government has taken despite the drubbing both ruling parties suffered last Sunday, when the far right achieved a record result. "We need laws and measures that ensure humanity and order," he said in a speech to tens of thousands of party supporters in front of Vienna's city hall, a phrase he has often used when referring to the government's hardening immigration policy.

Austria's Chancellor Werner Faymann

Many present did not share his view and Faymann's opponents at the Sunday rally held up placards saying "resign" and "party conference now". They booed and blew whistles as he spoke and when his name was mentioned.

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skinwalker's picture

Islam and western civilization are locked into an ancient battle to control the world. Only the muslims know it and western people do not. 

williambanzai7's picture

The clash of civilisations is deemed a politically incorrect topic and that will be Europes complete undoing.

I MISS KUDLOW's picture

MAy Day's defiinition is an international crisis or distress call

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Just wait till the financial system quits working, and the native populations are having to compete for basic daily necessities.  

This party will be flirting with 50%. 

Thank God the opposition in Europe is "right wing" as we stare down the largest financial apocalypse since 1932. 

The US is fucked, with the Sandernistas being the opposition. 

nuubee's picture

The implosion of the Dollar will teach the Sandernistas the lesson their parents should have learned.

Expat79's picture

Muslin integration is a giant myth:

When the world wakes up from the multikulti dream, I fear blood will run through the streets.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Muslims are the new lepers, the unclean. 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Churchill stated that: 'the Hun is either at your throat or at your feet.'

Evolution proves that quality always trumps quantity.

The Hun will not sleep forever.

CPR Steps_30 pumps_2 breaths_then repeat's picture

The spread of cultural Marxism is all thanks to Churchill 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Uh huh... but not Marx?

Churchill was a piece of shit Zionist warmonger... but that doesn't mean everything the man said was lies and idiocy.

Let's talk some more when you take your trainer-wheels off.

Freddie's picture


Lost his money in the markets and was buddies with Bernard Baruch and others.  A Red Shield stooge.

Sandmann's picture

Spencer-Churchill (his real name was Spencer) was anti-German and pro-French and not particularly astute

True Blue's picture

He was also a participant in the Boer war, in which the world first saw Concentration Camps, set up by the British and used for Boer men, women and children -in which tens of thousands (20-30% of the camps populations) died as a direct result.

The German and Dutch press never forgot this; and rubbed England's nose in it for Years afterwards; until some other 'big lie' took its place with a new group to blame and pin 'atrocities' upon, letting England quietly slink away with its 'virtue' unstained in modern 'histories'.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

No, the Sandernistas will teach themselves about it, much like the Venezuelans who were Socialists in the early 90s are doing right now.  

crazzziecanuck's picture

Yay!  Let's all celebrate when the anniversary of Krystalnacht but against Muslims this time.  Sure worked the first time!  They got the right people then (Jews) and so they'll get the right people this time (Muslims).

If these people were firing a gun at a target, they'd miss it completely.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

IF you think this ends with everyone standing around holding hands and smiling at one another, I would say you're foolish.  

If you put your "lock, stock & barrel" in the status-quo, I hate to say, but things won't work out so well for you.  Please refer to ZH's "motto."

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

crazzzie, if germany had stopped in 1942..the nazi party might still be running the Nazi EU. how many muzzi human trash would then have washed up on the eu's shore?? overreach seems to be a common problem with sociopaths of any political agenda.

NihilistZero's picture

I wouldn't think Germans would be fighting for the dailys just as the Great Recession has been relatively bearable for most here in America. One of the undeniable benefits of a hybrid-economy is that those lovely productive private Industries can subsidize the socio-economic machine when it starts to sputter. But for countries like Venezuela, France, Greece, Brazil, etc not so much.

It's reminds me of one of the interestingly prescient parts of Trump's tax plan. By ending inversions vis-a-vis ending the income tax for individuals under 50K and lowering the corporate tax you would in theory see a consumption boost from the working class and a repatriation of corporate capital. That's a recipe for an increase in revenue and job creation. Because our capitalist economy does have socialist elements, it is likely the Sandernistas will never live through a communist collapse.

Calmyourself's picture

Like you Haus, but the US is not nearly as fucked as the EU.  We can at least defend ourselves and geographically we are huge, Europe not so much on both counts.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Both the EU and US are equally fucked, when discussing the political institutions.  E.g., their days are numbered. 

How will quality of live evolve in these differing lands?  

Well the EU isn'T one country like the US is, and in some parts of Europe it will be materailly better than in others.  I imagine it will be the same in the US.  

