EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Unravels Turning Greece Into Massive Refugee Camp

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Submitted by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • "It can be expected that, as soon as Turkish citizens will obtain visa-free entry to the EU, foreign nationals will start trying to obtain Turkish passports ... or use the identities of Turkish citizens, or to obtain by fraud the Turkish citizenship. This possibility may attract not only irregular migrants, but also criminals or terrorists." — Leaked European Commission report, quoted in the Telegraph, May 17, 2016.

  • According to the Telegraph, the EU report adds that as a result of the deal, the Turkish mafia, which traffics vast volumes of drugs, sex slaves, illegal firearms and refugees into Europe, may undergo "direct territorial expansion towards the EU."

  • "If they make the wrong decision, we will send the refugees." — Burhan Kuzu, senior adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • Erdogan is now demanding that the EU immediately hand over three billion euros ($3.4 billion) so that Turkish authorities can spend it as they see fit. The EU insists that the funds be transferred through international aid agencies in accordance with strict rules on how the aid can be spent. This prompted Erdogan to accuse the EU of "mocking the dignity" of the Turkish nation.

The EU-Turkey migrant deal, designed to halt the flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece, is falling apart just two months after it was reached. European officials are now looking for a back-up plan.

The March 18 deal was negotiated in great haste by European leaders desperate to gain control over a migration crisis in which more than one million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East poured into Europe in 2015.

European officials, who appear to have promised Turkey more than they can deliver, are increasingly divided over a crucial part of their end of the bargain: granting visa-free travel to Europe for Turkey's 78 million citizens by the end of June.

At the same time, Turkey is digging in its heels, refusing to implement a key part of its end of the deal: bringing its anti-terrorism laws into line with EU standards so that they cannot be used to detain journalists and academics critical of the government.

A central turning point in the EU-Turkey deal was the May 5 resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who lost a long-running power struggle with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Davutoglu was a key architect of the EU-Turkey deal and was also considered its guarantor.

On May 6, just one day after Davutoglu's resignation, Erdogan warned European leaders that Turkey would not be narrowing its definition of terrorism: "When Turkey is under attack from terrorist organizations and the powers that support them directly, or indirectly, the EU is telling us to change the law on terrorism," Erdogan said in Istanbul. "They say 'I am going to abolish visas and this is the condition.' I am sorry, we are going our way and you go yours."

Erdogan insists that Turkey's anti-terrorism laws are needed to fight Kurdish militants at home and Islamic State jihadists in neighboring Syria and Iraq. Human rights groups counter that Erdogan is becoming increasingly authoritarian and is using the legislation indiscriminately to silence dissent of him and his government.

European officials say that, according to the original deal, visa liberalization for Turkish citizens is conditioned on Turkey amending its anti-terror laws. Erdogan warns that if there is no visa-free travel by the end of June, he will reopen the migration floodgates on July 1. Such a move would allow potentially millions more migrants to pour into Greece.

European officials are now discussing a Plan B. On May 8, the German newspaper Bild reported on a confidential plan to house all migrants arriving from Turkey on Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Public transportation to and from those islands to the Greek mainland would be cut off in order to prevent migrants from moving into other parts of the European Union.

Migrants would remain on the islands permanently while their asylum applications are being processed. Those whose asylum requests are denied would be deported back to their countries of origin or third countries deemed as "safe."

The plan, which Bild reports is being discussed at the highest echelons of European power, would effectively turn parts of Greece into massive refugee camps for many years to come. It remains unclear whether Greek leaders will have any say in the matter. It is also unclear how Plan B would reduce the number of migrants flowing into Europe.

Thousands of newly arrived migrants, the vast majority of whom are men, crowd the platforms at Vienna West Railway Station on August 15, 2015 -- a common scene in the summer and fall of 2015. (Image source: Bwag/Wikimedia Commons)

Speaking to the BBC News program, "World on the Move," on May 16, Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of the British intelligence service MI6, warned that the number of migrants coming to Europe during the next five years could run into millions. This, he said, would reshape the continent's geopolitical landscape: "If Europe cannot act together to persuade a significant majority of its citizens that it can gain control of its migratory crisis then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a populist uprising, which is already stirring."

