Russia Hints At Nuclear War After US Deploys Ballistic Missile Shield

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In a dramatic development for the global nuclear balance of power, yesterday we reported that starting today, the United States would launch its European missile defense system dubbed Aegis Ashore at a remote airbase in the town of Deveselu, Romania, almost a decade after Washington proposed protecting NATO from Iranian rockets and despite repeated Russian warnings that the West is threatening the peace in central Europe.

As Robert Bell, a NATO-based envoy of U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter explained "we now have the capability to protect NATO in Europe. The Iranians are increasing their capabilities and we have to be ahead of that. The system is not aimed against Russia," he told reporters, adding that the system will soon be handed over to NATO command.

We also noted that the Kremlin, which for years has warned that it would have no choice than to escalate proportionally, was "incensed at such of show of force by its Cold War rival in formerly communist-ruled eastern Europe where it once held sway." Moscow said that the U.S.-led alliance is trying to encircle it close to the strategically important Black Sea, home to a Russian naval fleet and where NATO is also considering increasing patrols. Russia has good reason to be worried: the US move is a clear defection from the carefully established Game Theory equilibrium in the aftermath of the nuclear arms race, one which potentially removes a Russian first strike threat, thereby pressuring Russia.

We added that "the precarious nuclear balance of power in Europe has suddenly shifted, and quite dramatically: despite U.S. assurances, the Kremlin says the missile shield's real aim is to neutralize Moscow's nuclear arsenal long enough for the United States to make a first strike on Russia in the event of war."

In conclusion we said that "what makes this step particularly dangerous is that Russia will now be forced to retaliate and since it does not have a comparable defensive technology, Putin will have no choice but to deploy more ICBMs on Russia's borders, which in turn will exponentially escalate the threat of an "inadvertent" launch. Although considering how the "market" responds to newsflow these past few years, this may also be seen as a bullish catalyst for stocks."

* * *

Fast forward to today when as American and allied officials celebrated the opening of a long-awaited missile defense system in Europe with a ribbon cutting and a band... 

.... the reaction in Moscow on Thursday was darker: a public discussion of how nuclear war might play out in Europe and the prospect that Romania, the host nation for the United States-built system, might be reduced to “smoking ruins.

As expected, Russia was furious. The NYT cites Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov who told reporters in a conference call that "we have been saying right from when this story started that our experts are convinced that the deployment of the ABM system poses a certain threat to the Russian Federation."

Of course, the US and NATO are well aware of this, which is why they have proceeded with this latest provocation, one which however has far more profound implications to the peace in Europe than the occasional barrel-roll in a fighter plane fly by.

"Measures are being taken to ensure the necessary level of security for Russia,” he said. “The president himself, let me remind you, has repeatedly asked who the system will work against."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said Russian defense experts consider the site a threat. "We still view the destructive actions of the United States and its allies in the area of missile defense as a direct threat to global and regional security." She said that the Aegis Ashore launchpad was “practically identical” to a system used aboard Aegis warships that is capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles.

As the NYT adds, while the United States says it has no Tomahawk missiles at the site in Romania, the launchpad violates a 1987 treaty intended to take the superpowers off their hair-trigger nuclear alert, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, by banning land-based cruise and medium-range missiles with a range from 300 to 3,400 miles.

The problem, as we wrote yesterday, is that the short flight time of these missiles diminished to mere minutes the window Soviet leaders would have had after a warning to decide whether to launch a second strike, raising the risks of mishaps. Any redeployment of nuclear-capable missiles in Central Europe, the NYT writes, would roll the clock back to this nerve-racking 1980s status quo.

And now the ball is in Russia's court.

"We have to announce this openly, without any additional diplomatic formulations,” Zakharova said of the Russian assertion the site violates the intermediate-range missile ban. “We are talking about violation of this treaty.” Previously Putin has warned that an American antimissile deployment in Eastern Europe could prompt Russia to withdraw from the treaty. The United States last year accused Russia of violating the treaty by failing to declare the true range of two missile types.

One potential response Russia will implement, is a nuclear-armed drone submarine. Last fall, Russian security officials appeared to drop hints of this military response to the missile defense system hinting through the leak that Russia has options. The drone, according to easily decipherable text accompanying the design drawing, would be capable of carrying a large nuclear device into coastal waters and detonating it, touching off a radioactive tsunami to flood and contaminate seaside cities.

