What Will The Global Economy Look Like After The "Great Reset"?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

A very common phrase used over the past couple years by the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde as well as other globalist mouthpieces is the “global reset.” Very rarely do these elites ever actually mention any details as to what this “reset” means. But if you take a look at some of my past analysis on the economic endgame, you will find that they do, on occasion, let information slip which gives us a general picture of where they prefer the world be within the next few years or even the next decade.

A few goals are certain and openly admitted. The globalists ultimately want to diminish or erase the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. They most definitely are seeking to establish the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket system as a replacement for the dollar system; this plan was even outlined in the Rothschild run magazine The Economist in 1988. They want to consolidate economic governance, moving away from a franchise system of national central banks into a single global monetary authority, most likely under the IMF or the Bank for International Settlements. And, they consistently argue for the centralization of political power in the name of removing legislative and sovereign barriers to safer financial regulation.

These are not “theories” of fiscal change, these are facts behind the globalist methodology. When the IMF mentions the “great global reset,” the above changes are a part of what they are referring to.

That said, much of my examinations focus on these macro-elements; but what about the deeper mechanics of the whole scheme? What kind of economic system would we wake up to on a daily basis IF the globalists get exactly what they want? This is an area in which the elites rarely ever comment, and I can only offer hypothetical scenarios. I am basing these scenarios on the measures that the establishment most obsessively chases. If they want a particular social or economic change badly enough, the signs become obvious.

Here is what the world would probably look like after a global economic reset...

Initial Crisis

Who knows what the trigger will be? There are so many potential catalysts for economic instability that there is no way to make a prediction. The only thing that is certain is that one or more of these catalysts will be triggered. A Saudi depeg from the U.S. dollar, a large scale terrorist attack, a general rout in stock markets due to a loss of faith in central bank policy, a confrontation between Eastern and Western powers. It doesn’t really matter much. All of it is designed to produce one outcome chaos. To which the globalists will offer “order,” their particular order using their particular solutions as “objective mediators.”

In our highly interdependent system in the West in which more than 80 percent of the population has been domesticated and is psychologically incapable of self-reliance, it is very likely that a disruption of normal supply chains and services would result in considerable poverty and death. Such a threat would invariably lead frightened and unprepared people to demand increased government controls so that they can return to the level of comfort they have grown accustomed to within the grid.

One important factor to note is the rationale globalists will offer for increased centralization and control in the hands of a few. In my article, The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses, I study the clever narrative of Rand Corporation member John Casti and his “Linchpin Theory.” In Casti’s theory (more propaganda than theory), collapse is inevitable in what he calls “overly complex systems.” The more independent elements within any system, the more chance there is for unpredictable events that lead to supposed disaster. Ostensibly, the solution would be to streamline all systems and remove the free-radicals. That is to say, complete centralization is the answer. What a surprise.

In a post-reset world, the elites will argue that the banks and bankers are not necessarily to blame. Rather, they will accuse the “system” of being too complex and chaotic, leaving itself open to greed, stupidity and overall unconscious sabotage. The fact that the crisis was engineered from the very beginning will never be mentioned. Centralization will be championed as the cure-all to the barbaric relic of complexity.  Almost all other changes to our economic environment will stem from this single lie.

Thinning Of The Financial Herd

You are going to see long standing financial institutions sacrificed in the name of rehabilitating the global system. Do not assume that certain major banks (Deutsche Bank?) will not be brought down, or that certain central banks will not be toppled (Federal Reserve) as the reset progresses. Also do not assume even that certain geopolitical structures will not be brought into disarray (European Union). In the push towards total globalization and one world economic governance, the elites have no loyalty to any single corporation, nation or even central bank. They will chop off almost any appendage if they can achieve a one world system in the trade.

What this means on a micro-level is the activation of bail-ins; that is to say, the legalized confiscation of bank accounts, pension funds, stock holdings, etc. as a method for prolonging a collapse event. We have seen this already to some extent in Europe, and it will happen in the U.S. eventually. Some people (socialists/communists) may even cheer the action as the end of “capitalism” and a step toward economic “harmonization”; which is easy for them to cheer for since most of them have never worked hard enough to earn property or assets worth confiscating.

Currency Devaluation

Everyone who is aware expects this, but it is important to realize that currency devaluation will probably occur across the board in every region of the world. Some currencies will simply be hit harder than others. The dollar is a primary target of the globalists and WILL be brought down. It won’t disappear, but it will become progressively irrelevant on the global stage.  If the projections of 'The Economist' are the correct timetable, then the end of the dollar will be well underway before 2018.

