Obama: Worst President In U.S. History?

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Bush was a horrible president. At the time, I thought he was the worst president in American history.

But Obama has made a lot of firsts himself …

For example, Obama:

  • Sentenced whistleblowers to 31 times the jail time of all prior u.s. presidents combined
  • Has granted less pardons than any president since Garfield, who served only 200 days as president before being assassinated in 1881
  • May be the only U.S. president in history who failed to deliver a single year of at least 3% economic growth (when adjusted for inflation)

In addition, Obama has presided over:

And as the New York Times notes this week, Obama has been at war longer than any president in history.

Worst ... president ... ever.

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Gonna speak up for Lincoln here.  Unlike Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Lincoln campaigned on doing one thing, and then did that one thing.  The Dirty Four campaigned on one thing, and then did the exact opposite.

I'm not saying I'm for what Lincoln did, but I'm for his doing what he said he was going to do.

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And we haven't gotten to his last day BLM pardon list.

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While I agreed with the points made in the article above, there should be a deeper appreciation of the how America was the flowering of Neolithic Civilization in North America, which became the basis for that kind of civilization to achieve globalized dominance.

Those problems are way beyond the public figureheads, such as Obama, representing the ways that civilization IS based upon being able to back up lies with violence, or ENFORCE FRAUDS. Obama was the best available professional hypocrite, in order to become socially successful within the already established and entrenched sociopolitical systems based upon integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, whose most important forms were the ways that public governments ENFORCED FRAUDS by private banks, in ways which automatically become exponentially more FRAUDULENT.

OF COURSE, governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, while, OF COURSE, Obama was a symbol of how that works. However, the vast majority of people who may superficially recognize those facts, that Obama was the best available professional hypocrite, who actually did the diametrical opposite of everything that he promised he would do, STILL NEVER ENGAGE IN DEEPER ANALYSIS REGARDING HOW AND WHY THOSE ARE THE SOCIAL FACTS.

While the series of articles from George Washington are excellent at documenting the increasingly blatant anomalies, those articles continue to NOT go through sufficiently profound paradigm shifts in the ways that those articles perceive those problems.

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I agree that the state is inherently coercive and criminal... but civilization =/= the state. "Civilization" is just what the naked eye sees when people are able to interact as they see fit (which, of course, works better over time).

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Obomber learned something we do not know. The PENTAGON is our REAL government and they can hardly wait until we stop playing the corrupt political game so they can make Hillary's and Obama's stock in detention centers pay big dividends. Then if other countries refuse to imprison everyone in detention camps, the TPP will kick in and lawyer Obomber will make his case against obstruction of profit. He will win and kick back a chunk to McCain and Graham. New World Order.

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You sound like a govt spambot... remember that Microsoft "AI" from a couple months ago? Hah

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Couldn't agree more. The nigger piece of shit that is Barack Hussein Obama is proof of a new 1% strategy. Creating Manchurian clones that fit every demographic. You ready for a mexican neocon that looks like Caesar Chavez but acts like Hitler on steroids don't worry, he already exists in one of the pods they squeezed Obama out of. You like female feminist activist anti abortion clone for president. They have one for you (includes a vagina.) His legacy should a life sentence of HARD LABOR.

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No god dam question about it, this sack of shit IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY. He's a fuckin commie muslim pig dick lickin faggot nigger from hell. What the fuck would you expect from this cia alien trashbag??

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Facebook kicked me off for starting a new cause. Changing the whitehouse name to " Niggershed " I felt it was appropriate because of the massive number of black faggots Barry Buttstalker has appointed into positions of power draining our treasury with big incomes, expense accounts, pensions, in their reallocation of poor white peoples assets to the niggered up economy of welfare inner city voting clan. Even as more likely than not few if any among us would be little different from each other if we had lived each other's lives. I find it difficult to be judgemental, my reaction is a response to innumerable black acts of racism wherever I go. Skin color really isn't a significant variable unless people make it so, then it becomes a variable. Thus it has become a variable. Our multicultural nation are tolerant of one another, mostly, however the blacks and Jews are mostly intolerant of other subcultures who in return become intolerant of racism . The problems in America created by racism is becoming intolerant as the current usurper, empowered in massive election frauds in 2008-2012 has created a government of Tyranny, ruling our nation with memorandums, executive orders with his opinions as a base of rule . His ignorance of science, macroeconomics, ethics, logic, morality, has destroyed our nation even more than Clinton who se enactments of NAFTA, FREE TRADE, shuttered our factories, and educational infrastructure than supported them, the spin off lost jobs when added to the production lost jobs accounts for near a third of our workforce.