In short, the kind of stuff that unleashes new all time highs in stock markets when it all goes wrong.

The submarine would “defeat important economic objects of an enemy in coastal zones, bringing guaranteed and unacceptable losses on the country’s territory by forming a wide area of radioactive contamination incompatible with conducting military, economic or any other activities there for a long period of time,” it said.

As the NYT adds, a Russian commentator, Konstantin Bogdanov, wrote on, a news portal, that the antimissile sites in Eastern Europe might even accelerate the slippery slope to nuclear war in a crisis.

This is precisely what we said yesterday as well.

Bogdanov added that the missile sites would inevitably become priority targets in the event of nuclear war, possibly even targets for preventive strikes. Countries like Romania that host American antimissile systems might be the only casualties, he wrote, whereas the United States would then reconcile with Russia “over the smoking ruins of the East European elements of the missile defense system.”

* * *

There is, of course, a far simpler response. Recall that in November 2008, then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev made a stark warning to NATO: "Russia will deploy Iskander missile systems in its enclave in Kaliningrad to neutralize, if necessary, the anti-ballistic missile system in Europe." We also reported in 2013 that in a seeming escalation as the ballistic shield appeared on its way to completion, there were unconfirmed reports that Russia had deployed a "double-digit" amount of SS-26 mobile units within Kaliningrad.

This time, we are absolutely certain, another nuclear ICBM deployment in the proximity of central Europe is imminent as Russia has no choice but to respond and this time it will be very much confirmed.

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Russia may not like but bankers and money-changers love to have one.

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[Insert cheesy anti-reagan Genesis music video here]


Cue reel.



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I see this as an opportunity. Russia gives public notice that it will help the US test the operational effectivenss of their ABM site by launching of a few Iskanders at it. What's the problem? The ABM site will take out the Iskanders, won't it? Which way would you bet?

<-- Iskander 1 takes out ABM site

<-- Iskander n (n>1) takes out ABM site.

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Did no-one else notice that the Russian nuclear sub plan sounds an aweful lot like what happened to Japan?

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Power People vs. Putin


I know whose side I'm on, but I don't know what good it does me to be on either side.


I better get my A/C unit checked....

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) GadExp May 12, 2016 8:00 PM

Oh, Russia is full of shit.  They're not going to launch nuclear missiles (nuclear war) because countries have decided to defend themselves from missiles.  Stop acting like the f*ckup Obama, Russia.  Drawing pink lines and shit...

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The truth about the conflict with Russia that NO ONE in the media (mainstream or otherwise) won't tell you:

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Where the fuck is Boris?  Need comment on 'Putin on the Blitz' comrade!

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) santafe May 12, 2016 8:53 PM

Ahh...  No wonder santafe is hiding her spam URL.  I ran a quick trace:

301 Moved Permanently

If your spam blog is good why do you have to hide the URL from everyone?

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We can safely say - Romania is toasted.

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pffft haha romania that even a real place?

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BS Misinformation...

Scythians nothing to do with Khazars

Scythians European type, fair features descend from Shem (Sem)

see Scythian burials and artwork

Khazar from Japeth, See Genesis 10 2-5  Askenaz and Magog family

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Good catch @Motasaurus...
Do you think that maybe Russia was outing what the Satanists neocon's did at Fukushima?
Things that make you go hmmmm...

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Apparently not in the U.S., WTFRLY.

We're following the Yinonista's playbook to the tee: create an imaginary threat, demonize your opponent, whine a lot and then get someone else to fight them for you. Israel has been playing the U.S. like that for decades.

I wonder what the citizens of the U.S. would say if a few million Poles accidentially got smoked due to a mistake by one side or the other? The Poles are America's sacrificial goy - garabage human beings providing a human shield for the cowards in Washington D.C. (To any Poles out there: expect about as much sympathy from Americans as they have for the Ukrainians after destroying EVERYTHING there: zero, as in total denial of any responsibility)

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I fully support a take no-prisoners-war on fraud. If the vast majority of fraudsters happen to be this or that, well too bad for them. That's not my fault.

