Trump Right Again: "Act Of Terrorism" Took Down EgyptAir Airplane

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Early this morning, following news of the tragic crash of yet another airplane, Donald Trump was the first to suggest that the catastrophe was the result of "yet another terrorist attack"...


... a statement which was promptly vilified in the media, most prominently from the New York Times, but many others as well:

His post on Twitter drew criticism from Robert M. Gates, a former secretary of defense and director of the C.I.A., who was asked about it during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


“Well, I think it prejudges the outcome,” Mr. Gates said. “Let’s just suppose that it turns out not to be a terrorist event. Then what’s the — then what do you say, having made these allegations."


He continued, “It’s always better to wait until you actually know what the facts are before you open up.

And, as usual, Trump is about to have the final laugh, because as CNN reported moments ago:

U.S. government officials are operating on an initial theory that EgyptAir Flight 804 was taken down by a bomb, two U.S. officials told CNN on Thursday. Officials said the theory could change, with one senior administration official cautioning it is not yet supported by a "smoking gun."

Or bomb as the case may be.

And then, moments ago, NBC reported that based on infrared imagery, the most likely reason for the crash is an explosion.

Finally, here is Hillary Clinton herself admitting what was patently obvious.

For the official confirmation we will probably have to wait for ISIS to claim the attack and perhaps release a video clip as it did in November when it was ISIS again that blew up a Russian passenger airplane departing the Sinai peninsula.

However, a bigger question will emerge then: while the November terrorist attack was orchestrated by an ISIS supporter at the Egyptian airport, in this case there would have to be even more ISIS participation, only on the side of the departing city, in this case Paris. It would also mean that more terrorist attacks in Europe are likely to come as this would confirm there is at least one more active cell in the French capital.

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Infield_Fly (not verified) May 19, 2016 10:56 AM

Loving you Donald!!!


Suck it Barry!!!

A Pimp's love is different's picture

The Clinton campaign is preparing to issue a statement that, according to their sources, the 'conspiratorial' bomb was planted in the vast right wing of the aircraft.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I'm thinking she needs to start working on her concession speech.  

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Latina Lover May 19, 2016 11:31 AM

Trump is visionary and radical, he has Uranus conjunct his Sun in Gemini on the midheaven and moon in Saggitarius.

He will always be spot on.

Buster Cherry's picture

He is not a butt diddler. Haven't you seen his former and current wives?

BaBaBouy's picture

<=== TRUMP Right 2016

<=== Klinton & Klinton 2016

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) BaBaBouy May 19, 2016 12:14 PM

A difference between Trump, Obama and Hillary:

Trump reaches conclusions based upon the evidence.

Obama reaches conclusions based upon what he wants to have happened.

Hillary reaches conclusions based upon what will make her look best.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Sorry to piss on everyone's pro-Trump parade, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that France is a chaotic and bureaucratic jungle where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Let's not even start about countries like Egypt and Tunisia.

Twenty-five percent (!) of the professional population in France is a civil servant and combine that with; a large muslim population, socialism, high taxes and large scale unemployment, then the stage is set for a civil war! More does not always equal better.

I'm scared of what might happen during the European Football ("soccer") Cup, which will be held in France from 10th of June...

Ghost of Porky's picture

They've released the names of the pilots.

Mustaf Bin A'Haji


Awan Haid D'Boum


BuddyEffed's picture

Assuming terrorism without evidence is almost criminal. It reminds me of when Bush took us to war on false evidence. Real people died including our own soldiers in that war, on trumped up evidence. This is morally wrong isn't it?

Before starting a flame war on this, why not wait until the black boxes are recovered and the wreckage examined for an engineering failure?

You can't even trust any statements taking responsibility for it. There are factions that would like to blame it on any number of hosts for political or economic gains. There are people who would like to blame it on Turkey, Russia, Isis, USA, CIA, Ukraine, Soros, Syria, Israel, NWO, etc.

So just STFU and let the engineers do their jobs.

RiverRoad's picture

Not hard to figure out:  Either a bomb or an alien spaceship sucked it up.  You decide.

Transformer's picture

I don't get it.  Usually our government has a solution to any terrorist activity in minutes.  Surely, the Russians did it.  Why wait for proof?

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

@Bok ~ Sorry to piss on your anti pro-Trump parade, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that nobody gives a FF about:


- Twenty-five percent of the professional population in France

- What might happen during the European Football ("soccer") Cup, which will be held in France from 10th of June...


Bon Chance!

