Google Tops Apple As Largest Company In America

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As Facebook nears the size of Exxon Mobil, Google has just topped Apple (for the first time since Dec 09) as the biggest company in America...



Did AAPL just become Microsoft?

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MFL8240's picture

Facebook which produces nothing is the same size in value as ExxonMobil and this makes sense?  This is not an economy, it is a game!

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) MFL8240 May 12, 2016 9:49 AM

Blame the dumb ass companies that give FB money for advertising.  Have you ever clicked an ad on Facebook?  I haven't even been on Facebook in like 2 years. 

peddling-fiction's picture

There are click bots for that.../lol

zeronetwork's picture

I wish we could have a steel company or car manufacturer or construction company the biggest company in the US.

cheech_wizard's picture

Or a "Massive Dynamic"...

Standard Disclaimer: It's a catchy phrase no matter which way you look at it.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

You are evidently not taking the right drugs. Advertising has always been a con-game, and nobody knows what the value is in any media market. Not the worry though, we have 'experts' to help us along......

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if you're twelve years old and you have daddy's credit card, this all makes sense.

these machines will yank the last turd from a dead dog's ass if it can be bought and resold.

if ayn rand had a vagina we would all be rich forever.


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In all these years I have never bought a Google.

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But the .GOV loves Facebook. They couldn't have designed better way to track every person on earth, right down to what they are eating at Chilies!

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"Facebook which produces nothing..."


FreeShitter's picture

It does produce ameridumbs.

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You took the post right off my wall ;)

freewolf7's picture

Facebook distracts, programs and monitors, fulfilling its intent.

JuliaS's picture

Facebook produces nothing, neither do bankers and politicians... or most of the people existing in an urban setting for that matter.

How much do you produce? Regardless of the answer, you're probably still getting paid.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

FS -

one of my main men...

always on point.

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) Kaiser Sousa May 12, 2016 10:08 AM

It is backdoor for NSA into the fastest background check machine ever - they will grow even bigger with friends like this

reader2010's picture

Facebook which produces nothing is the same size in value as ExxonMobil and this makes sense?  This is not an economy, it is a game!

it's entertainment, aka circus.

Vinividivinci's picture

@reader 2010...
you just insulted clowns and bearded ladies...the real ones that is...

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) May 12, 2016 9:48 AM

This is what the government does when you stop giving them data.  Apple is being beaten to keep Google and Facebook in line.  

headhunt's picture

I agree that government punishes those who dare disobey but the Apple squeeze is because Timmy has no f'ing vision.

He is a toady sitting in a CEO chair

rejected's picture

Explain Vision???

These IThings require massive infrastructure, contribute to polluting the dumps with their junk batteries not to mention the crap their made of, cooking every living thing with their thousands of obscene towers, tracking your every move, copying your every transmission, listening in on what you think are private conversations, and videoing sex with your 'partners' for the viewing pleasure of the SEC.  That vision?

Restorative_Ally's picture

Enjoy it while it lasts. After SHTF, we'll be coming to dig you out of your holes in the ground to answer for your complicity with evil. Not even moving to Israel will help you.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

thats what im sayin...

fucking Google....


Grandad Grumps's picture

Is that girth or length?

Racer's picture

Farcebarf is made up of fake people so why it should be at that nosebleed valuation only fools know that

Dr. Engali's picture

All companies backed by .gov and the NSA. Something tells me they will be just fine.

rejected's picture

Government backed by taxpayers and borrowing in the name of taxpayers. Without it, government would be the beggar it should be and the NSA would have to go back to the Mafia for funding.

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minitrue (not verified) May 12, 2016 10:01 AM

Apple produces one significant product. The smartphone is going the way of the VCR, DVD player, MP3 player, PC, and HDTV. Check out shares of Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi etc over the last twenty years.

Smartphones are going to become commodity items. Apple will hit $80 a share before it hits $100 again.

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MoHillbilly (not verified) minitrue May 12, 2016 10:13 AM

Two days ago I saw a somebody walking down the street listening to a Sony Walkman. I shit you not, and this wasn't some old geezer at the bus stop this was a young 20 something kid. Are they becoming retro hip like albums? I honked , hoping it would make the  damn thing skip


P.S.  If 8-tracks come back in ,call me,  I still have a shit load

Ward no. 6's picture

hey there is  this really cool russian movie; brat (brother)

the main character is always listening to music with his walkman

just makes me dream of wanting a walkman

here is a link of the movie


reader2010's picture

when every digital thing becomes shit,  analog things become hot again.

headhunt's picture

Two companies that produce absolutely nothing except cooperation with a leftist, intrusive government - no problem here.

So we got that going for us.

edifice's picture

What??? You don't want a laptop with no ports and no optical disc drive?



But it's thin!!! Ridiculously thin!!!

venturen's picture

hey they control all the information.... They are in on the game.... No kidding...they are going to get bigger till competition is forced on them

silverer's picture

Google, the right hand of Big Brother.

rejected's picture

Google is the poster child for what America produces... 0

oncemore's picture

FB has made 5bn revenue last quarter. over the year 20bn

Market cap of 350bn. 80% is from mobile advertizing.

CIA front end does quite well. The puppet jewish ceo could have quite a good money by now.

Vinividivinci's picture

"Google TOPS Apple"...
Just the way that big bottom queen, Tim Cook, likes it...

edifice's picture

Tim prefers being Teabagged.

SoundMoney45's picture

This is not company size.  This is central bank sponsored market cap.  Not so related to business activities.  A better title would be "Central banks raise Google's market cap" - But who cares other than those front running central bank trading desks?


AriusArmenian's picture

Google, the biggest NSA back-doored and CIA partnered company in the US.

Vinividivinci's picture

"back-door"...just the way that big bottom queen, Tim Cook, likes it...

darteaus's picture

As it should be, since they contribute more to politicians than Apple.

Note:  Haven't heard any controversies about Google unlocking an Android phone, have you?

hooligan2009's picture

advertising= begging

once you tune in to that dynamic, everything becomes clear- we have just moved the panhandlers off the street and onto the internet aided by free fed money... all about perspective

don't worry though, a taxi cab company that dodges insurance costs and license fees on a global basis is coming up fast (Uber), closely followed by a chinese distribution network that is taking over from wally world (AMZN)

we are living in the "service revolution" where nobody actually does any work.. just wait til AMZN moves up and down its "value chain" and you will see it buying first MACY's, then JC Penney, et all,m turns them into warehouse distribution hubs and finally cannibalizes wally world..

oh, google and apple will buy JPM, Citi and Bof A because they are just in the way and havea failed business model with ZIRP also - what is the point of banks if not to earn interest on deposit or get a mortgage? well there's no interest any more thanks to the psychophants at the central banks and the government has nationalized the mortgage market via Fraudie and Funny (woops, Freddie and Fannie) so, there you have it - slow progression into making money out of beggars and servants.. get with the program!

Shaznardickleze the Doon's picture

Google is technically a Irish taxed corporation. So is America because it was built off the backs of Irish immigrants who moved here willingly, but I want to make a big shit stink about reperations from long dead ancestors. We're in recession after all... #SJWlolz