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Cept for St.Pooty's "friends" of course, cuz they're egggceptional ;-)

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I didn't junk ya but I'm against all fraud. Personally I think it's the biggest enemy we all face. I'm not in favor of fraud quotas or anything like that but I'm also not afraid to notice patterns.

I love it when I hear people say they hate the phenomenon of political correctness but are strict adherents to it's holy grail.

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Every now an then, I read a post that scrambles my brain for a second (beyond the existing scrambling).

"...I didn't junk ya but I'm against all fraud..."

So, what - you figure Putin and his cronies are squeaky clean? nmewn's sarcasm about Putin is always junked here. I don't figure he gives a shit. Critical thinking at ZH is a bit more sublime than the Fight Club moniker suggests. How would one describe it? The American Idol of critical thinking? Example for ZHers: "Trump's campaign is a carbon copy of the Nixon re-election campaign". Did your heads just explode? I rest my case.

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This thread is dead and my screen is still sitting on it from last night. There was some back-hander double sarcasming going on in there having to do moar with the tribe than Putin.

I didn't junk mnewn because agree w/what he says or not he says it out loud, not with an anonymous junk and run.

*I didn't junk you either fwiw.

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Sorry chunga, I mistook the intent of your comment. FWIW, I don't care about getting junked and I don't assume the next reply was the person that junked me. I assume just what you described: junk and run. Why? Because it's Fight Club. Some people just don't get it.

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douchebaggery, critical thinking? here?? since when? if youre looking for objective critical thinking here youre more lost than you know.


you said: ZH is The American Idol of critical mean like: Black markets exist, therefore they are 'free'.


and then you point to this turd as the bastion of critical thinking? lmao.


nmewn is a passive agressive tiny joo dicked twink lil emo faggot, but you can fanboi his ass all day, it wont a make any difference or you a lawyer.


and whats with the fucking bomb icon you fucking psychopath...inferiority complex much? drive a hopped up truck? smith&wesson tattoo? kodiak chew? ugh, so fucking white trash.


trust me pal, you aint making no grand statement; with that icon, it looks like youre trying out for the military version of americant idol.


keep resting your case, 'counselor'.


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It's not just Romania or Poland (sacrificial goys) that will be smoldering.

America's masters in the ME will burn & glow also, and be surrounded by a sea of glass.

Asymmetrical consequences, Neocons!

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Not so sure some of this is part of the oil/gas/Syrian game? Russian aggression, real or created,  is used to push them back, be costly and punish them thus allowing (with global support) gas/oil to flow from south of the Persian Gulf to the EU and US policy interest to be realized in the ME (Syria/Libya/Iraq/and new US/NATO monitored Kurd region).  Or something like that.


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NATO is feeling the Trump, they create new real threat to give a sense to their existence and salary

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Is this the same Aegis system that was neutralized by the airborn Russian system in the Mediterranean a few months back?  (on the USS Thomas Cook??)

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What are you talking about.  That internet hoax was discredited.  The USS Cook sailed close to a sensitive Russian base just a few weeks ago and the Russian's simply did a couple fly bys to save face.  Then the US flew a spy plane close to a sensitive area in the region and again all the Russian's could do is the standard fly around.


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By whom?


US navy:  they denied it happened and dropped the subject.

Kremlin:  a word to the wise is sufficient

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My missile is bigger than yours so..... shut up!

I cannot believe the shortsightedness of many on this site who insist on comparing missiles all the time.  There are enough to blow everyone up many times over. No matter how great the defenses are, 30-40 missiles will make it through..... from a sub, from a plane, ICBM, preplanted in buildings/ embassies...... something will make it through.

If that line is crossed we are all dead. It is for this very reason that nobody has dared to use their "biggus dickus" missile in 70 years and the same reason they will not be used now. Stop acting like those idiot kids that used to memorize stupid baseball batting averages.

And you wonder why they told people to "duck and cover"? They were stupid enough to buy the whole missle hoax, why wouldn't they believe "duck and cover"? It's like Russia didn't have missiles in the 70's and 80's or something because I didn't have to "duck and cover". Did you?

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But they do nothing but talk.  It has increased by leaps the past 16 years.