Dearlove also warned against allowing millions of Turks visa-free access to the EU, describing the EU plan as "perverse, like storing gasoline next to the fire we're trying to extinguish."

On May 17, the Telegraph published the details of a leaked report from the European Commission, the powerful administrative arm of the European Union. The report warns that opening Europe's borders to 78 million Turks would increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the European Union. The report states:

"It can be expected that, as soon as Turkish citizens will obtain visa-free entry to the EU, foreign nationals will start trying to obtain Turkish passports in order to pretend to be Turkish citizens and enter the EU visa free, or use the identities of Turkish citizens, or to obtain by fraud the Turkish citizenship. This possibility may attract not only irregular migrants, but also criminals or terrorists."

According to the Telegraph, the report adds that as a result of the deal, the Turkish mafia, which traffics vast volumes of drugs, sex slaves, illegal firearms and refugees into Europe, may undergo "direct territorial expansion towards the EU." The report warns: "Suspect individuals being allowed to travel to the Schengen territory without the need to go through a visa request procedure would have a greater ability to enter the EU without being noticed."

While the EU privately admits that the visa waiver would increase the risk to European security, in public the EU has recommended that the deal be approved.

On May 4, the European Commission announced that Turkey has met most of the 72 "benchmarks of the roadmap" needed to qualify for the visa waiver. The remaining five conditions concern the fight against corruption, judicial cooperation with EU member states, deeper ties with the European law-enforcement agency Europol, data protection and anti-terrorism legislation.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said:

"Turkey has made impressive progress, particularly in recent weeks, on meeting the benchmarks of its visa liberalization roadmap.... This is why we are putting a proposal on the table which opens the way for the European Parliament and the Member States to decide to lift visa requirements, once the benchmarks have been met."

In order for the visa waiver to take effect, it must be approved by the national parliaments of the EU member states, as well as the European Parliament.

Ahead of a May 18 debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg over Turkey's progress in fulfilling requirements for visa liberalization, Burhan Kuzu, a senior adviser to Erdogan, warned the European Parliament that it had an "important choice" to make.

In a Twitter message, Kuzu wrote: "If they make the wrong decision, we will send the refugees." In a subsequent telephone interview with Bloomberg, he added: "If Turkey's doors are opened, Europe would be miserable."

Meanwhile, Erdogan has placed yet another obstacle in the way of EU-Turkey deal. He is now demanding that the EU immediately hand over three billion euros ($3.4 billion) promised under the deal so that Turkish authorities can spend it as they see fit.

The EU insists that the funds be transferred through the United Nations and other international aid agencies in accordance with strict rules on how the aid can be spent. That stance has prompted Erdogan to accuse the EU of "mocking the dignity" of the Turkish nation.

On May 10, Erdogan expressed anger at the glacial pace of the EU bureaucracy:

"This country [Turkey] is looking after three million refugees. What did they [the EU] say? We'll give you €3 billion. Well, have they given us any of that money until now? No. They're still stroking the ball around midfield. If you're going to give it, just give it.


"These [EU] administrators come here, tour our [refugee] camps, then ask at the same time for more projects. Are you kidding us? What projects? We have 25 camps running. You've seen them. There is no such thing as a project. We've implemented them."

In an interview with the Financial Times, Fuat Oktay, head of Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the agency responsible for coordinating the country's refugee response, accused European officials of being fixated on "bureaucracies, rules and procedures" and urged the European Commission to find a way around them.

The European Commission insists that it was made clear from the outset that most of the money must go to aid organizations: "Funding under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey supports refugees in the country. It is funding for refugees and not funding for Turkey."

The migration crisis appears to be having political repercussions for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a leading proponent of the EU-Turkey deal. According to a new poll published by the German newsmagazine Cicero on May 10, two-thirds (64%) of Germans oppose a fourth term for Merkel, whose term ends in the fall of 2017.

In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister-party to Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), blamed Merkel for enabling Erdogan's blackmail: "I am not against talks with Turkey. But I think it is dangerous to be dependent upon Ankara."

