TTIP - American Economic Imperialism Exposed

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Greenpeace has done that part of the world whose representatives are so corrupt or so stupid as to sign on to the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic “partnerships” a great service. Greenpeace secured and leaked the secret TTIP documents that Washington and global corporations are pushing on Europe. The official documents prove that my description of these “partnerships” when they first appeared in the news is totally correct.

These so-called “free trade agreements” are not trade agreements. The purpose of the “partnerships,” which were drafted by global corporations, is to make corporations immune to the laws of sovereign countries in which they do business. Any country’s sovereign law whether social, environmental, food safety, labor protections—any law or regulation—that impacts a corporation’s profits is labeled a “restraint on trade.” The “partnerships” permit corporations to file a suit that overturns the law or regulation and also awards the corporation damages paid by the taxpayers of the country that tried to protect its environment or the safety of its food and workers.

The law suit is not heard in the courts of the country or in any court. It is heard in a corporate tribunal in which corporations serve as judge, jury, and prosecutor.

In other words, the “partnerships” give global corporations the power to overturn democratic outcomes. Allegedly, Europe consists of democracies. Democracies pass laws protecting the environment and the safety of food and labor, but these laws democratically enacted reduce profits. Anything less than a sweatshop, with starvation wages, no environmental protection, no safety legislation for food or worker, can be overturned at will by global corporations under the terms of the “partnerships.”

Only a traitor, a well paid one, could sign such a pact.

In my opinion, corporate taxation can also be overturned as it obviously reduces profits.

The Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific “partnerships” have been conducted in secrecy. The reason is obvious. Had people known how they were being sold out, there would have been a firestorm of protest. The corporate shills and their propagandists in the financial media could deny my revelations, because I had no official documents to release.

The “partnership” agreements are treaties. Under the US Constitution, treaties are the prerogative of Congress, not the prerogative of an executive branch appointed Trade Representative who represents not the people but the corporations seeking the advantage. To avoid the US Constitution, the agreements are defined as non-treaties. You see how the groundwork for corruption is established.

The way it works is that the appointed US Trade Representative “negotiates” with appointed trade representatives of other countries. Any resistance to the deal is overcome with bribes and intimidation. All of the negotiation is conducted in secrecy. When the trade representatives sign on to the deal, it is presented to the legislatures of the countries. The legislators are told that they must approve the pact and not endanger all the hard work that has gone on for so long and that is in everybody’s interest as attested to by all of the bribed and coerced trade representatives.

These “trade pacts” originate in the US, because American global corporations and the American mega-banks are the largest players in the world economy, and the agreements that the corporations walk through the process give the American companies economic hegemony over the countries that sign the agreements. The Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific “partnerships” are tools of US financial imperialism.

Today (May 3, 2016) I debated on Press TV Sean O’Grady, the financial editor of the UK newspaper the Independent. It is extraordinary that O’Grady took a line totally opposite to that of his newspaper. I suggested to him that perhaps he should read his own newspaper.

Today an article in the Independent reported that the leaked “documents show that US corporations will be granted unprecedented powers over any new public health or safety regulations to be introduced in future. If any European government does dare to bring in laws to raise social or environmental standards, TTIP will grant US investors the right to sue for loss of profits in their own corporate court system that is unavailable to domestic firms, governments or anyone else. For all those who said that we were scaremongering and that the EU would never allow this to happen, we were right and you were wrong.” 

As I understand it, the situation is worse than the article describes. TTIP applies to laws already on the books, such as France’s laws against GMO seeds and food products.

The Independent article continues:

“Today’s shock leak of the text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) marks the beginning of the end for the hated EU-US trade deal, and a key moment in the Brexit debate. The unelected negotiators have kept the talks going until now by means of a fanatical level of secrecy, with threats of criminal prosecution for anyone divulging the treaty’s contents.


“Now, for the first time, the people of Europe can see for themselves what the European Commission has been doing under cover of darkness – and it is not pretty. The leaked TTIP documents, published by Greenpeace this morning, run to 248 pages and cover 13 of the 17 chapters where the final agreement has begun to take shape. The texts include highly controversial subjects such as EU food safety standards, already known to be at risk from TTIP, as well as details of specific threats such as the US plan to end Europe’s ban on genetically modified foods.


“The leaked texts also reveal how the European Commission is preparing to open up the European economy to unfair competition from giant US corporations, despite acknowledging the disastrous consequences this will bring to European producers, who have to meet far higher standards than pertain in the USA.