While the initial scenario we face in America will be one of stagflation, many necessities and the means to produce those necessities will skyrocket in cost.  There may not be inflation in every sector of the economy because imploding demand could offset some of the effects of falling currency value, but there will be extreme inflation in the areas that hurt common people most.

The Digitization Of All Trade

Despite all the failings and control mechanisms involved in fiat money, there are still worse systems to be had. Last month more than 100 executives from the world’s largest financial institutions met privately at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. to discuss the future of money; more specifically a software apparatus called “Blockchain.” The goal is to implement Blockchain as a medium to fully digitize monetary transactions around the world and in a way that is traceable and foolproof. In other words, the goal is put an end to all transactions involving physical cash.

The establishment of a cashless society would mark the end of all privacy in trade. Even supposedly anti-centralization digital currencies like Bitcoin are hindered by the blockchain feature, which requires the tracking of ALL transactions in order for the currency to function. While methods for anonymity could be argued, the fact of the matter is, digital currency by its very nature is a destroyer of the truly private trade offered by cash and barter. When all trade is tracked, and all savings digitized, whoever owns the keys to the core of the blockchain will have the power to wreak havoc on the life of any participant at will.

To be sure, the “blockchain” that the elites have in mind will never allow for anonymous transactions, because digital currency is not about anonymity or “convenience,” it is about control.

Consolidation Of Government Power

Corrupt government is the tool by which globalists can extort goods and labor from a population as well as exert force to subdue rebellion.  It is highly unlikely that the global reset will result in a collapse of government.  On the contrary, it is usually during economic collapse that governments grow in power to the point of totalitarianism.  There will always be a new currency mechanism or financial structure to replace the old, and the globalists will always have a way to pay off armies and useful idiots to do their bidding.  No one should be counting on the idea that the elites face collapse as we face collapse.  This is naive.  The elites created the collapse; they plan to be ready to use it to their advantage.

The End Of Private Production And Business

After the reset and the opening crisis it is probable that resource allocation will become a major issue. Production of goods on the massive scale seen today will not ever be allowed to return if the elites have their way. This will create a perpetual lack of supply (by design). The only methods for dealing with lost production on an industrial level would be to either encourage localized production in every community, or to force people to reduce their standard of living and demand in the extreme. The elites will certainly press for the latter.

Localized production in every community would kill any means of financial control the globalists might have on a population. In fact, I believe they will attempt to make any local production impossible, first through taxation so high that only the largest still-surviving corporations can afford to operate, and second, by confiscation of raw resources needed to manufacture goods on a scale that would grow wealth for a community. The government will claim that such resources must be managed by the authorities for the good of everyone rather than “wasted” by independent businesses in the “pursuit of personal wealth.”  You won't even see children running lemonade stands, let alone common people operating small factories, farms and store fronts.

Eventually, they will also have to limit or outlaw barter and alternative currencies in order for the digitized economy to work.

Carbon Output And Environmental Extortion

No matter how much information is released which completely contradicts the fraud of man-made global warming, the establishment continues to charge full steam ahead with the creation of a carbon-based economic model. Why? Because the idea of the “carbon footprint” is the ultimate weapon for domination. A “carbon tax” is a tax on life itself. There is no way around it.

In my article 'Ecological Panic: The New Rationale For Globalist Cultism' I dissect the elitist think-tank propaganda of Council on Foreign Relations member Timothy Snyder.  Snyder argues in his writings that nearly all man-made disasters are a product of high or extravagant living standards.  Though his definition of "high living standards" is rather vague, I expect that he sees the vast majority of Western society as people that need to be taken down several pegs.  He also argues that tyrants and mass murderers often ignore scientific authority in the pursuit of greater productive wealth, and that people who ignore "climate science" are contributing to future holocausts.  So, to summarize, we all must stop producing, stop pursuing personal wealth and achievement and sacrifice our own individual progress in the name of progress for the collective and the safety of the planet.

Like Casti, Snyder's narrative requires the populace to bow down to a central authority in the name of the greater good.  And surely it is mere coincidence that the globalists these men work for will be at the helm of that central authority.

Remember, in order to fully centralize, the elites must streamline. This does not only mean streamlining economic governance, but also streamlining the size of the system they seek to dictate. The larger and more diverse the system, the harder it is to wrap your tentacles around it. This means greatly diminished production, but also by extension greatly diminishing the population. Population controls then become vital.

