Margaret Thatcher's 1988 "Bruges Speech" Explains Why Brits Should Brexit

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As establishment blowback strikes following over 300 European business leaders call for the British to vote to leave the EU, it is worth remembering Margaret Thatcher’s historic speech, known as the “The Bruges Speech” delivered September 20th, 1988, in which she rejects the political union of Europe and "the federalization of Europe."

Famously rejecting the centralised, unaccountable, federal Europe of Delors, Margaret Thatcher proposed instead a wider, decentralised, outward-looking democratic Europe of independent, freely- trading and cooperating nation states:

“I want to start by disposing of some myths about my country, Britain, and its relationship with Europe and to do that, I must say something about the identity of Europe itself... Europe is not the creation of the Treaty of Rome... Nor is the European idea the property of any group or institution.

Powerful stuff... but we are sure Cameron would suggest The Iron Lady was being "divisive and stupid"...

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Thank God she is dead.

This was one evil human.

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Fuck the EU!

Victoria Nuland

(ain’t it ironic?)   ;-)

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"Nor is the European idea the property of any group or institution.”

Except for Ireland?

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An old whore of the cold war.


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The war which she, Carol Woyitla, GHW Bush and Reagan won.

That's won, they were not losers like we have had since.

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Seems like ´bout 30 years ago she was already smarter than that Merkel person.

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Both.   Regardless of her intelligence she will go down in history as the pedo protector.

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innocent observer (not verified) May 16, 2016 10:43 AM

she didn't want to join europe, she wanted to rule it.

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Not likely at that point in time, England was flat broke after decades of welfare state socialism. England couldn't even take on Argentina without massive help from Reagan.

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Yeah, socialist and whatnot always like to forget that fact: broke policies for a decade broke Britain's back in the late 70s but just like Maduro these days, it's always everybody else's fault. It works great when oil is at $100+ a barrel and you can promise anything to everybody to get elected and make people believe that socialism works while you can just sit on your arse all day and be non-productive.

Oil goes down to $30 and suddenly a whole country collapses: whether it's oil for Venezuela/Middle-east, welfare/handouts for western democracies, eventually they will always run out of other people's money...

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U can bet GCHQ/NSA will be working on this vote

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As far as I'm concerend when Obama and the Banks want us to stay in the EU, that make me sure to vote out.

French Frog's picture

Sensible reasoning, given recent history

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I don't care what the polls say. We've seen this play out before and we all know where tis is headed..., nowhere fast. Besides, the British "empire" is long dead. Watch what happens if they ever did try to make it on their own.

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If Britain were to fall in the middle of the EU, would it make a sound?


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This will play out like the Scottish referendum: watch how Brexit will lead convincely in the polls up to polling day, only for Bremain to win convincely on polling day.

It will be put down to bad poll sampling again.

The UK will just not be allowed to leave the EU. End of

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Theonewhoknows (not verified) May 16, 2016 10:52 AM

She just understood that more power given to centralised institutions with the shape and methodology that is a one-way street when it comes to power transfer is simply a bad deal. Have you ever heard about more power given back to the Member States? No? Are you still surprised?

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Maggie with her big hair gives me the horn.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) May 16, 2016 11:07 AM

Ancient history here.


Unintelligible language and not likely to make much of an impact on today's yutes.

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I'm dreaming that on 24-Jun I wake up to hear that BrExits have won the day. That Brits finally found the spine to stand up and be counted against the encroaching nightmare of Brussels and its Superstate.

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oh, I will have a party on June 24th regardless of the result. it's a win-win situation, for me

if the "Stay" vote wins, I'll have a big laugh

if the "Leave" vote wins, I'll be overjoyed

and even more when the UK really leaves, and the realities of all that British EuroMyths stuff will start to dawn on the people on Blighty

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She was coherent but she was totally intransigent towards the social categories who are not the elites.

For her as for Reagan it was the private corporate financial world that created wealth.( But it also created debt as the petrodollar was a debt based system in first world).

The system THEY BUILT now speaks for itself...based on neo-feudality (not democracy) and based on inflated financial assets of the elites instead of (inflated social salaries of the plebes).

How to reverse the pyramid of power and wealth is now a herculean task.

Gengis Khan used the sword Maggie used the City fraudsters to achieve similar results.

The debate about EU is this incompatibility of a common currency and divergent fiscal and economic models.

We have a Europe of different cohesions in the same monetary construct; with no way of achieving balance as nobody can devalue their currency and there is no solidarity from surplus nations to deficit nations.

The Euro is now a garrot for one group or the other whence the imminence of an implosion.

We either federate or we create a many tier monetary system with different constructs operating in same market.

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Brexit - Leave the EU and regain sovereignty?

Some joke.

The UK is and still will be the US' bitch. Farage and Cameron will sell out to to US Corporations and sign up to TTIP, from which there is NO Brexit.



Ghordius's picture

if that damn TTIP is signed and ratified...

... there is no reason anymore for many continental european countries to stay in the EU

and then... we can rebuild a new trade and regulation co-op

then what most people don't realize is exactly this: the EU isn't a big affair to delete. it's completely... expendable

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So what if any leaders do you respect?  I think all you know how to do is bitch about things.  Always ready with the critisism.  Have any legit solution?

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PPT Inc. (not verified) May 16, 2016 2:01 PM

It doesn't matter what the online poll says, The Jew counts the votes.

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Distributed power is always more stable than centralized power.

Ghordius's picture

the myth or the reality? the last one is simpler to explain... and perhaps it's only my impression

it's the UK leaving the trade and regulations co-op of sovereign countries called EU

which isn't the monetary co-op called EuroSystem (aka EBC, aka "eurozone), which the UK never joined and has an opt-out on

which isn't the borders and immigration co-op called Schengen, which the UK never joined and has an opt-out on

which isn't the let's try to keep our budgets somewhat balanced co-op called European Fiscal Compact, which the UK never joined and has an opt-out on

which isn't the common defense and military co-op called NATO, which the UK is currently not planning to leave

the myths, the other way, abound