NATO Deploys 4000 Troops To Russian Border As EUCOM Chief Urges "Return To War-Planning"

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With anti-establishmentarians on the rise in the US & Europe, it appears the neocons and their NATO proxy aren't wasting any time and are stepping up not just the words, but their deeds, against a so-called "resurgent Russia." NATO's European Command (EUCOM) "needs to change," blasts General Philip Breedlove, urging the military to get back to the business of war planning, a skill lost during the post-Cold War era saying his objective is to send a signal of deterrence to Russia. That signal was heard loud and clear as NATO is deploying an additional four battalions of 4,000 troops to the Russian border in Poland and the three Baltic States, according to a report citing US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.

"We have to be ready for a situation where we don't have Russia as a partner," warns EUCOM  Gen. Philip Breedlove, adding that the military here needs to get back to the business of war planning, a skill lost during the post-Cold War era and one needed again in the face of a resurgent Russia. As reports,

On Tuesday, Breedlove will walk a final time across the parade ground at EUCOM headquarters, handing off leadership of more than 60,000 troops to Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti.


Unlike when Breedlove assumed command in 2013, Scaparrotti arrives at a time of upheaval as the continent contends with Cold War-like tensions with Russia, a refugee crisis tearing at Europe's social fabric, and increased fears about terrorism because of war along NATO's southern flank.


Scaparrotti will lead a EUCOM headquarters that over the years has shrunk in size -- it is the second-smallest of all combatant commands -- even as the Pentagon attempts to boost its presence along NATO's eastern edge.


Breedlove said more work needs to be done to lift EUCOM out of its post-Cold War mindset, which resulted in "building partner capacity," military parlance for training missions. EUCOM is a "mere fraction" of what it was a generation ago, a downsizing that occurred when the U.S. was trying to make a partner out of Russia.


"I am very sure about how EUCOM needs to change," Breedlove said during a recent exit interview with Stars and Stripes. "This headquarters shrank and changed from a war-fighting headquarters to a building-partnership-capacity, engagement kind of headquarters."


"This headquarters needs to be a warfighting headquarters," he said.


Reorienting EUCOM into a warfighting headquarters likely would demand more resources, more troops and new contingency plans to conduct combat operations within Europe.


In the past three years, EUCOM has responded to new security concerns by boosting its presence in eastern Europe, mainly through rotational troops and pre-positioned tanks and other armor.


A $3.4 billion Pentagon proposal, prompted by what the West sees as a more aggressive and unpredictable Russia, seeks to build upon recent efforts in the year ahead.


Dealing with Russia's formidable capabilities around the Baltics, where NATO is outmanned and outgunned, is one obstacle allies will need to prepare for better, according to Breedlove.

Some critics, particularly in Berlin, have said Breedlove's rhetoric sometimes has been too hawkish. The general rejects such criticism, saying his objective is to send a signal of deterrence to Russia; and as RT reports, NATO's deployment of an additional 4,000 troops to the Russian border signals their intent loud and clear...

Work confirmed the number of troops to be sent to the border with Russia, The Wall Street Journal reports. He said the reason for the deployment is Russia’s multiple snap military exercises near the Baltics States.


“The Russians have been doing a lot of snap exercises right up against the borders, with a lot of troops,” Work said as cited by the Wall Street Journal. “From our perspective, we could argue this is extraordinarily provocative behavior.”

Moscow has been unhappy with the NATO military buildup at Russia’s borders for some time now; and with this latest move, The Russians, as expected, are displeased...

“NATO military infrastructure is inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders. But when Russia takes action to ensure its security, we are told that Russia is engaging in dangerous maneuvers near NATO borders. In fact, NATO borders are getting closer to Russia, not the opposite,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter daily.


Poland and the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have regularly pressed NATO headquarters to beef up the alliance’s presence on their territory.


According to the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, the permanent presence of large NATO formations at the Russian border is prohibited. Yet some voices in Brussels are saying that since the NATO troops stationed next to Russia are going to rotate, this kind of military buildup cannot be regarded as a permanent presence.


Russia’s Defense Ministry says it’s ready for a tit-for-tat response to any NATO military activity near Russia’s borders. As Russia’s envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko put it, there are no “passive observes” in the Russian armed forces and Moscow would definitely compensate militarily for an “absolutely unjustified military presence.”

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knukles's picture

These fuckers are gonna get us all killed for nothing.
But then again, if Europe is taken over by the Muzzies then either Russia won't want it or will have free reign to destroy it.
Good going, NATO and Progressives

Anybody but me see this all happening under global Progressivism, aka NWO?
Nah, I didn't think so either, must be Bush's fault (rolling eyeballs)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

What's that I hear in the distance? War drums?

Someone is looking for an economic scapegoat, that's for sure.

COSMOS's picture

Breedlove is like we dont have them as a partner, he means the Russians are not slave whores to NATO and the dollar.