“According to official statistics, at least one million jobs will be lost as a direct result of TTIP – and twice that many if the full deal is allowed to go through. Yet we can now see that EU negotiators are preparing to trade away whole sectors of our economies in TTIP, with no care for the human consequences.


“The European Commission slapped a 30-year ban on public access to the TTIP negotiating texts at the beginning of the talks in 2013, in the full knowledge that they would not be able to survive the outcry if people were given sight of the deal. In response, campaigners called for a ‘Dracula strategy’ against the agreement: expose the vampire to sunlight and it will die. Today the door has been flung open and the first rays of sunlight shone on TTIP. The EU negotiators will never be able to crawl back into the shadows again.


“For those of us in the thick of the EU referendum debate, the contempt shown by the TTIP negotiators to the people of Europe is the most potent reminder of the democratic deficit at the heart of the EU institutions.”

The revelations are disconcerting for the British and European peoples. For example, the Independent reports that TTIP could cause the privitazation of the National Health Service and the UK Parliament would be powerless to stop it.

In our debate Sean O’Grady performed as a shill, a propagandist for the corporate interests behind TTIP. He said that it was a free trade agreement that benefitted everyone just as NAFTA and other such agreements have proved to be the case. Tell that to all the displaced American workers.

He said that it was unfortunate that the secrecy had possibly hurt the agreement’s prospects and that it would have been better if the pact’s provisions had been known as they were negotiated. That way, he said, the agreement would not be threatened by the shock effect of the leaked documents.

O’Grady also claimed that no one has thus far agreed to the pact despite the fact that the representatives have agreed to the pact. Perhaps what he means is that legislatures have not given their approval.

The headline on the Independent article suggests that the leak will prevent approval: “After the leaks showing what it stands for, this could really be the end for TTIP.” If so, O’Grady regards it as a great loss. For the global corporations, of course, not for the peoples it would exploit.

The Greenpeace revelations should deep-six the pact, but I am uncertain. French president Hollande says, provisionally, that France will not sign the pact as it is. In other words, give us some fuzzy language to make it look like we got it fixed.

The EU’s chief negotiator, Ignacio Garcia Bercero, a likely recipient of a large bribe, rushed to the defense of TTIP by declaring Greenpeace to be “flatly wrong.” Bercero’s statement makes no sense. Greenpeace released the official documents. No one denies that the leaked documents are legitimate. So apparently Bercero’s position is that the official documents are wrong. He sounds like a guy working hard for his money.

Bercero, went on to say, according to the BBC, that “it is not correct to say the US is pushing for lowering of the level of protection in the EU.” This is an amazing lie ! Those who are trying to put a good face on the leak themselves admit that this is precisely what the US is trying to do. They claim that the Europeans haven’t yet given in.

It is disingeneous for Bercero or O’Grady or anyone to pretend that TTIP has not been from the very beginning about establishing global corporate hegemony over the governments of democratic countries. I pointed this out when the corporations first made their move. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific “partnerships” are about giving global capitalism immunity from the laws of sovereign countries.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilla Malmstroem is, according to the BBC, “steering the TTIP talks.” Malmstroem, another likely recipient of a large bribe, says: “I am simply not in the business of lowering standards.” 

Her statement is misleading. She is not in the business of lowering standards. She is in the business of making it possible for global capitalism to overthrow all standards, high and low.

From my encounter today with Sean O’Grady, a person whose integrity I no longer respect, I expect the corporate bought-and-paid-for Western financial press and governments to close ranks and discredit the leaked documents as some kind of Greenpeace “conspiracy theory.” Even in my presence, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Wall Street Journal editor, O’Grady had no compunction about misrepresenting to my face the agreement as a good one harmed only by secrecy. If it hadn’t been secret, said O’Grady, it would have been OK.

All of the blather about free trade and tariff reduction is mere cover for the only purpose of TTIP, which is to establish American economic imperialism over the peoples whose governments sold them out for money.

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stant's picture

Just ttip ,they said

ClydeCrashcup's picture

And the corporations will still love us the morning after, too.

philipat's picture

Fortunately some Governments are more transparent. The full text of TPP and all its annexes has been posted on a NZ Government website for many months (TTIP would be essentially identical):

zeropain's picture

wont that be wild if TTIP causes the Brexit

Money Boo Boo's picture

Unfortunately, we as a general population are too fucking stoopid to be able to actually stop getting the TTIP in our ass. We've been fully divided for decades and the USSA leads the way in their cause d'libertaire. Individual freedum is great until the TTIP fucking takes over the entire economic basis of your freedum and you're its fucking slave. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Don't get distracted by the BS and misdirections.