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This son of bitch is indeed the worst president ever. I seriously doubt his IQ and devotion to the country. He is the living proof of the failure of affirmative action. Such a stupid law! Now look at the result. Stupidity does pay!

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<< Obama: Worst President In U.S. History? >>

Do you want the long answer or short answer?

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Obama: Worst President in History.

Make a statement.

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 Its like a game of Can You Top This played by dirty lawyers and killers.

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What is so discouraging is that there is little to no difference between the D's and the R's.

VWAndy's picture

 There aint two parties buddy. Just look at thier actual actions. All thier talk is just that, talk.  Its in thier actual actions we can see whats what.

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Demopublicans, Republicrats

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Some lady- well doctor, what do we have? A republic or a monarchy?"

Ben Franklin- "A republic...IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!"

Looks like a few decided not to keep it!!!

For the record I tried damn it!

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When it comes to spending, Obama is the pits, but I have to admit that I voted for Bush 2, twice.  Not a slow learner, just a fast forgettor.  
Actually, I believed the lies that Bush would cut regulations, spending, and  would balance the budget in five years as he promised.

Ha, the joke was on me.   These are just a few of Bush's programs (not even including the war) that contributed to our national debt before Obama put spending on steroids.

1. In 2003, GW Bush signed Medicare Part D; that is the part that covers prescription drugs.  When Economist, Stephen Moore, asked the director of the Congressional Budget Office what the liability of that bill was, the answer was given in THREE Words, "IT IS INFINITE."  Medicare. Part D was the largest spending program since LBJ. Of course, this was before we heard of TARP, etc.

2.Regulations under GW reached an all time high in 2008 of 74,400 pages, up about 10,000 from the beginning of Bush's term.  Mark Crain, another economist estimated that compliance of regulations cost $1.172 TRILLION.  To enforce these new rules among others, Bush added 91,196 new government employees.

3. In the area of education, No Child Left Behind, which federalized K-12 education to an unprecedented degree has nothing to show for it other than greater spending tabs.

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Obama is a President? I thought it was just a clown monkeying around in the office.

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Poor Obama, he won the audition, but the script qriters gave him such poor scripts it seems his carreer as a reality show star may end with this role, this is why people like The Donald he is an experienced reality TV personality and people think he will at least have some influence over the script, the problem with the World today is, 'The Writers are no good, none of the scripts have a happy ending' indeed more than no happy ending they seem destined for tragedy! Who is the director of this show, where is their imagination?

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Mr. Obama has *exacerbated* the black/white racial divide in this country horribly. I don't know how bad it was in the last 200 years, but it's the WORST it's ever been in my life, I do know that.

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Madigan's disciple.  Nobody had any clue this guy was a machine style politician. Oh well take a look at Illinois' (90 percent Chicagoland) credit and see where we're heading.  Good Luck, and thanks for voting.

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Yet even despite all that, you have 40+ million people who would vote for him again if they could. Clearly the problem does not lie with him....

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"The end of the Republic never looked so good." - Barack Obama

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  We're going to need a bigger chart George. 

   O <zero is pushing the visable standard deviation derelict meter/chart--- But the real fallout results come months...years later. [eg; U.S.S. BankRupt ]

  Keep stacking, Bitchez. ;-D

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The future's suffocating on an echo from the past...

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'"Obomba the Mulato porch monkey is doing a great job as president ! Just ask his master.......
1/ he has divided America more than other Prez.
2/ he has robbed the public blind.
3/ he has created the greatest humanitarian crises.
4/ he has turned the U.S. Into the greatest threat to world peace.
5/ and all with a bueatiful smile and wilful approach. sarc......."


ALL THIS but he also created Trump as a political phenomenon. Which proves that sometimes a disease can generate its own antidote...

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Obama's legacy is gay weddings, smoking pot, gender ambivilant toilets, double the national debt, promoting Islam, have a wife uglier than Elinor Rosivelt, be continually at war with worthless countries.

Quite an achievment.


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He has been a bit of a disappointment, but at least you all got the change that he promised.

TeddyBear's picture

Gas from $4 now $2 the Dow from 6000 to 16000 what are you back with the next president with those same numbers

George Washington's picture

We've given up dollars, and ended up with "change" ...