Itinerant's picture

The Russians actually tried to join NATO in 1955 and again in 2001, but the West let the opportunity pass ... I mean, where would we end up then? There would be no point to at least 80% of all global military spending (about 75% by the US and NATO countries).

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) Itinerant May 1, 2016 7:23 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia.

indygo55's picture

Well, when you spend an entire career planning for war and he didn't get it, then what do ya think this asshole is gonna say? He's a product of the neocon Bush-Cheney operation and damn it, he didn't get his war so he's pissed off. What does that tell you about our leaders? They are all assholes and when the fuck will the people throw these people out? 

philipat's picture

Hopefully Breedlove (Strangelove?) will be one of the first to get fired in a Trump Administration?

It would also be great if Trump insists that Europe pays for NATO, Europe can't come up with the funding and NATO gets disbanded. A much safer world would result. Russia doesn't want war, its the Neocons causing all the tensions.

monk27's picture

Breedlove is an idiot of the Obozo class, and hopefully a Trump administration will start by firing his ass for dangerous incompetence. 4000 people as NATO "deterrence" is a joke. It would take the Russians about 2.5 Grad salvos to make them all minced meat. Putin must be laughing his ass off watching these morons playing their retarded war games...

mkkby's picture

Putin can stop all this nonsense TOMORROW.  Announce the sale of nukes to Iran and Syria, unless NATO/US withdraw to a safe distance.

Make sure Xi is on board and this is a done deal.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) santafe May 1, 2016 7:50 PM

What ever happened to Hillary's RESET button she gave the Russians?  Or did the spelling say SCREW YOU in Russian?

MEFOBILLS's picture

Hillary's reset button, shows just how stupid she is.  As the Russian's say, the American political leaders have oatmeal for brains.



Secretary of State Hillary Clinton learned that lesson the hard way Friday when she presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a gift bearing an incorrect translation -- one that implied hostility, rather than peacemaking. 

Clinton presented Lavrov with a gift-wrapped red button, which said "Reset" in English and "Peregruzka" in Russian. The problem was, "peregruzka" doesn't mean reset. It means overcharged, or overloaded. 

And Lavrov called her out on it. 

"We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?" Clinton asked Lavrov.

"You got it wrong," Lavrov said. "This says 'peregruzka,' which means overcharged." 

Slarti Bartfast's picture

Americans don't seem to do well in other languages.

Volkodav's picture

Not the truth...

Scythians have nothing to do with Khazars

Scythians Indo-European Fair Features descend from Shem

Khazar are Turk from Japeth  Gen 10 2-5


booboo's picture

Bob Newhart is head of NATO, who knew.

Katos's picture

Fucking Breadhate, this fucking moron," oh well have to get back to a war footing", are you fucking kidding me. Russia is being provocative by holding drills," on their own fucking territory "? These ASSHATS are just salivating for a war, and when Putin finally gets tired of their stupid, childish,  moronic behavior, he's going to spank someone and NATO is going to look like the high priced, over indulged pussies they are. Lucky for the rest of us, Putin has a brain and can see through all this childish muscle flexing,  and vociferous verbal bullshit! 

COSMOS's picture

NATO is putting all these troops on Russia's borders in the hopes that if they can set off any sort of civil unrests they can quickly dash in if Moscow is thrown into turmoil.   Not only that but all those troops on the  borders of Russia can place a certain pressure on events in the country and embolden the ambitions of certain nefarious individuals.

Read the audio subtitles of this crook planning a London crash pad penthouse when Moscow is in the fits of bloody civil unrest.  Does he know something we dont?

navy62802's picture

NATO was evil from the very day it began. It was an organization founded to facilitate the employment of former Nazis to fight the Soviets.

de3de8's picture

It's all about world peace!

J S Bach's picture

Right on, Knuks.

When things start to get tight for TPTB, war is always a good diversion for the plebs.  I only hope that enough people can see through this and hold them accountable for whatever happens.

McCormick No. 9's picture

We have always been at war with Russia- er, I mean Eastasia.

J S Bach's picture


No.  We have only been at war with Russia since the jewish Bolsheviks took it over.  They were this nation's best friend before the war of Northern Aggression promising to come to Lincoln's aid against the international usurers if need be.

It would be wise for Trump to try to ally ourselves... and not war with them.


Katos's picture

I saw that limp Dick "GAY CABALLERO ", Lindsey-Graham whining in a meeting  ASSHAT ash, about whether they had a plan to remove Assad before  Obama leaves office? Guess that kind of blows a hole in their ISIS war?

mkkby's picture

+1 for Count Floyd.

nmewn's picture

And now we turn to Hollande & Merkel for a response to this "pressing threat" that has the dear general in such a tizzy...


LibertarianMenace's picture

And Hollande and Merkel would be awaiting American "leadership", sorry, FRNs.