If the production of carbon can be taxed and administrated, then the production of life can be taxed and administrated. The establishment becomes godlike; the purveyor of all means of sustainment. The carbon boogeyman can be used to frighten the now crisis weary public into complete sublimation, for if mere carbon can cause the end of the world as we know it, then people, by their very existence, become a threat to the future that must be regulated.

Anthropogenic climate change is THE model the elites must assert if they hope to convince the citizenry that a concrete ceiling on production and population is acceptable. If we ever get to the point where human society becomes so self-loathing as to seek its own enslavement and destruction through carbon controls, it may be a thousand years before we ever see freedom again.

We’re Not There Yet

All of the dangers described above are NOT set in stone. Some may claim that the “end is nigh” - these people are idiots. The end is never nigh. Humanity has faced calamity after calamity for generations; our calamity just happens to be historically epic by comparison. It is not the last calamity. Centuries from now, there will be new disasters and new idiots telling everyone “the end is nigh.”

Through it all, courageous people have risen to the occasion. Some are successful and some are not, but we do not live in a New World Order, yet, and that is saying something. Today is nowhere near as terrible as tomorrow could be if we do not act accordingly.

The globalist reset needs a trigger, a crisis which admittedly we do not have the ability to avoid. But, the reset also depends on the right people in place to rebuild the system after the crisis unfolds. Here is where the future can be determined. Whoever is left standing after the opening salvo will have a choice: to hide and hope for the best, or to fight for the position to choose who builds tomorrow. Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience? It may not seem like it now, but the end result is up to us.

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THX1138 - open Starwars Episode I DVD, click on THX logo, press 10+ 1 3 8 for bonus Easter Egg with Blooping.

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Be a free person of conscience...support the anti-Elon Musk get off the ground...



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The "Global Economy" will continue down the road of servitude until "we the people" put an end to the usury which is its essence.  We MUST understand WHO IT IS that is inflicting this "monetary policy" upon us.  Until that epiphany happens on a massive scale, NOTHING will change.

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Isn't there an executive order that covers the reset?

Just look at it and just about everything in there will be done.

Didn't it say the Federal Reserve gets to declare what is money and how money gets enforced?

And the government could confiscate anything and everything from everyone and even reassign you to any job and location the guv desires?

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"For the word "We" must never be spoken, save by one's choice and as a second thought.

This word must never be placed first within man's soul, else it becomes a monster, the root of all the evils on earth, the root of man's torture by men, and an unspeakable lie.

The word "We" is as lime poured over men, which sets and hardens to stone, and crushes all beneath it, and that which is white and that which is black are lost equally in the grey of it. It is the word by which the depraved steal the virtue of the good, by which the weak steal the might of the strong, by which the fools steal the wisdom of the sages. What is my joyif all hands, even the unclean, can reach into it? What is my wisdom, if even the fools can dictate to me? What is myfreedom, if all creatures, even the botched and impotent, are my masters? What is my life, if I am but to bow, to agree, and to obey?

But I am done with this creed of corruption. I am done with the monster of "We," the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood and shame."



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Will you plan on tossing a toco my way when I'm pan-handling at 85?

Really, I'd only use a $1b note to buy booze...just let me have the $1k taco.

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Trump will crash the economy so his jew masters can be appointed to positions of total control in the new jewmerika.

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Trump has nothing to do with the crash.  It will happen no matter who is president.  In fact, this election will be contested in every state in the union due to violence, alleged racism, voter fraud and intimadation.  It will go the the Supreme Court yet again.  That is when all hell breaks loose.


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Said the grasshopper to the ant

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"It doesn’t really matter much. All of it is designed to produce one outcome  chaos. To which the globalists will offer “order,” their particular order using their particular solutions as “objective mediators.”"

Sorry, but their Marxist desire to control the business cycle has failed miserabley! They certainly are not the solution when their the cause. As far as Lagarde (a Marxist Statist Cultist), she's an attorney and dumb as a fence post when it comes to economics and society. The Troika, in the end, will have successfully destroyed a system that has always destroyed itself.

PTR's picture

Take a listen of Jsnip going through the May Web bot report.  https://youtu.be/vv_5mao1T0Y


I ended up buying the full copy for myself.  $15.  Not a be-all-end-all, but it does give the reader a sense of direction that people are thinking.  My advice would be to add the information to the evidence pile for piecing together the bigger picture.

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Boris Alatovkrap May 11, 2016 10:58 PM

One of the BEST interviews you will ever watch..

Amazing  Billy Corgan of Smashing Punkins is VERY AWAKE!!