Four chan's picture

more islamic garbage, when can we ban these monsters from our airports?

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

Send 'em to Midway (Chicago)... It's be 2020 before they EVER boarded a plane there.

Supernova Born's picture

Rectum bomb.

I'm just pulling that out of my ass, but TSA lines are getting longer and you'll need to take off more than your shoes.

The long wait at TSA is meant to flush out the rectum bombers.

(Sorry, I couldn't decide what joke I wanted so I just did a big dump.)

Pickleton's picture

"Trump Right Again:"


Oh good grief.  Stop sucking the clown off.  he read the same news the rest of us did and came to the same conclusion millions of others did.

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

"you'll need to take off more than your shoes."


Just stuff your shoe up your ass before you get to the airport to save time.

zeronetwork's picture

If ISIS claims the responsibility than you know who the terrorist is

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

Trump right again? Seriously? Anyone with an ounce of sense immediately suspected the same thing. I guess when there so little substance, you must to make everything he says into an idiotic commercial for how great Trump is.

So glad that no one wants to immediately benefit his campaign from the death of innocents.

Squid Viscous's picture

you fucking idiots, probably believe the 9-11 horse shit too. and the "Riverdale Synagogue Bombers"

wake the fuck up

jeff montanye's picture

there is a lot to be said for black boxes.  what a great help in the 9-11 investigation.  like never have fire and/or airplanes ever taken down one modern high rise, let alone three on the same day, never have four flights on the same day not had black box data recovered or released.  i'm guessing one flight is the prior and succeeding record.

donald trump is on a roll.  he shouldn't assume the cause of a crash but to do it and be right makes you look pretty good.  if the democrats nominate cankles, he's president.

if they nominate bernie it will be a much different deal with, imo, a much less easily determined outcome.

but you know what?  i haven't much liked the candidates for president the last fifty years.  if it's bernie and trump i can fantasize that i'll be happier either way than under the prior administrations.

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

what if Netanyahu enters as an Independent?

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

^^^wait what^^^


Instead of just junking that comment... & whereby there might be idealogical differences inbetween Trump, Clinton, & Sanders... Can somebody please articulate to me how, for shits & giggles, a 'dual citizenship' candidate (like Netanyahu) would be any different head to head versus any of the three?


1. Because we all know that Bernie Sanders doesn't have a dual passport, right?

2. & besides, who the fuck cares about dual citizenship anyway?. Certainly not Obama, or Ted Cruz, or Ivanka Trump for that matter.

3. As for 'Cankles', well, lets just say she has an honorary degree.

fauxhammer's picture

"Before starting a flame war on this, why not wait until the black boxes are recovered and the wreckage examined for an engineering failure?

So just STFU and let the engineers do their jobs."

Right.  Because, as MH17 and MH370 have shown, waiting for engineers to do their fucking jobs always leads to truth and justice for the perps.

STFU indeed.

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

Well I was talkin' about SHAFT


(he's a complicated man, & no one understands him but his woman)

wise_owl_says...'s picture

if trump is elected, he will be known as president who leverages corruption. trump-ets (disenfranchised supporters) will sound in apocalypse. reap what you vote,  j a c k a s s e s.

BuddyEffed's picture

Assuming terrorism without evidence is almost criminal. It reminds of Bush took us to war on false evidence.

Calmyourself's picture

Well buddy since you claim to be able to see between the lines to discern truth..  Where is the threat of war in assuming through the logical evidence trail thus far released we have all seen before this was terrorism..  I sort of doubt Obama will bomb Charles de Gaulle or any other airport in France..

Not being able to make logical leaps using experience and fragmentary evidence and then if necessary adjusting your view is... child like..

BuddyEffed's picture

What evidence are you talking about? Nothing I've seen is more than hearsay.

Evidence comes from black boxes and radio and structural analysis of what's left from the airframe.

See this for reasonable doubt

Good people lost their lives, including women and children. Out of respect for them and their families people jumping to conclusions about terrorism should just STFU

Tall Tom's picture




While today he makes snap judgments based upon a lack of solid evidence and GAMBLES,playing the odds of the trends, it is harmeless.


However when he does this while he is President, and then impulsively ACTS upon those judgments, people WILL DIE, regardlessof whether he is right or later proven wrong.


Go ahead and choose your brand of EVIL.


We are fucked either way.


You MORALLY SUPPORTED Bush's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, didn't you?


How many deaths can be attributed to your your IMMORAL SUPPORT of those wars?


While you may not have made the decision to invade you DID make the decision to SUPPORT IT.


