Caught On Tape: This Is What Happened When An MEP Tried To Read The TTIP Text

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

TTIP is just one of several phony “trade” deals written by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, and negotiated in secret between the Obama administration and various world leaders. This particular scam involves the U.S. and Europe, and it has seen increased public resistance and attention as of late, something I highlighted in the post, Leaked Documents Expose the TTIP Trade Deal as a Subversive Imperial Scam.

Now watch what happened when a MEP (member of European parliament) tried to read the thing. It’s very blurry, but you’ll get the point.

Democracy this is not.

Noam Chomsky recently summarized the true purpose of these so-called “trade” deals eloquently in the following paragraph:

In the contemporary global order, the institutions of the masters hold enormous power, not only in the international arena but also within their home states, on which they rely to protect their power and to provide economic support by a wide variety of means. When we consider the role of the masters of mankind, we turn to such state policy priorities of the moment as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the investor-rights agreements mislabeled “free-trade agreements” in propaganda and commentary. They are negotiated in secret, apart from the hundreds of corporate lawyers and lobbyists writing the crucial details. The intention is to have them adopted in good Stalinist style with “fast track” procedures designed to block discussion and allow only the choice of yes or no (hence yes). The designers regularly do quite well, not surprisingly. People are incidental, with the consequences one might anticipate.

Thanks for playin’ everyone.

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Even worse than Pelosi "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it".  This is "We know whats in it, you don't, so we can make things up and you'll never know".

kbohip's picture

In fairness to Pelosi, she had to borrow a handwritten copy of it from Boehner which was hard to read because it had been stained with what looked like tears.

thesonandheir's picture

Potato cunt.


Needs a better camera.

AVmaster's picture

roll, on, the, floor, laughing...


Everyone is gonna get screwed so bad.


Long bullets and toilet paper...



Restorative_Ally's picture

We live in a dystopia worse than 1984.

philipat's picture

As I have posted before, some Governments are more transparent and full text and all annexes for TPP have been on a New Zealand Government website for many months. In all important respects, TPP and TTIP are essentially identical:

Handful of Dust's picture

This is EXACTLY why so many students are protesting across the world....


... oh, wait a sec....crickets.


The protests for for changes to building names and climate change.....

Urban Roman's picture

"Yes or No?" Well, how about 'No', then.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Democracy reading rooms, sound like they stole this one from Orwell.

I am more equal than others's picture




Orwell's 1984 was the benchmark.  With refined technology and techniques, these goons will surpass Orwell's wildest imagination of oppression.

Transformer's picture

Have already surpassed.  They are holding back some, because of the guns.

Billy the Poet's picture

It's a 1984 crossover featuring Ming the Merciless form Flash Gordon.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Oh come on, its just the TTIP!  Who doesn't like a nice game of "Just the TTIP"?

Well, except when you aren't particularly feeling like getting fucked, i suppose...

El Vaquero's picture

'Ole Noam.  The guy has a habit of either hitting the nail right on the head, or being totally wrong, and not much inbetween.  It's normally worth listening to what he has to say.  It's often a good idea to disregard his points.  But not always. 

wise_owl_says...'s picture

was he given original agreement or a heavily revised copy? we will never know, until we are all in midst of its actualization. kings do not let commoners have access to their documents and agreements. when royal decree is made, is when peons are advanced on one world chessboard to their immenent demise. ocassionally extreme liberal leftard peons advance all 6 squares and get promoted to queen.

Manthong's picture

Cassette tape played in the secret, 300 feet below ground,  3 fook thick Chinese re-bar reinforced 5 bag concrete vault and anechoic chamber reading room..…

"Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept this is to gouge out your eyes, perform an S02 enema in yourself and dismember your manhood with a dull knife .  

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds."


..and if you kids don't get this........


eforce's picture

One potential good thing of TTIP is it might allow US gun manufacturers to sue the EU so we get de facto 2nd ammendment rights.

NidStyles's picture

There won't be any gun manufacturers left by then. The UN Small Arms Treaty says it will disarm everyone and stop production of new firearms. It was signed by the US in the 1960's.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Gone for two weeks and you have Trump as the presumptive president...c'mon ummerica, don't you want to be great again?

Only and ONLY radical innovation, in your face, undeniable, will change any of this shit...

you are fucked by your own devices and dependencies my fellow civilized hoomans...

Kayman's picture


Hopefully, a President Trump will do for America what Partition did for India. All the illegal immigrants can migrate south and the Deep State can be partitioned off into low water country somewhere- a place where flooding every spring can provide a form of macro- water torture.

But India should reclaim the "Arabic" numeral system and stop the old Islam was so smart meme.


Booked's picture

In that, Chomsky is similar to Chris Hedges, who is good at pointing to the problems, but doesn't have a clue to proper remedies.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Chomp chomp chompsky is a plant, do a search on Miles Mathis and Chomsky...

Phoenix Pilgrim's picture

The biggest mistake made by most revolutionists is not having a plan for what they do after they win their battle. Guns will be useless when you run out of food, water, power, or long-range communication. There is a reason the Neanderthals were hiding in caves underground - they were being hunted to extinction.