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The biggest piece of the puzzle is missing here...

The societal asset stripping Debt Star (think neutron bomb version of the Death Star) deflationary spiral.

Busting the debtors is the reason that this inextinguishable debt has been unleashed on society in the first instance.

There will be no hyperinflationary bailout for the masses.

Don't be a crack smoker.

Any inflationary mega-corporate "book balancer" will be used to benefit the oligarchy, not ordinary people.

wildbad's picture

True.  Assets bought with fiat.

Just finished reading Tragedy and Hope 101 ( a condensed work based on the Carroll Quigley TOme).  Absolutely excellent and an excellent book gift to wake sheeple up.

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Conclusion based on old-fashioned DUALITIES, false fundamental dichotomies, and impossible ideals:

Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience?

Parrotile's picture

Depending on the nature (and quantity) of ordnance chosen by "Our Rulers", the "Hide and Hope" option may well be the only realistic one. Don't bet that "surviving the first 14 days" is going to REALLY be predictive of your future life expectancy . . . .

espirit's picture

Meh, 'Highlander' said it best.

"There can only be one."

We've got a long slog ahead until a one world .gov + financial system happen.

Too many Oligarchs and minions to go, unwillingly.

runningman18's picture

Old fashioned dualities are the only real dualities.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Tautologically true. However, atomic bombs go boom because time and spare are relative to the conservation of energy. Since entropy is the distribution of energy in time and space, radical paradigm shifts regarding the conceptualization of the time space continuum also should apply to re-conceptualization of entropy.

When the original entropy equations in thermodynamics were developed (which were then extrapolated into information theory) an arbitrary minus sign was inserted, in order that the measurement of power and information would end up appearing to have relative positive values, rather than relative negative values.

That is one of the most abstract ways that we are living in Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways possible. Furthermore, that includes not only the superficially correct analysis of political problems, but also then the superficial "solutions" which tend to almost continue to be similarly backwards.

"Realities" are due to the original SUBTRACTIONS, which relatively separate some parts from the Whole. After human beings are relatively separated from each other and their environments, then they must live as gangs of robbers, because energy must be conserved across the boundaries perceived and defined by the original relative SUBTRACTIONS.

Therefore, all "realities" are relative illusions. Human consciousness can not be anything else that more or less organized systems of lies, operating robberies. Groups of human beings must necessarily be bigger gangs of robbers, organized through larger systems of lies. That how and why we have ended up with globalized political economy based upon public governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by private banks. Also, that is how and why that "money" made out of nothing as debts is publicly presented as if that was positive capital, while that MAD Money As Debt is actually Negative Capital.

All of the old-fashioned dualities were developed as the biggest bullies' bullshit. Hence, the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals and terrorists are most able to publicly get away with assertions that they are somehow not criminals and terrorists, but that only smaller groups are. All of the socially successful "realities" were based upon the history of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries, becoming the basis for the fractal patterns of organized crime controlling civilization to end up with the currently existing systems of bankster dominated governments (i.e., the "globalists" who are attempting to consolidate a globalized hegemony over the monetary systems, through which they could control natural resources.)

Most of the superficial analysis presented by Brandon Smith, et alia, appears to be correct upon its own superficial level. However, he continues to take way too much for granted regarding the basis frame of reference that he continues to operate through, such that he could end up concluding:

"Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience?"

Actually, IF human being survive, then whatever emerges after some significant "reset" must continue to be some entropic pumping of environmental energy flows, and therefore, must continue to be operating according to the principles and methods of organized crime. The only realistic ways that "free people of conscience" could more effectively participate in what emerges after some "reset" would be IF they had a better understanding of the methods of organized crime. Furthermore, such a better understanding can NOT continue to be based upon old-fashioned DUALITIES, because it has to cope with the emergence of more and more significant UNITARY MECHANISMS, such as demonstrated by the quantum mechanics that made electronic money possible, and the special theory of relativity that made atomic bombs possible.

Old-fashioned dualities presume that they are the real dualities. However, the main theme of the prodigious progress in physical science has been profound paradigm shifts towards perceiving UNITARY MECHANISMS. The single most significant example of that are atomic bombs, which prove matter is an extremely concentrated form of energy.

Atomic bombs exist. Their existence makes the operation of the human murder systems (that back up the money systems) extremely problematic ... At the present time, people like Brandon Smith, et alia, tend to make no effort whatsoever regarding how to operate better death control systems, in order to back up better debt control systems. Rather, after their superficially correct analysis of the political problems, their bogus "solutions" collapse back to the bullshit-based transcendental poetry regarding there being some "free people of conscience" operating through some "Liberty Movement" that are supposed to oppose the "psychotic globalist cabal."