Politicians cannot act without your consent and covert or overt support.


There are degrees of culpability. Yes you are truly responsible and culpable,...if you supported those unwarranted wars.


The odds tell me that because  of the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT for those UNWARRANTED WARS. I can gamble too.


I was against the Wars BEFORE THE START!!!


Whether or not you want to take the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR DEGREE OF CULPABILITY is up to you.


But on the Day of Judgment you will be held accountable when you do not repent of your wickedness here on Earth.

Calmyourself's picture

You best head on back to the pill mill and get your meds adjusted Tom.  You used to make some sense, seemed reasonable sometimes, now not so much. 

Oldwood's picture

There is no rationality, only rationalizations when digesting hate and contempt. These are times in which we live. Too much hate and contempt to go around, and unfortuantely much of it is deserved. 

I'm old enough to remember similar complaints of Reagan, that his cowboy attitudes were going to bring the world to a war to end all wars...and yet, not so much, even after eight years. We would love to live in a world of peace and rational minds but know from history that has never really ever happened over any length of time. Peaceful rational actions are simply an opportunity waiting for someone willing to see them as weakness. We see this exclusively in Obama, managing to kill lord only knows how many, while also creating a global instability that's beginning to make Bush look like a unifier. His lead from behind, deliberate small foot print minimalist approach has resulted in a perception of weakness and lack of vision, only bounded by an opaque corruption that causes even greater contempt.

All said, every country needs STRONG leadership, and it doesn't hurt to promote a perception of "cowboy" where others might think twice before provocation....something they do not hesitate in doing to Obama. They only worry about a knife in the back in the dark of night from him....and then only if they are an ally.

Tarzan's picture

Does it really matter when you first realized all wars are contrived?  Will you have a greater reward?

On that Judgement day, if you expect to gain for having seen the light before your brother, having labored longer then he, you will be disapointed.

To do so is like Peter demanding not only his feet be washed, but his whole body.  Does it matter how long you where against the wars, how long you've seen the light?  Will you fair better on judgement day, then your brother who saw the light yesterday?

Will you be that servent who complains when your master gives the same wage to your coworker who only worked half a day, who conquered only half the sin as you? 

What matters is which way your headed on that day, not where you've been before, or how far along you've walked the staight and narrow path. 

Remeber Tom, your juorney for Truth is not over, you have not arrived.  The lord didn't pick you up because your special, Your special because he picked you up!

Kayman's picture

Effed Buddy

Bush took months to concoct the Iraq story and beat the drum to go to war against Saddam Hussein.  That time was necessary to cover the Saudi tracks in the U.S.  The child rapists in Saudi Arabia must have been delighted with their return-on-investment in Dubya's failing Texas business- getting the U.S. government to link Saddam to the Twin Towers. 


“It’s always better to wait until you actually know what the facts are before you open up."

Translation:    It's always better to wait, so you can concoct the cover story, so you don't have to say the words, "Islamic Terrorism".

giorgioorwell's picture

Wow, you're brilliant. Everyone on that plane has an Arabic name, it's a EgyptAir plane

Ghost of Porky's picture

They are focusing the investigation on a flight attendant named Akweer Al-Fuqya.

Squid Viscous's picture


- don't give up your day job. whatever the fug that might be

Crash Overide's picture

ISIS passports were found in the wreckage.

jeff montanye's picture

surprisingly well preserved, no doubt.

A Pimp&#039;s love is different's picture

with a local strip club promo leaflet tucked into the front cover (unless it had that, it's NOT authentic).

cheech_wizard's picture

ISIS passports were found in the wreckage each wearing a tiny floatation device.

There, fixed it for you. 

Tigermoth's picture

"Brand new undamaged" ISIS passports were found in the wreckage each wearing a tiny floatation device.

There, fixed it for you. 

STP's picture

Translated Names into English:

Musta Been ISIS and

A'wanna have Da'Boom!


jeff montanye's picture

and, like mohammed atta, they left a terrorism instruction book on the back seat of their car parked at the airport.

STP's picture

Yes, those Terrorism Instructions.  At first, they thought it was Japanese Manga, but it was the latest copy of 'Jihad Aak Bar'.

eurobug's picture

Could be worse. In Belgium, 33% works for the state. Actually, only 3 of the 11 million people do have a job (and one million of those work for the state), which means 2 working people have to generate the funds to support 9 others (8 non-working and 1 working for the state, paid by taxes). No wonder the tax rate is >50% there.