The material difference between the two, is the EU doesn't have the ability to project military power onto its member states, and there is still the debate here in the EU as to what is sovereign, the EU or the individual member states.  Technically, Ghordo despite all his flaws is correct -- the EU is just a collection of sovereign states, of which the member states are superior to the EU.

In the US there is no such ideal, and the .gov in DC is the controlling entity, and DOES have the federal police and military forces to enforce its sovereignty on its subjects, which the EU doesn't have.  

Needless to say, both political systems are fucked -- which place will "bounce back" -- I would say certain parts of Europe before I'd say essentially anywhere in the US -- save the Northern-Mid-West.   

ConfederateH's picture

" the EU doesn't have the ability to project military power onto its member states"

That doesn't really matter since in the US and the EU it is rule by the Fed or ECB.  Thats where the real power lies.  I don't think the US has done anything close to any of the states compared to what the ECB/IMF/Germany did to Greece.  In the US they only have the Tranny Toilet Tantrum for South Carolina.  Or Fuergeson for Missouri. 

One could also compare the number and severity of false flag attacks.  The EU seems to have caught up to the US on this front.

Freddie's picture

Europe, Germany and especially Greece should throw their lot with Russia and Putin.

eforce's picture

Just like the Protocols said... a race/religious war to cover the advance towards world government.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

'Politically Incorrect' is simply another intelligence services Psyops similar to 'conspiracy theory'. Effectively it is censoring by self rather than by central command. But make no mistake about it, it is centrally organized and directed.

You and I do not determine what is considered to be politically correct or incorrect. But we are its carriers.

monk27's picture

Just because you can call something "politically incorrect", it doesn't mean it disappears from reality...

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) May 1, 2016 10:30 AM

migrant crisis has proven: apparently muslims arent even welcome in saudi arabia.

Niall Of The Nine Hostages's picture

If Islam is incompatible with German society, Muslims need to be expelled from Germany and steps taken to make sure they stay out.

Treat the disease, not the symptoms. Get rid of the Muslims and the hijabs and minarets will go away by themselves.

Galahad Threepwood's picture

Don't forget the tribe who promote mass immigration.

This whole invasion is by design, and we know whose motto is Wage war by deception

crash already's picture

How long before it's "Germans not welcome in Germany"?

Lex_Luthor's picture

It's happening as you write, my friend!

Amish Hacker's picture

(1) Stop the wars.

(2) All able-bodied men return to their countries of origin.

(3) Western nations, Turkey and other Saudi-allied backers of ISIS pay to put these men to work repairing damage caused by wars. 

(4) Women and children return to countries of origin.

(5) Swedes go swimming again.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Which factions in the muslim world's various civil wars, and frozen conflicts as yet not unleashed, do you think will heed your call to stop their wars?    

Amish Hacker's picture

TBT, I agree that the Middle East is in such a mess that it's hard to see any way out, but as a start, we should stop selling weapons to every faction in every conflict. (Google "increased arms sales to the ME.")

It would also be a good idea, imho, to stop the drone war, which is slaughtering thousands of innocents and creating more terrorists than it kills.

Perhaps we could publicly disavow the ongoing neocon policy of regime change for any country that fails to go along with plans to maximize US corporate profits. It's really not our right to overthrow every government we disagree with. (viz. Ukraine). In fact, it's against international law.

Stop expanding NATO, and top sending missles, planes and warships right up to the Russian borders.

Try some real diplomacy for a change, instead of making US foreign policy just a vehicle for Clinton Foundation fundraising.

If we keep doing what we're doing, we're likely to end up where we're headed.


Cruel Aid's picture

Thumbs up, aint going to happen not the nwo plot.


Sounds like u r feeling the bern. The criminals are not our style of idealism

mototard's picture

Meanwhile in North America, groups like Hizbb ut Tahrir continue to grow wiht political support:


Hizb ut-Tahrir: Providing the Mood Music to Which the Suicide Bombers Dance

iClaudius's picture

Soros will not be pleased.

If they could be sent to a vast, thinly populated, rich country that shared their religion and societal values ... like Saudi Arabia.

Sizzurp's picture

All of Europe would do well to unite behind these parties. The muslims are using white guilt and generosity to their advantage.  They do not wish to assimilate, they wish to destroy and replace your culture, and they will unless whites in Europe stop them.  Democracy doesn't guarantee your security, it's just another form of mob rule. The muslims must be sent back to the ME, or expect to see your culture erased forever, and your history re-written by the victors who strolled right in.

CheapBastard's picture

Letting the Barbarian savages into your country, military overspending and government corruption worked out particularly well for the Romans .... right?

ISEEIT's picture

If the whities keep fighting back, this will lead to civil unrest.