Sahra Wagenknecht of the Left Party accused Merkel of negotiating the EU-Turkey deal without involving her European partners: "The chancellor is responsible for Europe having become vulnerable to blackmail by the authoritarian Turkish regime."

Cem Özdemir, leader of the Greens Party and the son of Turkish immigrants said: "The EU-Turkey deal has made Europe subject to Turkish blackmail. The chancellor bears significant responsibility for this state of affairs."

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beaglebog's picture



I wonder whether this was always the plan, for Greece.


First, destroy its economy and fabric ... then create a new nation of mongrels.


Greeks have but one way to resist.  As do we all.

Pandelis's picture

it is not the first time though ...

Constandinople was sacked by the earlier version of ISIS, there is a model following the plan of caliphate.  There was no country of ottomans prior just an earlier version of ISIS.  How can anyone take on the strongest city and empire (for 1400 years) in the world?  There are stories of how the main door they entered the city was opened from the inside.  Of course the ground work on weakening Constandinople was done by the "crusaders" whatever that means ... they stole from Constandinople but they were tortured, robbed and killed in many cases back in their own country by the real masters afterall.

Later on, the new country of Greece was completely caught out from its Asian part; many greeks removed from the asian parts of the byzantine empire and they created the current small country on this side of bosphourus.

during World War II was the only country where Hitler imposed famine and millions died (while respected Swiss neutrality ... go figure), the Cyprus partition etc.

On the last crisis, Greece and Cyprus have evidently been singled out ... remember those newspaper stories of lazy greeks etc. they still go on.

If you look further into Syria and Iraq the communities being removed are some of the oldest Christians.

The only things greeks and christianity are still around it must be God .... think only about all those versions of "christians" they have created to mess up people .... it seems to me against all odds greeks and christianity have and will continue to survive .... the only reason is because is God.

here is something that might show how long the story of the way the world is run goes:



Of course, it seems to be a plan

COSMOS's picture

Greeks better be careful, a lot of those islands may end up like cypress or even worse

Pandelis's picture

one at a time ... no worries.  your time will come too and soon from the way those conventions are going

just sayin' I hope it doesnt happen though.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Looks like the US has plans for Greece. Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to the Ukraine during Nuland's cookie revolution, is being moved to Greece.

Expat79's picture

Turkey is only working to spread the Islamic empire into Europe. There's a reason Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries have refused to accept refugees:

OverTheHedge's picture

“Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to the Ukraine during Nuland's cookie revolution, is being moved to Greece.“

Oh shit!

Better pack my bugout bag.......

writingsonthewall's picture

The irony is - with talk like that - you become the Jihadist and an enemy of the state

nibiru's picture

Than you are no better than the EU leaders (Merkel, Hollande) who would sell their own people to just keep the positions and power. 

omniversling's picture

Punishment for the Greek people voting for against the Troika. The same ones who elected Tsiparas, who folded on them..

Demolition of Europe. Financed by Soros, think-tanked (NGO with the GREEK name of Paideia) by Barbara Lerner Spectre. 'Holocaust revenge fantasy explained here:

What the heck is Barbara Spectre's motivation?

Definition of paideia

  1. :  training of the physical and mental faculties in such a way as to produce a broad enlightened mature outlook harmoniously combined with maximum cultural development

    Oh well, back to the drawing board...




fleur de lis's picture

Barbara Spectre is a walking talking chaos machine. She just cannot shut up. She has moved into community activism or psychology or some such. Here she is lecturing craziness again while bored morons listen.

BobEore's picture


your historical run through contains one element worthy of emphasis -

Of course the ground work on weakening Constandinople was done by the "crusaders" whatever that means

"What it means" - is that the narrative which flows parallel to and complements GATESTONE INSTITUTE AGITPRPOP like this post is exposed for what it is  - faux history.

"At the April event, Wilders's seamless fusion of anti-Muslim bombast and pro- Israel cant was gratefully received by the Gatestone Institute's ..."

History bent to serve the purpose of buttressing a "white nationalism" that imagines a bucolic age of happy "aryan peasants" buiiding a "European Civilization" out of their instinctive "solidarity" with their racial kin and innate genius to excel at every human art and science.