Brandon Smith seems to me to be quite typical inasmuch as he appears to make no effort whatsoever to reconcile his idealized concept of "freedom" with the principle of the conservation of energy. Doing so takes series of profound paradigm shifts, such as I have mentioned previously. At the present time, "real" politics continues being almost totally dominated by "real" dualities, in ways which are not interested in coming to terms with the prodigious progress in physical science, achieved through series of profound paradigm shifts.

Therefore, in my view, Brandon Smith effectively ends up being nothing more than another reactionary revolutionary, exhorting the mainstream morons to believe even more strongly in old-fashioned impossible ideals, which have always backfired badly, and actually caused the opposite to happen, because they continue to misunderstand the mechanisms of how things work in the most absurdly backward ways.

Given the degree to which that is way too typical, there is no genuine opposition that is publicly significant, because there are way too few people willing and able to think more seriously about the deeper nature of the problems caused by there existing globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic weapons. Rather, Brandon Smith is typical of the people who still like to think in the same terms as were developed when there were only paper money frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons.

Overall, we continue living in oxymoronic scientific dictatorships, that primarily apply advancing technologies to become better at ENFORCING FRAUDS, which therefore are enabled to become more FRAUDULENT at about an exponential rate. In that context, not only does the central core of those systems, the bankster dominated governments, adamantly refuse to become any more genuinely scientific about themselves, but also, most of the layers of controlled opposition groups similarly refuse to become any more genuinely scientific about themselves too.

Hence, Brandon Smith, et alia, provides superficially correct analyses, which then collapse back to the same old-fashioned bullshit-based "solutions," expressed through false fundamental dichotomies:

Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience?

The laws of nature are not going to stop working. The only things that can change are the ways that people perceive and understand those laws of nature. At the present time, civilization based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS deliberately ignores and/or misunderstands the laws of nature in the most absurdly backward ways possible. Of course, that itself is still consistent with the laws of nature, because natural selection pressures drove the development of artificial selection systems to become become combined money/murder systems which were most socially successful by becoming most fraudulent and deceitful.

The future is NOT going to be any either/or outcome, because that is a fundamentally false view of how things work through the same energy. Human beings and civilization already are manifestations of general energy systems. However, there have developed intense paradoxes, and sets of consistent contradictions, due to the murder systems controlling everything else, and those murder systems becoming most socially successful by being the most deceitful and treacherous.

That is how and why there appears to be "the psychotic globalist cabal."  Brandon Smith, et alia, have too little sympathy for the devil, but rather, are able to rely upon transcendental poetry, using words like "free people of conscience," organized in some "Liberty Movement," that are somehow not going to operate any death control systems, or at least none that they are consciously aware of operating.

Although human beings and civilization are NOT absolutely separated from each other and their environment, as soon as we perceive and define them as relatively being so, then those SUBTRACTIONS results in ROBBERIES. To the degree that human beings are able to use any language regarding themselves, then they must end up living as gangs of robbers. The political problems we currently face are due to the biggest and best organized gangs of robbers, the bankster controlled governments, being able to publicly get away with presenting themselves as NOT being gangs of robbers.

However, within that context, there is no publicly significant opposition that they do not already also control. Hence, all of the publicly significant religions and ideologies are actually various forms of controlled opposition, that continue to operate INSIDE the biggest bullies' bullshit frame of reference, and therefore, manifest in ways that: "The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

Brandon Smith, et alia, are still "controlled opposition," especially because they apparently do not know that they are being controlled by the ways that they are still thinking in ways which take for granted the biggest bullies' bullshit languages and philosophy of science. Ironically, in that regard, they are just as arrogant as the banksters, or perhaps sometimes even more so, since they are so self-righteous regarding their reliance upon the notions of "free people of conscience.

runningman18's picture

Well, that's a long diatribe without much substance and even more opinion. You still haven't actually addressed any of the claims and evidence in Smith's article beyond "he is wrong, I am right". Saying that basically all affiliated beliefs and dualities are "controlled opposition" does not really mean anything. It's a lot like some social justice cretin claiming that you have white privilege and are part of the patriarchy even though you don't know it. How can anyone argue with that accusation except to say it is just gibberish?