That is why our domestic militarism has been prepared for unrest.

These plans will be realized. Make no doubt about it. Passed the tipping point a long time ago. Barack has accomplished most of his goals. Gun control and that whole transition still awaits another leader.

The people who live in America though mostly support our vision. They really have no idea and as long as we can get Hillary installed, this revolution is almost over.

Let them be astonished 20 years from now. In the mean time, we'll have made opposition impossible.


NAV's picture

This is the truth, on the ground, in Germany.

“Honestly, I’d like to trample their flower beds and burn their homes to the ground. But, I don’t do that because I’m a patriot. But why?”

SAJAD, a Muslim from Lebanon who has lived in Germany for 20 years but doesn’t particularly like Germans is explaining  why, nonetheless, he’s a German patriot.

“I just want to remain in Germany and live in peace and grow old here and die. It’s that simple. That’s why I’m a patriot. Because as things stand now, we’re heading toward civil war.

“Only the German humanitarians and Idiots have failed to notice this fact, and it is their fault that they have ignored the normal people who have long since decided that enough is enough. Twenty percent of the German population is now made up of foreigners. The boat is full to everyone but these humanitarians who control politics and the media and the universities. (Everyone at the university feels this way.) I’m talking about the dumb as rocks German girls who stand at train stations bellowing ‘Welcome refugees.’ If my sister ever did this, the first time she did it would be her last. But I don’t feel sorry for these sluts. I am a patriot for purely rational reasons.

“Because, unless there is a dramatic course correction politically, this country is going to split right down the middle. We are going to have a civil war with thousands of casualties. I am sure of this because I have been listening to Muslims in the Ghetto since the year 2000 and they see the future more clearly than the Germans. They see nothing but weak, ugly humanitarians, who give the immigrants everything they want, but at the same time are too weak to defend their own wives and their own country…

“Beirut was once a beautiful city. Let’s hope that in ten years I won’t have to say: Germany was once a beautiful country.”

(SAJAD is the only one of his circle of Arabs who made it out of the ghetto and earned a degree to escape the poverty that “has claimed so many of my contemporaries, who are now on welfare and stay at home because they don’t have the chance to do anything else” –who opted not to study hard in school as opposed to their equally poor German classmates who went on to higher learning.

As a result, jobless, “they just got fed up and declared war on Germany.”)

ConfederateH's picture

Right now he tells the Germans that he is a loyal German.  But if a caravan of ISIS technicals rolled into town he would be out screaming "Allu Ahkbar" while scoping out the town to select his new villa.

Freddie's picture

Hopefully the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and the Russians will smash the shit out of these ZATO head choppers and Rita Katz ISIS actors.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

"Islam is in itself political"

Absolutely true.

So is the desire of Zionists to destroy the middle east, flood europe with an immivasion, villify all Muslims and Arabs, and have Christisns and Europeans slaughter each other.

As for the Evangelicals:

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

did not have to be this way, but the left has failed europe and it's culture,

only the far right can correct this;

Zinu's picture
Zinu (not verified) May 1, 2016 10:55 AM
Poor Russians under criminal putin regime rule

Could you survive with 85 EUR for a month? You would have to pay for your flat, heating, water, electricity, communication services, food, clothes, transportation, etc. So – could you survive with just 85 EUR a month? It’s what criminal putin regime asks from Russian citizens who earn minimum wage in Russia.

You would think that country with largest territory on planet Earth with richest natural resources on planet with gas, oil, minerals, gold, etc. would live with high income – but it’s not the case in Russia under criminal putin regime rule. As elite takes all the money and feeds citizens with hate & war propaganda just like in North Korea.


So this is poor Russian reality.


Putin Raises Minimum Wage to $87 Starting Jan. 1

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree setting the minimum wage in Russia at 6,204 rubles ($87) a month beginning Jan.1, 2016, according to a document published Tuesday on the government's legal information website.

In 2015, the official minimum salary that employers in Russia could legally pay their workers stood at 5,965 rubles($84). Therefore, the minimum wage is set to rise by 4 percent from Jan. 1 of next year.

As of September, the average monthly wage in Russia is 32,911 rubles ($463), according to data released by the Rosstat state statistics service.

According to the estimates of consulting firm Korn Ferry — Hay Group, Russian companies will increase salaries for their employees on average by 7 percent in 2016, the RBC newspaper reported earlier this month.

However, the inflation rate in Russia is expected to stand at 14,6 percent next year, which means that the real wages will fall by 7.5 percent, the report said.


In regions Russians earn average about 10 000 - 12 000 RUB a month, which is about 130 - 160 EUR a month.