It's about keeping the the USD as the GRC, by baking it into the Agreements. Failing that, they are setting up for IMF's SDR (10% gold-backed, to raise its initial appeal). The rest is just the next phase of Global Feudalism.


"Give me control of a country's currency, and I care not who makes its laws" -A.M. Rothschild

philipat's picture

And excluding China, of course......

uhland62's picture

Don't expose more of the viciousness, makes me want to puke. 4.3 % of global population cannot rule as Emperors and trying will only cause more destruction. (Iraq War started to prevent oil sales for Euros and get a gas pipeline route). 

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Capt. Kirk, I pretty much agree with you on the SDR situation but...why do you think only a 10% backing?

I think when the US$ gold price matches the SDR gold price they will remove US cash from the equation, substitute the SDR wth a strong gold backing in place of the US$ and the exchange rate between the US$ and SDR value will be your US$ deval to gold. After that, there is no reason to suppress the gold price.

I understand I offer a lot of conjecture there but I thinks it's as plausable as any other "conpiracy" theory.

conscious being's picture

It really doesn't matter. TTIP is going nowhere. The US does not make the rules anymore. We are now in the transition period. SDR is a US, IMF creation. With the US no longer making the rules on behalf of zionist banksters, SDR is of course dead in the water as well.

illyia's picture

OMG - an interesting comment - on topic - followed by thoughtful responses. I am in ZeroHeaven...

My response is simple. Go for the jugular of the beast(s).

  1. Anything to stop TPP in all its forms. Bernie, Trump, protests, Snowden, Assange AnyLeaks - Greenpeace is fine. ANYTHING.TO.STOP.TPP.
  2. Anything to stop the banksters from endlessly evading prosecution. ANYTHING. They must answer for their crimes. This is much harder. It may involve pitchforks.

Thanks, Kirk. Appreciate it.


Whistleblowing is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance

palmereldritch's picture

If its Humans vs. Corporations, wouldn't the perpetrators of this act be guilty of crimes against humanity?

ElectroGravitic's picture

Yes, and here is probably the greatest crime against humanity:

palmereldritch's picture

The only good UFO is that UFO brought down by the Second Amendment.

Hey, if it's real, they'll understand...or at least, they'll make the news.

Ignatius's picture

And people thought the anarchists of old were crazy...

Well done, Greenpeace, well done.

peddling-fiction's picture

Greenpeace = Controlled opposition = Zionists

TTIP is not welcome in Europe.

I am starting to feel that TTIP served two purposes:

  1. Find the opposition of TTIP (like me) that were not controlled opposition.
  2. Quietly allow GMO consideration in the EU, country by country during this process.
  3. Gain positive PR by being "tough" against the Yankees by declining the TTIP.

I do not buy it. The Asian version (TPP) is moving ahead though.

Asia is where the U.S. is really putting its eggs, so to speak.

So is it feed Europe to the birds...

Starting with Brexit, things probably will get bumpy.

shovelhead's picture

You sound exactly like what the controlled opposition would say.


uhland62's picture

There is plenty of resistance in TPP countries, definitely here in Australia.

Democracy, democracy, democracy they preached - only to tyrannize us with a treaty that destroys it. Don't count on TPP rule (Politbureau exchanged for mega-corporations) in Australia forever. There is an exit clause and people already check how best to use it. TTIP exit is a lot more difficult. Look at it this way, they may force you to carry the pregnancy through but they cannot force you to raise the kid.

peddling-fiction's picture

That buzzsaw (sorry, your avatar is visually useful) monstruosity needs to be dropped in the sun for some apache love, right there in the Outback.

According to New Zealand the negotiation has concluded. What is next?

sherryw's picture

Uhland, uh, who is resisting it? I see very little, and only on the fringes. Most people are completely ignorant. Maybe start a petition on

Normalcy Bias's picture

...and just this morning I was explaining to coworkers why Heidi Cruz deserved those elbows to the face...

LetThemEatRand's picture

"[The purpose of TPP is to] establish American economic imperialism over the peoples whose governments sold them out for money."