BobEore's picture

It's striking how many times one comes across the kind of complaint "nothing of substance" rendered by someone either incapable of and/or unwilling to simply read - and comprehend - what the other party is saying. It's a monotonously regular feature of this message board, and perhaps symptomatic of a more general social condition in the western world.

Leaving aside the question of whether it be right or wrong, just so we can get back to starting point,

The future is NOT going to be any either/or outcome, because that is a fundamentally false view of how things work through the same energy. Human beings and civilization already are manifestations of general energy systems. However, there have developed intense paradoxes, and sets of consistent contradictions, due to the murder systems controlling everything else, and those murder systems becoming most socially successful by being the most deceitful and treacherous.

does in fact address Smith's piece head on, in a fairly cogent and practical manner - such as to say, by starting from the wrong set of premises, Brandon Smith is doomed to come to mistaken conclusions. Why you would selectively choose to disengage your attention from reading and understanding his point is your business. Pretending that it is not there in plain view is ours - in the sense of wondering what agenda might drive that attempt at obscuring or denying  the evident?

Take apart the guy's argument all you want - but do it on logical, and fair grounds, not using sleight of hand and then finishing up with a classic straw man argument. That's something no one can argue with  - except to call it gibberish.

His premise is worthy of some debate, rather than the sneering dismissal[or pathetic preening -see below or where ever the Snipe has laid it's latest egg!] which seems to now pass as a stock counter argument on ZH.

Kissy Ass's picture

I read his first comment upstream and I was overwhelmed by his new style.
I glanced at the second comment and was underwhelmed.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

seems a little bit like aaron haspel's alpha theory, but without the genuine grasp of thermodynamics....





He's wrong, of course. 

For example, take the premise "all is number"

-flick one of your balls.

-now describe the feeling {qualia} mathematically qua feeling.


[QED][[Category Mistakes - they're what's for dinner]]


p.s. I may be the most smartestest person here.  And I'm fuckin' sexy, too.


don't be jelly!

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

You flick your balls when you're arguing philosophy?  Interesting move.

illuminatus's picture

I totally agree, Radical! It all boils down to ORGANISATION. They have it, and "we the people" can't even formulate what we should organise for.

TonyRUs's picture

Wow, marijuana, you're really smart! What a vocabluary! Oooo. Ahhhh. I think you might just be smart enough to join the central planners club (its like Minsa). Actually, people like you won't be tolerated by people like Mr. Smith during/after the reset.

Alananda's picture

BINGO!! The Hegelian Dialectic, folks!  Individual vs. collective.  Good vs. evil.  YOUR mission, should you choose to accept IT:  TRANSCEND, create that third node to become congruent yourself with the Holy Trinity (triangle).  Then, cast stones, aspersions, spread your seed on fertile ground, make a difference, really!  We are the change to which we pay lip service, eh?

crackpuff's picture

The end of the world is upon us

knukles's picture

We're already in Hell; just don't know it, yet.

Radical Marijuana's picture

We are also already in Heaven ... However, it is not possible to ever know that. Civilization based upon being able to back up lies with violence, which has grown at about an exponential rate, due to progress in physical science, appears to be Hell, but none of that could exist without the principle of the conservation of energy operating throughout, which has paradoxically selected for artificial selection systems to develop the maximum possible deceits and frauds.

The end is never nigh. Humanity has faced calamity after calamity for generations; our calamity just happens to be historically epic by comparison.

The development of globalized electronic money, backed by the threat of force from atomic bombs, is trillions of times greater than anything that previously happened during human history. Those developments of the abilities to ENFORCE FRAUDS being amplified by many orders of magnitude by advancing technology certainly appears to be such that "we are already in Hell."

Civilization is becoming exponentially more FRAUDULENT, and therefore, that civilization is becoming exponentially more psychotic and criminally insane. But nevertheless, the laws of nature keep working. Furthermore, that actually includes the ways that natural select drove the development of sociopolitical systems to become based on the maximum possible dishonesty, and thus, for those artificial selection systems to be operated by the best available professional hypocrites.

Meanwhile, I REPEAT, that in my view Brandon Smith continues to also be another variety of professional hypocrite, since he does not, and probably would not even want to provide any genuinely scientific basis upon which to operationally define the alleged differences between "psychotic globalist cabal VERSUS free people of conscience."

One of my favourite statements expressed on Zero Hedge by Cognitive Dissonance:

"The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

In my opinion, that observation clearly applies to Brandon Smith. He does not seem to come remotely close to developing any better ideas regarding whatever "reset" of globalized frauds backed by the threat of force from atomic weapons could mean ... He has made no apparent effort whatsoever to change his notions of political science in ways which could be better reconciled with the profound paradigm shifts already achieved in physical science, which made electronics and atomic energy possible.