Constantinople - a 1000 year continuation and expression of the Greco-Roman culture which Europeans claim as their own - would never have fallen to the Ghazi hordes but for the systemic scheming of western European rivals who made common cause with the Turks against their "brethren" in the east. The Crusaders sent to sack Imperial Byzantine were the shock troops not of Muslim conquerors, but of Venetian mercantilists intent upon gaining the lucrative eastern trade for themselves.

The fall of the heartlands of both Christianity, and the European culture continuum, in other words, was engineered from the west, not the east. Just as the disintegration of the existing secular states in the middle east is being engineered today. The Breitbart-Gatestone-Neo/lib/con alliance to poison relations between Islamic and western peoples encourages white isolationism and extremist politics - in order to divide and rule us. The migrant invasion of Europe is a phony psyop, which can be easily reversed once the perpetrators and the motive are revealed.

And once again, the front lines of the battle to preserve the best of western and eastern cultures is right here in Anatolia. Those who foment hate and fear - on either side - are jihadis in the service of the kabbalist racial hegemonists intent upon taking us all down. People of good faith from both sides of the artifical divide that these monsters seek to create with their fear porn rhetoric need be aligning against that aim.

Pandelis's picture

"The fall of the heartlands of both Christianity, and the European culture continuum, in other words, was engineered from the west, not the east."

yeap ... agreed. The question is what is really "west"? or better what is really beyond the wall?

Years from now, the history books will analyze how the WEST made those mistakes etc. etc. but is really Merkel making those decisions of inviting 1 million in Germany and have a policy of free for all?  not so sure about that, especially when i hear the likes of Soros stating that Europe will face distinction if it doesnt accept 500.000 muslims every year ...

Things are not what they appear ... one thing though, how come none talks about Constandinople?  it is as almost it never existed ... they even changed the name ... just food for thought


samjam7's picture

Are you trying to distract from what Merkel did? If anything, she is one and the same as Soros a controlled globalist, thinking about creating her legacy in their perverted global schemes. What else are all powerful people striving for but to create their legacy? Globalists have no loyalty to their country of origin, they think of a global plan and if that means to destroy your own country to achieve it, it is well worth the price in their mind. This is how I believe Merkel's mindset to be.

Pandelis's picture

i think she is just a really low key operative ...

samjam7's picture

Completely agree with you the portrayal of a western Christian struggle vs invading Muslim hordes is totally wrong. If anything it is a struggle between the people (Europeans having to deal with millions of people with a totally alien culture and West Asian immigrants being lured to Europe by the false promise of prosperity leaving often destroyed homes) against the cabal globalists or in your formulation 'Kabbalist racial hegemonists' that seek to increase their control.

First of all western Europe ceaased to be Christian starting from the French Revolution onwards and replaced its 'religion' with capitalism and today's pseudo liberal values and believes. It can therefore not be considered a 'conquest by another religion' as Western Europe is not religious. Only if we open our eyes to that fact and focus on the true 'culprit' and not the menace that seems most obvious will we be able to defeat true evil.

OverTheHedge's picture

So this is a just and righteous attempt by God-fearing folk to re-educate the godless heathen of western Europe? A people of the book, after all...

I think this is mostly insane government policies; needing more tax-slaves because of the demographics, needing to appear "caring" to their focus-group-led policy-driven need to get re-elected, and an inability to change course once started, in case of appearing weak. I think Merkel whishes to God she had never made the "come on in" speech, but now it's done, she can't put the cattle-trucks into play for fear of appearing to back down.

But what do I know?

BTW, Greece has a gazillion rock islands that are currently uninhabited, which would make for great holding-pens. Crap for the inmates, but very secure. The refugee stream would slow to a trickle almost immediately, if this was implemented.

I'm not sure I should feel smug for having suggested this month's ago - either it is the obvious solution, so obvious a little mind like mine came up with it, or EU policy is now being formulated in the comments section of zerohedge. If it's the latter, someone should probably do something about Eirik, and Ghordius, and....actually, its quite a big list......

johnconnor's picture

I see two kids, one old man and one woman... everyone else are prime soldier age males ready to rape and pillage all over Europe

Allen_H's picture

I think it is also a way for zioNato terrorists on behalf of the USSA to try create another buffer for the Russian gas pipeline, time Russia deal with these imbeciles.