I have the greatest respect for PCR, but I would say this is not quite accurate.  The purpose of TPP is to establish OLIGARCH imperialism over the peoples whose governments sold them out for money.  The American people will not benefit at all.

Escrava Isaura's picture



LetThemEatRand, The American people will not benefit at all.

Sorry Rand, but I have to disagree with this statement. Again, I was at Costco this afternoon and got raspberry from Mexico, blueberries from Chile. Last time I was in Brazil, friends of mine asked me why the best Brazilian oranges goes to America. I told them if they were to find out, it would be a orange revolution in Brazil before tomorrow morning.

State capitalism and financialization have being great to America, and for Americans, but horrible to Central and South America.

The issue is that, state capitalism and financialization are extremely complex systems. Both take lots of lies, deceptions, and energy to function. However, both offer great life style. Does a two car garage ring a bell?

The worse of state capitalism and financialization is yet to come. It’s when they will have to take the last resources by force, as they will find themselves trying to keep their unsustainable life style at any cost. Does Iraq, Syria, and Venezuela ring a bell? And the list is longer, not that you don’t know.


palmereldritch's picture

"The purpose of TPP is to establish OLIGARCH imperialism over the peoples whose governments sold them out for money..."

Or is it more simply, upon reflection, a new...explicit re-affirmation and global consolidation for the next century, of the feudal order that has always brewed beneath the surface of confirmation for. ever.

Money Boo Boo's picture



Other than a majority of Oligarchs, remembering there's a pecking order, are also Americans, you are correct. Oligarchs use their domestic militaries to control things in their economic field of vision, ergo American Oligarchs have a lot of control.

ChacoFunFact's picture

This will be classic case of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.  Greenpeace leak my ass.

ElectroGravitic's picture

Here are details of what is probably the greatest crime against humanity:


logicalman's picture


Water's wet!

ChargingHandle's picture

A game of power by the nwo, banking overlords, billionaires, or whatever title you wish to give them. They're in an elite club and you ain't in it.

Kina's picture

I've made the comment in the past about...


The “partnerships” permit corporations to file a suit that overturns the law or regulation and also awards the corporation damages paid by the taxpayers of the country that tried to protect its environment or the safety of its food and workers.


I don't think any government could legally execute such a document for they are trying to execute a power they can never have, to give away part of the consitutional right to govern. These agreements remove the powers of Government to make laws, and therefore the right of the people.   If the government in law making simultaneously gives the legal right to non citizens to sue the government for money then it heavily restricts a governments ability to make law for the good of the people, it has diminished its powers. This it has no consitutional right to do.

In Australia I am surprised there has been no constitutional challenge to the TPP. Surely it must be voided, the govt trying to execute a power it doesn't have.


Chris Rofot's picture

You are unfortunately wrong about that. It's called Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

When I say you are wrong btw, I mean in the sense that you are wrong that it can't be done, not that you are wrong in it being un-Constitutional. If you think that they will let a little thing like the Constitution get in the way of their plans then you have not been paying attention.

Kina's picture

The sickening thing is that governments sign these agreements knowing exactly what they are about. They are pure traitors to their citizens. 

peddling-fiction's picture

Kina, you could not be more accurate.

litemine's picture

Then the Globalist Police Force will Confiscate all Gold Bullion.

Tom Terrific's picture

except from the 0.005% ... the oligarchs controling everything

shovelhead's picture

Guess we won't have to pass it to find out what's in it.

They had to keep it secret because if you knew what was in it you would shit yourself in joy.

They're doing you a favor, right?

WTFUD's picture

Try reading between the lines, it's for the children, bless 'em.

samsara's picture

This is the WHOLE thing in one defining statement.

"The law suit is not heard in the courts of the country or in any court. It is heard in a corporate tribunal in which corporations serve as judge, jury, and prosecutor."

That is the end all be all. It makes possible to all the rest.

Those literary history buffs may note that we are almost back to the point that this now means what Shakespeare originally meant by...

"First We Kill All The Lawyers"

Justmenobiggy's picture

I know what we can do!!
We will make signs yaaa!!!!!! Than we will walk outside With the signs ya fucken A!!!!!!
That will scare the shit out of them !!!
or is that a parade ??? That makes them chuckle.
They will win because they're willing to do ANYTHING!!!!!! To get there way and I want to work with them the winning team !

Justmenobiggy's picture

Thank you now go make your sign or type away you mighty type errr