My views regarding what a real, radical, revolution should be are basically the same now as when I first developed those about 50 years ago. IF a technological based, advancing civilization may survive, then it will have to go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions, which amount to attempting creative syntheses between post-modernizing science with ancient mysticism:

Energy IS Spirit.

wet_nurse's picture

I gave you an upvote. Not sure what you mean, but I think I agree. If we are eternal beings, this is just another math class. It will suck, but we'll learn the material.

PTR's picture

He could have just said that we live in a multi-dimensional universe (of infinite possiblity) and that the future is fluid until it occurs.  What Brandon doesn't mention is that there is an awakening going on that realizes this and that we've been kept in a 3-dimensional/5-senses mental prison for millenia.  All that stuff you read about quantum physics, free energy, natural cures, telekinesis, (stuff that's just starting to become mentioned more and more,) this is what ultimately is on the other side of the matrix, and if enough people are awake when this reset happens, Green Acres, we are there.

Using this framework, what Brandon says is more or less under the assumption that we remain in that 5-senses reality, which is limited in nature, and the only option is more of the same.

Do I think that there will be a reset?  Yes.  Will it be ugly?  In many places, yes.  

How it unfolds, I have no idea until it happens.

runningman18's picture

New Agey mumbo jumbo aside, it sounds like a lot of opinions and character attacks with no basis in reality. You haven't really said anything except that he is wrong in a pompous way. Not sure why you should be taken seriously.

Dave Whiteman's picture

Neither you nor Smith names the actual culprits- JEWS.

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In many parts of the world, the result of the reset will look like Somalia.  Grand schemes aside, there are not enough of the necessary raw materials to maintain the current trends.  Three percent of the population will kill the wolf when he comes to their door.  That is a lot of dead wolves.

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It is NOT "the end of the world" in the sense that the conservation of energy is going to stop. Rather, it is the approach of "the end of the world" based upon civilization being able to ENFORCE FRAUDS THAT BECOME EXPONENTIALLY MORE FRAUDULENT.

Meanwhile, I find it ironic that Brandon Smith's superficially correct analysis continues to actually stay within the same bullshit-based frame of reference that created the problems in the first place!


runningman18's picture

Since you aren't offering any specifics it must be personal. Maybe he stole your girlfriend or pissed in your cornflakes?

Radical Marijuana's picture

runningman18, anyone even slightly familiar with the kinds of comments that I have been posting on Zero Hedge for the last few years would recognize that I have offered many pages of specifics regarding the differences between using DUALITIES versus UNITARY MECHANISMS.

I assert that it is theoretically imperative for political science to go through profound paradigm shifts, such as described by Thomas Kuhn as The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Brandon Smith is still mostly at the listing the anomalies phase. In that regard, he is typical of the content published on Zero Hedge, which provides superficially correct analysis of the increasing anomalies driven the political economy being based upon public governents ENFORCING FRAUDS by private banks.

At the present time, globalized electronic money frauds, backed by the threat of force from weapons of mass destruction, makes it appear most probable that the "reset" will amount to that kind of civilization committing collective suicide. In that context, I REPEAT my view that Brandon Smith does not seem to come within light years of sufficiently profound paradigm shifts, but rather, likes his old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomy between "psychotic globalist cabal VERSUS free people of conscience."

runningman18's picture

Right, so in your mind there are no globalists, and they are not trying to create a "new world order", even though they admit that is what they are doing?

JohnG's picture

IMHO, stop right there, and take a while to read RM's comments.  You might learn something.

runningman18's picture

He's only peddling a bunch of new age horseshit with nothing concrete to back it up. It sounds a lot like the Venus Project - the globalists "aren't real", the fight against them is "imaginary". And while there is all kinds of evidence to the contrary, including evidence in the above article, I'm supposed to just take this moron's word for it because - science plus magic? Why?

Radical Marijuana's picture

runningman18, I am quite familiar with the Venus Project. Moreover, much of my material has discussed the metaphorical need for a Mars Project in order to complete that.

IF you were interested, then you could skim through this thread:

Alternative Energies & Society Adapted to Them?

HOWEVER, you appear dedicated to not bothering to understand what I am saying, as I agreed with how JohnG expressed that. I am NOT denying that there exist some of the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals, who are endeavouring to consolidate their global hegemony over other people. What I criticize is the superficial view that there are any groups of human beings who do not also live as gangs of robbers.