Pandelis's picture

Probably the Gulf countries as fellow rich muslim countries, and Asian countries should also carry some of the weight ... just sayin'

BetaGap's picture

Get the Turkey out of the NATO. All problems will be solved.

Ghordius's picture

take your country out of it, then. much simpler, much easier. has been done before, though France re-joined, later

Tallest Skil's picture

Just kill them all. Why is this a problem? They're going to die in the very near future; save the lives of the MAJORITY of them by pointing guns at them NOW and telling them to leave or die.

This is a matter of genocide we're talking about here. It either stops or it happens to ONE side.

chairman mao's picture

Funny how the Germans are so nice to the muslim refugees but so cruel to the Greeks?

Jubal Early's picture

Good work Ghordius!  Greece is swirling down the EU toilet bowl.  Next you can flush Italy, France and Spain.

ANestIOS's picture

Ghordius??? He has his opinions as we all do but he's as likely to influence the association of belgian antique dealers as the EU "echelons"

frenzic's picture

look here another EU troll

Ghordius's picture

if you were more busy reading my comments instead of projecting your worldviews on others...

you would have noted that I wrote, in the context of a ZH article two weeks ago that was all "rah, rah" about this deal about giving limited visas to 85 million Turks to the EU this:

"...and now a lot hinges on the fight Erdogan has with the Turkish Parliament, and how long this provisional deal is kept going, there..." and

"...the point Haus is mentioning is "what if Erdogan becomes a dictator". Well, doesn't this provisional deal die, then? the deal is not yet ratified, and might be never ratified

at the moment it's German-Turkish policy. it might become EU policy... or not. and a lot of it depends, as often, on:

first, the partner, in this case Turkey, where Erdogan is against it while Parliament is for it and

second, the question if the other countries in the EU vote for or against this German-Turkish proposal (which is triggering deportations in this provisional state of now)"

now, after I explained that this deal was provisional, and might die before ratified...

we read this ZH article with the title "EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Unravels Turning Greece Into Massive Refugee Camp".

further, the Turkish PM had to resign from his post, and from the leadership of the leading party, too. meaning Erdogan won this round of his fight for supremacy in the party, and that he is having his way, and that this deal is unraveling

meaning... that I was completely right, that I explained the situation with a quite cogent point about the likelihood of this of that happening, in a different way from practically all articles and comments

I try to see the world the way it is. I try to explain things the way I understand them. I do not care if my views here are... popular. Only if they can be proven right or not. This one was proven right

Now, what is your problem, exactly? Where are your calls that have been proven right? Where are your intelligent explanations? Try to do some instead of projecting, baby-trolling and making yourself a nuisance

BobEore's picture


You're on top of your game today, turning an attempted ankle-bite from a Gatestone Golem into a well rounded exposition on your position - and the facts of the matter!

To the latter of which, let me simply add:

somewhat less than 10% of Turkish citizens own passports of that country. If they are making travel plans without one, their imagined stay in Europe - or just about anywheres else - will be remarkably brief.

Of that 10% or so who do hold passports, allowing them to even consider foreign travel, the great majority of them are persons of a net wealth which would exceed the upper 20% of readers here - or anywhere else in the western media - and educational qualifications of similar standing. They are as likely to be hoping for a bit of rape, pillage, and general jihad on a journey to Paris or Oslo,

as the journeymen who work the "MuzzyHateMeme" here are to become sterling examples of the innate intellectual superiority of those born with "white genes." I seldom bother with the vote feature of this board, leaving that option to the primates restricted from more involved expression of their emotions -

so just a big high 5 to you for that bit of 'lick em for six' batsmanship!


Jubal Early's picture

" in the context of a ZH article two weeks ago that was all "rah, rah" about this deal about giving limited visas to 85 million Turks to the EU "

WTF! ZH was "rah rah" about it?  What an arrogant EU prick you are.  You don't even rise to the level of troll, you are just a kike cock-sucker.