Normalcy Bias's picture

It appears that possibly these lunatics want to initiate WWIII, which they plan to ride out in their taxpayer funded underground bunker palaces.

Nice people...

OverTheHedge's picture

Talking to a Greek naval captain last see night; he is entirely relaxed  about Russia, but understandably a little nervous about Erdogan, who he likened to a mad dog that the US can use to bite people, without taking any blame themselves.

He was refreshingly candid about war prospects - there is not enough money in it for the arms companies to have a widened Mediterranean conflict; he sees North Korea being the money shot, if you'll pardon the pun. That's where the big bucks will be made.

Nice to know that the NATO officers understand war is a racket.

Of course, he might have just been polite, and not wanted to alarm me about the impending world-wide nuclear exchange - he's a nice guy after all.

Hulk's picture

amazing to see a potentially massive war created out of pure propaganda. Jaw dropping ,head spinning insanity.

This is why Trump has my vote. Probably why he has a lot of people's vote. There's a chance he can put a stop to this insanity....

Taint Boil's picture



“The Russians have been doing a lot of snap exercises right up against the borders, with a lot of troops,” Work said as cited by the Wall Street Journal. “From our perspective, we could argue this is extraordinarily provocative behavior.”

Russians doing shit in their own country and inside their own border – go figure……



Yen Cross's picture

  That's the plan Knuks.

   When you talk to an entity or person, and try to help them, you immediately recognize that the " situation" became "problematic" over a long duration of time>>>

   Long story Short--- Knuks.  Shit didn't fall apart over night, and shit isn't getting fixed over night.  

adanata's picture



Yeah, they really want to light up this Molotov coctail...  won't work. A war with Russia? There's no money in it... end of business. Nobody wants it except the psychos and I don't think they can make it happen. I think they're trying to terrorize the Sheeple with saber rattling. Hope I'm right.

TeraByte's picture

Getting the focus turned away from the economy´s death spiral requires the proven patent medicine.
Them killing us and vice versa is not for nothing, but serves a greater cause of suppressing faint memories why things initially started going wrong and who were the architects.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

General Philatio Manlove just can't get enough of sucking that MIC dick.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

"Oh, and by the way, we need money. Send money. K thanks."

harp00n's picture

And the award for the most ironically named General goes to....

Graph's picture


Life imitates art.


WernerHeisenberg's picture

I always liked the naplam, cluster bomb, and agent orange dropping General Waste-More-Land

I am Jobe's picture

Looking forward to Yellow Ribbon Sales sky rcoketing., American dumb asses are too busy scratching their azzz and you tubing themselves


Zwelgje's picture

"My son bled out in Russia and all I got was a fucking ribbon."


patrickhenry61's picture

Why don't we state the obvious here, that the office of Secretary of Defense should be changed to the Secretary of War? It fits the atmosphere they are trying to create. 

Freddie's picture

LOL!  Those 4,000 ZATO troops would lose badly against the smallish Donestsk (Donbas DPR) army or milita.  Those boys and older men in Donbas are tough miners and farmers.  They got the Ukraine in two cauldrons (encriclements) and Kiev had ti beg for peace to extract their troops.

General Breedlove is a total douchebag.   A real scumbag like whore monger Petreaus.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Ha, what will be the Zato thugs fall back point, Burger King or Green Bean coffee?

Spungo's picture

We tried peace and it worked. Let's try nuclear war and see if it works better.

45North1's picture

Neocons have a deviant urge to stick their dick into Russia.

Russia then prudently strives to block that move.

And MSM blames Russia?


War is the smoke screen behind which the economic deck chairs get re-arranged for future generations.

It's a bankers ploy.

NATO is their bitch.



guitarzaan's picture

Every country on earth with a central bank is the banksters' bitches.  But, whose bitches are the banksters?  And Whose foot will soon be upon his neck?

I Corinthians 13

MEFOBILLS's picture

Most of the Neo-Con's are descendants of Jews who immigrated in the period from 1880 to 1920.  These were pale of the settlement Jews, and Polish Jews, many who claimed they were Christians.  Kol Niedre allows lying, and many did this in order to immigrate from "eastern europe."

They landed in New York and many stayed in those surrounds.  They also immigrated to Chicago.  

The 1926 immigration cut-off was because this particular Jewish element was indigestible.  Go back and read some of Congressional testimony during this period.  This group of people agitated for Bolsheveism/Communism, and even to have their own state.  Montana was a particular project of theirs.

Why do they hate Russia? 

Read Solshenityzyn's 200 years together to get a good idea.  

The U.S. has allowed an immigrant group in, who has mental wet-ware and race consciousness at odds with the founding stock of the country.


Freddie's picture

Also decended from zio-Bolsheviks who were backed by NY, London and German zio banks.  They ended up murdering 25 million Russian Christians.