Try this:

Billy the Poet's picture

When you've rid yourself of parasites the availability of essential goods and services increases.

AgentHarlequin's picture

The MEP in question (along with all other MEPs) need only click the below link, where the draft TTIP documents are available:

Omen IV's picture

while there are other sources for the data - this illlustrates the objective of not informing the elected representative who has to vote on the TTP of the contents by constraining time, eliminating critical analysis and not allowing free discussion of specifics of the text.


so Democracy is to be eliminated with the TRIBUNALS in control at the end of the day.

it will be impossible for most people to survive the period beyod the next 5 years with ever increasing fixed costs of developed countries. all labor will be reduced to this:


This example below is equivalent to $1.87 / pr hour over a month - 40 hours per week in Ukraine after USA bust up and paid for $5 Billion for color coup de etat. The tools and building can be moved and set up within 90 days anywhere in the world.

"The factory’s Austrian owner, Fischer Sports, pays employees the equivalent of about $307 a month on average — perhaps one-eighth the amount that skilled woodworkers and machinists might earn in Fischer’s home country.

And since January, when a new free-trade pact between Ukraine and the 28-country European Union took effect, Fischer’s costs have been further reduced by the elimination of tariffs on the machinery and raw materials flowing into the country and the finished goods that are shipped back out.

The pay may seem paltry by Western standards, but the factory’s 1,500 workers tend to see the jobs as an opportunity"


PTR's picture

Orwell's 1984 was the benchmark.  With refined technology and techniques, these goons will surpass Orwell's wildest imagination of oppression.


You forget Huxley and Brave New World.  The psychic dictatorship that we willingly embrace with open arms.

booboo's picture

Well at least the Trade Farce or as otherwise known as the Surrptitious Banker Protection and Tax Serf Buggery Act has it's own safe space.

Oldwood's picture

Students are demanding the end of freedom of speech and I would assume that applies to reading as well. There are SO many threats to our sensibilities, we just can't allow people to speak out about their freedoms.

Shut up and eat your peas

GRDguy's picture

My uncle is 96, and is deeply saddened by what he sees today.  

He says "This is NOT why I fought in WWII."

Lore's picture

With all due respect to your uncle and others of his generation, who IMO had a fiber and fortitude sadly lacking in the present even-more-deeply-brainwashed generation, I nevertheless find that most vets have no bloody clue what wars are really all about: they get sucked in by slogans and marketing. Their analysis rarely cuts through the authorized narrative, and when it does, particularly among those already suffering from PTSD, the effect on their psyche can be devastating, because they have no context and feel overwhelmed. 

All Wars Are Banker Wars

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

A guy goes into a war, survives it, and goes on to live to close to 100 -- he can fucking say whatever he wants!  

Seriously -- what would be the point of trying to tell him that "his war" was not 'just'.

Lore's picture

Seriously?  You seriously miss the glaring point, which is that a soldier is given false pretexts, on the basis of which he is expected to go around ENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES?

You dolt. Go soak your head.

Max Cynical's picture

This will certainly be trending on FaceBook...

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Correct, Ally.

But let's keep our eye on the ball. This is not the fault of "trade.' This is not 'free trade,' but is centrally managed (with an Iron Fist) trade.

I expect the socialists/communists/fascists (Statists) like Chomsky to condemn this type of Big Brotherhood by blaming the trade aspect (that is, Capitalism or free-market economics) of it.

But let us not be deceived. The EU and this Iron-Fisted centrally-managed trade is the epitome of Collectivism (Socialism).

Oldwood's picture

"free trade" via state approved vendors....and consumers. The one thing that is not on the trade table is TRUTH.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Here are hundreds of pages of regulations and loopholes and exceptions, and rules... Hundreds of pages. 

No go forth and trade freely!

Tarzan's picture

Truth was outlawed when they declared it against the law to accurately present the text!

The purpose of the law, couched in Trade,  as usual, Just like the word "Affordable" in our health care bill is a head fake, Trade has nothing to do with the TTIP! .

The Bankers know the worlds financial shinanagans are about to explode and they're attempting to insulate themselves from resposibility through international law.

 Gauranteed, this treaty was written by the owners of the Fed to outlaw suing them personally in international court when the world realizes their US bonds are worthless and the assets they handed over for them have disapeered into the hands of the mysterios international owners of the Fed!

They're desperate and cornered...

Thus, rather then sue them in court, if their identities are revealed, they'll hang in their front lawns - real revolution!

loonyleft's picture

not socialism or collectivism 

It's a very few people at the top setting up a system to override even national interests. how can you come to any other conclusion? 

These trade agreements take away the power from governments and hand them to corporations. These corporations are owned in bulk by the richest of the rich. 

Billy the Poet's picture

But that is socialism as commonly practiced.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Smells like fascism to me, only this time it is globalist vs. nationalist.

A Nanny Moose's picture

National Socialism is the counterbalance to international socialism. This is the dichotomy of our time. Choose wisely.

Billy the Poet's picture

I don't recall that scene at all. Odd.

In any case, I've been eating cans of salmon procured before the 2008 debacle some with expiration dates years passed. No problem. I'm making it last because I'd rather eat decade old pre-Fukishima salmon than the alternative.