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We are the United States of America. In compounding Bush's war debacle, Obama has turned the rest of the world into a United Hate of America. That's close to seven billion people against us. Even more so than Nazi Germany was hated at the start of WW II. Trump has his work cut out for him to take us off our current war trajectory. But if it's President Hillary, given her levels of professional ineptitude (dismissive of her duties as Sec. of State in effect saying, "Oh, this job is beneath me, I can do as I please"), willingness to dishonestly eliminate or cover-up any threat to her opportunistic advancement (Bill's rape victims) and propensity toward shameless corruption and favoritism (her Foundation's illegalities and Lord knows what all else) ; given all of that and more, if Trump loses to Hillary, the subsequent war could easily reduce us to fewer than 33% of our current population. A massive nuclear war would be a fatal blow to a wounded and dying America as we now find ourselves after the eight-year vandalizing spree of Obama which the congress has spinelessly permitted. King Obama has baked the cake of our destruction; Queen Hillary will serve it; "LET THEM EAT CAKE, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN". 

TeddyBear's picture

Stop calling him Trump is new name is lump capital L capitalUMP

lUMP...L capital p

TeddyBear's picture

Why because all we'll get is a lump of coal

tunetopper's picture

Who creates war?

American exceptionalism is used as a tool to juice folks up - using patriotic lingo ie.  ....Hanity's "...youre a great American..." to his callers on the radio. Wounded Warrior commercials, ex-generals who benefitted directly from the defense contractors, and the rest.


Neo-Cons like the FoxNews ilk- Krauthammer, Hannity, Bolton, Rush Limbaugh, The Blaze's Glen Beck all are disciples of Leo Strauss.  The Noble Lie is as active now as when Aristotle constructed and defined it thousands of years ago.  We are mere pawns in the hands of the Masters.

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Ronald Reagan was the Great Grandpappy of the deficit and all his neocon worshippers here have declined to mention his name.  

He and his 'Reggie', Grover Norquist, are responsible for the low interest rates of today which the Fed can barely raise an itty bitty quarter of a point every year.

All the good you may think he did was a result of the sky rocketing National Debt that he launched.

Go dig up Lincoln and put his skull on a pike over the gate to Washington and wait in an airport-sized line to kiss the jar of formaldehyde in the Smithsonian with Reagan's unit in floating around inside. 

cheech_wizard's picture

George, I haven't seen this one mentioned yet...

"S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time."

George Washington's picture

cheech, thanks ... that's a good one!

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4thHorseman (not verified) May 18, 2016 3:41 PM

More sissies have came out of the trannie-closet than all other presidents COMBINED even with other dimensional timelines (as described in theoretical physics) included.

The title statement IS....

an understatement!

The embodiment of how stupefied the goy have become under zio-kike agenda.

The libtards are dancing with joy and reveling in their abject ignorance with each step marched towards total Idiocracy.

Graph's picture

"Giants", US "face to the world" that I had a chance to "live under" :

Regan: B actor, sidekick to a chimp in the movie, but highly adored by half Americans as a National Treasure.

Bush the 1st: Only in the cartoons that I've seen that canoe shaped used car salesman smile, but to most Amricans: kinda a "good guy".

Clinton: Upward gazing, lip biting first class con-man. Adored by many, 'cause economy was good (never mind natural upswing after 80-s crash).

Jorge the Shrub: Do I have to say more !

O: C'mon...do I have to describe ! I am tired !

And, as Carlin had said: "You voted for them so don't complain!"

Cult of Criminality's picture

100`S of Millions of armed Americans never looked so good in the free Republic of the

United States of America.

Zang's picture

Obomba the Mulato porch monkey is doing a great job as president ! Just ask his master.......
1/ he has divided America more than other Prez.
2/ he has robbed the public blind.
3/ he has created the greatest humanitarian crises.
4/ he has turned the U.S. Into the greatest threat to world peace.
5/ and all with a bueatiful smile and wilful approach. sarc.......

shovelhead's picture

Look at the bright side.

At least we got that Black, homosexual, non-citizen for President thing out of the way in one fell swoop for the lefties.

They couldn't possibly find a transgendered midget Filipino Communist that they would have to run...

Could they?

Although the combination of Bernie and Hillary comes pretty close.

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4thHorseman (not verified) bertimus maximus May 18, 2016 3:35 PM

Sand Nigger
Dune Coon
Muzzie Monkey