Everyone has to eat and shit. Everyone lives as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. The problem with the banksters' bullshit is that it already has so totally dominated the lives of almost everyone for generation after generation, that it is almost politically impossible for enough to people to recognize the degree to which they think in ways which take that bullshit for granted.

In my view, people like Brandon Smith, et alia, take the biggest bullies' bullshit world views too much for granted, which is why their superficially correct analysis of the banksters' agenda tends to collapse back to bullshit-based "solutions."

You completely misinterpret me if you think that I have been asserting that the banksters are not real, or that they do not already almost totally control all the world's governments, and have an agenda to attempt to consolidate that control. However, in my view, money is necessarily measurement backed by murder, and therefore, it is not possible to change the established systems without changing the murder systems.

Primarily I think that will happen because the runaway debt insanities will provoke death insanities, which will spin out of control ... Hence, it is difficult to be sure IF any technologically based civilization will survive that happening. But nevertheless, what I recommend is that "we should" better understand natural selection, in order to better understand artificial selection, and particularly, better understand how the history of successful warfare based on backing up deceits with destruction morphed to become successful finance based on ENFORCING FRAUDS.

We should better understand human beings and civilization as manifestations of general energy systems. However, the degree to which the established systems are based upon thousands of years of backing up lies with violence makes doing so extremely difficult. My point is that better understanding of human beings and civilization as energy systems also is better understanding of how and why those operate according to the principles and methods of organized crime, because the death controls were always necessarily the central controls.

Of course, that is WHY operating the human murder systems after the development of weapons of mass destruction is so extremely problematic, especially because the threats of those murders is what continues to back up the money.

The first generation to grow up with globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of atomic bombs, is still alive today ... The vast majority of those people are so clueless that they do not have a clue how clueless they are regarding how the combined monetary and taxation systems actually work through the debt controls being backed by the death controls, as the banks' FRAUDS ENFORCED by governments. It tends to be that only a few are aware of the ways that there actually are bankster controlled governments. Moreover, those few mostly still continue to think about those problems as if those were still only paper money frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons.

However, what now EXISTS are combined money/murder systems operating as globalized electronic frauds, backed by the the threat of force from atomic weapons. In my view, nothing that Brandon Smith says indicates that he has thought more deeply about that. Rather, he continues to present superficially correct analysis, ending with superficial "solutions."

I am NOT the one attempting to promote "magic" ... Brandon Smith is the one promoting the "magic" of "free people of conscience," somehow being able to direct what happens after some "reset."

runningman18's picture

Money is only backed by murder when murderers create it and use it. It is not evil in itself, except to communists maybe. You make more grandiose generalizations with each new post. And nowhere in Smith's article do I see a backing of money by murder. In fact, after reading pages of blather I'm still not seeing specifically what your problem is. You say you accept that the globalists are real, and that they are a problem. If you do, then you must then acknowledge that the problem should be removed in order to move forward (*gasp* a duality forms). These guys are not going to let you set up your little utopian system, so musing about it without taking on the obstacle of the globalists (opposing them directly)is kind of pointless. Smith addresses this problem. You don't. I would have to take his ideas more seriously than yours based on practicality alone.

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The Problem: Human selfishness - not caring for others equal to oneself. And, for those that like their own selfishness (duh!) and don't think it hurts others, there are others (Debt-Money Monopolists) that act out their selfishness in ways that viciously hurt others without most of the victims even knowing they've been punked. You can't have your selfishness without Debt-Money Monopolist high IQ crazies having their selfishness.

The Solution: A community of conscious entities committed to caring about others equal to themselves.

The Implementation: Has to be supernatural in nature. Humans are incapable of resisting their selfish ways.

The whole energy dynamic is superfluous, IMHO, and complicates something that is, at its core, incredibly simple and self-evidence.

Byte Me's picture


The Problem: 'The human condition'

Pretty much everything that RM identifies (in a rather wordy manner) stems from this.

(Basically, you need to change this to progress positively. At which point you stop being human and it morphs into the 'condition' of something else)

samjam7's picture

Thank you RM for your contributions, I always enjoy reading them even if it means reading them twice or three times to really comprehend. It shows that I still have a lot of reading and learning to do and I hope other users are open minded and 'self critical' enough about their own respective versions of 'the truth', to do the same.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks, samjam7!

Here is a link to my collection of free videos, which I found were an entertaining way to learn more about those topics: Excellent Videos on Money Systems