And as usual, you myopically focus on one little point that isn't even on target, while ignoring the entire context of what is going on around.

As far as " intelligent explanations" go, I am still waiting for you list of great things the EU had done for Europe.

"I try to see the world the way it is."

Well let me help you a little.  Proud little Greece, as I said, is going down the EU toilet because the EU was never about the well being of the peoples of Europe.  A bunch a greedy statist parasital elites centered in Brussels lied, cheated and bullied the rest of Europe in a suicidal union, and there is no way out.  One of their biggest lies was all the great benefits that a common currency would bring them, and once it was in place it was instantly transformed into the chains that enslave them.

If there were no EU and no ECB, then there might be a chance of the people of Greece appealing to the eurpean people of other european countries to help stop the invasion, but since the EU wants to disenfranchise all the white europeans that might wake up and realize what is being done to them, Greece has no chance.  Soon the Greeks will face the choice of convert or become dhimmi.

Good job Ghordi.  The slaves of Europe applaud you. 

BobEore's picture


you know you've kicked ass when they lose it so badly,

that the sputtering, raging invective they are reduced to takes on all the qualities of one of those "Hitler in the Bunker"

gag videos.

back to basics's picture

Is this a private ass kissing party between the two pseudo intellectuals Bob and Gordo or can anyone join in?

Ghordius's picture

does it mean you are an... intellectual, that you call me often a pseudo-intellectual? is that the reason why you don't kiss me?

I am a college drop-out and entrepreneur, btw. not sure if I qualify for either title or label. do I? do you?

BobEore's picture


I'm a high school drop out, who made his own way in the world,

muchly by learning to spot phonies who thought that bluff n bullshit would somehow work to conceal their cerebral and/or emotional inadequacies. And how to call their bluff.

Got to admit- sure does come in handy round these parts!

BobEore's picture

You boyz mad?

Hey, get used to it. Ain't no downbutton here or anywhere else gonna save your fairy asses!

Nuthin in your gloves.

Colonel Klink's picture

Vast majority muslim fighting aged men.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  It's muslim horse!

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) May 19, 2016 1:43 AM

voted for a left wing party? get what you voted for.

oncemore's picture

biased and wrong.

all right-wing parties do the same thing and import this excessive biomass, see Germany as the example, where the right-wing CSU-CDU presided by Merkel, dominates Bundestag and continues with the import of that brown moslems.

Gavrikon's picture

If the CDU/CSU is right wing, then I'm a Martian.

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) Gavrikon May 19, 2016 3:02 AM

oncemore 13 weeks 3 days


either its a troll or a kiddie

calling cdu a right wing party it must be a troll

ThirdWorldDude's picture

It's a part of Orwelian newspeak as it's implanted within the neo-Hegelian dialectic.

CDU/CSU proclaim themselves to be center-right parties, they even belong to the European People's Party, a right-leaning coalition in the EuroParlament.

___________'s picture
___________ (not verified) ThirdWorldDude May 19, 2016 4:15 AM



just because they call themselves center right it doesnt mean they are.

any party, that accepts immigrants, israel and eu are not right.


a center - right wing party is:

-for separation of eu and creation of own non-expanding state with own media.

-for establishment of own banking system.

-against immigrants (by kicking them out or killing them) and reconstruction of birthrate.

-does not accept jew, christianity, islame and other kike ideologies and religions

-following its own interests


a far right wing party is same as above but with the difference:

-creation of own national state and expansion beyond its borders.



example: isreal

israel  is a banker state, that is protected by far right nationalists.

-its expanding

-government and owners are  jewish (ashkenazi)

-is created on a fairy tail

-refuses and kicks out "refugees"

-warmongering against iran and others

-is gonociding and oppressing palestinians

-even saudia arbia is paying isreal money


germany is a colony owned by usa and jews without an own government nor army and soon without genetically real germans

artichoke's picture

"Palestinians" are a fake identity created to gain victimization points from Israel.

Just omit the reflexive anti-Jew stuff, let them fight their own battles and you fight yours.  You can learn much from their success.