Russia/Putin consented to and participated in the destruction of Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Syria and others.  People say too bad it was not Russia's duty to stand with her allies.  Well, now they are at Russia's borders.  See what that got them - being so impotent.

But then Putin is signing a Free Trade Agreement with Israel.  Russia is taking all the enriched fuel from Iran to avoid them being able to create even small atomic devices to defend themselves.  (Israel has hundreds.)  All add up to Russia likely being a part of the NWO plan, Russia is still ruled by the jewish minority in Russia as in the past - very clever.

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When all evidence points to a tight relationship between Israel and Russia, why do those who see the joo world order for what it is, continue to deny that it is a realistic possibility that Russia is just palying its aprt in the jwo?

I kind of feel that Russia is the only thing you can pin your hopes on. But im also realistic enough not to ignore the fact that the jews conquered Russia long, long ago.

We are fucked. The sooner we understand the hopeless position we are in, the sooner we rise up to stop it. But like the rest of us, do i really have the balls?

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caring and giving a shit is a death sentence. plain and simple, when the majority don't care to know shit. we must run the route...

no body can stop these crazy fucks without getting smoked. they control everything, but mainly the money creation. no much we can do cept enjoy every day like it might me my last one in this fucked up world...

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) WTFRLY May 12, 2016 7:04 PM

Fuck off asshole. Go put on your fucking tinfoil hat. Moron.

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Great job, neocon assholes. Mission accomplished.

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We're going to see some crazy shit in the next few years.  Everybody is maneuvering themselves for the inevitable.

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So, DOW 100k by Christmas then......

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War & SOE's (state owned enterprises) it's whats for dinner ;-)

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youre such a little bitch nmewn...zh's lil bich...fucking gimp ;--^ )

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I just wonder.....what does the ruling financial elite throughout the world feel about the US military belligerancy??

Way back as conflicts in Europe led to WWI, the ruling member of the Rothschild family was adamantly against war and military conflict. Why? Because he knew his financial interests would be damaged. And they were.

For twisted, perverse reasons, perhaps the leading heads of financial globalism will put a stop to US belligerance. After all, "war" of the nuclear kind, would end all the financial fun in gorging over their never-ending need to make profits.

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Rubicon727 May 12, 2016 7:28 PM

The dumbasses I talk with all think Russia is the aggressor.   Sometimes "the elite" are thinking exactly like the dumbasses.   Slow-motion eagles-n-flags are loved by all REAL patriots!    Are you sure you have a flag lapel-pin?   

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It's the "Love it or Leave it" mentality. 

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The Right's version of "That's Racist" and is displayed in full force when you criticize the MIC or US hegemony in general.  And how dare the ME defend itself.

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Years! You Sir are an Optimist, god bless you

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You sir, are an optimist.

We will be seeing all the crazy shit this year.

Once those eurasian oil amd gas pipelines are completed, and well defended by s400's,

the chessboard is upended.The whole western containment policy, dating back to

the first Crimean war ,is kaput.

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With Russia's more advanced weapons systems, I think I'd feel safer there, than here in the USSA.

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Absolutely, as chess masters they dont show their moves

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Putin is so stupid. He has been destroying Russia's future since he 'took' power. Then he lost Ukraine, once and for all, invading against all law, and his own treaty to respect Ukraines' borders. 

His only worry now is protecting his leadership of the crime families, and even his own life in power. Such desperation could lead him to nukes, but the lack of NATO defense missiles is an open invitation for him to continue invading. Russia is already destroyed, he does not care about the remainder, or any future - he has none. 

I expect him to die within 2 years, but we should save much bloodshed, and just block  SWIFT TRANSFERS, he will be gone in 2 weeks

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After reading your post, it is obvious that there is stupid, and then there is Ukie banderstan stupid!.  Do you know why SWIFT hasn't blocked Russia? Because without Russia, they would lose a huge chunk of business and make the Chinese CIPS system much more robust. Do you really think that the west gives a shit about your crappy country?? To the Americans, the Ukies are garbage.


I am not surprised that the Ukrainian economy is the worst in the world, with the possible exception of Venezuela.  It takes a special kind of stupid to destroy a country whose GNP per capita was 10% higher than russia 26 years ago.

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What, are you like 9 years old?

Fucking thick Kerry cunt.